Reworking English in Rhetoric and Composition

Many of the ideas and insights presented in this volume emerged out of work accomplished at the University of Louisville English Department's 2010 Thomas R. Watson Conference on Rhetoric and Composition on 'Working English in Rhetoric and ...

Author: Bruce Horner

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 9780809333387

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Many of the ideas and insights presented in this volume emerged out of work accomplished at the University of Louisville English Department's 2010 Thomas R. Watson Conference on Rhetoric and Composition on 'Working English in Rhetoric and Composition: Global/local Contexts, Commitments, Consequences'.

Shaping Language Policy in the U S

metalevel knowledge of a language, rhetoric and composition scholars can be important collaborators for foreign language ... ReworkingDepartmental Language Policies Whether or not the discipline of English studies can make significant ...

Author: Scott Wible

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 9780809331352

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 232

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In Shaping Language Policy in the U.S.: The Role of Composition Studies, author Scott Wible explores the significance and application of two of the Conference on College Composition and Communication’s key language policy statements: the 1974 Students’ Right to Their Own Language resolution and the 1988 National Language Policy. Wible draws from a wealth of previously unavailable archived material and professional literature to offer for the first time a comprehensive examination of these policies and their legacies that continue to shape the worlds of rhetoric, politics, and composition. Wible demonstrates the continued relevance of the CCCC’s policies, particularly their role in influencing the recent, post-9/11 emergence of a national security language policy. He discusses in depth the role the CCCC’s language policy statements can play in shaping the U.S. government’s growing awareness of the importance of foreign language education, and he offers practical discussions of the policies’ pedagogical, professional, and political implications for rhetoric and composition scholars who engage contemporary debates about the politics of linguistic diversity and language arts education in the United States. Shaping Language Policy in the U.S. reveals the numerous ways in which the CCCC language policies have usefully informed educators’ professional practices and public service and investigates how these policies can continue to guide scholars and teachers in the future.

The Routledge Handbook of English as a Lingua Franca

Bruce Horner is Endowed Chair in Rhetoric and Composition at the University of Louisville. ... coedited collections Cross-language Relations in Composition (2010) and Reworking English in Rhetoric and Composition: Global Interrogations, ...

Author: Jennifer Jenkins

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317509196

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 620

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The Routledge Handbook of English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) provides an accessible, authoritative and comprehensive introduction to the main theories, concepts, contexts and applications of this rapidly developing field of study. Including 47 state-of-the art chapters from leading international scholars, the handbook covers key concepts, regional spread, linguistic features and communication processes, domains and functions, ELF in academia, ELF and pedagogy and future trends. This handbook is key reading for all those engaged in the study and research of English as a lingua franca and world/global Englishes more broadly, within English language, applied linguistics, and education.

The Scottish Invention of English Literature

... to reworking it to suit modern conditions . John Stevenson , Professor of Logic and Metaphysics at Edinburgh from 1730 to 1775 , introduced Blair and others to the study of English literature during his long tenure at Edinburgh .

Author: Robert Crawford

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521590388

Category: Literary Criticism

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Explores the international dimension and Scottish origins of the founding of English literature as a university subject.

Re framing Literacy

Teaching and Learning in English and the Language Arts Richard Andrews. learning ofskills and the development ... Andjustaswith writing,as mentioned inthe previous paragraph, sometimes the visualis foregrounded, and sometimes itisnot.

Author: Richard Andrews

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136981432

Category: Education

Page: 248

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Imaginative and attractive, cutting edge in its conception, this text explicates a model for the integration of language arts and literacy education based on the notion of framing. The act of framing – not frames in themselves – provides a creative and critical approach to English as a subject. Re-framing Literacy breaks new ground in the language arts/literacy field, integrating arts-based and sociologically based conceptions of the subject. The theory of rhetoric the book describes and which provides its overarching theory is dialogic, political, and liberating. Pedagogically, the text works inductively, from examples up toward theory: starting with visuals and moving back and forth between text and image; exploring multimodality; and engaging in the transformations of text and image that are at the heart of learning in English and the language arts. Structured like a teaching course, it is designed to excite and involve readers and lead them toward high-level and useful theory in the field. Offering an authoritative, clear guide to a complex field, it is widely appropriate for pre-service and in-service courses globally in English and language arts education.


The fact that he was writing at a time of a significant political transition gave the poem an interesting contemporary colour. ... As a poem of faith, Samson Agonistes is a poignant reworking of a familiar biblical tale.


Publisher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN: 9789388028868

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The second edition of the book, with its emending and updated text, provides a glimpse into the English life and culture, starting from the middle ages to the twenty-first century. As the English life and culture are inextricably interwoven with the literary traditions of England and its myriad aspects, this study provides significant insights into the field of English literature and the contexts it emerges from. The text begins with a description of English life and culture from the Medieval period to the Renaissance. The author gives a masterly analysis of such subjects as Feudalism, Medieval Drama and literature, the Renaissance, the Reformation and most significantly, the Elizabethan Theatre. A new sub-section on 'Women Writers of the Renaissance' has been added to this chapter. Then, the text goes on to describe in detail about the Restoration Period and the Age of Reason. Besides, the book gives a wealth of information on important topics like Romanticism, the Industrial Revolution, Victorianism and Victorian literature. The text concludes with a chapter that deals on Modernism, Literature and Culture in the Postmodern World, and Aspects of Contemporary Culture and Society. In the last chapter, two sub-sections have been introduced on 'British Fiction in the Twenty-First Century' and 'Brexit'. What distinguishes the text is the provision of a Glossary at the end of each chapter, which gives not only the meaning and definition of the terms but also provides the entire cultural background and the history that these terms are associated with. Students of English literature—both undergraduate honours and postgraduate students—will find this book highly informative, enlightening, and refreshing in its style. In addition, all those who have an abiding interest in English life and culture will find reading this text a stimulating and rewarding experience TARGET AUDIENCE • BA (Hons.) English • MA English Literature/English

International Students in First Year Writing

In B. Horner & K. Kopelson (Eds.), Reworking English in rhetoric and composition: Global interrogations, local interventions (pp. 31–48). Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press. Harklau, L. (1994). ESL versus mainstream classes: ...

Author: Megan Siczek

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 9780472037124

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 224

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The book explores the journey of 10 international students to better understand their experiences at a U.S. educational institution and how they constructed and revealed these experiences in this particular socio-academic space. The study features a series of three interviews during the semester that the participants were enrolled in a mainstream first-year writing course; their stories not only capture their experiences but reveal inspiring stories that “give voice” to students outside the dominant cultural and linguistic community. This study raises questions about how to support international students: In what ways can it inform our practices and policies relative to the internationalization of education and the development of global perspectives and competencies? What does it reveal that could impact daily instruction of L2 writing, particularly when it comes to international students’ need to meet the expectations of “university-level writing” in U.S. institutions of higher education? On an individual level, what can we learn from these students and about ourselves as a result of our interactions?

A Short History of Writing Instruction

nova according to the parts of rhetoric and the parts ofa rhetorical discourse.21 The author moves through the parts ofa composition step by step (beginning, transition to body, body oftext, and conclusion), treating each in detail and ...

Author: James Jerome Murphy

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780415897457

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 304

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Short enough to be synoptic, yet long enough to be usefully detailed, A Short History of Writing Instruction is the ideal text for undergraduate courses and graduate seminars in rhetoric and composition. It preserves the legacy of writing instruction from antiquity to contemporary times with a unique focus on the material, educational, and institutional context of the Western rhetorical tradition. Its longitudinal approach enables students to track the recurrence over time of not only specific teaching methods, but also major issues such as social purpose, writing as power, the effect of technologies, the rise of vernaculars, and writing as a force for democratization. The collection is rich in scholarship and critical perspectives, which is made accessible through the robust list of pedagogical tools included, such as the Key Concepts listed at the beginning of each chapter, and the Glossary of Key Terms and Bibliography for Further Study provided at the end of the text. Further additions include increased attention to orthography, or the physical aspects of the writing process, new material on high school instruction, sections on writing in the electronic age, and increased coverage of women rhetoricians and writing instruction of women. A new chapter on writing instruction in Late Medieval Europe was also added to augment coverage of the Middle Ages, fill the gap in students' knowledge of the period, and present instructional methods that can be easily reproduced in the modern classroom.

Literature in the Making

... by historical periods and that our curricula might take on new shapes and structures.117 The divisions between composition, rhetoric, creative writing, and literary studies within many English departments might also be reconsidered, ...

Author: Nancy Glazener

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780199390137

Category: American literature

Page: 328

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Using the US as a case study, this study examines the public life of literature between the late 18th and the early 20th centuries, bringing together the development of literature's intellectual infrastructure, its operation in print culture, its changing status in higher education, and the surprisingly rich and interesting history of public literary culture.

Creating a Transnational Space in the First Year Writing Classroom

“Critical Literacy and Writing in English: Teaching English in a Cross-Cultural Context.” Reworking English in Rhetoric and Composition: Global Interrogations, Local Interventions, edited by Bruce Horner and Karen Kopelson, SIUP, ...

Author: W. Ordeman

Publisher: Vernon Press

ISBN: 9781648892042

Category: Reference

Page: 187

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During the first twenty years of the new millennium, many scholars turned their attention to translingualism, an idea that focuses on the merging of language in distinct social and spatial contexts to serve unique, mutually constitutive, and temporal purposes. This volume joins the more recent shift in pedagogical studies towards an altogether distinct phenomenon: transnationalism. By developing a framework for transnational pedagogical practice, this volume demonstrates the exclusive opportunities afforded to freshmen writers who write in transnational spaces that act as points of fusion for several cultural, lingual, and national identities. With reference to recent works on translingualism and transnationalism, this volume is an attempt to conceptualize effective writing pedagogy in freshman writing courses, which are becoming more and more transnational. It also provides educators and first year writing administrators with practical pedagogical tools to help them use their transnational spaces as a means of achieving their desired learning outcomes as well as teaching students threshold concepts of composition studies. This volume will be particularly useful for first year writing faculty at colleges and universities as well as writing program administrators to create a more effective curriculum that addresses these needs in classroom settings. All scholars with a doctorate in Rhetoric and Composition, English as a Second Language, Translation Studies, to name a few, will also find this a valuable resource.

In the Archives of Composition

Writing and Rhetoric in High Schools and Normal Schools Lori Ostergaard, Henrietta Rix Wood ... The Senate supported the authorization of English in Title VI of the NDEA, but the House did not approve it.

Author: Lori Ostergaard

Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Press

ISBN: 9780822981015

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 232

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In the Archives of Composition offers new and revisionary narratives of composition and rhetoric’s history. It examines composition instruction and practice at secondary schools and normal colleges, the two institutions that trained the majority of U.S. composition teachers and students during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Drawing from a broad array of archival and documentary sources, the contributors provide accounts of writing instruction within contexts often overlooked by current historical scholarship. Topics range from the efforts of young women to attain rhetorical skills in an antebellum academy, to the self-reflections of Harvard University students on their writing skills in the 1890s, to a close reading of a high school girl’s diary in the 1960s that offers a new perspective on curriculum debates of this period. Taken together, the chapters begin to recover how high school students, composition teachers, and English education programs responded to institutional and local influences, political movements, and pedagogical innovations over a one-hundred-and-thirty-year span.

Cosmopolitan English and Transliteracy

Code switching and style shifting as markers of liminality in literature. ... The place of creative writing in composition studies. ... Reworking English in rhetoric and composition: Global interrogations, local interventions.

Author: Xiaoye You

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 9780809335244

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 304

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"This book argues for a broad cosmopolitan perspective that emphasizes local as well as global forms of citizenship and identification and sees human connectedness as being deeply underpinned by various accents, styles, and uses of language in everyday practices"--

Crossing Divides

Exploring Translingual Writing Pedagogies and Programs Bruce Horner, Laura Tetreault ... In Reworking English in Rhetoric and Composition: Global Interrogations, Local Interventions, edited by Bruce Horner and Karen Kopelson, 31–48.

Author: Bruce Horner

Publisher: University Press of Colorado

ISBN: 9781607326205

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 224

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Translingualism perceives the boundaries between languages as unstable and permeable; this creates a complex challenge for writing pedagogy. Writers shift actively among rhetorical strategies from multiple languages, sometimes importing lexical or discoursal tropes from one language into another to introduce an effect, solve a problem, or construct an identity. How to accommodate this reality while answering the charge to teach the conventions of one language can be a vexing problem for teachers. Crossing Divides offers diverse perspectives from leading scholars on the design and implementation of translingual writing pedagogies and programs. The volume is divided into four parts. Part 1 outlines methods of theorizing translinguality in writing and teaching. Part 2 offers three accounts of translingual approaches to the teaching of writing in private and public colleges and universities in China, Korea, and the United States. In Part 3, contributors from four US institutions describe the challenges and strategies involved in designing and implementing a writing curriculum with a translingual approach. Finally, in Part 4, three scholars respond to the case studies and arguments of the preceding chapters and suggest ways in which writing teachers, scholars, and program administrators can develop translingual approaches within their own pedagogical settings. Illustrated with concrete examples of teachers’ and program directors’ efforts in a variety of settings, as well as nuanced responses to these initiatives from eminent scholars of language difference in writing, Crossing Divides offers groundbreaking insight into translingual writing theory, practice, and reflection. Contributors: Sara Alvarez, Patricia Bizzell, Suresh Canagarajah, Dylan Dryer, Chris Gallagher, Juan Guerra, Asao B. Inoue, William Lalicker, Thomas Lavelle, Eunjeong Lee, Jerry Lee, Katie Malcolm, Kate Mangelsdorf, Paige Mitchell, Matt Noonan, Shakil Rabbi, Ann Shivers-McNair, Christine M. Tardy

Freedom Papers

Taking the form of a commercial request written in English, typed in purple ink and signed with a flourish, it was in truth a complex exercise in rhetorical composition and self-presentation, built on a subtle reworking of family memory ...

Author: Rebecca J. Scott

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674065161

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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Around 1785, a woman was taken from her home in Senegambia and sent to Saint-Domingue in the Caribbean. Those who enslaved her there named her Rosalie. Her later efforts to escape slavery were the beginning of a family's quest, across five generations and three continents, for lives of dignity and equality. Freedom Papers sets the saga of Rosalie and her descendants against the background of three great antiracist struggles of the nineteenth century: the Haitian Revolution, the French Revolution of 1848, and the Civil War and Reconstruction in the United States. Freed during the Haitian Revolution, Rosalie and her daughter Elisabeth fled to Cuba in 1803. A few years later, Elisabeth departed for New Orleans, where she married a carpenter, Jacques Tinchant. In the 1830s, with tension rising against free persons of color, they left for France. Subsequent generations of Tinchants fought in the Union Army, argued for equal rights at Louisiana's state constitutional convention, and created a transatlantic tobacco network that turned their Creole past into a commercial asset. Yet the fragility of freedom and security became clear when, a century later, Rosalie's great-great-granddaughter Marie-José was arrested by Nazi forces occupying Belgium. Freedom Papers follows the Tinchants as each generation tries to use the power and legitimacy of documents to help secure freedom and respect. The strategies they used to overcome the constraints of slavery, war, and colonialism suggest the contours of the lives of people of color across the Atlantic world during this turbulent epoch.

Encyclopedia of the Essay

... Gilbert, The Classical Tradition: Greek and Roman Influences on Western Literature, Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 1985 (original edition, 1949) Hill, Christopher, Milton and the English Revolution, London: Faber, ...

Author: Tracy Chevalier

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135314101

Category: Reference

Page: 1024

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This groundbreaking new source of international scope defines the essay as nonfictional prose texts of between one and 50 pages in length. The more than 500 entries by 275 contributors include entries on nationalities, various categories of essays such as generic (such as sermons, aphorisms), individual major works, notable writers, and periodicals that created a market for essays, and particularly famous or significant essays. The preface details the historical development of the essay, and the alphabetically arranged entries usually include biographical sketch, nationality, era, selected writings list, additional readings, and anthologies

Creole Composition

Academic Writing and Rhetoric in the Anglophone Caribbean Vivette Milson-Whyte, Raymond Oenbring. Moreover, although composing in ... In B. Horner & K. Kopelson (Eds.), Reworking English in rhetoric and composition (pp. 103– 115).

Author: Vivette Milson-Whyte

Publisher: Parlor Press LLC

ISBN: 9781643171142

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 381

View: 258


Creole Composition is a collection featuring essays by scholars and teachers-researchers working with students in/from the Anglophone Caribbean. Arising from a need to define what writing instruction in the Caribbean means, Creole Composition expands the existing body of research literature about the teaching of writing at the postsecondary level in the Caribbean region. To this end, it speaks to critical disciplinary conversations of rhetoric and composition and academic literacies while addressing specific issues with teaching academic writing to Anglophone Caribbean students. It features chapters addressing language, approaches to teaching, assessing writing, administration, and research in postsecondary education as well as professionalization of writing instructors in the region. Some chapters reflect traditional Caribbean attitudes to postsecondary writing instruction; other chapters seek to reform these traditional practices. Some chapters’ interventions emerge from discussions in writing studies while other chapters reflect their authors’ primary training in other fields, such as applied linguistics, education, and literary studies. Additionally, the chapters use a variety of styles and methods, ranging from highly personal reflective essays to theoretical pieces and empirical studies following IMRaD format. Creole Composition, the first of its kind in the region, provides much-needed knowledge to the community of teacher-researchers in the Anglophone Caribbean and elsewhere in the fields of rhetoric and composition, writing studies, and academic literacies. In suggesting frameworks around which to build and further institutionalize and professionalize writing studies in the region, the collection advances the broader field of writing studies beyond national boundaries. Contributors include Tyrone Ali, Annife Campbell, Tresecka Campbell-Dawes, Valerie Combie, Jacob Dyer Spiegel, Brianne Jaquette, Carmeneta Jones, Clover Jones McKenzie, Beverley Josephs, Christine E. Kozikowski, Vivette Milson-Whyte, Kendra L. Mitchell, Raymond Oenbring, Heather M. Robinson, Daidrah Smith, and Michelle Stewart-McKoy.


Change Work across Writing Programs, Pedagogies, and Practices Holly Hassel, Kristi Cole ... would be later rectified), but the Association of Departments of English (ADE) suggested no “more than three sections of composition per term .

Author: Holly Hassel

Publisher: University Press of Colorado

ISBN: 9781646421428

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 282

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As teaching practices adapt to changing technologies, budgetary constraints, new student populations, and changing employment practices, writing programs remain full of people dedicated to helping students improve their writing. This edited volume offers strategies for implementing large- and small-scale changes in writing programs by focusing on transformations—the institutional, programmatic, curricular, and labor practices that work together to shape our teaching and learning experiences of writing and rhetoric in higher education. The collection includes chapters from multiple award-winning writing programs, including the recipients of the Two-Year College Association’s Outstanding Programs in English Award and the Conference on College Composition and Communication’s Writing Program Certificate of Excellence. These authors offer perspectives that demonstrate the deep work of transformation in writing programs and practices writ large, confirm the ways in which writing programs are connected to and situated within larger institutional and disciplinary contexts, and outline successful methods for navigating these contexts in order to transform the work. In using the prism of transformation as the organizing principle for the collection, Transformations offers a range of strategies for adapting writing programs so that they meet the needs of students and teachers in service of creating equitable, ethical literacy instruction in a range of postsecondary contexts. Contributors: Leah Anderst, Cynthia Baer, Ruth Benander, Mwangi Alex Chege, Jaclyn Fiscus-Cannaday, Joanne Giordano, Rachel Hall Buck, Sarah Henderson Lee, Allison Hutchinson, Lynee Lewis Gaillet, Jennifer Maloy, Neil Meyer, Susan Miller-Cochran, Ruth Osorio, Lori Ostergaard, Shyam Pandey, Cassie Phillips, Brenda Refaei, Heather Robinson, Shelley Rodrigo, Julia Romberger, Tiffany Rousculp, Megan Schoen, Paulette Stevenson

Resources in Education

Advice for professors who are writing letters of recommendation includes : do not agree to write a recommendation if unable ... Descriptors - College English , Grammar , Higher Education , * Rhetoric , * Student Needs , Teacher Student ...



ISBN: PSU:000052066917

Category: Education


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The Handbook of Communication History

... and she co-authored the volume Reworking Gender: A Feminist Communicology of Organization (with Dennis Mumby, 2004). ... in English at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, where she has taught composition and rhetoric history, ...

Author: Peter Simonson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136514319

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 528

View: 228


The Handbook of Communication History addresses central ideas, social practices, and media of communication as they have developed across time, cultures, and world geographical regions. It attends to both the varieties of communication in world history and the historical investigation of those forms in communication and media studies. The Handbook editors view communication as encompassing patterns, processes, and performances of social interaction, symbolic production, material exchange, institutional formation, social praxis, and discourse. As such, the history of communication cuts across social, cultural, intellectual, political, technological, institutional, and economic history. The volume examines the history of communication history; the history of ideas of communication; the history of communication media; and the history of the field of communication. Readers will explore the history of the object under consideration (relevant practices, media, and ideas), review its manifestations in different regions and cultures (comparative dimensions), and orient toward current thinking and historical research on the topic (current state of the field). As a whole, the volume gathers disparate strands of communication history into one volume, offering an accessible and panoramic view of the development of communication over time and geographical places, and providing a catalyst to further work in communication history.

Rhetorical Theory by Women Before 1900

She wrote a textbook for high schools and academies , Lessons in English ( 1888 ) , and coauthored a revision of it for " higher schools , " Composition and Rhetoric ( 1901 ) , with Mary Alice Emerson , a college professor at Carleton ...

Author: Jane Donawerth

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0742517179

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 337

View: 255


This anthology is the first to feature women's rhetorical theory from the fifth through the nineteenth centuries. Assembling selections on rhetoric, composition, and communication by 24 women around the world, this valuable collection demonstrates an often-overlooked history of rhetoric as well as women's interest in conversation as a model for all discourse. Among the theorists included are Aspasia, Pan Chao, Sei Shonagon, Madeleine de Scudéry, Hannah More, Hallie Quinn Brown, and Mary Augusta Jordan. The book also contains an extensive introduction, explanatory headnotes, and detailed annotations.