Rethinking Basic Writing

Although the principles and practices this new analytic offers for examining the
people's speech and writing efforts might well be applied to various populations,
this is a particularly useful analytic through which to inspect the work of Basic ...

Author: Laura Gray-Rosendale

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135664183

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 208

View: 621


This book surveys the history of basic writing scholarship, suggesting that we cannot adequately theorize the situations of basic writers unless we examine how they construct their own conceptions of their identities, their constructions of their relationships to social forces, and their representations of their relationships to written work. Using a cross-disciplinary analytic model, Gray-Rosendale offers a detailed examination of the oral conversations that take place within one basic writing peer revision group. She explains the ways in which the students' own conversational structures impact and shape their written products. Gray-Rosendale then draws out the potentials of her work for basic writing administrators, curricula builders, and teachers.

Web Search Savvy

Many instructors compile packets of articles for this course because they cannot find an appropriate collection in one volume. This text fills that gap.

Author: Barbara G. Friedman


ISBN: OCLC:864830241

Category: Internet searching

Page: 223

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"Anyone who uses the Internet for research will find much of value here, including techniques that harness the power of advanced searches to optimize search results, avoid advertising clutter, and locate low- or no-cost databases. Screen captures and diagrams illustrate the steps, rationale, and results to accompany various search strategies. This book emphasizes techniques that make the Web work for individuals rather than for advertisers, such as choosing the most appropriate search engine for the job and tweaking its advanced options to narrow a search and optimize results; identifying cost-free sources of online data; using creative approaches to locate information; evaluating the integrity of online data; and protecting the privacy of the researchers and the researched." -- from publisher.

Rethinking academic writing pedagogy for the European university

This process is cognitively simple, and enables children – and many other
people – to write efficiently and effectively within a limited context. However,
problems arise when writers whose skills are limited to those needed for
knowledge-telling ...

Author: Ruth Breeze

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789401207959

Category: Education

Page: 188

View: 402


All over Europe, universities are moving over to English as the language of instruction. This development has been accelerated by global forces, and its pedagogical consequences have yet to be fully explored. This book examines this situation from the point of view of students and teachers, focusing particularly on the acquisition of English language writing skills in European university contexts. It takes an academic approach, and is firmly grounded in the bibliography on teaching academic writing to second language users in English-speaking countries, as well as in the bibliography on teaching English in Europe in higher education. In addition to providing sound pedagogical guidelines, it also brings together the most recent critiques of current practice and an overview of the innovative approaches devised in the last ten years. This is a book for all those who are involved in the changing European university scenario: English teachers and writing instructors, lecturers faced with the challenge of teaching their courses in English, university administrators and decision-makers.

Rethinking Writing

Hobbes's statement about alphabetic writing is a typical product of a society at
the stage of utilitarian literacy. The third stage, 'full literacy', which arguably no
society has yet quite reached, is one in which writing is no longer regarded just
as a ...

Author: Roy Harris

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781847140999

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 272

View: 378


The traditional Western view of writing, from Aristotle down to the present day, has treated the written word as a visual substitute for the spoken word. The eminent Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Saussure (1857-1913) was the first to provide this traditional assumption with a reasoned basis by incorporating it into a more general theory of signs. In the wake of Saussure's work, modern linguistics has ignored or marginalized writing in favour of the study of speech. In all literate societies, however, speech in turn is interpreted by reference to the culturally dominant writing system. This puts in place a system of educational values which ensures that the more literate members of society maintain superiority over the less literate, and at the same time establishes a hierarchy among literate societies which favours the local product (alphabetic scripts in the Western Case). Roy Harris shows that the theory of writing adopted in modern linguistics is deeply flawed. Reversing the orthodox priorities, the author argues that writing is a far more powerful mode of linguistic communication than speech could ever be. His book is a major contribution to current debates about human communication written and spoken.

Rethinking Women s Collaborative Writing

... a term which suggests a variety of conversational patterns beyond the simple
statementresponse format . The term applies very well to other collections of
collaborative poetry . Marlatt and Warland , for instance , incorporate revision in
their ...

Author: Lorraine Mary York

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 0802084656

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 205

View: 718


York explores collaborative writing from women in Britain, the United States, Italy and France, illuminating the tensions in the collaborative process that grow out of important cultural, racial, and sexual differences between the authors.

Rethinking the SAT

The writing test will measure basic writing skills , not creative writing ability . It will
be about 50 minutes long ( the essay portion will be approximately 25 minutes ) ,
and the length of the reading and math tests will be adjusted so that the entire ...

Author: Rebecca Zwick

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415948347

Category: Education

Page: 367

View: 504


Rethinking the SAT is a unique presentation of the latest thoughts and research findings of key individuals in the world of college admissions, including the president of the largest public university system in the U.S., as well as the presidents of the two companies that sponsor college admissions tests in the U.S. The contributors address not only the pros and cons of the SAT itself, but the broader question of who should go to college in the twenty-first century.

Reconceiving Writing Rethinking Writing Instruction

7 Creating Opportunities for Apprenticeship in Writing Charles A. Hill University of
Wisconsin, Oshkosh Lauren Resnick University of Pittsburgh Business and
industry leaders often cite communication skills as one of the most important
skills for ...

Author: Joseph Petraglia

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136689222

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 296

View: 383


To a degree unknown in practically any other discipline, the pedagogical space afforded composition is the institutional engine that makes possible all other theoretical and research efforts in the field of rhetoric and writing. But composition has recently come under attack from many within the field as fundamentally misguided. Some of these critics have been labelled "New Abolitionists" for their insistence that compulsory first-year writing should be abandoned. Not limiting itself to first-year writing courses, this book extends and modifies calls for abolition by taking a closer look at current theoretical and empirical understandings of what contributors call "general writing skills instruction" (GWSI): the curriculum which an overwhelming majority of writing instructors is paid to teach, that practically every composition textbook is written to support, and the instruction for which English departments are given resources to deliver. The vulnerability of GWSI is hardly a secret among writing professionals and its intellectual fragility has been felt for years and manifested in several ways: * in persistently low status of composition as a study both within and outside of English departments; * in professional journal articles and conference presentations that are growing both in theoretical sophistication and irrelevance to the composition classroom; and * in the rhetoric and writing field's ever-increasing attention to nontraditional sites of writing behavior. But, to date, there has been relatively little concerted discussion within the writing field that focuses specifically on the fundamentally awkward relationship of writing theory and writing instruction. This volume is the first to explicitly focus on the gap in the theory and practice that has emerged as a result of the field's growing professionalization. The essays anthologized offer critiques of GWSI in light of the discipline's growing understanding of the contexts for writing and their rhetorical nature. Writing from a wide range of cognitivist, critical-theoretical, historical, linguistic and philosophical perspectives, contributors call into serious question basic tenets of contemporary writing instruction and provide a forum for articulating a sort of zeitgeist that seems to permeate many writing conferences, but which has, until recently, not found a voice or a name.

Rethinking Foreign Language Writing

2 ) Much like skill in a second language , writing skill develops through processes
of acquisition and learning . 3 ) The acquisition of writing skills comes about in an
ordered fashion . 4 ) What students learn in the basic writing classroom ...

Author: Virginia Mitchell Scott

Publisher: Heinle & Heinle Pub

ISBN: STANFORD:36105123152576

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 178

View: 736


Rethinking Foreign Language Writing, a complete and comprehensive guide, reviews the literature of foreignlanguage and ESL writing pedagogy and suggests new teaching methods for college and high school instructors,based on the latest developments in this field. Each of the five chapters includes a detailed bibliography and extensivereference notes, including working with Système-D: Writing Assistant for French.

Rethinking Language Arts

Rethinking“My. Summer. Vacation”. Dear Students, As you can see, I'm
discussing writing before reading. Why do you think ... Sound simple? Itis! Before
wetalk about the concrete details of setting up a writers' workshop in your
classroom, let's ...

Author: Nina Zaragoza

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135320232

Category: Education

Page: 238

View: 745


In Rethinking Language Arts: Passion and Practice, Second Edition, author Nina Zaragoza uses the form of letters to her students to engage pre-service teachers in reevaluating teaching practices, thus bringing to life a vision of an alternative classroom environment in which the teacher is the prime mover and creative leader. Zaragoza discusses and explains the need for teachers to be decision makers, reflective thinkers, political beings, and agents of social change in order to create a positive and inclusive classroom setting. This book is both a critical text that deconstructs the way language arts are traditionally taught in our schools as well as a visionary text with clear, no-nonsense directions on how to provide much needed change in our schools.

Alternative Rhetorics

Her book, Rethinking "Basic Writing": Exploring Identity, Politics, and Community
in Interaction, is published with Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Sibylle Gruber is
an assistant professor of rhetoric at Northern Arizona University, where she ...

Author: Laura Gray-Rosendale

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791449734

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 269

View: 981


Challenges the traditional rhetorical canon.

Rethinking the Humanities

In Time and Narrative7 I took the narrative as the basic structure of history writing
and supported the claim of the so-called narrativist interpretation of the historical
understanding. Today I am more cautious and suggest to reserve the discussion

Author: Ricardo Gil Soeiro

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443835558

Category: History

Page: 165

View: 836


“In what we consider to be a timely collection of essays, the volume Rethinking the Humanities: Paths and Challenges tries to reflect upon the present condition of the humanities and their manifold challenges, acutely dramatized in an era of increasing contingency and globalization. By drawing upon a wide variety of perspectives and areas of research (from literary studies to philosophy, from cultural criticism to the history of ideas), we hope to surpass the now dominant rhetoric of crisis (as it features, for example, in George Steiner’s essay ‘Humanities – At Twilight?’), not only by devising new horizons for a humanistic-literary culture (Cândido de Oliveira Martins) and envisioning literary studies in a Post-literary age (David Damrosch), but also by advocating an ethical turn for the humanities (Peter Levine and José Pedro Serra) – seen as an education toward autonomy (Richard Wolin), as well as by reconsidering the very notion of crisis within the humanities (Marjorie Perloff and António Sousa Ribeiro). By doing so, and whilst it does not claim to offer definitive answers, the volume nevertheless strives to open up new fields of debate and innovative perspectives.” – The editors

Rethinking English in Schools

... literature vocally, since interpretation depends on how one 'hears' the text, and
even something as simple as how one is ... Writing is also a physical act, and
when combined with role play can produce in the performance of the act of
writing, ...

Author: Viv Ellis

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781441199874

Category: Education

Page: 264

View: 303


Why should young people study a subject called English? This question lies at the heart of this fascinating monograph, which brings together the diverse perspectives of many leading thinkers about English and literacy education. This meticulously researched and well-written collection takes as its starting point the importance of the history of the subject in the formation of its constitution and its boundaries. First and foremost, it proposes that questions of aims and values have informed these choices. Equally, it suggests that returning to these educational questions helps us to understand curriculum and pedagogy in complex ways that a simple focus on content and methods neglects. Curriculum and pedagogy bring learners, teachers, institutions and the wider society into the debate.

Rethinking Architecture

1937) is a versatile French writer and critic who has worked in a variety of areas
—fiction, theatre and theoretical writing—in a style frequently transgressive of
genre. Associated with the 'Psychanalyse et Politique' group of feminists, her
work ...

Author: Neil Leach

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134796298

Category: Architecture

Page: 432

View: 101


Brought together for the first time - the seminal writing on architecture by key philosophers and cultural theorist of the twentieth century. Issues around the built environment are increasingly central to the study of the social sciences and humanities. The essays offer a refreshing take on the question of architecture and provocatively rethink many of the accepted tenets of architecture theory from a broader cultural perspective. The book represents a careful selection of the very best theoretical writings on the ideas which have shaped our cities and our experiences of architecture. As such, Rethinking Architecture provides invaluable core source material for students on a range of courses.

Experiments in Rethinking History

2 Writing , rewriting the beach An essay Greg Dening Calcutta 1811 . The rich
travelled on the shoulders of the poor in Calcutta in 1811 . Sir Thomas Stamford
Raffles , in his palanquin , bobbed along above the heads of the coolies and ...

Author: Alun Munslow

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415301467

Category: History

Page: 245

View: 926


History is a narrative discourse, full of unfinished stories. This collection of innovative and experimental pieces of historical writing shows there are fascinating and important new ways of thinking and writing about the past.

Rethinking Fundamental Theology

The honourable and praiseworthy conduct of some Gentiles prompts Paul to
draw the conclusion: 'they show that what the law requires is written on their
hearts, to which their own conscience bears witness' (Rom. 2:15). Their
conscience, or ...

Author: Gerald O'Collins

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191620607

Category: Religion

Page: 380

View: 601


This book identifies the distinguishing features of fundamental theology, as distinct from philosophical theology, natural theology, apologetics, and other similar disciplines. Addressing the potential for confusion about basic Christian claims and beliefs, Gerald O'Collins sets out to relaunch fundamental theology as a discipline by presenting a coherent vision of basic theological questions and positions that lay the ground for work in specific areas of systematic theology. Rethinking Fundamental Theology examines central theological questions: about God, human experience and, specifically, religious experience; the divine revelation coming through the history of Israel and through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus; human faith that responds to revelation; the nature of tradition that transmits the record and reality of revelation; the structure of biblical inspiration and truth, as well as basic issues concerned with the formation of the canon; the founding of the Church with some leadership structures; the relationship between Christ's revelation and the faith of those who follow other religions. O'Collins concludes with some reflections on theological method. Written with the scholarship and accessibility for which O'Collins is known and valued, this book will relaunch fundamental theology as a distinct and necessary discipline in faculties and departments of theology and religious studies around the world.

Rethinking Work

This might prove to be problematical as Australian legal writers have never
shown a great deal of interest in theory , although as will be shown below , some
labour law writers are beginning to use overtly theoretical frameworks to explain
and ...

Author: Mark Hearn

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521617596

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 353

View: 186


This 2006 book is structured around the themes of time, space and discourse as they are applied to our working lives.

Rethinking East Asian Languages Vernaculars and Literacies 1000 1919

Writing and Speech: Rethinking the Issue of Vernaculars in Early Modern China
Shang Weil Introduction To reflect on the issue of vernaculars in early modern
China is to question what has long been taken for granted in the modern
discourse ...


Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004279278

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 334

View: 879


This volume presents a new conceptual framework that recognizes that in East Asia the literary and vernacular registers historically interacted and influenced each other as part of a unified, if hybrid, language system that was mastered by Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, and Vietnamese according to their own unique linguistic resources.

Radical Relevance

Along with over thirty articles and book chapters, Gray-Rosendale has published
Rethinking Basic Writing: Exploring Iden- tity, Politics, and Community in
Interaction (Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2000), Alternative Rhetorics:
Challenges to ...

Author: Laura Gray-Rosendale

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791484181

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 296

View: 213


In an effort to rethink the left, this interdisciplinary collection weaves together some of today’s most powerful voices in contemporary left critical thought as they examine the fragmentation of American movements for social change, evaluate what critical scholarship might contribute to the task of renewing (or creating) a more unified and efficacious left, and explore the left’s possibly inadequate dealings with many marginalized groups. Representing a diverse range of theoretical perspectives within several “textual” disciplines, the essays assess historical, practical, or speculative models for a “whole left”—a left constituted by a broad range of complexly interwoven interests, including issues of class, environment, gender, sexuality, disability, race, and ethnicity. The book exemplifies the struggles of scholars to work toward a more shared agenda for social change.

Rethinking Meter

Writing is speech that has in effect been embalmed, since it is, compared to its
source — vocalized utterance — "a dead thing" (p. 96). Donoghue calls the
second way of looking at texts "graphireading," from the Greek graphos, writing.

Author: Alan Holder

Publisher: Bucknell University Press

ISBN: 0838752926

Category: Poetry

Page: 298

View: 525


"This study finds that in scanning poetry, the commitment to the "foot" as a unit of measure satisfies a desire for a poem to display a "system." But that system is achieved only at the cost of distorting or obscuring the true stress configuration of verse lines. The foot also comes into play in setting up the notion of an ideal line, supposedly heard by the "mind's ear," and said to be in "tension" or "counterpoint" with the actual line. Rethinking Meter discards this approach as removing us from our authentic experience of a poem's movement." "Before presenting its own view of meter, the book takes up the issues of how the words of a poem are to be enunciated, the place of pauses, and the notion of the line as the essential formal feature marking off poetry from prose. Focusing on iambic pentameter, Rethinking Meter proceeds to offer a view of metrical patterns that discards the foot entirely."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Rethinking Our Classrooms Volume 1

... for a life of essential powerlessness over the conditions of their labor and the
purposes towards which that labor is used. ... The assignment gives a framework
for students' writing but offers them lots of room to move, and as with the other ...

Author: Wayne Au

Publisher: Rethinking Schools

ISBN: 9780942961355

Category: Education

Page: 235

View: 487


The original edition of Rethinking Our Classrooms, published in 1994, sold more than 175,000 copies and has been used by teachers and teacher educators throughout the United States and the world. This new edition contains some of the best classroom writing we've published over the past five years, along with the most popular articles from the original edition, completely updated resource sections, and a new "Beyond the Classroom" chapter. There are new essays on science and environmental education, immigration and language, military recruitment, early childhood education, teaching about the world through mathematics, and gay and lesbian issues. Nowhere is the connection between critical teaching and effective classroom practice clearer or more accessible. A great resource for new and veteran K-12 teachers, as well as teacher education and staff development programs.