Responsive Academic Decision Making

Although this text offers different styles and tones in various chapters, the discussions of involvement in academic and student affairs, athletics, advancement, and institutional effectiveness and planning are helpful to all of those ...

Author: Michael T. Miller


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These writings provide a thematic examination of how faculty are involved in the governance process in different areas of higher education management. Although this text offers different styles and tones in various chapters, the discussions of involvement in academic and student affairs, athletics, advancement, and institutional effectiveness and planning are helpful to all of those interested in a setting where group input is valued and respected. Administrators, faculty, and policy makers will find this discussion useful and meaningful.

Responses to Questionnaire on Citizen Involvement and Responsive Agency Decision making

Furthermore , they are primarily concerned with Government responsiveness to American citizens , particularly the poor , to citizen complaints , and with citizen involvement in decision making . While the questions generally are not ...



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Leadership for 21st Century Learning

... procedures and protocols Formal academic programmes drive the decisionmaking and are responsive to the needs of the institution Teaching staff are pre-eminent academic decision-makers Emphasis is on developing administrative ...

Author: Colin Latchem

Publisher: Routledge

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The challenge of managing education effectively is formidable. Written by two education managers, this text explores the issues associated with good leadership in educational and training institutions. It is based on their own work and on a series of detailed interviews with eminent leaders.

Culturally Responsive Mathematics Education

Only five are presented here, in order to initiate the learning process and illustrate their instructional implications ... responsive teaching says about dealing with cultural understandings in educational decision making and practice, ...

Author: Brian Greer

Publisher: Routledge

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At a time of rapid demographic change and amidst the many educational challenges facing the US, this critical new collection presents mathematics education from a culturally responsive perspective. It tackles the most crucial issues of teaching mathematics to an ethnically diverse school population, including the political dimension of mathematics education within the context of governmental efforts to improve achievement in school mathematics. Culturally Responsive Mathematics Education moves beyond a point of view that is internal to mathematics education as a discipline, and instead offers a broad perspective of mathematics as a significant, liberating intellectual force in our society. The editors of this volume bring together contributions from many of the leading teachers, teacher educators, researchers, scholars, and activists who have been working to reorient mathematics education in ways that reflect mathematics education as accomplished, first and foremost, through human interactions.

The Power of Responsive Educational Leadership

The responsive educational leader is deliberate in taking action and taking into account the choices of others in their school ... for the educational leaders' own responsibility for making choices and helping the school make decisions.

Author: Grzegorz Mazurkiewicz

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000357271

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The Power of Responsive Educational Leadership examines how educational leaders might respond to global challenges such as the environment, technology, inequity, the health crisis, and the stability of democracy. It draws on models of educational leadership and development projects from around the world to explore how leaders might use the curriculum and teaching to help move their communities, regions, and countries in positive directions. The authors argue that educational leadership needs to move away from authoritarian or transactional bureaucracy and toward leadership in a participatory mode that feels responsible for the children and adults in their institution and responsible for the society they all inhabit. The Power of Responsive Educational Leadership: Offers a comprehensive exploration of the multifaceted nature of leadership for learning Charts the key thinking and practices that engage with the principles of leadership for learning and the implications these have Provides a variety of fresh perspectives on the connections between education, schooling, and leadership Includes a range of internationally diverse case studies and vignettes This comprehensive guide invites readers to engage in thinking about new directions for education today. The book will be a useful starting point for individuals who choose to engage in discussions and deliberations around what it means to be responsive. It will be invaluable for those who are working as principals and teachers or participating in education leadership development programs around the world and hope to work in various roles.

Responsive Authoritarianism in China

These difficulties are compounded by the fact that policy-making authority is so decentralized that the policy-making ... Bureaucracy, Politics, and Decision Making in Post-Mao China (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1992).

Author: Christopher Heurlin

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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How can protests influence policymaking in a repressive dictatorship? Responsive Authoritarianism in China sheds light on this important question through case studies of land takings and demolitions - two of the most explosive issues in contemporary China. In the early 2000s, landless farmers and evictees unleashed waves of disruptive protests. Surprisingly, the Chinese government responded by adopting wide-ranging policy changes that addressed many of the protesters' grievances. Heurlin traces policy changes from local protests in the provinces to the halls of the National People's Congress (NPC) in Beijing. In doing so, he highlights the interplay between local protests, state institutions, and elite politics. He shows that the much-maligned petitioning system actually plays an important role in elevating protesters' concerns to the policymaking agenda. Delving deep into the policymaking process, the book illustrates how the State Council and NPC have become battlegrounds for conflicts between ministries and local governments over state policies.

The Gender responsive School

Topic 3.2 Across the school 8 Unit 3 A whole school approach | Topic 3.2 Across the school As part of the thinking ... and Decision - making policy makers Allocation of responsibilities ExtraReproductive curricular activities health ...

Author: Catherine Atthill

Publisher: Commonwealth Secretariat

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Shows teachers, headteachers and school administrators how to spot the key spaces in school life where gender is important. This title gives them tools to address gender biases by changing attitudes and ideas among staff and students. It is full of activities that can be undertaken at either individual or group level.

Culturally Responsive School Leadership

Delegate a percentage of all regular meeting time to enhancing cultural responsiveness and equity. ... Establish a community oversight committee of school decision making, which would review practices such as discipline, ...

Author: Muhammad Khalifa

Publisher: Harvard Education Press

ISBN: 9781682532096

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Culturally Responsive School Leadership focuses on how school leaders can effectively serve minoritized students—those who have been historically marginalized in school and society. The book demonstrates how leaders can engage students, parents, teachers, and communities in ways that positively impact learning by honoring indigenous heritages and local cultural practices. Muhammad Khalifa explores three basic premises. First, that a full-fledged and nuanced understanding of “cultural responsiveness” is essential to successful school leadership. Second, that cultural responsiveness will not flourish and succeed in schools without sustained efforts by school leaders to define and promote it. Finally, that culturally responsive school leadership comprises a number of crucial leadership behaviors, which include critical self-reflection; the development of culturally responsive teachers; the promotion of inclusive, anti-oppressive school environments; and engagement with students’ indigenous community contexts. Based on an ethnography of a school principal who exemplifies the practices and behaviors of culturally responsive school leadership, the book provides educators with pedagogy and strategies for immediate implementation.

Tep Vol 21 N2

She declares that the espousal of including stakeholders in decision making at the educational administration level ... The Responsive Classroom is based on acknowledging the need of children “to feel both pleasure and significance as ...

Author: Teacher Education and Practice

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Teacher Education and Practice, a peer-refereed journal, is dedicated to the encouragement and the dissemination of research and scholarship related to professional education. The journal is concerned, in the broadest sense, with teacher preparation, practice and policy issues related to the teaching profession, as well as being concerned with learning in the school setting. The journal also serves as a forum for the exchange of diverse ideas and points of view within these purposes. As a forum, the journal offers a public space in which to critically examine current discourse and practice as well as engage in generative dialogue. Alternative forms of inquiry and representation are invited, and authors from a variety of backgrounds and diverse perspectives are encouraged to contribute. Teacher Education & Practice is published by Rowman & Littlefield.

Education Policy Outlook 2021 Shaping Responsive and Resilient Education in a Changing World

Alongside a preference for local decision making in matters regarding teaching practices (see above), decisions on the resources available during school closures were generally taken locally, in collaboration or consultation with other ...

Author: OECD

Publisher: OECD Publishing

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Education systems operate in a world that is constantly evolving towards new equilibria, yet short-term crises may disrupt, accelerate or divert longer-term evolutions. This Framework for Responsiveness and Resilience in Education Policy aims to support policy makers to balance the urgent challenge of building eco-systems that adapt in the face of disruption and change (resilience), and the important challenge of navigating the ongoing evolution from industrial to post-industrial societies and economies (responsiveness).