Researching American Culture

... courses on the anthropological study of contemporary North American culture and in other courses , including introductory cultural anthropology , that require original field research on some aspect of the student's own society .

Author: Conrad Phillip Kottak

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 0472080245

Category: Social Science

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Applies anthropological techniques to the study of contemporary American behavior

African American Culture and Heritage in Higher Education Research and Practice

30 African American Culture in Higher Education Research Americans in contemporary Black America have emerged out of the institution of slavery embodying the synthesis of the African value system with the European natural rights ...

Author: Kassie Freeman

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0275958442

Category: Education

Page: 237

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Leading African American scholars address the cultural context in the examination of research and policies regarding African Americans in higher eduction.

College Football and American Culture in the Cold War Era

Diez, Fermin. “The Popularity of Sports in America: An Analysis of the Values of Sports and the Role of Media.” In Researching American Culture: A Guide for Student Anthropologists, edited by Conrad Phillip Kottak, 259–65.

Author: Kurt Edward Kemper

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252034664

Category: Education

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Waging the Cold War's ideological battles on the gridiron

Cultural Anthropology

Professor Kottak has done field work in cultural anthropology in Brazil (since 1962), Madagascar (since 1966), ... Ecology and Cultural Variation in Highland Madagascar (1980), Researching American Culture: A Guide for Student ...

Author: Conrad Phillip Kottak


ISBN: PSU:000045068362

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Jazz research

where policies of wholesale privatization and structural adjustment have led to local cultural production becoming ... Indeed, the biggest selling jazz history book of all time, Jazz: A History of America's Music by Geoffrey C. Ward and ...



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Approaches to American Cultural Studies

Her research interests include popular culture, Seriality Studies, visual culture, mass culture, Comics Studies, ... Studies Crossroads Project and held a position as Associate Director of the Forum for Inter-American Research (FIAR).

Author: Antje Dallmann

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317227748

Category: History

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Approaches to American Cultural Studies provides an accessible yet comprehensive overview of the diverse range of subjects encompassed within American Studies, familiarising students with the history and shape of American Studies as an academic subject as well as its key theories, methods, and concepts. Written and edited by an international team of authors based primarily in Europe, the book is divided into four thematically-organised sections. The first part delineates the evolution of American Studies over the course of the twentieth century, the second elaborates on how American Studies as a field is positioned within the wider humanities, and the third inspects and deconstructs popular tropes such as myths of the West, the self-made man, Manifest Destiny, and representations of the President of the United States. The fourth part introduces theories of society such as structuralism and deconstruction, queer and transgender theories, border and hemispheric studies, and critical race theory that are particularly influential within American Studies. This book is supplemented by a companion website offering further material for study ( Specifically designed for use on courses across Europe, it is a clear and engaging introductory text for students of American culture.

Religion and American Culture

... a century or so of contact - see the works surveyed in Russell Thornton , " American Indian Historical Demography : A Review Essay with Suggestions for Future Research , " American Indian Culture and Research Journal , III , No.

Author: David G. Hackett

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415942721

Category: Religion

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Religion and American Culture challenges the religion's traditional emphasis on older European, American, male, middle-class, Protestant, northeastern narratives concerned primarily with churches and theology. Breaking through the field with multicultural tales of Native American, African Americans and other groups that cut across boundaries of gender, class, religion and region, David Hackett's anthology offers an illuminating and comprehensive overview of the most exciting work currently underway in this field.

Encyclopedia of Contemporary American Culture

American society Thus, “folklore” was the preserve of African Americans, recent immigrant groups and Southern ... American folklorists also began researching urban cultures and exploring the role of technology and mass media on ...

Author: Robert Gregg

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134719297

Category: Reference

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As a meeting point for world cultures, the USA is characterized by its breadth and diversity. Acknowledging that diversity is the fundamental feature of American culture, this volume is organized around a keen awareness of race, gender, class and space and with over 1,200 alphabetically-arranged entries - spanning 'the American century' from the end of World War II to the present day - the Encyclopedia provides a one-stop source for insightful and stimulating coverage of all aspects of that culture. Entries range from short definitions to longer overview essays and with full cross-referencing, extensive indexing, and a thematic contents list, this volume provides an essential cultural context for both teachers and students of American studies, as well as providing fascinating insights into American culture for the general reader. The suggestions for further reading, which follows most entries, are also invaluable guides to more specialized sources.

Contact Spaces of American Culture

In 2008, she received a three-year scholarship from the German Research Foundation for the completion of her doctoral degree. In her dissertation she analyzes how the “Americanness” of American culture is performatively constituted in ...

Author: Petra Eckhard

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 9783643504340

Category: Literary Criticism

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What do tent cities, basketball courts, slave ships, and Facebook have in common? They are spaces of American culture where an idea of 'Americanness' emerges through a concrete form of contact on the one hand and through its mediated representation on the other. This collection of essays examines these contact spaces - and their myriad and complex configurations of culture - along a spatial axis, highlighting the interconnectedness of the local and the global in concrete spaces of American culture, both inside and outside the US, and from the world wide web. One line of inquiry studies metaphors of contact, the other one reads media texts as contact spaces and investigates the role of mediation. (Series: American Studies in Austria - Vol. 12)