Repossessing the World

Repossessing the World is the first book-length critical inquiry into women’s use of a form that has often been dismissed as less important than autobiography, less professional than the novel, and less intellectual than the formal essay.

Author: Helen M. Buss

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 9780889209411

Category: Psychology

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Why does it seem as if everyone is writing memoirs, and particularly women? The current popularity of memoir verifies the common belief that we each have a story to tell. And we do...especially women. Memoirs are not only representations of women’s personal lives but also of their desire to repossess important parts of our culture, in which women’s stories have not mattered. Beginning with her own motivations for writing memoirs, Helen M. Buss examines the many kinds of memoir written by contemporary women: memoirs about growing up, memoirs about traumatic events, about relationships, about work. In writing memoirs, these women publicly assert that their lives have mattered. They reshape the memoir, a form as old as the middle ages and as young as today, into a social discourse that blends the personal with the political, the self with the significant other, literature with history, and fiction with autobiography and essay. Buss urges readers to use their reading experience to help themselves understand and write the significance of their own lives. Repossessing the World is the first book-length critical inquiry into women’s use of a form that has often been dismissed as less important than autobiography, less professional than the novel, and less intellectual than the formal essay. Buss demonstrates that the memoir makes its own art, not only through selective borrowing from these genres but also through the unique way that the tripartite narrative voice of the memoir constructs the personal and public experience of the memorist as significant to our cultural moment.

Memory Muses Memoir

Helen M. Buss,Repossessing the World: ReadingMemoirs by Contemporary Women (Toronto, Ontario: Wilifrid Laurier UP, 2002), 24. Sidonie Smith and Julia Watson, ReadingAutobiography, 3. Sidonie Smith and Julia Watson, ReadingAutobiography, ...

Author: Deb Everson Borofka

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781440180330

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Why is the memoir genre so important? What is it that drives us to tell our own stories? The ancient Greek myth of Goddess Memory, and her daughters, the Muses, offers new ways to re-enter the stories of our lives and shape them in surprising ways. Mnemosyne's birthing of the Muses underscores her commitment to express all of the facets of her personal story: grief, joy, love, body, breath, history, spirituality, reverie, and humor. The memoirist follows Mnemosyne's imaginal lineage in crafting all memoirs. Memories live in matter, in the very cells of our bodies. Writing our life stories allows us to consider the content of our experiences, the plurality of perspectives from which we can choose to shape them, and the use that we want to make of them. We may choose to write for many reasons, psychological, physical, and cultural healing being just a few. This book suggests the exploration of an imaginable field is possible when we look at how figures from Greek mythology continue to inspire contemporary life writing.

Seventh Thunder

As an objective of AIM, repossession is the result of a restored and revived Church reaping the great harvest of souls. Repossession is the Church ... God is in the process of repossessing the world. He began with Jesus Christ and is ...

Author: Jeffrey E. Allen

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781600343971

Category: Religion

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Comparative Postcolonialism in the Works of V S Naipaul and Toni Morrison

Repossessing the World: Reading Memoirs by Contemporary Women. Waterloo, ON: Laurier University Press. Carmean, Karen (1993). Toni Morrison's World of Fiction. New York: Whitestone Publishing Company. Casey, Edward S. (1993).

Author: Alshaymaa Mohamed Ahmed

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781666921632


Page: 222

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Comparative Postcolonialism in the Works of V.S. Naipaul and Toni Morrison: Fragmented Identities places comparative literature in a postcolonial context in order to widen its traditional scope and thereby pay greater attention to the relationship between indigenous and hegemonic cultures.

Repossessing Shanland

Twentieth-century nationalism and World ... To Shan politicians, to repossess a Shanland, there must be evidence not only that there is such a place but also that they are its rightful owners. This chapter tracks the establishment of an ...

Author: Jane M. Ferguson

Publisher: University of Wisconsin Pres

ISBN: 9780299333003

Category: History

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The Shan have been fighting since 1958 for the autonomous state in Southeast Asia they were promised. Jane M. Ferguson articulates Shanland as an ongoing project of resistance, resilience, and accommodation within Thailand and Myanmar, showing how the Shan have forged a homeland and identity during great upheaval.

Migrancy Memory and Repossession

Reflecting one of the many stories of women like her in cities all over the world. So the world of CL, did that develop out of reality or was that to do with a place you had in your head? By the end of the writing period, ...

Author: Susan Tebbutt

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527554801


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The writing of women's history has witnessed a huge increase in recent decades. In the past, the focus of some of this work was the representation of the “heroine” or the “grand dame”. Recent theoretical writing, particularly as relating to historical anthropology, has focussed on a more “rounded” view of women’s historical representation and experience, however. This book explores aspects of Western visual culture and the cultures of so-called “marginal” groups, groups which have, as yet, seen little light shed on them. By analysing the discursive and “hidden” histories of a range of women artists who worked on the periphery of “mainstream” society or whose representational subjects were deemed “marginal” (Travellers, Roma (Gypsies and Circus people)), it is possible to come to some new conclusions regarding the historical relationships that have existed between different cultures and peoples. Such a process can generate a better understanding of the shifting power dynamic as between diverse historical phenomena. It is through such explorations also that we can enable the historical recovery and emergence of new identities in an increasingly multicultural world.

British and American Studies

Repossessing the World As Kenneth Burke describes it , the need to “ repossess the world ” is created when the incidental by - products of the bureaucratic body create alienation in a class of people .



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The new genre may be reflective of a major shift in the ways that individuals conceived of their relations with the world. French readers recall that, for Andre Thevet, "singularite" designates the infinite mass of things he says he saw ...

Author: Timothy Murray

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 9780816629619

Category: Psychology

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A doubled-edged critical forum, this volume brings early modern culture and psychoanalysis into revisionist dialogue with each other. The authors reflect on how psychoanalysis remains "possessed" by its incorporation of early modern mythologies, vision, credos, and phantasms, which may--or may not--be applicable today. 23 photos.

American Studies

Repossessing the World As Kenneth Burke describes it , the need to " repossess the world ” is created when the incidental by - products of the bureaucratic body create alienation in a class of people .

Author: Marta Wiszniowska


ISBN: STANFORD:36105112695916

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Repossess Your Life

Exiling himself from the rest of the world, Castro is seldom heard from. When he does speak, all he does is whine about how poor his country is. He does nothing to improve the lives of his countrymen thus the “success” he has created is ...

Author: Kayton B. Kimberly


ISBN: 9780615198811

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You can have a lifetime of success, in 5 easy steps, starting today! Kayton B Kimberly, a real life repo-man has converted the views of others towards the most unlikely of profession, but how they have control over the most important thing-their own life! He goes beyond feel good affirmations of positive thinking and into the real reasons why we do what we do, how to eliminate fears and with a simple 5 step plan, how success can be attracted. Combining real life situations, street sense, and simple motivation, Kayton offers the keys to getting success by helping you discover -How your Brain really works, A solution to most any problem, 10 Things for a better life, A simple exercise on how to attract success NOW! and Why you may have failed in the past and to succeed from this point on and much more!