Remember When

I went back home and slipped into the house remembering not to let the screen door close with a slam. I walked through the back room to the open door at the top of the basement stairs. I heard the tinny, serpentine sound made by the ...

Author: Bryan P. Chrysler

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1467072044

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 208

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Follow the author and his classmates from the seventh grade to graduation in this entertaining story occurring in the mid sixties. Relive basketball games, classroom pranks, first love, rock n' roll, and fast cars. Come to know characters that made up the small mid-west town of Martinsville. This delightful journey through young adolescence will make you smile as you Remember When....

I Remember When A Collection of Rememberances from Me to You

Remembering. Love. Lost. I remember: I remember sharing the large recliner, in our pjs watching late night tv. I remember the sound of the truck as it pulled up in the driveway after he got off work. I remember the way that he looked at ...

Author: M Osterhoudt

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781304111623

Category: House & Home


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We go through life trying to make big memories and if only we knew it was the small things that we would cling is the sound of a squeaky door, the smell of fresh cut hay, the giggle of a child, an innocent touch or a song on the radio. This is a collection of those memories that return to a time gone by....a time that will never return. In essence, these are my memories but as I share them with you....may they take you back to a memory that you may have lost or inspire you to write a collection of your own that you too may never forget. Relive life through a child’s eyes, remembering grand parents and family, reflecting on lost love and chuckling at office mishaps.

Marriage Victory

Please let me help with a few memory joggers: • Remember when he used to show up at your job, just because? • Remember when she used to pack your favorite lunch with a little love note hidden inside? • Remember the flowers that lead him ...

Author: Desiree Hunt

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781602664876


Page: 112

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Hunt writes with love and shares from personal experiences and trials endured before she found victory in her marriage in order to offer a marriage manual that allows couples to compare their marriage covenant with Gods teaching. (Practical Life)

Berneice Beulah Anderson

“I remember when” I was working on the market for Berneice Heine. The kids put a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the table. “Nasturtiums, wow.” When I opened that kitchen door, I was sure that they had penned all the animals up in the ...

Author: Ray Anderson

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469136776

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 77

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When Black Preachers Preach

said: "Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented." He said, Rich man, don't you remember when you were on planet earth you ...

Author: Daniel Whyte, III

Publisher: Torch Legacy Publications

ISBN: 9780976348740

Category: Religion

Page: 145

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When Black Preachers Preach, Volume 2, highlights some of the most dynamic preachers of our present day. The men included in this volume are pastoring some of the fastest growing Bible-believing churches in America and head up exciting, evangelistic organizations and conferences aimed at reaching black America with the unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you are one of the few dear people who still love what God calls "sound doctrine," if you love powerful and exciting preaching that is also biblical, then the book that you hold in your hands is the right book for you. Read it and be blessed and encouraged.

Remember Me When I m Gone

SCIENTISTS AND EDUCATORS PATCH ADAMS Don't remember me when I am gone. Remember to serve the causes of peace, justice and care. As Albert Einstein said, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” I lecture three hundred days a ...

Author: Larry King

Publisher: Nan A. Talese

ISBN: 9780385512657

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 224

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“Show me Heaven! I have seen hell.” —Patricia Neal Larry King, world-famous radio and television personality, has asked the talented, the beautiful, the wise, and the rich a question all of us have pondered: How would you like to be remembered after your death? The result is REMEMBER ME WHEN I'M GONE, an entertaining and eloquent collection of “last words” from people in the arts, in politics, in sports, and in business, mostly still alive. In telling and moving reflections, often leavened by self-deprecating humor, these celebrities look back on their lives, their ambitions, their mistakes, and their accomplishments. The contributions range from pithy one-liners by Yogi Berra (“It’s over.”), Dave Barry, George Carlin, and Liz Smith (“Excuse my dust!”); to inspired sketches by Stephen King and Peter Falk; to candid reflections from Don Shula, Fred Rogers, and Chevy Chase; to hilarious rants from Margaret Cho and Tommy Lee; and a last request by Arthur Hailey. Often surprising and always memorable, REMEMBER ME WHEN I'M GONE is a timeless collection by stars who will live on forever.

Al Qur an the Guidance for Mankind English Translation of the Meanings of Al Qur an with Arabic

Remember, when We delivered you from the people of Fir'aun (Pharaoh): they had subjected you to severe torment, killing your sons and sparing your daughters; you were facing a tremendous trial from your Rabb.[49] And when We parted the ...

Author: Muhammad Farooq-i-Azam Malik

Publisher: The Institute of Islamic Knowledge

ISBN: 9780911119800

Category: Religion

Page: 976

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Al-Qur'an, the Guidance for mankind, is a unique translation of the Holy Qur'an in contemporary American English. It includes the Biography of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, his mission as a Prophet, his ranking as in the human history. Text is paragraphed by theme and theme is written in the margins on each page for easy reference. Its features include - (1) Field Testing the Communication of Divine Message: The unique feature of this translation is its field testing for over 3 1/2 years to improve the communication and understanding of the Divine Message. Translation passages were given to the New Muslim and Non-Muslim high school and college students for reading under the supervision of various Ulema (scholars). After reading, the person was asked to explain as to what he/she understood from the passage. If his/her understanding was the same as is in the Arabic Text of the Holy Qur'an then we concluded that we have been successful in conveying the Divine Message properly. If his/her understanding was different than what the Qur'anic verses were stating, we kept on rewording the translation until those verses were understood properly. It was tremendous patience on part of the participants. May Allah reward them all. (2) Simplicity: In this translation Simple Language and Direct Approach is used for appealing to the common sense of scholars and common people. (3) Understandability: There are no foot notes to refer and no commentary or lengthy explanations to read. All necessary explanations have been incorporated right there in the text with italic type setting to differentiate from the translation of the meanings of Qur'anic Arabic Text. (4) Outline of Pertinent Information: Before the start of each Srah, information relating to its Period of Revelation, Major Issues, Divine Laws and Guidance has been presented as an outline. Then a summary of the preceding events has been tabulated for the reader to understand the histo! rical background to grasp the full meaning of the Divine Message. (5) Reviews, Input and Approvals: This project was started in 1991 and initial draft completed in 1994. Then the Translation was sent to different Ulema (Scholars) in Town and throughout United States for their review and input. After their reviews and input it was sent to Jme Al-Azhar Al-Sharif in Egypt, Ummal Qur in Saudi Arabia and International Islamic University in Pakistan for their review, input and approval. This translation was published after their reviews and approvals.

May God Remember

Mourners often say that they will remember the person they lost as long as they live. Science teaches us that the opposite is also true: we are alive, constantly reshaping ourselves and our understanding, as long as we remember.

Author: Lawrence A. Hoffman

Publisher: Jewish Lights Publishing

ISBN: 9781580236898

Category: Religion

Page: 283

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Engaging and sobering. Traces the development of Yizkor from the original memorializing of Jewish communities destroyed by the Crusaders to the touching service we have today, and reflects on how we remember both personal losses and the martyrs of history.

The Epistemology of Reading and Interpretation

There is a tendency to think we can only remember things that lie in the past and that this grounds a C-individuation of memory.28 But this won't do in the case of remembered acquaintance. We (say we) remember the taste of kumquats, ...

Author: René van Woudenberg

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781009035965

Category: Philosophy


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Reading and textual interpretation are ordinary human activities, performed inside as well as outside academia, but precisely how they function as unique sources of knowledge is not well understood. In this book, René van Woudenberg explores the nature of reading and how it is distinct from perception and (attending to) testimony, which are two widely acknowledged knowledge sources. After distinguishing seven accounts of interpretation, van Woudenberg discusses the question of whether all reading inevitably involves interpretation, and shows that although reading and interpretation often go together, they are distinct activities. He goes on to argue that both reading and interpretation can be paths to realistically conceived truth, and explains the conditions under which we are justified in believing that they do indeed lead us to the truth. Along the way, he offers clear and novel analyses of reading, meaning, interpretation, and interpretative knowledge.

Early Bird Special and 174 Other Signs That You Have Become a Senior Citizen

Become a Senior Citizen You remember when "draft" meant more than a beer on tap You can remember when girls got "knocked up" You can remember when "adult" films were called stag movies You can remember when "Coke" only had one meaning ...

Author: Mike Piedmonte

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781410705389

Category: Humor

Page: 132

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Wouldn't you like to know if you've become a Senior Citizen? Wouldn't your spouse or your children like to know if you've become one? Wouldn't they like to know if they've become seniors? Just what are the signs that cause men and women to one day have to take a deep breath and admit, "I've become a Senior Citizen." When looking for the answer, disregard the AARP cards and senior discounts. And also the Social Security checks and Medicare payments as being the only criteria. Becoming a Senior Citizen is not just the attainment of an arbitrary age. It's also the result of an individual's mind-set. Here, then, are 175 signs and 36 essays (some hilarious, some nostalgic, and some bittersweet) that will help you see if you've become a bona fide member of the fastest growing segment of American society.

Living and Coping with Epilepsy My Way

just about remember my name let alone what medication I'm on or what day it was. I was half way to the hospital before I realized I'd had a seizure. In time, slowly, my memory starts to come back. But it takes a little while before I ...

Author: Cara Coles

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 9781782797456

Category: Self-Help

Page: 114

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You really can have anything you want out of life, no matter what. Living and Coping with Epilepsy, My Way is about the author's journey living and dealing with epilepsy, finding the law of attraction, and how her life has changed since then.

The Sowing Kit

remember His wonders of old. It tells us that we are to meditate on all His work and talk, speak it out, share it. We should let it be the “table talk” while we gather. This talk is to be passed on daily and weekly, through the good ...

Author: CC Channell

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781664153776

Category: Poetry

Page: 84

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The Sowing Kit: Reflections from Tears to Joy is a compilation of poetry and personal meditations. It is designed to inspire you to see personal challenges as opportunities to sow new seed and begin to reap joy. Each chapter sheds light on the strength that comes through the good fight of faith and the ultimate experience of victory in this life's journey. Have you ever searched your heart to see your love in action? Have you ever felt so heavy or burdened inside that all you can do is cry? Have you ever felt that you're not good enough? Have you ever compromised to the point of settling for less than your worth? The Sowing Kit provides practical tools and thought-provoking insight to encourage readers to face fears, process feelings, and take steps toward healing to strategically grow forward with renewed determination to maintain joy and peace.

The Lonely Scum Thinks Alone

I can't remember what it's like to be really, really happy I can't even remember what it's like to smile anymore. I can't remember how to act around other people without feeling shy and awkward I can't even remember what sort of things ...

Author: Jacob Tobias


ISBN: 9781291597745

Category: Social Science

Page: 34

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23 lyrics/ poems written by Jacob Tobias during 1999 whilst being subjected to homophobic bullying at school.

Sight Unseen

The next thing I remember, we were on the ground and somebody was picking us up . . . and I do remember you were there, Mom, and I remember the cat. We had a cat that had babies that day. I remember the cat was totally traumatized.

Author: Carol Rainey

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743418652

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 416

View: 364


The New York Times bestselling author of Witnessed, Intruders, and Missing Time -- three groundbreaking books on the UFO phenomenon -- returns with astonishing evidence that other-worldly beings are a very real -- and growing -- part of our lives. In Sight Unseen, Budd Hopkins and coauthor Carol Rainey show how fascinating discoveries in modern science support the plausibility of the UFO phenomenon. Featuring sixteen never-before-published cases, Sight Unseen probes two newly uncovered patterns in alien abduction: cases of UFO "invisibility" and reports of genetically altered alien beings who interact with humans during their routine lives. The "invisibility" accounts detailed by Hopkins include numerous daylight abductions in densely populated urban areas -- all apparently unseen and accomplished through a technology of invisibility. Two air force non-coms are snatched from the tarmac of a busy military airfield. An Australian family is levitated up into a hovering craft while the father remains paralyzed on the ground with a camera to his eye. The resulting evidence on film is discussed in terms of our own scientific advances. In the second series of cases, abductees report encounters with beings who appear human but apparently possess paranormal powers and stunted emotional ranges. Three young women, unknown to each other, are mysteriously summoned to "job interviews." In ordinary office settings, they encounter human-looking beings who lead them into baffling UFO abduction experiences. A Wisconsin farmer meets "Damoe," a man with odd behavior who closely resembles his son. Damoe eventually reveals himself as an accomplice of UFO occupants in a startling abduction of the farmer and his wife. Five-year-old Jen is abducted at night to a nearby playground. There she must teach the techniques and skills of "play" to twelve seemingly identical, quasi-human children. Along with these bizarre, first-person stories told by credible people, Hopkins and Rainey explore cutting-edge advances in our own technologies and scientific theories that show how these new UFO patterns could have a concrete basis in contemporary science. Included are an examination of cloaking devices for aircraft, mind-control technologies, and teleportation achieved in the lab. Perhaps the most compelling argument to support these cases lies in the startling and controversial new science of transgenics that actually allows for the creation of alien/human beings.

Last meal at Moor Inn Death was presumed The young witnesses

Other people were here but I can't remember them. I don't know if it was the same night as you stayed here.” “We don't recall you and can't remember the date. I can look in my diary when we get home but that doesn't help us now.

Author: Nigel Miller

Publisher: Wally Miller

ISBN: 9781257995554



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New York Court of Appeals Records and Briefs

Q. Then , do you remember anything that was said 646 on that occasion , or not said ? A. I do not remember anything that was said , because I don't remember anything about it . Q. Do you recollect nothing about it ? A. No , sir .

Author: New York (State). Court of Appeals.



Category: Law


View: 113


Volume contains: 81 NY 428 (Thaule v. Krekeler) 81 NY 584 (Carr v. Breese) 81 NY 592 (Thompson v. MacGregor) 81 NY 600 (Bray v. Farwell) 81 NY 645 (Whitson v. David) 82 NY 10 (Taylor v. Mayor & Commonalty of N.Y.) 82 NY 32 (Viele v. Judson) 82 NY 606 (Henlein v. Powers) Unreported Case (Potter v. Cornell) Unreported Case (Bowlby v. Tompkins)


Submitted by Phil Edwards, RMCS(SS), 1969-1972 Remember loading ammunition from Navy Ammunition Depot, Yorktown. BT's & MM's got the 5" while the ET's got the 3" rounds. Remember BMCM Attaway (?) puking his guts out while on a 'full ...

Author: Mike Abbott


ISBN: 9781105335266



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Remembering Kobe Bryant

I remember when I was in Chicago, we were just rebuilding and had a bunch of young guys, but I remember beating Kobe and those Lakers way back then; it was one of my first really good games in the NBA. It was the Kobe-Shaq Lakers, ...

Author: Sean Deveney

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781613219805

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 192

View: 591


Let Stephen Curry, Charles Barkley, Grant Hill, Reggie Miller, and more, tell you what it was like to take the floor against one of the Greatest of All Time. With a Foreword by Jerry West, and a new tribute from the author about Kobe’s tragic death. When he entered the NBA in 1996 as a high-school star from Lower Merion, Pennsylvania, Kobe Bryant faced enormous expectations. No one can deny that he rose to the challenge. Today Bryant’s status as a future Hall of Fame player is assured. During his stellar career, Bryant won five NBA championships; was a seventeen-time All-Star, NBA MVP, and two-time NBA Finals MVP. He led the league in scoring in 2006 and 2007. Now for the first time, hear stories from opponents, teammates, and players about what it was like to go against Kobe in Remembering Kobe Bryant. Contributors include: Chris Webber Jeff Van Gundy Rick Barry Doc Rivers Dwayne Wade Draymond Green Giannis Antetokounmpo Russell Westbrook Carmelo Anthony And many more Kobe Bryant was the greatest basketball player of his generation—a former schoolboy prodigy whose moves are now imitated in gyms and playgrounds around the world. Remembering Kobe Bryant provides an unprecedented glimpse into what it was like to play against one of the best of all time. Skyhorse Publishing and our Sports Publishing imprint is proud to publish a range of books for readers interested in sports—baseball, pro football, college football, pro basketball, college basketball, hockey, soccer, and more, we have a book about your sport or your team. Whether you are a New York Yankees fan or hail from Red Sox nation; whether you are a die-hard Green Bay Packers or Dallas Cowboys fan; whether you root for the Kentucky Wildcats, Louisville Cardinals, UCLA Bruins, or Kansas Jayhawks; whether you route for the Boston Bruins, Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, or Los Angeles Kings; we have a book for you. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to publishing books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked by other publishers and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

The Power of Love

Remember when you told her, you loved her and she freaked? She told you to leave.” “Yes I remember all too well. It was the first time I ever was heartbroken.” He stared off remembering that moment. “Do you remember when you came back ...

Author: Lisa Powell

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781304949868

Category: Fiction


View: 585


'Love can be very powerful. It will help you pull through the worst of situations. You have to believe. You have to have faith in the Power of Love.’ Max and Kate will find out just how powerful their love is. It will save them from devious acts afflicted upon them by others. Their lives are in turmoil and people are out to destroy them. See what lurks around every corner as they have to confront their worst fears. Kate will risk her life to save the man she loves. She will go through the depths of hell to save him even if it means her own sanity. She has been through hell before and now there is no turning back to mush is at stake. To many lives depend on her. Max will never stop searching for the woman he loves. He will use all his resources to bring her back home, even if her mind is not her own. Their journey will bring you joy and heartache. Their destinies are brought together by Fate. Join them as the truth and their lives unfold.

Beyond Price

Now consider a veridical memory: I can remember when my grandfather took me to the Empire State Building as a child. To whom does 'me' refer in this memory-report? Of course, you will say that 'me' refers to David Velleman.

Author: J. David Velleman

Publisher: Open Book Publishers

ISBN: 9781783741670

Category: Philosophy

Page: 232

View: 606


In nine lively essays, bioethicist J. David Velleman challenges the prevailing consensus about assisted suicide and reproductive technology, articulating an original approach to the ethics of creating and ending human lives. He argues that assistance in dying is appropriate only at the point where talk of suicide is not, and he raises moral objections to anonymous donor conception. In their place, Velleman champions a morality of valuing personhood over happiness in making end-of-life decisions, and respecting the personhood of future children in making decisions about procreation. These controversial views are defended with philosophical rigor while remaining accessible to the general reader. Written over Velleman's 30 years of undergraduate teaching in bioethics, the essays have never before been collected and made available to a non-academic audience. They will open new lines of debate on issues of intense public interest.