Remapping Asian American History

"Frances T. Interview," GYC, 5; "Lorraine H. Narrative," GYC, 2; "Jim T. Interview,"
GYC, s. 4. Roger Daniels, Asian America: Chinese and Japanese in the United
States since 1850 (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1988), 201, and ...

Author: Sucheng Chan

Publisher: Rowman Altamira

ISBN: 0759104808

Category: History

Page: 277

View: 981


Remapping Asian American History discusses new frameworks such as transnationalism, the political contexts of international migrations, and a multipolar approach to the study of contemporary U.S. race relations. Collectively, the essays in this volume challenge some long-held assumptions about Asian-American communities and point to new directions in Asian American historiography. Visit our website for sample chapters!

Remapping the Indian Postcolonial Canon

Remap, Reimagine and Retranslate Nirmala Menon ... I will look at one particular
story from the collection, “The Goddess of Revenge,” which illuminates her
narrative technique that juxtaposes disparate elements to create a localized
hybrid ...

Author: Nirmala Menon

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137537980

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 201

View: 237


This book critically examines the postcolonial canon, questioning both the disproportionate attention to texts written in English and their overuse in attempts to understand the postcolonial condition. The author addresses the non-representation of Indian literature in theory, and the inadequacy of generalizing postcolonial experiences and subjectivities based on literature produced in one language (English). It argues that, while postcolonial scholarship has successfully challenged Eurocentrism, it is now time to extend the dimensions beyond Anglophone and Francophone literatures to include literatures in other languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Tagalog, and Swahili.

Remapping Performance

Marshall Ganz's model of organizing through story captures this dynamic: Public
narrative is the art of translating values into action. It is a discursive process
through which individuals, communities, and nations learn to make choices,
construct ...

Author: Jan Cohen-Cruz

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137366412

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 240

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Completing a trilogy of works by Jan Cohen-Cruz, Remapping Performance focuses on the work of artists and experts who collaborate across fields to address social issues. The book explores work of a range of artists who employ artistic training, methodologies and mind-sets in their work with experts from other sectors such as medicine and healthcare and from other disciplines, to draw an expanded map of performance platforms including university/ community partnerships, neighbourhood-bases, and cultural diplomacy. Case studies include ArtSpot Productions/Mondo Bizarro's Cry You One about climate change in southern Louisiana, incorporating theatrics and organizing; Michael Rohd/Sojourn Theatre's social and civic practices; Anne Basting's University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee-based integration of performance and creative aging; and the collaborative cultural diplomacy experiment, smARTpower. Short companion pieces add expertise from Helen Nicholson, Todd London, Julie Thompson Klein, Nancy Cantor, Maria Rosario Jackson, and Penny Von Eschen. Jan Cohen-Cruz ends with suggestions for fully integrating performance in cross-sector initiatives. This latest book by a leading figure in engaged/ applied theatre and performance builds on its predecessors by offering a future-oriented perspective, a vision of art and performance interacting with a range of social sectors and with an emphasis on HE in such partnerships, and will be a 'must-read' for all students and scholars working in this field.

Remapping the Home Front

Locating Citizenship in British Women's Great War Fiction Debra Rae Cohen ...
For British women novelists writing during the Great War , the use of narrative
enclosure to disrupt and interrogate dominant discourses is at best only a short ...

Author: Debra Rae Cohen

Publisher: UPNE

ISBN: 1555535321

Category: History

Page: 183

View: 650


An examination of how wartime rhetoric in World War I influenced the home front fiction of four British women writers -- Violet Hunt, Rose Macaulay, Stella Benson, and Rebecca West.

Remapping the Past

These cases create fictive fissures in the national narrative, unfolding a network
of regional-familial, diasporic-colonial, rural-urban, and ... It is precisely in these
places, spaces, sites that fiction remaps the past and constructs another China.

Author: Howard Yuen Fung Choy

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004167049

Category: Social Science

Page: 277

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This study investigates how writers of Deng Xiaopinga (TM)s China undermined the grand narrative of official history by rewriting the past. It showcases fictions of history by eleven Chinese, Muslim and Tibetan authors in terms of spatial schemes of fictional historiography.

Remapping Memory

Since the past is such a central political commodity in the has-been countries,'
the politics of memory tend to be a crucial factor of social stability. A narrative of
the past, with central premises and a general outline shared by the different
groups ...

Author: Jonathan Boyarin

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 0816624526

Category: Social Science

Page: 266

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Crafting Identities Remapping Nationalities

... GEORGE WASHINGTON GÓMEZ JOHN DEAN A cultural narrative, whether it
presents itself as official history, historical fiction, or fiction, selects and
contextualizes events that reinforce national unity to create a coherent cultural

Author: Trevor Harris

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443836012

Category: History

Page: 165

View: 915


In the different versions of multiculturalism that have re-shaped English-speaking societies and political systems, identities appear more plastic than in societies which have constructed their national narratives on more stubborn denials of their colonial and patriarchal pasts; yet, the myth of purity (or authenticity) and separatist temptations remain very real parameters of identity politics. In such contexts, crafting an identity for oneself implies expectations of consistency, linked not only to the individual need to prove oneself and disprove stereotypes and statistics, but also to the broader political goal of dis-alienating or, as it were, de-Othering oneself and one’s community. The contributors to this book explore the different ways – from the most institutional to the most intimate – in which people articulate the politics of memory and the creation of national narratives, or communal and personal identities.

Remapping Your Mind

Applying the latest neuroscience research on memory, brain mapping, and brain plasticity to the field of narrative therapy, Lewis Mehl-Madrona and Barbara Mainguy explain how the brain is specialized in the art of story-making and story ...

Author: Lewis Mehl-Madrona

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781591432104

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 320

View: 947


A guide to retelling your personal, family, and cultural stories to transform your life, your relationships, and the world • Applies the latest neuroscience research on memory, brain mapping, and brain plasticity to the field of narrative therapy • Details mind-mapping and narrative therapy techniques that use story to change behavior patterns in ourselves, our relationships, and our communities • Explores how narrative therapy can help replace dysfunctional cultural stories with ones that build healthier relationships with each other and the planet We are born into a world of stories that quickly shapes our behavior and development without our conscious awareness. By retelling our personal, family, and cultural narratives we can transform the patterns of our own lives as well as the patterns that shape our communities and the larger social worlds in which we interact. Applying the latest neuroscience research on memory, brain mapping, and brain plasticity to the field of narrative therapy, Lewis Mehl-Madrona and Barbara Mainguy explain how the brain is specialized in the art of story-making and story-telling. They detail mind-mapping and narrative therapy techniques that use story to change behavior patterns in ourselves, our relationships, and our communities. They explore studies that reveal how memory works through story, how the brain recalls things in narrative rather than lists, and how our stories modify our physiology and facilitate health or disease. Drawing on their decades of experience in narrative therapy, the authors examine the art of helping people to change their story, providing brain-mapping practices to discover your inner storyteller and test if the stories you are living are functional or dysfunctional, healing or destructive. They explain how to create new characters and new stories, ones that excite you, help you connect with yourself, and deepen your intimate connections with others. Detailing how shared stories and language form culture, the authors also explore how narrative therapy can help replace dysfunctional cultural stories with those that offer templates for healthier relationships with each other and the planet.

Remapping World Cinema

Daniel Dayan ( 1999 : 129 ) has referred to classical cinema as a ' ventriloquist of
ideology , alluding to the concealment of codes in the creation of the narrative
film as a replica of reality . Frantz Fanon ( 1986 : 152–3 ) has acknowledged the ...

Author: Stephanie Dennison

Publisher: Wallflower Press

ISBN: 1904764622

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 203

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"Covering a broad scope, this collection examines the cinemas of Europe, East Asia, India, Africa and Latin America, and will be of interest to scholars and students of film studies, cultural studies and postcolonial studies, as well as to film enthusiasts keen to explore a wider range of world cinema."--Jacket.

Remapping the Rise of the European Novel

KAREN O ' BRIEN Siblings or rivals : fiction and narrative history in eighteenth -
century Britain ' My aim in this essay is to make a brief , speculative examination
of the development of the novel in eighteenth - century Britain in relation to
history ...

Author: Jenny Mander


ISBN: UOM:39015070952000

Category: European fiction

Page: 344

View: 883


Fifty years on from Ian Watt's pioneering study, The Rise of the novel, Jenny Mander brings together the work of bibliographers, literary scholars and socio-cultural historians to present a new European perspective on the development of the genre. Remapping the rise of the European novel investigates how prose fiction between 1500 and 1800 was simultaneously shaped by the development of the nation-state and by multiple crossings of geographical, cultural and linguistic boundaries. Drawing on evidence from France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia, Greece, as well as England, authors argue for a more inclusive history that identifies origins in different times and places, and trace how they interact or diverge. Through detailed case studies and bibliometric analyses, the authors explore the importance of continental and colonial travel in fashioning early-modern novelistic discourse, and examine how translation helps to disseminate 'novel' fictions. Discussion of popularity and pleasure - topics often excluded from traditional histories of the novel- sheds new light on the ways we think about the relationship between literary and social history.

Remapping Citizenship and the Nation in African American Literature

Since Anderson's study, there have been numerous works examining the role of
US literature in the formation of national narratives. See J. Gerald Kennedy's
thoughtful introduction to this problem, “National Narrative and the Problem of ...

Author: Stephen Knadler

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135247195

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 248

View: 301


Through a reading of periodicals, memoirs, speeches, and fiction from the antebellum period to the Harlem Renaissance, this study re-examines various myths about a U.S. progressive history and about an African American counter history in terms of race, democracy, and citizenship. Reframing 19th century and early 20th-century African-American cultural history from the borderlands of the U.S. empire where many African Americans lived, worked and sought refuge, Knadler argues that these writers developed a complicated and layered transnational and creolized political consciousness that challenged dominant ideas of the nation and citizenship. Writing from multicultural contact zones, these writers forged a "new black politics"—one that anticipated the current debate about national identity and citizenship in a twenty-first century global society. As Knadler argues, they defined, created, and deployed an alternative political language to re-imagine U.S. citizenship and its related ideas of national belonging, patriotism, natural rights, and democratic agency.

Remapping Southern Literature

Recent Southern writers who write about the contemporary West represent a
wide cross section of Southern fiction. ... Driving the narrative in almost all of their
work is the dream of stepping free from the confining nets of culture and of
starting ...

Author: Robert H. Brinkmeyer

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 0820337013

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 130

View: 350


The fiction of Doris Betts, Barry Hannah, Cormac McCarthy, Madison Smartt Bell, Richard Ford, Rick Bass, Barbara Kingsolver, Chris Offutt, Frederick Barthelme, Dorothy Allison, and Clyde Edgerton, among others, challenges long-standing definitions of Southern fiction and regional identity and reconfigures the myths of the West that have shaped American life." "In Remapping Southern Literature, Brinkmeyer proposes that today's Southern writers are not by this shift abandoning Southern culture but are instead expanding its reach by seeking to balance the ideals of the South and West."--BOOK JACKET.

Re mapping Narrative

The story they tell is the opposite of passive submission to the gaze of others ; it's
about the power to define oneself and to appreciate oneself and other women . "
For these authors , the future of narrative discourse is thus a conflict over self ...

Author: Gian S. Pagnucci

Publisher: Hampton Press (NJ)

ISBN: IND:30000122863693

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 299

View: 620


This volume is an exploration of the future of narrative discourse. The authors have identified six potential paths, drawing patterns of narrative and visual, pedagogy and possibility. The volume begins with Tales of the Digital Self. By telling stories we define ourselves. This struggle to understand who and what we are is even more amplified on the Web where identity is almost liquid. The authors in the second section picture how stories will be told in the future. In Pixels of Heroes and Heroines, we reconnect the future of narrative discourse to its literary roots. Although it is important to consider the forms narratives will take in the future, it is equally important to consider how these stories will be taught. This is the issue authors take up in Stories from Wired Desktops. Chapters move into the realm of the political in Views of Techno-Identity and Virtual Spaces. The volume concludes with the chapters in Critical Reflections on Project UNLOC.

New Latina Narrative

CHAPTER FOUR Remapping Religious Space : Orthodox and Non - Orthodox
Religious Culture A s U.S. Latino writers work to reverse the melting - pot model
of integration into U.S. society , they frequently foreground ethnic cultural markers

Author: Ellen Marie McCracken

Publisher: University of Arizona Press

ISBN: 0816519412

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 233

View: 585


During the last two decades of the twentieth century, U.S. Latina writers have made a profound impact on American letters with fiction in both mainstream and regional venues. Following on the heels of this vibrant and growing body of work, New Latina Narrative offers the first in-depth synthesis and literary analysis of this transethnic genre. Focusing on the dynamic writing published in the 1980s and 1990s by Mexican American, Puerto Rican, Cuban American, and Domincan American women, New Latina Narrative illustrates how these writers have redefined the concepts of multiculturalism and diversity in American society. As participants in both mainstream and grassroots forms of multiculturalism, these new Latina narrativists have created a feminine space within postmodern ethnicity, disrupting the idealistic veneer of diversity with which publishers often market this fiction. In this groundbreaking study, author Ellen McCracken opens the conventional boundaries of Latino/a literary criticism, incorporating elements of cultural studies theory and contemporary feminism. Emphasizing the diversity within new Latina narrative, McCracken discusses the works of more than two dozen writers, including Julia Alvarez, Denise Ch‡vez, Sandra Cisneros, Cristina Garcia, Graciela Lim—n, Demetria Mart’nez, Pat Mora, Cherr’e Moraga, Mary Helen Ponce, and Helena Mar’a Viramontes. She stresses such themes as the resignification of master narrative, the autobiographical self and collective identity, popular religiosity, subculture and transgression, and narrative harmony and dissonance. New Latina Narrative provides readers an enriched basis for reconceiving the overall Latino/a literary field and its relation to other contemporary literary and cultural trends. McCracken's original approach extends the Latina literary canonÑboth the works to be studied and the issues to be examinedÑresulting in a valuable work for all readers of women's studies, contemporary American literature, ethnic studies, communications, and sociology.

Creative Dynamics

Remapping. the. past. The. case. of. photography. As we have seen in the
previous chapters, diagrams such as maps serve a number of purposes in
fictional narratives. But media other than maps also appear in a diagrammatic
function of ...

Author: Christina Ljungberg

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9789027273222

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 190

View: 413


How do readers make sense of a picture, a photograph, or a map in literary narratives in which visual signs play a critical role? How do authors accomplish their various objectives in constructing such complex texts? What strategies and techniques do they use to project fictional worlds and to provide their readers with the means for orienting themselves there? This book investigates the dynamics of the imaginary diagrams created by cartographers, photographers, and writers of narratives, giving ample evidence of how mapping practices have inspired the imagination of a vast number of authors from Thomas More up to contemporary writers. A special focus is on the effects created by the projection of photographs into the narrative space, and how our seemingly effortless interpretation of photographs and even maps masks complex cognitive processes. The theoretical horizon of this study encompasses the fields of cartography, mental maps, iconicity research, and the spatial turn in cultural studies.

Women s Narrative and Film in Twentieth century Spain

Remapping the Left in Camino sin retorno : Lidia Falcón ' s Feminist Project
Linda Gould Levine Nearly two decades ago , Edward Said issued a harsh
critique of a tendency in the American literary academy to view texts as isolated
from the ...

Author: Kathleen Mary Glenn

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415936330

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 307

View: 596


Women's Narrative and Film in 20th Century Spain examines the development of the feminine cultural tradition in spain and how this tradition reshaped and defined a Spanish national identity. Each chapter focuses on representation of autobiography, alienation and exile, marginality, race, eroticism, political activism, and feminism within the ever-changing nationalisms in different regions of Spain. The book describes how concepts of gender and difference shaped the individual, collective, and national identities of Spanish women and significantly modified the meaning and representation of female sexuality.

Remapping Early Modern England

Over the last twenty years the controversies over revisionism and the English civil
war have reverberated into the historiography of other revolutions and have
excited large discussions about the nature of historical evidence and narrative ,
and ...

Author: Kevin Sharpe

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521664098

Category: History

Page: 475

View: 850


A collection of new and previously-published essays on the culture of the English Renaissance state.

Remapping Ethiopia

Interestingly , the same person can tell both types of narrative ; in addition , he or
she may change the valence of the same narrative over time , according to
setting and context . These narratives , both negative and affirmative , are
essential for ...

Author: E M Johnston-Liik

Publisher: James Currey

ISBN: UOM:39015054460814

Category: History

Page: 306

View: 520


This new volume examines the major changes effected by the socialist regime from the revolution of 1974 to its overthrow in 1991, and then into the current period which has been marked by moves towards local democracy and political devolution. North America: Ohio U Press; Ethiopia: Addis Ababa U Press

Remapping the Humanities

On returning to London , Bullock staged a stunning series of representations ,
each of which put Mexico on display for the British public : a five hundred - page
illustrated narrative , Six Months ' Residence and Travels in Mexico ( 1824 ) ,
which ...

Author: Mary Garrett

Publisher: Wayne State University Press

ISBN: 0814333699

Category: Education

Page: 268

View: 469


An innovative collection demonstrating the rich potential for interdisciplinary learning found within the network of university-based humanities centers.

Remapping the Nation

-145 At this point in the analysis it seems that the main objective for this kind of
story is to summarize and package history for the use of ... By making this
statement I do not claim that the tour guide's narrative is representative for every
Austrian .

Author: Gundolf Graml


ISBN: MINN:31951P007861432


Page: 658

View: 843