Religion Children s Literature and Modernity in Western Europe 1750 2000

In this book some 25 scholars focus on the relationship between religion, children's literature and modernity in Western Europe since the Enlightenment (c. 1750).

Author: Jan de Maeyer

Publisher: Leuven University Press

ISBN: 9058674975

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 535

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In this book some 25 scholars focus on the relationship between religion, children's literature and modernity in Western Europe since the Enlightenment (c. 1750). They examine various aspects of the phenomenon of children's literature, such as types of texts, age of readers, position of authors, design and illustration. The role of religion in giving meaning both in a substantive sense as well as through the institutionalised churches is studied from an interdenominational point of view (Judaism, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism and Anglicanism). Finally, the contribution of pedagogy and child psychology in the interaction between modernity, religion and children's literature is also discussed.Various articles give a broad overview of the tensions between aesthetics and ethics and the demand for cultural autonomy in the development of children's literature. Children's bibles and missionary stories played an important part in the growing diversification of children's literature, as did the publication of illustrated reviews for children. Remarkable differences are highlighted in the involvement of religious societies and institutions, episcopally approved publishing houses and supervisory bodies in the publication, distribution and supervision of children's literature. This volume adopts a comparative approach in exploring the underlying religious, ideological and cultural dimensions of children's literature in modern society.)

Religious Institutes and Catholic Culture in 19th and 20th Century Europe

Religion, Children's Literature and Modernity in Western Europe 1750-2000. KADOC Studies on Religion, Culture and Society 3. Leuven, 2005, 51-75. Chronique de la Congrégation des Sœurs de SaintJoseph de Chambéry sous la protection de ...

Author: Urs Altermatt

Publisher: Leuven University Press

ISBN: 9789462700000

Category: Religion

Page: 216

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A broad perspective on the role of religious institutes in social and cultural practices This volume examines the cultural contribution of religious institutes, men and women religious, and their role in the constitution of Catholic communities of communication in different European countries (England, Germany, Liechtenstein, the Low Countries, the Nordic Countries, Switzerland). The articles focus on social and cultural history by comparing both discourses and cultural and social practices, as well as examining international networks and cultural transference. How did religious institutes function as cultural elites in the production and mediation of knowledge, ideologies, cultural codes, and practices? What kind of discursive and operational strategies did they use to help construct and propagate social Catholicism, ultramontanism, and confessionalism, and to establish and promote the Catholic communication system? What were the central mechanisms in the production of knowledge and how were they incorporated within identity politics? The volume also takes a broad perspective on the role of religious institutes in the production and propagation of religious, cultural, and social practices, and in the socialisation of the Catholic population. The focus is on cultural practices, on the transmission and transformation of attitudes, and on the rites and customs in everyday religious and social practices.

Italian Children s Literature and National Identity

Childhood, Melancholy, Modernity Maria Truglio. Children's ... Religion, Children's Literature and Modernity in Western Europe, 17502000. ... “Treasure to Trash, Trash to Treasure: Dolls and Waste in Italian Children's Literature.

Author: Maria Truglio

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351987554

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 208

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This book bridges the fields of Children’s Literature and Italian Studies by examining how turn-of-the-century children’s books forged a unified national identity for the new Italian State. Through contextualized close readings of a wide range of texts, Truglio shows how the 19th-century concept of recapitulation, which held that ontogeny (the individual’s development) repeats phylogeny (the evolution of the species), underlies the strategies of this corpus. Italian fairy tales, novels, poems, and short stories imply that the personal development of the child corresponds to and hence naturalizes the modernizing development of the nation. In the context of Italy’s uneven and ambivalent modernization, these narrative trajectories are enabled by a developmental melancholia. Using a psychoanalytic lens, and in dialogue with recent Anglophone Children’s Literature criticism, this study proposes that national identity was constructed via a process of renouncing and incorporating paternal and maternal figures, rendered as compulsory steps into maturity and modernity. With chapters on the heroic figure of Garibaldi, the Orientalized depiction of the South, and the role of girls in formation narratives, this book discloses how melancholic itineraries produced gendered national subjects. This study engages both well-known Italian texts, such as Collodi’s The Adventures of Pinocchio and De Amicis’ Heart, and books that have fallen into obscurity by authors such as Baccini, Treves, Gianelli, and Nuccio. Its approach and corpus shed light on questions being examined by Italianists, Children’s Literature scholars, and social and cultural historians with an interest in national identity formation.

Children s Literature

The papers given at a conference held in Belgium in May 2002, with the title 'Religion, Children's Literature and Modernity in Western Europe 17502000', are representative of the Christian aspect of religious criticism.

Author: Pat Pinsent

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 9781137335470

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 232

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This invaluable Guide surveys the key critical works and debates in the vibrant field of children's literature since its inception. Leading expert Pat Pinsent combines a chronological overview of developments in the genre with analysis of key theorists and theories, and subject-specific methodologies.

Irish Children s Literature and Culture

The Loss of the Father and the Loss of God in English-Language Children's Literature (1800–2000). In Religion, Children's Literature and Modernity in Western Europe 17502000, eds. Jan De Maeyer et al., 295–303.

Author: Keith O'Sullivan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136825101

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 214

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Irish Children’s Literature and Culture looks critically at Irish writing for children from the 1980s to the present, examining the work of many writers and illustrators and engaging with major genres, forms, and issues, including the gothic, the speculative, picturebooks, ethnicity, and globalization. It contextualizes modern Irish children’s literature in relation to Irish mythology and earlier writings, as well as in relation to Irish writing for adults, thereby demonstrating the complexity of this fascinating area. What constitutes a "national literature" is rarely straightforward, and it is especially complex when discussing writing for young people in an Irish context. Until recently, there was only a slight body of work that could be classified as "Irish children’s literature" in comparison with Ireland’s contribution to adult literature in the twentieth century. The contributors to the volume examine a range of texts in relation to contemporary literary and cultural theory, and children’s literature internationally, raising provocative questions about the future of the topic. Irish Children’s Literature and Culture is essential reading for those interested in Irish literature, culture, sociology, childhood, and children’s literature. Valerie Coghlan, Church of Ireland College of Education, Dublin, is a librarian and lecturer. She is a former co-editor of Bookbird: An International Journal of Children's Literature. She has published widely on Irish children's literature and co-edited several books on the topic. She is a former board member of the IRSCL, and a founder member of the Irish Society for the Study of Children's Literature, Children's Books Ireland, and IBBY Ireland. Keith O’Sullivan lectures in English at the Church of Ireland College of Education, Dublin. He is a founder member of the Irish Society for the Study of Children’s Literature, a former member of the board of directors of Children’s Books Ireland, and past chair of the Children’s Books Ireland/Bisto Book of the Year Awards. He has published on the works of Philip Pullman and Emily Brontë.

World Views and Worldly Wisdom Visions et exp riences du monde

'The Concept of Religious Modernisation' in: Jan De Maeyer et al., eds. Religion, Children's Literature and Modernity in Western Europe 1750-2000. KADOC- Studies on Religion, Culture and Society 3. Leuven, 2005, 41-50.

Author: Jan De Maeyer

Publisher: Leuven University Press

ISBN: 9789462700741

Category: Political Science

Page: 424

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The attraction and repulsion between the Roman Catholic Church and modernity in Europe between 1750 and 2000 Emiel Lamberts (1941), professor emeritus of contemporary history at KU Leuven, is an international expert in the political and religious history of Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries. His work and the central themes in his research are the starting point in World Views and Worldly Wisdom. No less than eighteen leading international researchers put different aspects of his work in the spotlight. A recurring theme, however, is the attraction and repulsion between the Roman Catholic Church and modernity in Europe between 1750 and 2000. The ambivalent relationship with modernity is therefore the leitmotiv of the first part of this volume, whereas the second part focuses on the repositioning of the Church and the tensions between religion, ideology and politics. In this way the volume reflects Lamberts’s fascination for the history of political institutions as well as his research on Christian democracy. The contributions address – in a comparative way and from a transatlantic viewpoint – this broad period of time in history, which gave rise to different social movements and different models of society in Belgium and elsewhere. Contributors Winfried Becker (Universität Passau), Bruno Béthouart (Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale), Hans Blom (Universiteit van Amsterdam), Alfredo Canavero (Università degli Studi di Milano), Philippe Chenaux (Pontificia Università Lateranense, Roma), Andrea Ciampani (LUMSA, Roma), Jo Deferme (KU Leuven), Jan De Maeyer (KADOC KU Leuven), Henk De Smaele (Universiteit Antwerpen), Carine Dujardin (KADOC KU Leuven), Jean-Dominique Durand (Université Lyon 3), Michael Gehler (Jean Monnet Chair, Universität Hildesheim - Institut für Neuzeit- und Zeitgeschichtsforschung, Wien), Susana Monreal (Universidad Católica del Uruguay), Patrick Pasture (KU Leuven), Patrick M.W. Taveirne (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Peter Van Kemseke (Europese Commissie, KU Leuven), Vincent Viaene (Attaché bij het Huis van Koning Filip), Els Witte (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

The Bloomsbury Reader in Religion and Childhood

De Maeyer, J., Ewers, H.H., Ghesquiere, R., Manson, M., Pinsent, P., and Quaghebeur, P. (2005), Religion, Children's Literature and Modernity in Western Europe 17502000, Leuven: University Press. Gavin, A. (ed.) (2012), Robert Cormier ...

Author: Anna Strhan

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781474251112

Category: Religion

Page: 408

View: 934


From recent sex abuse scandals in the Roman Catholic Church, to arguments about faith schools and religious indoctrination, this volume considers the interconnection between the actual lives of children and the position of children as placeholders for the future. Childhood has often been a particular site of struggle for negotiating the location of religion in public and everyday social life, and children's involvement and non-involvement in religion raises strong feelings because they represent the future of religious and secular communities, even of society itself. The Bloomsbury Reader in Religion and Childhood provides a rich resource for students and scholars of this interdisciplinary field, and addresses wider questions about the distinctiveness of childhood and its religious dimensions in historical and contemporary perspective. Divided into five thematic parts, the volume provides classic, contemporary, and specially commissioned readings from a range of perspectives, including the sociological, anthropological, historical, and theological. Case studies range from Augustine's description of childhood in Confessions, the psychology of religion and childhood, to religion in children's literature, religious education, and Qur'anic schools. - Religious traditions covered include Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism, in the UK and Europe, USA, Latin America and Africa - An introduction situates each thematic part, and each reading is contextualised by the editors - Guidance on further reading and study questions are provided on the book's webpage

Anglo American Perceptions of Hellenism

Dane, Jacques. “Supervising Children's Literature in the Netherlands, ca. 1880– 1940.” In Religion, Children's Literature and Modernity in Western Europe 1750-2000, edited by J. De Maeyer, H. Ewers, R. Ghesquière, et al., 337-47.

Author: Tatiani Rapatzikou

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443802734

Category: History

Page: 340

View: 338


In this volume an attempt is made to tackle Hellenism as a global and transcultural entity. Through an array of essays, this book constitutes a comparative study of various literary, cultural and artistic trends as these develop throughout the course of the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries on both sides of the Atlantic. Having been designed with the general as well as the specialized reader in mind, this book will prove to be a valuable guide to scholars, undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as to a broad spectrum of readers with an interest in comparative literature, cultural history, history of the classical heritage, transatlantic studies, English and American romantic, modernist and postmodernist narratives. Its diverse material falls under the umbrella terms of “English Hellenisms” and “American Hellenisms” with the intention of enhancing intercultural dialogue and understanding. By embracing multivocality, as proven by the number of articles it contains, this book proves the tenacity, diachronic and intercontinental appeal of Hellenism at the era of multiculturalism and globalization.

Children s Literature

Religion, Children's Literature and Modernity in Western Europe 17502000 (Leuven: Leuven University Press, 2005). Dobrin, Sydney I. and Kidd, Kenneth B. (eds.), Wild Things: Children's Culture and Ecocriticism (Detroit: Wayne State ...

Author: Kimberley Reynolds

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9781786942562

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 111

View: 454


A volume in the Writers and Their Work series, which draws upon recent thinking in English studies to introduce writers and their contexts. Each volume includes biographical material, an examination of recent criticism, a bibliography and a reappraisal of a major work by the writer.

Religious Institutes in Western Europe in the 19th and 20th Centuries

Religion , Children's Literature and Modernity in Western Europe , 1750-2000 . ( Forthcoming ) 4. M. Lamberigts , J. Billiet , J.De Maeyer , L. Kenis & P.Pasture , eds . The Transformation of the Christian Churches in Western Europe ...

Author: Jan de Maeyer

Publisher: Leuven University Press

ISBN: 9058674029

Category: Religion

Page: 381

View: 203


In the 19th century, religious institutes (orders and congregations) underwent an unprecedented revival. As partners in a large-scale religious modernisation movement, they were welcomed by the Roman Catholic Church in its pursuit of a new role in society (especially in the educational and health-care sectors). At the same time, the Church also deemed it necessary to keep their spectacular growth in check. Until the 1960s religious institutes played an important role both in society at large as well as within the church (for example, at the level of the missions, liturgy and art). Yet, relatively little research has been done on their development either in ecclesiastical or in broad cultural history. As a basis for further study, The European Forum on the History of Religious Insitutes in the 19th and 20th Centuries offers this study of the historiography of religious institutes and of their position in civil and canon law.

Children s Literature and Culture of the First World War

In Jan De Maeyer et al., (eds) Religion, Children's Literature and Modernity in Western Europe 17502000. Leuven, Belgium: Leuven University Press, pp. 475–494. Clarke, I.F. (1995) The Tale of the Next Great War, 1871–1914.

Author: Lissa Paul

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317361671

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 348

View: 517


Because all wars in the twenty-first century are potentially global wars, the centenary of the first global war is the occasion for reflection. This volume offers an unprecedented account of the lives, stories, letters, games, schools, institutions (such as the Boy Scouts and YMCA), and toys of children in Europe, North America, and the Global South during the First World War and surrounding years. By engaging with developments in Children’s Literature, War Studies, and Education, and mining newly available archival resources (including letters written by children), the contributors to this volume demonstrate how perceptions of childhood changed in the period. Children who had been constructed as Romantic innocents playing safely in secure gardens were transformed into socially responsible children actively committing themselves to the war effort. In order to foreground cross-cultural connections across what had been perceived as ‘enemy’ lines, perspectives on German, American, British, Australian, and Canadian children’s literature and culture are situated so that they work in conversation with each other. The multidisciplinary, multinational range of contributors to this volume make it distinctive and a particularly valuable contribution to emerging studies on the impact of war on the lives of children.

Adulthood in Children s Literature

'The Hermeneutics of Recuperation: What a Kinship-Model Approach to Children's Agency Could Do for Children's Literature and Childhood Studies. ... Religion, Children's Literature and Modernity in Western Europe 17502000.

Author: Vanessa Joosen

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350049796

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 256

View: 330


While most scholars who study children's books are pre-occupied with the child characters and adult mediators, Vanessa Joosen re-positions the lens to focus on the under-explored construction of adulthood in children's literature. Adulthood in Children's Literature demonstrates how books for young readers evoke adulthood as a stage in life, enacted by adult characters, and in relationship with the construction of childhood. Employing age studies as a framework for analysis, this book covers a range of English and Dutch children's books published from 1970 to the present. Calling upon critical voices like Elisabeth Young-Bruehl, Margaret Morganroth Gullette, Peter Hollindale, Maria Nikolajeva and Lorraine Green, and the works of such authors as Babette Cole, Philip Pullman, Ted van Lieshout, Jacqueline Wilson, Salman Rushdie and Guus Kuijer, Joosen offers a fresh perspective on children's literature by focusing not on the child but the adult.

Discourses of Home and Homeland in Irish Children s Fiction 1990 2012

In Religion, children's literature and modernity in Western Europe 17502000, ed. Jan de Maeyer, Hans-Heino Ewers, Rita Ghesquiére, Michel Manson, Pat Pinsent, and Patricia Quaghebeur, 295–303. Leuven: Leuven University Press.

Author: Ciara Ní Bhroin

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030733957



View: 368


David Almond

Gray, James R., Modern Process Thought: A Brief Ideological History (Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 1982). ... (eds), Religion, Children's Literature and Modernity in Western Europe 17502000 (Leuven: Leuven University Press ...

Author: Rosemary Johnston

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 9781137301185

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 224

View: 478


David Almond is critically acclaimed as one of the most innovative authors writing for children and young people today. This collection of original essays by international leaders in children's literature criticism provides a theoretically-informed overview of his work as well as a fresh analysis of individual texts.

The French Book Trade in Enlightenment Europe II

Macdonald, Simon, 'Identifying Mrs Meeke: Another Burney Family Novelist', Review of English Studies 26:265 (June 2013), 367–85. de Maeyer, Jan, ed., Religion, Children's Literature and Modernity in Western Europe: 1750-2000 (Leuven: ...

Author: Simon Burrows

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781441182173

Category: History

Page: 272

View: 621


This is a rich and path-breaking comparative study of reading tastes in the final years of old regime Europe. Based on extensive research in the account books of the Swiss publishers, the Société Typographique de Neuchâtel (STN), and related archives, it charts the dissemination of literature and reading tastes across Europe in the years leading up to the French revolution. In the process, it recasts our understanding of late 18th-century print culture and the contours of the enlightenment. The fruit of a widely acclaimed five year database project, the STN database, it is also a story of pioneering efforts to apply the latest digital technology and GIS mapping techniques to traditional historical and bibliographic problems. Although written to serve as a standalone study, this book is ideally complemented by its companion volume, Mark Curran's The French Book Trade in Enlightenment Europe I: Selling Enlightenment, which offers a radical reinterpretation of the structure and practices of the European book trade. The STN database is now recognised as a cutting-edge digital project of global significance. Robert Darnton has called it "a prodigious accomplishment and a joy to use" while Jeremy Popkin adds, "No one working in the field of French Enlightenment studies ... can afford to ignore the rich mine of data that Simon Burrows and his collaborators have made accessible, in an eminently usable form, and the new possibilities it opens up for scholars." The French Book Trade in Enlightenment Europe I and II offer a roadmap of that data and what it can show us.

The Child Savage 1890 2010

̄ In Religion, Children's Literature and Modernity in Western Europe 17502000, edited by J. DeMaeyer et al., 379¥406. Leuven: Leuven University Press. Hollindale, Peter. 1988. Ideology and the Children's Book. Stroud: Thimble Press.

Author: Elisabeth Wesseling

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351893022

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 258

View: 883


Taking up the understudied relationship between the cultural history of childhood and media studies, this volume traces twentieth-century migrations of the child-savage analogy from colonial into postcolonial discourse across a wide range of old and new media. Older and newer media such as films, textbooks, children's literature, periodicals, comic strips, children's radio, and toys are deeply implicated in each other through ongoing 'remediation', meaning that they continually mimic, absorb and transform each other's representational formats, stylistic features, and content. Media theory thus confronts the cultural history of childhood with the challenge of re-thinking change in childhood imaginaries as transformation-through-repetition patterns, rather than as rise-shine-decline sequences. This volume takes up this challenge, demonstrating that one historical epoch may well accommodate diverging childhood repertoires, which are recycled again and again as they are played out across a whole gamut of different media formats in the course of time.

Why Was Billy Bunter Never Really Expelled

and another Twenty-Five Mysteries of Children's Literature Dennis Butts, Peter Hunt ... Children's Literature (1800-2000)' in Religion, Children's Literature and Modernity in Western Europe 1750-2000 (Leuven University Press, 2005). 12.

Author: Dennis Butts

Publisher: ISD LLC

ISBN: 9780718847913

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 180

View: 953


After the success of How Did Long John Silver Lose His Leg?, Dennis Butts and Peter Hunt take their forensic lenses to more mysteries that have troubled readers of children's books over the centuries. Their questions range from the historical to the philosophical, some of which are puzzling, some of which are controversial: Why does it seem there are no Nursery Rhymes before 1744? Why did God start to die in children's books long before Nietzsche noticed it? Why are the schoolgirls at Enid Blyton's St Clare's so horrible? Why are there so many dead parents littering children's books? Why does C.S. Lewis annoy so many people? Why Was Billy Bunter Never Really Expelled? also reveals how an elephant captures Adolph Hitler, who was Biggles's great love, and whose side G.A. Henty was on in the American Civil War, and delivers a plethora of erudite, entertaining answers to questions that you may not have thought of asking. And notably, of course, it explains why William George Bunter, the Fat Owl of the Remove, was never permanently removed from Greyfriars School.

Beyond the Feminization Thesis

Gender and Christianity in Modern Europe Patrick Pasture, Jan Art, Thomas Buerman ... Religion, Children's Literature and Modernity in Western Europe 1750-2000. Leuven, 2005, 43-49. De Maeyer, Jan; Leplae, Sofie and Schmiedl, Joachim.

Author: Patrick Pasture

Publisher: Leuven University Press

ISBN: 9789058679123

Category: Religion

Page: 238

View: 152


Case studies upon the use of concepts like feminization and masculinization in relation to christianity. Since the 1970s the feminization thesis has become a powerful trope in the rewriting of the social history of Christendom. However, this 'thesis' has triggered some vehement debates, given that men have continued to dominate the churches, and the churches themselves have reacted to the association of religion and femininity, often formulated by their critics, by explicitly focusing their appeal to men. In this book the authors critically reflect upon the use of concepts like feminization and masculinization in relation to Christianity.

Romantic Catholics

France's Postrevolutionary Generation in Search of a Modern Faith Carol E. Harrison ... Jan De Maeyer, “The Concept of Religious Modernisation,” in Religion, Children's Literature and Modernity in Western Europe, 17502000, ed.

Author: Carol E. Harrison

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9780801470592

Category: History

Page: 344

View: 132


In this well-written and imaginatively structured book, Carol E. Harrison brings to life a cohort of nineteenth-century French men and women who argued that a reformed Catholicism could reconcile the divisions in French culture and society that were the legacy of revolution and empire. They include, most prominently, Charles de Montalembert, Pauline Craven, Amélie and Frédéric Ozanam, Léopoldine Hugo, Maurice de Guérin, and Victorine Monniot. The men and women whose stories appear in Romantic Catholics were bound together by filial love, friendship, and in some cases marriage. Harrison draws on their diaries, letters, and published works to construct a portrait of a generation linked by a determination to live their faith in a modern world. Rejecting both the atomizing force of revolutionary liberalism and the increasing intransigence of the church hierarchy, the romantic Catholics advocated a middle way, in which a revitalized Catholic faith and liberty formed the basis for modern society. Harrison traces the history of nineteenth-century France and, in parallel, the life course of these individuals as they grow up, learn independence, and take on the responsibilities and disappointments of adulthood. Although the shared goals of the romantic Catholics were never realized in French politics and culture, Harrison's work offers a significant corrective to the traditional understanding of the opposition between religion and the secular republican tradition in France.

Negotiating Differences

In A History of Reading in the West: Studies in Print Culture and the History of the Book, eds. ... In Religion, children's literature and modernity in Western Europe, 17502000, ed. Jan De Maeyer, 250–261.

Author: Els Stronks

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004210639

Category: History

Page: 368

View: 589


This book explores the dynamics of peaceful coexistence in the seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Dutch Republic by tracing developments in illustrated religious literature. The highly controversial appropriation of textual and visual elements across confessional boundaries allows a close look at unexpectedly problematic confessional negotiations