Relativity for the Questioning Mind

To those of us who are not mathematicians or physicists, Einstein’s theory of relativity often seems incomprehensible, exotic, and of little real-world use. None of this is true.

Author: Daniel F. Styer

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9780801897597

Category: Science

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To those of us who are not mathematicians or physicists, Einstein’s theory of relativity often seems incomprehensible, exotic, and of little real-world use. None of this is true. Daniel F. Styer’s introduction to the topic not only shows us why these beliefs are mistaken but also shines a bright light on the subject so that any curious-minded person with an understanding of algebra and geometry can both grasp and apply the theory. Styer starts off slowly and proceeds carefully, explaining the concepts undergirding relativity in language comprehensible to nonscientists yet precise and accurate enough to satisfy the most demanding professional. He demonstrates how the theory applies to various real-life situations with easy equations and simple, clear diagrams. Styer's classroom-tested method of conveying the core ideas of relativity—the relationship among and between time, space, and motion and the behavior of light—encourages questions and shows the way to finding the answers. Each of the book’s four parts builds on the sections that come before, leading the reader by turn through an overview of foundational ideas such as frames of reference, revelatory examples of time dilation and its attendant principles, an example-based exploration of relativity, and explanations of how and why gravity and spacetime are linked. By demonstrating relativity with practical applications, Styer teaches us to truly understand and appreciate its importance, beauty, and usefulness. Featuring worked and end-of-chapter problems and illustrated, nontechnical explanations of core concepts, while dotted throughout with questions and answers, puzzles, and paradoxes, Relativity for the Questioning Mind is an enjoyable-to-read, complete, concise introduction to one of the most important scientific theories yet discovered. The appendixes provide helpful hints, basic answers to the sample problems, and materials to stimulate further exploration.

Relativity for the Questioning Mind

I want you to actively participate in building your own knowledge of relativity. As the title of this book emphasizes, I want you to question everything I tell you. own Question: If I question you, how will you answer me?

Author: Daniel F. Styer

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9781421401256

Category: Science

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The appendixes provide helpful hints, basic answers to the sample problems, and materials to stimulate further exploration.

General Relativity Without Calculus

R. Stannard, Relativity: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2008) 7. D. Styer, Relativity for the Questioning Mind (Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 2011) 8. T. Takeuchi, An Illustrated Guide to ...

Author: Jose Natario

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3642214525

Category: Science

Page: 128

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“General Relativity Without Calculus” offers a compact but mathematically correct introduction to the general theory of relativity, assuming only a basic knowledge of high school mathematics and physics. Targeted at first year undergraduates (and advanced high school students) who wish to learn Einstein’s theory beyond popular science accounts, it covers the basics of special relativity, Minkowski space-time, non-Euclidean geometry, Newtonian gravity, the Schwarzschild solution, black holes and cosmology. The quick-paced style is balanced by over 75 exercises (including full solutions), allowing readers to test and consolidate their understanding.

Einstein s Theories of Relativity

He had a questioning mind, and he never simply believed what others accepted as scientific truth. This questioning of long-held beliefs in matters of physics would lead Einstein to formulate some of the most radical theories ever ...

Author: Alan Morton

Publisher: Evans Brothers

ISBN: 9780237536299

Category: Discoveries in science

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Einstein's Theories of Relativity looks at the life and times of the man himself and the beliefs about the laws of physics prior to his theories. It explains what relativity is, & how we can understand it in relation to our everyday lives, before investigating in detail the theories of Special and General Relativity. The book goes on to show how these amazing ideas opened up a whole new understanding of universal forces, from the power in the nucleus of an atom to the way massive bodies in space behave.

Quantum Mind

Relativity questions are all absolutesounding formulations ofwhat is normal, what is healthy, what is too fast, who is best looking. Much of everyday life is based on CR evaluations that are onesided and entrenchedin the illusion of ...

Author: Arnold Mindell, PH.D.

Publisher: Deep Democracy Exchange

ISBN: 9781619710146



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Quantum Mind. The Edge Between Physics and Psychology This is the second edition with new preface from the author. In a single volume, Arnold Mindell brings together psychology, physics, math, myth, and shamanism – not only mapping the way for next-generation science but also applying this wisdom to personal growth, group dynamics, social and political processes, and environmental issues. Beginning with a discussion of cultural impacts on mathematics, he presents esoteric but plausible interpretations of imaginary numbers and the quantum wavefunction. In this context he discusses dreams, psychology, illness, shape-shifting (moving among realities), and the self-reflecting Universe – bringing in not only shamanism but also the Aboriginal, Greek, and Hindu myths and even sacred geometry from the Masonic orders and the Native Americans. The book is enriched by several psychological exercises that enable the reader to subjectively experience mathematics (counting, discounting, squaring, complex conjugating), physics (parallel worlds, time travel), and shamanism (shape-shifting).

Mindfulness For Dummies

It arose in the relaxed, curious, open and questioning mind of a teenager. ... when he was 16 years old, strolling along and dreaming about what it would feel like to ride on a beam of light–which led to his famous theory of relativity.

Author: Shamash Alidina

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118868188

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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Use mindfulness to relax and control anxiety, depression, stress and pain Whether you're looking to control your depression and anxiety levels, improve concentration and reduce stress, or just want to restore balance in your life, Mindfulness For Dummies, 2nd Edition shows you how to slow down, become aware of what is going on around you and react effectively. Focusing on breathing and other self-control techniques, the practice of mindfulness is scientifically proven to calm jittery nerves and free the mind of distracting thoughts, mental clutter and unrealistic expectations. With this easy-to-follow guide, you'll discover how to pay attention to the present in order to change the way you think, feel and act. Covering the latest research on the effect of mindfulness on the brain, Mindfulness For Dummies, 2nd Edition shows you how to break free from a downward spiral of negative thought and action, and empowers you to make positive choices that support your well-being. Use mindfulness to reduce stress and anxiety, combat pain and more Receive guidance on incorporating mindfulness into everyday life Establish your own mindfulness routine Access audio downloads of guided meditations Written by a professional mindfulness trainer, and packed with tips to incorporate this practice into your daily life, Mindfulness For Dummies, 2nd Edition shows you how to reap the benefits of a more attentive life.

Physics II For Dummies

Chapter. ▷ Looking at electricity and magnetism ▷ Studying sound and light waves ▷ Exploring relativity, radioactivity, and other modern physics ... Physics is just the result of a questioning mind facing nature.

Author: Steven Holzner

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470538067

Category: Science

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A plain-English guide to advanced physics Does just thinking about the laws of motion make your head spin? Does studying electricity short your circuits? Physics II For Dummies walks you through the essentials and gives you easy-to-understand and digestible guidance on this often intimidating course. Thanks to this book, you don?t have to be Einstein to understand physics. As you learn about mechanical waves and sound, forces and fields, electric potential and electric energy, and much more, you?ll appreciate the For Dummies law: The easier we make it, the faster you?ll understand it! An extension of the successful Physics I For Dummies Covers topics in a straightforward and effective manner Explains concepts and terms in a fast and easy-to-understand way Whether you?re currently enrolled in an undergraduate-level Physics II course or just want a refresher on the fundamentals of advanced physics, this no-nonsense guide makes this fascinating topic accessible to everyone.

Becoming China

... the cosmological equations of relativity indicated that matter was dynamic (expanding like a balloon), fuelled by forces ... Fang argued that no theory should be above the theoretical challenge of an individually questioning mind.

Author: Jeanne-Marie Gescher

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781408887257

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One of the two most powerful states in the world, China continues to be seen as a mystery even after decades of an open door. How does China work, what does it want, why does it want it, and what does its rise to global power mean for the rest of the world? As the twenty-first century looks set to be the stage for a battle about competing geopolitical ideals, these are urgent questions for everyone with an interest in what the future might bring. Epic in scope, this is the story of how China became the state it is today and how its worldview is based on what has gone before. Weaving together inspirations, ideas, wars and dreams to reveal the heart of what it means to be Chinese and how the past impacts on the present. Despite decades of a relatively open door relationship with the rest of the world, China is still a mystery to many outside it. A world of its own, China is both a microcosm and an amplification of questions and events in the wider world. China's story offers us an opportunity to hold a mirror to ourselves: to our own assumptions, to our values, and to our ideas about the most important question of all: what it means to be human in the world of the state.

Questioning the Universe

In fact, in formulating his general theory of relativity, Einstein had built in the fact that he believed the universe ... discovery that the more distant a star, the faster it is moving away has evoked two questions in your mind: 1.

Author: Ahren Sadoff

Publisher: Chapman and Hall/CRC

ISBN: UOM:39015078799296

Category: Science

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someday, we will see her full beauty." --Book Jacket.