Recent Advances in the Theory and Application of Fitness Landscapes

The red and the green fitness landscapes both have high quality optima (dots that appear black); fewer in the green than in the red landscape.

Author: Hendrik Richter

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783642418884

Category: Computers

Page: 553

View: 678


This book is concerned with recent advances in fitness landscapes. The concept of fitness landscapes originates from theoretical biology and refers to a framework for analysing and visualizing the relationships between genotypes, phenotypes and fitness. These relationships lay at the centre of attempts to mathematically describe evolutionary processes and evolutionary dynamics. The book addresses recent advances in the understanding of fitness landscapes in evolutionary biology and evolutionary computation. In the volume, experts in the field of fitness landscapes present these findings in an integrated way to make it accessible to a number of audiences: senior undergraduate and graduate students in computer science, theoretical biology, physics, applied mathematics and engineering, but also researcher looking for a reference or/and entry point into using fitness landscapes for analysing algorithms. Also practitioners wanting to employ fitness landscape techniques for evaluating bio- and nature-inspired computing algorithms can find valuable material in the book. For teaching proposes, the book could also be used as a reference handbook.

Learn Watercolour Landscapes Quickly

The red in rocky sandstone landscapes is due to the presence of iron oxide, reddened by extreme heat such as volcanic activity. Iron oxide pigment is used ...

Author: Hazel Soan

Publisher: Batsford

ISBN: 9781849946773

Category: Art

Page: 112

View: 590


A guide to landscape painting for complete beginners with simple exercises. Hazel Soan is a hugely successful painter and an outstanding teacher and author of art books, which have introduced the wonders of art to a generation of amateur artists. In this book she teaches you how to get to grips with watercolour landscapes in the space of an afternoon.

Native Plants for Southwestern Landscapes

Full sun to partialshade isacceptable. Red Barberryiscold hardyand adaptable to most welldrained soils. Landscape UseAttractive foliage ...

Author: Judy Mielke

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9780292788107

Category: Nature

Page: 312

View: 799


For gardeners who want to conserve water, the color, fragrance, shade, and lush vegetation of a traditional garden may seem like a mirage in the desert. But such gardens can flourish when native plants grow in them. In this book, Judy Mielke, an expert on Southwestern gardening, offers the most comprehensive guide available to landscaping with native plants. Writing simply enough for beginning gardeners, while also providing ample information for landscape professionals, she presents over three hundred trees, shrubs, vines, grasses, groundcovers, wildflowers, cacti, and other native plants suited to arid landscapes. The heart of the book lies in the complete descriptions and beautiful color photographs of plants native to the Mojave, Sonoran, and Chihuahuan desert regions of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. Mielke characterizes each plant and gives detailed information on its natural habitat, its water, soil, light, temperature, and pruning requirements, and its possible uses in landscape design. In addition, Mielke includes informative discussions of desert ecology, growing instructions for native plants and wildflowers, and "how-to" ideas for revegetation of disturbed desert areas using native plants. She concludes the book with an extensive list of plants by type, including those that have specific features such as shade or fragrance. She also supplies a list of public gardens that showcase native plants.

Landscapes and Gardens for Historic Buildings

Color , bright pale yellow overspread with dark deep red , glossy . Flavor , mild subacid , aromatic , good to very good .

Author: Rudy J. Favretti

Publisher: Rowman Altamira

ISBN: 0761989307

Category: Gardening

Page: 201

View: 936


Well-illustrated chapters describe how to select the right period design for the garden, yard and grounds of a historic building, how to research and plan development, how to find and identify authentic plants, and how to maintain the landscape once it's restored. Included is the most complete list ever published of plants and flowers and the dates they came into popular use. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Landscapes and Landforms of Western Canada

As glacial ice retreated down the Red River valley, meltwater became impounded between the ice front and the gentle northward slope of the valley landscape, ...

Author: Olav Slaymaker

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319445953

Category: Science

Page: 435

View: 184


This is the only book to focus on the geomorphological landscapes of Canada West. It outlines the little-appreciated diversity of Canada’s landscapes, and the nature of the geomorphological landscape, which deserves wider publicity. Three of the most important geomorphological facts related to Canada are that 90% of its total area emerged from ice-sheet cover relatively recently, from a geological perspective; permafrost underlies 50% of its landmass and the country enjoys the benefits of having three oceans as its borders: the Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Canada West is a land of extreme contrasts — from the rugged Cordillera to the wide open spaces of the Prairies; from the humid west-coast forests to the semi-desert in the interior of British Columbia and from the vast Mackenzie river system of the to small, steep, cascading streams on Vancouver Island. The thickest Canadian permafrost is found in the Yukon and extensive areas of the Cordillera are underlain by sporadic permafrost side-by-side with the never-glaciated plateaus of the Yukon. One of the curiosities of Canada West is the presence of volcanic landforms, extruded through the ice cover of the late Pleistocene and Holocene epochs, which have also left a strong imprint on the landscape. The Mackenzie and Fraser deltas provide the contrast of large river deltas, debouching respectively into the Arctic and Pacific oceans.

Forests and Landscapes

The red band variance term (REDVAR) shows a positive contribution to landscape preference. Larger variance in the levels of red within a landscape may ...

Author: Stephen Richard John Sheppard

Publisher: CABI

ISBN: 9780851995007

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 294

View: 445


Forests are an important component in the visual appeal of landscapes. There is an increasing recognition of the importance of this subject among foresters and environmental scientists. Increasingly, forest resource managers must consider the aesthetic consequences of timber harvesting operations and management plans. This book is the first to address this subject area. It consists of 15 chapters and is divided into four parts. It brings together not only foresters and ecologists, but also landscape architects, psychologists and philosophers. It should therefore attract a wide readership. Contributors are leading research workers in their subjects, from Canada, the USA and UK.

The Figured Landscapes of Rock Art

... 340 , 341 , 345 ritual Red Bluff 1 , Queensland , Australia , table 8.2 ( 170 ) ritual activity , in the Brandberg landscape , 144 , red deer , in Campo ...

Author: George Nash

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521524245

Category: Art

Page: 400

View: 651


A companion to The Archaeology of Rock-Art (Cambridge 1998), this new collection edited by Christopher Chippindale and George Nash addresses the most important component around the rock-art panel - its landscape. The Figured Landscapes of Rock-Art draws together the work of many well-known scholars from key regions of the world for rock-art and for rock-art research. It provides a unique, broad and varied insight into the arrangement, location, and structure of rock-art and its place within the landscapes of ancient worlds as ancient people experienced them. Packed with illustrations, as befits a book about images, The Figured Landscapes of Rock-Art offers a visual as well as a literary key to the understanding of this most lovely and alluring of archaeological traces.

Wildlife Management and Landscapes

For the red-eyed vireo (Vireo olivaceus), a bird generally accepted to be associated with deciduous high canopy in the Northeast, the occurrence of some ...

Author: William F. Porter

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9781421440200

Category: Science

Page: 360

View: 297


Witecha, John M. Yeiser

Indigenous Landscapes and Spanish Missions

Red filming, sometimes considered diagnostic of European-influenced colonoware vessel forms during the mission period, also is not new to the Georgia coast.

Author: Lee Panich

Publisher: University of Arizona Press

ISBN: 9780816598892

Category: Social Science

Page: 256

View: 827


Spanish missions in North America were once viewed as confining and stagnant communities, with native peoples on the margins of the colonial enterprise. Recent archaeological and ethnohistorical research challenges that notion. Indigenous Landscapes and Spanish Missions considers how native peoples actively incorporated the mission system into their own dynamic existence. The book, written by diverse scholars and edited by Lee M. Panich and Tsim D. Schneider, covers missions in the Spanish borderlands from California to Texas to Georgia. Offering thoughtful arguments and innovative perspectives, the editors organized the book around three interrelated themes. The first section explores power, politics, and belief, recognizing that Spanish missions were established within indigenous landscapes with preexisting tensions, alliances, and belief systems. The second part, addressing missions from the perspective of indigenous inhabitants, focuses on their social, economic, and historical connections to the surrounding landscapes. The final section considers the varied connections between mission communities and the world beyond the mission walls, including examinations of how mission neophytes, missionaries, and colonial elites vied for land and natural resources. Indigenous Landscapes and Spanish Missions offers a holistic view on the consequences of missionization and the active negotiation of missions by indigenous peoples, revealing cross-cutting perspectives into the complex and contested histories of the Spanish borderlands. This volume challenges readers to examine deeply the ways in which native peoples negotiated colonialism not just inside the missions themselves but also within broader indigenous landscapes. This book will be of interest to archaeologists, historians, tribal scholars, and anyone interested in indigenous encounters with colonial institutions.

Models for Planning Wildlife Conservation in Large Landscapes

... dynamic landscape metapopulation modeling, 481,485, 490 LANDIS integration, 332 Real estate investment trust (REIT), 166 Recreation, 124–126 Red-backed ...

Author: Joshua Millspaugh

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 0080920160

Category: Nature

Page: 720

View: 349


A single-resource volume of information on the most current and effective techniques of wildlife modeling, Models for Planning Wildlife Conservation in Large Landscapes is appropriate for students and researchers alike. The unique blend of conceptual, methodological, and application chapters discusses research, applications and concepts of modeling and presents new ideas and strategies for wildlife habitat models used in conservation planning. The book makes important contributions to wildlife conservation of animals in several ways: (1) it highlights historical and contemporary advancements in the development of wildlife habitat models and their implementation in conservation planning; (2) it provides practical advice for the ecologist conducting such studies; and (3) it supplies directions for future research including new strategies for successful studies. Intended to provide a recipe for successful development of wildlife habitat models and their implementation in conservation planning, the book could be used in studying wildlife habitat models, conservation planning, and management techniques. Additionally it may be a supplemental text in courses dealing with quantitative assessment of wildlife populations. Additionally, the length of the book would be ideal for graduate student seminar course. Using wildlife habitat models in conservation planning is of considerable interest to wildlife biologists. With ever tightening budgets for wildlife research and planning activities, there is a growing need to use computer methods. Use of simulation models represents the single best alternative. However, it is imperative that these techniques be described in a single source. Moreover, biologists should be made aware of alternative modeling techniques. It is also important that practical guidance be provided to biologists along with a demonstration of utility of these procedures. Currently there is little guidance in the wildlife or natural resource planning literature on how best to incorporate wildlife planning activities, particularly community-based approaches. Now is the perfect time for a synthestic publication that clearly outlines the concepts and available methods, and illustrates them. Only single resource book of information not only on various wildlife modeling techniques, but also with practical guidance on the demonstrated utility of each based on real-world conditions. Provides concepts, methods and applications for wildlife ecologists and others within a GIS context. Written by a team of subject-area experts

Forest Landscapes and Global Change

Afterwards, a network of 215 permanent landscape sample plots, referred to by the acronym REDPARES (“Red de Paisajes Rurales Españoles”), was outlined.

Author: João C. Azevedo

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781493909537

Category: Science

Page: 262

View: 496


Climate change, urban sprawl, abandonment of agriculture, intensification of forestry and agriculture, changes in energy generation and use, expansion of infrastructure networks, habitat destruction and degradation, and other drivers of change occur at increasing rates. They affect patterns and processes in forest landscapes, and modify ecosystem services derived from those ecosystems. Consequently, rapidly changing landscapes present many new challenges to scientists and managers. While it is not uncommon to encounter the terms “global change” and “landscape” together in the ecological literature, a global analyses of drivers of change in forest landscapes, and their ecological consequences have not been addressed adequately. That is the goal of this volume: an exploration of the state of knowledge of global changes in forested landscapes with emphasis on causes and effects, and challenges faced by researchers and land managers. Initial chapters identify and describe major agents of landscape change: climate, fire, and human activities. The next series of chapters address implications of changes on ecosystem services, biodiversity conservation and carbon flux. A chapter that describes methodologies of detecting and monitoring landscape changes is presented followed by chapter that highlights the many challenges forest landscape managers face amidst of global change. Finally, we present a summary and a synthesis of the main points presented in the book. Each chapter will contain the individual research experiences of chapter authors, augmented by review and synthesis of global scientific literature on relevant topics, as well as critical input from multiple peer reviewers.

On Landscapes

A photograph of his work with leaves at first glance looks to be a pile of green leaves that have a red circle painted on it.

Author: Susan Herrington

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317827658

Category: Architecture

Page: 150

View: 187


There is no escaping landscape: it's everywhere and part of everyone's life. Landscapes have received much less attention in aesthetics than those arts we can choose to ignore, such as painting or music – but they can tell us a lot about the ethical and aesthetic values of the societies that produce them. Drawing on examples from a wide range of landscapes from around the world and throughout history, Susan Herrington considers the ways landscapes can affect our emotions, our imaginations, and our understanding of the passage of time. On Landscapes reveals the design work involved in even the most naturalistic of landscapes, and the ways in which contemporary landscapes are turning the challenges of the industrial past into opportunities for the future. Inviting us to thoughtfully see and experience the landscapes that we encounter in our daily lives, On Landscapes demonstrates that art is all around us.

Landscapes and Landforms of France

Steep rocky slopes and high cliffs shaped into red granite offer the most stunning landscapes on the island. Tors, boulders and pinnacles of coarse-grained ...

Author: Monique Fort

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789400770225

Category: Science

Page: 274

View: 311


The Landforms and Landscapes of France provides an informative and attractive overview of the most scenic landscapes of France. The geodiversity of France is emphasized, for example the glacial landscapes of the Mont-Blanc Massif, the volcanoes of the French Massif Central, the chalk cliffs and sand dunes of the Atlantic coast, the granitic landscapes of Corsica or the lagoons and coral reefs of French Polynesia. The objectives are to provide the reader with an enjoyable and informative description of the selected sites within their regional geographical and geological settings; to offer an up-to-date survey of the evolution of France's landscape; and to give additional information on the cultural value of the selected sites wherever appropriate (prehistoric paintings, legends related to sites, famous vineyards, etc.). The book is a richly illustrated reference work that makes accessible for the first time a wealth of information currently scattered among many national and regional journals. It will be of benefit to earth scientists, environmental scientists, tourism geographers and conservationists

From Sherds to Landscapes

Khalidi, Lamya 2006 “Settlement, Culture-Contact and Interaction Along the Red Sea Coastal Plain, Yemen: The Tihamah Cultural Landscape in the Late ...

Author: Mark Altaweel

Publisher: ISD LLC

ISBN: 9781614910640

Category: History

Page: 338

View: 764


This volume honors McGuire Gibson and his years of service to archaeology of Mesopotamia, Yemen, and neighboring regions. Professor Gibson spent most of his career at the University of Chicago's Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations department and the Oriental Institute. Many of his students, colleagues, and friends have contributed to this volume, reflecting Gibson's diverse interests. The volume presents new results in areas such as landscape archaeology, urbanism, the ancient languages of Mesopotamia, history of Mesopotamia, the archaeology of Iran and Yemen, prehistory, material culture, and wider archaeological topics.

The Solace of Fierce Landscapes

Sitting here in the darkening , blood - red landscape that bewitched the imagination of Georgia O'Keeffe , I watch menacingly purple clouds from the west ...

Author: Belden C. Lane

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0195116828

Category: Religion

Page: 282

View: 781


Explores the healing power of harsh landscapes and describes the tradition of seeking spiritual comfort in the wilderness

Australian Soils and Landscapes

Rocky hillslopes with Steep rocky hills with stony soils (Rudosols) red brown loams and and vegetation including JamWork Gum, grey loamy sands Sheoak and ...

Author: Neil McKenzie


ISBN: 9780643069589

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 416

View: 356


A unique compendium of the most important and widespread soils of Australia and their associated landscapes.

Niagara s Changing Landscapes

... sugar maple with trembling aspen and hemlock IIS sugar maple IINl red oak with sugar maple IIN2 sugar maple with beech and basswood IIISl beech and red ...

Author: Hugh J. Gayler

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 9780886292324

Category: History

Page: 368

View: 463


In this synthesis of urban geography and environmental studies, ten scholars explore the complex physical and human characteristics of Canada's best known region. They attempt to formulate a geopolitical blueprint for preservation of both the natural elements and future enterprise.

Landscapes of Human Evolution

In the Red Sea, water depths are even shallower than in the Gulf of Aden, except in the deep axial trough, most probably due to the filling of the basin ...

Author: James Cole

Publisher: Archaeopress Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781789693805

Category: Science

Page: 204

View: 545


Fourteen papers are presented here in honour of John Gowlett. John has a wide range of research interests primarily focused on the human genus Homo and is a world leader in understanding the cognitive and behavioural preconditions necessary for the emergence of complex behaviours such as language and art.

Pasture Landscapes and Nature Conservation

At least 43 plant species listed in Latvia's Red Data Book and 15 bird species in the European Red Data Book are found in the landscape of the Lake Pape ...

Author: Bernd Redecker

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783642559532

Category: Science

Page: 435

View: 220


One of the main problems and aims of nature conservation in Europe is to protect semi-open landscapes. The development during the past decades is characterized by an ongoing intensivation of land use on the one hand, and an increasing number of former meadows and pastures lying fallow caused by changing economic conditions on the other hand. In several countries the estabishment of larger "pasture landscapes" with a mixed character of open grassland combined with shrubs and forests has been recognized as one solution to this problem. The book gives an overview of the European projects concerning to this topic - nature conservation policy and strategies, scientific results and practical experiences creating large scale grazing systems.