Quantum Night

Experimental psychologist Jim Marchuk has developed a flawless technique for identifying the previously undetected psychopaths lurking everywhere in society.

Author: Robert J. Sawyer

Publisher: Ace Books

ISBN: 0425256421

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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The Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author of Red Planet Blues, FlashForward, and the novels of the WWW trilogy explores the thin line between good and evil that every human being is capable of crossing... Experimental psychologist Jim Marchuk has developed a flawless technique for identifying the previously undetected psychopaths lurking everywhere in society. But while being cross-examined in court about his breakthrough, Jim is shocked to discover that he has lost his memories of six months of his life almost twenty years ago--a dark time during which he himself committed heinous acts. Jim is reunited with Kayla Huron, his forgotten girlfriend from his lost period and now a quantum physicist who has made a stunning discovery about the nature of human consciousness. As a rising tide of violence and hate sweeps across the globe, the psychologist and the physicist combine forces in a race against time to see if they can do the impossible--change human nature--before the entire world descends into darkness.

John Night The Quantum Mystery

“John Night” tells the story of a poor boy who lives in the periphery and suffers from recurrent bullying at school.

Author: Uenio Paulo de Gomes

Publisher: Babelcube Inc.

ISBN: 9781547576227

Category: Fiction

Page: 65

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“John Night” tells the story of a poor boy who lives in the periphery and suffers from recurrent bullying at school. The action takes place in a town located in the Midwest of a country in South America. He has a hard life. Despite being very young, he has to find a job due to his family’s financial problems. Besides the strong competition and lack of opportunities, he still has to deal with unscrupulous people. In the midst of all these issues, and thanks to his learning about Quantum Physics, he believes we can live in a better world, either in another dimension or in a parallel universe.


Class struggle is a sort of quantum night, equivalent to the imaginary number or the quarter turn; it is universal and holds for every relation; it is the condition of the revolutionary aleatoric, a kind of transcendental that will act ...

Author: Rocco Gangle

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781786602473

Category: Philosophy

Page: 208

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This book examines the relevance of François Laruelle’s innovative notion of non-standard philosophy to critical and constructive discourses in the humanities, bringing together essays from prominent Anglophone scholars of Laruelle’s work and includes a contribution from Laurelle himself.

Quantum Interaction

Neither is it strange that day and night are judged to be close, as they are in a certain sense opposite to one another. Note that someone who is being asked how close day and night are, will think of day in the sense of daytime, ...

Author: Dawei Song

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783642249709

Category: Computers

Page: 229

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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Quantum Interaction, QI 2011, held in Aberdeen, UK, in June 2011. The 26 revised full papers and 6 revised poster papers, presented together with 1 tutorial and 1 invited talk were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions during two rounds of reviewing and improvement. The papers show the cross-disciplinary nature of quantum interaction covering topics such as computation, cognition, mechanics, social interaction, semantic space and information representation and retrieval.

Journey by Night Quantum Encryption

Now the survival of both worlds is in her hands ... but the only way out is straight through the armies of ASSISt.Praise for Kim Falconer:'an epic story that seamlessly mingles science and technology with sociology, philosophy, and magic.

Author: Kim Falconer

Publisher: HarperCollins Australia

ISBN: 9780730497783

Category: Fiction

Page: 576

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A fast-paced story of fantasy and occult adventure, astrology and martial arts ... this trilogy tells past and future stories of characters we met in the Quantum Enchantment trilogy. Desperation leads Nellion Paree to the forbidden spell ... but she accidentally awakens a power that could destroy the many-worlds forever.Rosette and her familiar Drayco return to Corsanon to face an invasion. they soon join the temple cats and shape-shifting wolves to make a final stand against their enemies. On a future Earth, Kreshkali uncovers a portal built by the allied states. Now the survival of both worlds is in her hands ... but the only way out is straight through the armies of ASSISt. Praise for Kim Falconer: 'an epic story that seamlessly mingles science and technology with sociology, philosophy, and magic. A unique series that must be read' ∗∗∗∗∗ GOOD READS on PAtH OF tHE StRAY 'another searing and imaginative journey of intimacy and adventure, magic and technology' Mystic Medusa on ROAD tO tHE SOUL

The Night of the Physicists

At the first possible dinner invitation on 3 February 1927, he is seated next to the young Weizsäcker and spends the entire evening in conversation with his neighbour. Heisenberg tells him about the exciting new developments in quantum ...

Author: Richard von Schirach

Publisher: Haus Publishing

ISBN: 9781908323866

Category: History

Page: 230

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In the spring of 1945 the Allies arrested the physicists they believed had worked on the German nuclear programme. Interned in an English country house owned by MI6, their conversations were secretly recorded. Operation Epsilon sought to determine how close Nazi Germany had come to building an atomic bomb. It was in this quiet setting – Farm Hall, near Cambridge – that the interned physicists first heard of the attack on Hiroshima. Aside from changing the course of history, that night was also one of great shock and personal defeat for the physicists – they were under the assumption that they alone had discovered nuclear fission. This is the story of Nazi Germany’s hunt for a nuclear bomb. It is a tale of the genius and guilt of lauded, respected scientists.

Digital Signal Processing A Practical Guide for Engineers and Scientists

This limiting stage is called the quantum sink. In night vision systems, the quantum sink is the number of light photons that can be captured by the camera. The darker the night, the noisier the final image. Medical x-ray imaging is a ...

Author: Steven Smith

Publisher: Newnes

ISBN: 9780750674447

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 650

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Designed for engineers and scientists in a wide variety of fields, this practical text aims to explain DSP techniques while avoiding the barriers of abstract theory and detailed mathematics, enabling readers to put the powerful tools of DSP to work in their research and designs.


... through passive remote quantum detector 3.0 x 1014 Hz atmosphere sensing Thermal infrared 8um - 1 mm 3 x 1011 to in windows through ( mm = 10-3 m ) 3.7 x 1013 Hz atmosphere , day and passive remote sensing quantum detector night ...

Author: Gottfried Konecny

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 0415237947

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 264

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Surveying and mapping has recently undergone a transition: from discipline-oriented technologies, such as geodesy, surveying, photogrammetry and cartography, to the methodology-oriented integrated discipline of geoinformatics based on GPS positioning, remote sensing, digital photography and GIS for data manipulation and data output. This book presents the required basic background for remote sensing, digital photogrammetry and GIS in the new geoinformatics concept in which the different methodologies must be combined. For remote sensing, the basic fundamentals are the properties of electromagnetic radiation and their interaction with matter. This radiation is received by sensors and platforms in analogue or digital form, and is subject to image processing. In photogrammetry, the stereo-concept is used for the location of information in 3D. With the advent of high-resolution satellite systems in stereo, the theory of analytical photogrammetry restituting 2-D image information into 3D is of increasing importance, merging the remote sensing approach with that of photogrammetry. The result of the restitution is a direct input into geographical information systems in vector or in raster form. The fundamentals of these are described in detail, with an emphasis on global, regional and local applications. For data integration, a short introduction into the GPS Satellite positioning system is added. This textbook will appeal to a wide range of readers, from advanced undergraduates to all professionals in the growing field of geoinformation.


“Are you monitoring the quantum flux, Artificer?” asks Night. There is a sharp and angry edge to her voice that Achilles does not understand. “Yes, Goddess.” “How much time, God of Fire, do you think we have left to survive if the ...

Author: Dan Simmons

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781473228269

Category: Fiction

Page: 832

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Helen of Troy is in mourning for her dead husband, Paris. Killed in single combat with the merciless Apollo, his body is nothing but a scorched and blasted thing. Hockenberry, her lover, still sneaks from her bed after their nights of lovemaking. And the gods still strike out from the besieged Olympos, their single-molecule bomb casings quantum phase-shifting through the moravecs' force shield and laying waste to Ilium. Or so Hockenberry and the amusing little metal creature, Mahnmut, have tried to explain to her. Helen of Troy does not give a fig about machines. She must dress for the funeral. And man and the gods and the unknown players in this tragedy must prepare for the final act. And a battle that will decide the future of the universe itself.