Quantum Entanglement Engineering and Applications

With the growing population of engineers in need of a transparent, pragmatic, and direct introduction to QE and its applications, this book, the first of its kind, focuses on the practical mathematical tools necessary to handle QE and its ...

Author: Frank J. Duarte


ISBN: 0750334061

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Quantum entanglement (QE) is one of the most, if not the most, mysterious, and yet most promising subjects of current physics. With applications in cryptographic space-to-space, space-to-earth, and fiber communications, in addition to teleportation and quantum computing, QE goes beyond fascination and into the pragmatic spheres of commerce and the military. With the growing population of engineers in need of a transparent, pragmatic, and direct introduction to QE and its applications, this book, the first of its kind, focuses on the practical mathematical tools necessary to handle QE and its requirements to design optical configurations for QE-based systems. Specific applications include satellite networks, space-to-space communications, quantum teleportation, and quantum computing.

Photonic Entanglement Engineering for Quantum Information Applications and Fundamental Quantum Optics

The aim of this thesis is to develop sources of photonic entanglement to study both quantum networking tasks and some of the foundations of quantum physics.

Author: Florian Kaiser


ISBN: OCLC:866999760


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The aim of this thesis is to develop sources of photonic entanglement to study both quantum networking tasks and some of the foundations of quantum physics. To this end, three high-performance sources are developed, each of them taking extensively advantage of standard telecom fibre optics components. The first source generates polarization entanglement via deterministic pair separation in two adjacent telecommunication channels. This source is naturally suitable for quantum cryptography in wavelength multiplexed network structures. The second source generates for the first time a cross time-bin entangled bi-photon state which allows for quantum key distribution tasks using only passive analyzers. The third source generates, with a record efficiency, polarization entanglement using an energy-time to polarization entanglement transcriber. The photon spectral bandwidth can be chosen over more than five orders of magnitude (25 MHz - 4 THz). This permits implementing the source into existing telecom networks, but also in advanced quantum relay and quantum memory applications. Moreover, this source is used to revisit Bohr's single-photon wave-particle complementarity notion via employing a Mach-Zehnder interferometer with an output quantum beam-splitter in a true superposition of being present and absent. Finally, to adapt the wavelength of the entangled telecom photon pairs to the absorption wavelength of current quantum memories, a coherent wavelength converter is presented and discussed.

Software Engineering Perspectives and Application in Intelligent Systems

Above is a menu bar to control and configure the model, the top center is a set of quantum gates, below a state diagram of x-register and y-registers of entangled/not entangled qubits involved directly in the model. Quantum entanglement ...

Author: Radek Silhavy

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319336220

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The volume Software Engineering Perspectives and Application in Intelligent Systems presents new approaches and methods to real-world problems, and in particular, exploratory research that describes novel approaches in the field of Software Engineering. Particular emphasis is laid on modern trends in selected fields of interest. New algorithms or methods in a variety of fields are also presented. The 5th Computer Science On-line Conference (CSOC 2016) is intended to provide an international forum for discussions on the latest research results in all areas related to Computer Science. The addressed topics are the theoretical aspects and applications of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligences, Cybernetics, Automation Control Theory and Software Engineering.

Applications of Geometric Algebra in Computer Science and Engineering

Chapter 20 Analysis of One and Two Particle Quantum Systems using Geometric Algebra Rachel Parker and Chris Doran ABSTRACT When two or more subsystems of a quantum system interact with each other they can become entangled.

Author: Leo Dorst

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461200895

Category: Mathematics

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Geometric algebra has established itself as a powerful and valuable mathematical tool for solving problems in computer science, engineering, physics, and mathematics. The articles in this volume, written by experts in various fields, reflect an interdisciplinary approach to the subject, and highlight a range of techniques and applications. Relevant ideas are introduced in a self-contained manner and only a knowledge of linear algebra and calculus is assumed. Features and Topics: * The mathematical foundations of geometric algebra are explored * Applications in computational geometry include models of reflection and ray-tracing and a new and concise characterization of the crystallographic groups * Applications in engineering include robotics, image geometry, control-pose estimation, inverse kinematics and dynamics, control and visual navigation * Applications in physics include rigid-body dynamics, elasticity, and electromagnetism * Chapters dedicated to quantum information theory dealing with multi- particle entanglement, MRI, and relativistic generalizations Practitioners, professionals, and researchers working in computer science, engineering, physics, and mathematics will find a wide range of useful applications in this state-of-the-art survey and reference book. Additionally, advanced graduate students interested in geometric algebra will find the most current applications and methods discussed.

Industrial Design Engineering

In this section we describe a new solution to the problem, which is based on an application of quantum cryptography with quantum entanglement for smartcards. An interesting application of quantum cryptography for smart-cards using ...

Author: John X. Wang

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781351671842

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Designing new products and improving existing ones is a continual process. Industrial design engineering is an industrial engineering process applied to product designs that are to be manufactured through techniques of production operations. Excellent industrial design engineering programs are essential for the nation’s industry to succeed in selling useful and ecologically justifiable and usable products on a market flooded with goods and services. This unique text on industrial design engineering integrates basic knowledge, insight, and working methods from industrial engineering and product design subjects. Industrial Design Engineering: Inventive Problem Solving provides a combination of engineering thinking and design skills that give the researchers, practitioners, and students an excellent foundation for participation in product development projects and techniques for establishing and managing such projects. The design principles are presented around examples related to the designing of products, goods, and services. Case studies are developed around real problems and are based on the customer’s needs. Industrial engineering is a field with a large and extensive presence in our nation's manufacturing and service industries. From this new book, researchers, practitioners, and students will get an easy access to a wide range of effective industrial engineering tools and techniques in a concise format that will provide in-depth coverage emphasizing new thinking paradigms, tools, techniques, and models for industrial engineering problem solving.

Current Developments in Atomic Molecular and Chemical Physics with Applications

... 1999, Unconditional Security of Quantum Key Distribution over Arbitrarily Long Distances. Science 283: 2050–2056. 2. Gheri, K. M., Saavedra, C., Törmá, P., Cirac, J. I., and Zoller, P., 1998, Entanglement Engineering of One-Photon ...

Author: Man Mohan

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461501152

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Proceedings of an International Conference on Current Developments in Atomic, Molecular, and Chemical Physics with Applications, held March 20-22, 2002, in Delhi, India. The 38 chapters cover a broad range of research activities categorized into four sub-topics, namely: * Processes in Laser Fields, * Chemical Physics, * Collision Processes, * Atomic Structure and Applications.

Advanced Photonic Sciences

The feasibility of this experiment and the promising application for linear optics quantum information processing and quantum ... ExperimentalQuantumEntanglement Engineering Engineering of Photonic of Photonic Quantum Entanglement 499.

Author: Mohamed Fadhali

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9789535101536

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The new emerging field of photonics has significantly attracted the interest of many societies, professionals and researchers around the world. The great importance of this field is due to its applicability and possible utilization in almost all scientific and industrial areas. This book presents some advanced research topics in photonics. It consists of 16 chapters organized into three sections: Integrated Photonics, Photonic Materials and Photonic Applications. It can be said that this book is a good contribution for paving the way for further innovations in photonic technology. The chapters have been written and reviewed by well-experienced researchers in their fields. In their contributions they demonstrated the most profound knowledge and expertise for interested individuals in this expanding field. The book will be a good reference for experienced professionals, academics and researchers as well as young researchers only starting their carrier in this field.

Technology Road Mapping for Quantum Computing and Engineering

Quantum engineering is a revolutionary approach to quantum technology. ... explores all the aspects of quantum computing concepts, engineering, technologies, operations, and applications from the basics to future advancements.

Author: Mishra, Brojo Kishore

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799891857

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Quantum computing is radically different from the conventional approach of transforming bit-strings from one set of zeros and ones to another. With quantum computing, everything changes. The physics used to understand bits of information and the devices that manipulate them are vastly different. Quantum engineering is a revolutionary approach to quantum technology. Technology Road Mapping for Quantum Computing and Engineering explores all the aspects of quantum computing concepts, engineering, technologies, operations, and applications from the basics to future advancements. Covering topics such as machine learning, quantum software technology, and technology road mapping, this book is an excellent resource for data scientists, engineers, students and professors of higher education, computer scientists, researchers, and academicians.

Bridge Engineering Handbook Five Volume Set Second Edition

In a new version of quantum holographic teleportation [41] quantum entanglement between the light fields of ... In addition to various applications discussed in this chapter, quantum technology has potential for applications in fields ...

Author: Wai-Fah Chen

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781482263459

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Over 140 experts, 14 countries, and 89 chapters are represented in the second edition of the Bridge Engineering Handbook. This extensive collection provides detailed information on bridge engineering, and thoroughly explains the concepts and practical applications surrounding the subject, and also highlights bridges from around the world. Published in five books: Fundamentals, Superstructure Design, Substructure Design, Seismic Design, and Construction and Maintenance, this new edition provides numerous worked-out examples that give readers step-by-step design procedures, includes contributions by leading experts from around the world in their respective areas of bridge engineering, contains 26 completely new chapters, and updates most other chapters. It offers design concepts, specifications, and practice, and presents various types of bridges. The text includes over 2,500 tables, charts, illustrations, and photos. The book covers new, innovative and traditional methods and practices; explores rehabilitation, retrofit, and maintenance; and examines seismic design and building materials. This text is an ideal reference for practicing bridge engineers and consultants (design, construction, maintenance), and can also be used as a reference for students in bridge engineering courses.

Data Science and Knowledge Engineering for Sensing Decision Support

Quantum teleportation[14] is one of the most important applications of quantum entanglement. It can transmit an unknown quantum state from a sender to a receiver via a quantum channel with the help of local operations and classical ...

Author: Jun Liu

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789813273245

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FLINS, originally an acronym for Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Technologies in Nuclear Science, is now extended to include Computational Intelligence for applied research. The contributions of the FLINS conference cover state-of-the-art research, development, and technology for computational intelligence systems, with special focuses on data science and knowledge engineering for sensing decision support, both from the foundations and the applications points-of-view.