The Progressive Era s Health Reform Movement

References : Connelly , Mark Thomas , The Response to Prostitution in the Progressive Era ( 1980 ) ; Grittner , Frederick K. , White Slavery : Myth , Ideology and American Law ( 1990 ) ; Pivar , David J. , Purity Crusade : Sexual ...

Author: Ruth Clifford Engs

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Entries cover the important figures, events, legislation, crusades, and terms of the health reform movement of the years before the Progressive Era through the 1920s.

Teaching Moral Sex

Aaron M. Powell, State Regulation of Vice (New York: Wood and Holbrook, 1878). 68. Pivar, Purity Crusade, 25–28; Horowitz, Rereading Sex, 150. 69. Pivar, Purity Crusade, 100–101. 70. “The New York Committee,” The American Bulletin no.

Author: Kristy L. Slominski

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780190842178

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"Teaching Moral Sex is the first comprehensive study to focus on the role of religion in the history of public sex education in the United States. It examines religious contributions to national sex education organizations from the late nineteenth century to the early twenty-first century, highlighting issues of public health, public education, family, and the role of the state. It details how public sex education was created through the collaboration of religious sex educators-primarily liberal Protestants, along with some Catholics and Reform Jews-with "men of science," namely physicians, biology professors, and social scientists. Slominski argues that the work of early religious sex educators laid foundations for both sides of contemporary controversies regarding comprehensive sexuality education and abstinence-only education. In other words, instead of casting religion as merely an opponent of sex education, this research shows how deeply embedded religion has been in sex education history and how this legacy has shaped terms of current debates. By focusing on religion, this book introduces a new cast of characters into sex education history, including Quaker and Unitarian social purity reformers, the Young Men's Christian Association, military chaplains, the Federal Council of Churches, and the National Council of Churches. These religious sex educators made sex education more acceptable to the public and created the groundwork for recent debates through their strategic combination of progressive and restrictive approaches to sexuality. Their contributions helped to spread sex education and influenced major shifts within the movement, including the mid-century embrace of family life education"--

Through Sunshine and Shadow

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Author: Sharon Anne Cook

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Using an extensive array of primary sources, including local WCTU minute books and correspondence, Cook describes the origins, structures, strategies, and achievements of the Ontario WCTU in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. She discusses the importance of its positions on such issues as Social Purity, women's franchise, the appropriate role of single women, working women's rights, the treatment of female offenders, and the effect of the WCTU's youth work. Cook traces the empowerment of women in the WCTU to the union's evangelical roots, arguing that the views of the Ontario WCTU were grounded in a vision of society that based the development of a moral society on the family unit and its moral centre, the mother.

James Joyce Sexuality and Social Purity

... several British newspapers orchestrated specific purity crusades themselves . In 1907 , The Daily Chronicle mounted a letter - writing campaign against ' Sordid Fiction ' ; in 1909 , The Spectator began a crusade against ' Poisonous ...

Author: Katherine Mullin

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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In James Joyce, Sexuality and Social Purity, Katherine Mullin offers a richly detailed account of Joyce's lifelong battle against censorship. Through prodigious archival research, Mullin shows Joyce responding to Edwardian ideologies of social purity by accentuating the 'contentious' or 'offensive' elements in his work. Ulysses, A Portrait and Dubliners each meticulously subvert purity discourse. This important and highly original book will change the way Joyce is read and offers crucial insights into the sexual politics of Modernism.

Pornography Sex Work and Hate Speech

PostCivil War purity crusade efforts to resist medical regulationists were led by the old abolitionists , temperance leaders , and suffragettes , who saw women as leading the country to a new moral standard . 13 Purity and political ...

Author: Karen J. Maschke

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Multidisciplinary focus Surveying many disciplines, this anthology brings together an outstanding selection of scholarly articles that examine the profound impact of law on the lives of women in the United States. The themes addressed include the historical, political, and social contexts of legal issues that have affected women's struggles to obtain equal treatment under the law. The articles are drawn from journals in law, political science, history, women's studies, philosophy, and education and represent some of the most interesting writing on the subject. The law in theory and practice Many of the articles bring race, social, and economic factors into their analyses, observing, for example, that black women, poor women, and single mothers are treated by the wielders of the power of the law differently than middle class white women. Other topics covered include the evolution of women's legal status, reproduction rights, sexuality and family issues, equal employment and educational opportunities, domestic violence, pornography and sexual exploitation, hate speech, and feminist legal thought. A valuable research and classroom aid, this series provides in-depth coverage of specific legal issues and takes into account the major legal changes and policies that have had an impact on the lives of American women.

A New Gospel for Women

well, most notably in St. Louis, Missouri, and in Chicago (Pivar, Purity Crusade, 52–59). 125. Pivar, Purity Crusade, 132. On the social construction of these tales of seduction and abduction, see Judith R. Walkowitz, City of Dreadful ...

Author: Kristin Kobes Du Mez

Publisher: Oxford University Press

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A New Gospel for Women tells the story of Katharine Bushnell (1855-1946), author of God's Word to Women, one of the most innovative and comprehensive feminist theologies ever written. An internationally-known social reformer and women's rights activist, Bushnell rose to prominence through her highly publicized campaigns against prostitution and the trafficking of women in America, in colonial India, and throughout East Asia. In each of these cases, the intrepid reformer struggled to come to terms with the fact that it was Christian men who were guilty of committing acts of appalling cruelty against women. Ultimately, Bushnell concluded that Christianity itself - or rather, the patriarchal distortion of true Christianity - must be to blame. A work of history, biography, and historical theology, Kristin Kobes DuMez's book provides a vivid account of Bushnell's life. It maps a concise introduction to her fascinating theology, revealing, for example, Bushnell's belief that gender bias tainted both the King James and the Revised Versions of the English Bible. As Du Mez demonstrates, Bushnell insisted that God created women to be strong and independent, that Adam, not Eve, bore responsibility for the Fall, and that it was through Christ, "the great emancipator of women," that women would achieve spiritual and social redemption. A New Gospel for Women restores Bushnell to her rightful place in history. It illuminates the dynamic and often thorny relationship between faith and feminism in modern America by mapping Bushnell's story and her subsequent disappearance from the historical record. Most pointedly, the book reveals the challenges confronting Christian feminists today who wish to construct a sexual ethic that is both Christian and feminist, one rooted not in the Victorian era, but rather one suited to the modern world.

Regulating a New Society

... 35 ; " The Anti - Cigarette Crusade , " Outl , 67 ( 1901 ) 607-608 ; F. J. Munagle , " Voting Out the Streetcar Smoker ... Purity Crusade : Sexual Morality and Social Control , 1868-1900 ( Westport , Conn . , 1973 ) ; Ruth Rosen ...

Author: Morton Keller

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His final area of concern is one that assumed new importance after 1900: social policy directed at major groups, such as immigrants, blacks, Native Americans, and women.

Contraception and Abortion in Nineteenth century America

Neither Boyer , Purity in Print , nor Comstock's biographies mention women as members of the early vice societies . They were , of course , involved in the broader " social purity " reform movement . See Pivar , Purity Crusade . 26.

Author: Janet Farrell Brodie

Publisher: Cornell University Press

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Drawing from a wide range of private and public sources, examines how American families gradually found access to taboo information and products for controlling the size of their families from the 1830s to the 1890s when a puritan backlash made most of it illegal. Emphasizes the importance of two shadowy networks, medical practitioners known as Thomsonians and water-curists, and iconoclastic freethinkers.

Clean Living Movements

Many early purity crusaders were former abolitionists with strong religious convictions who considered ... These new abolitionists launched a mass campaign against regulation, and this crusade, under the WCTU and Frances Willard, ...

Author: Ruth Clifford Engs

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Describes the interweaving of health movements with other social movements such as women's rights, temperance, eugenics, and religious awakenings in all three reform eras.

Sex Ed Segregated

Pivar, Purity Crusade, chapter 1. 25. B. E. De Costa, “The White Cross Movement,” Philanthropist 1, no. 1 (1886): 1. 26. Ibid. 27. Pivar, Purity Crusade, 112–14. 28. For the construction of cultural whiteness, see Matthew Frye Jacobson, ...

Author: Courtney Q. Shah

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer

ISBN: 9781580465359

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In Sex Ed, Segregated, Courtney Shah examines the Progressive Era sex education movement, which presented the possibility of helping people understand their own health and sexuality, but which most often divided audiences along rigid lines of race, class, and gender. Reformers' assumptions about their audience's place in the political hierarchy played a crucial role in the development of a mainstream sex education movement by the 1920s. Reformers and instructors taught middle-class youth, African-Americans, and World War I soldiers different stories, for different reasons. Shah's examination of "character-building" organizations like the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) and the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) reveals how the white, middle-class ideal reflected cultural assumptions about sexuality and formed an aspirational model for upward mobility to those not in the privileged group, such as immigrant or working class youth. In addition, as Shah argues, the battle over policing young women's sexual behavior during World War I pitted middle-class women against their working-class counterparts. Sex Ed, Segregated demonstrates that the intersection between race, gender, and class formed the backbone of Progressive-Era debates over sex education, the policing of sexuality, and the prevention of venereal disease. Courtney Shah is an instructor at Lower Columbia College, Washington.