Pulverizing Portraits

Pulverizing Portraits provides the first book-length study of contemporary American poet Lynn Emanuel.

Author: Camelia Elias

Publisher: Eyecorner Press

ISBN: 879924568X

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 192

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Pulverizing Portraits provides the first book-length study of contemporary American poet Lynn Emanuel. Emanuel's poetry is significant because it situates itself in relation to current debates about the state of poetry, creative writing in the academia, and the importance of drawing on interdisciplinary approaches to poetry via visual aesthe-tics, poststructuralist literary and theoretical perspectives, and philosophy. Camelia Elias takes a look at what characterizes contemporary American prose poetry, namely an intensified awareness of being close to something. Poets such as Lynn Emanuel have been increasingly concerned with poetry as a tool for cultural criticism which constantly redefines our poetic discourse. Elias traces the power of Emanuel's writing and looks at her subtleties in combining intrinsic and formal constraints in poetry with extrinsic and socio-historical methodologies. Elias's analyses of Emanuel's poetic genius culminate in a plethora of references which bring together painters, philosophers, poets, critics, and actors. Thus, the poet's father, the painter Akiba Emanuel, meets Giorgio Agamben, Charles Simic, Gertrude Stein, and Sharon Stone. They all contribute to voicing the world's "interminable speeches."

Self Portraits

I would have lost no time in pulverizing that dog ' s skull , gouging out its eyeballs
, chewing them to a pulp and spitting them out , and , still not satisfied , would
have then proceeded to poison every single dog in the neighborhood .

Author: Osamu Dazai

Publisher: Kodansha Amer Incorporated

ISBN: 0870117793

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Twenty autobiographical stories describe with honesty and self-deprecating humour the women, the suicide attempts, the drinking and the struggle against a staid literary establishment of Japan's enfant terrible.

Robert Cornelius Portraits from the Dawn of Photography

An Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, October 20, 1983 to January 22,
1984 William F. Stapp ... The mortar employed for pulverizing the pumice should
be neither of castiron nor of copper , but of agate ; it should then be levigated
upon ...

Author: William F. Stapp


ISBN: PURD:32754004410472

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Abraham Lincoln A Press Portrait

With three millions of men and billions of “greenbacks,” the Great Rebellion is to
be not only crushed, but “pulverized. ... remark, that a people who have stood two
years of crushing, are just the people to relish two or more years of pulverizing.

Author: Herbert Mitgang

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781504028783

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“To say he is ugly is nothing. To add that his figure is grotesque is to convey no adequate impression.” “He is destined to occupy in history…a quaintness, originality, courage, honesty, magnanimity and popular force of character such as have never heretofore…” These starkly different 19th century newspaper depictions describe one and the same man: Abraham Lincoln. Nearly 150 years after his death, Lincoln is universally considered our most beloved U.S. president. Yet in his own time, the reception he received at the hands of journalists was far more mixed. In this essential volume, noted Lincoln scholar Herbert Mitgang has painstakingly gathered the most thorough, wide-ranging collection of actual newspaper accounts that show how Lincoln was portrayed by northern, southern, and foreign newspapers. It reveals a far more beleaguered, less godlike, and finally a richer Lincoln than has come through many other biographies. While often revered in print, for example, he was just as often crucified, even by some newspapers in his home state of Illinois that portrayed him throughout his career as a joker instead of a thinker. Most shockingly, perhaps, one Houston paper wrote after his assassination: “From now until God’s judgment day, the minds of men will not cease to thrill at the killing of Abraham Lincoln.” For those only familiar with the “retouched” versions of Lincoln’s life, Abraham Lincoln: A Press Portrait offers an often surprising and wholly unsanitized account of how his contemporaries actually saw him before, during, and after the Civil War. It is must read for the serious scholar and Lincoln buff alike.

Portrait Painting in England

The sandarac is to be placed into the spike oil without pulverizing it . The second
variant is puzzling due to its ingredients . " Take oyle of Spike & one ounce peter
oyle } an ounce , oyle of Turpentine one ounce , mingle these together .

Author: Mansfield Kirby Talley


ISBN: STANFORD:36105032728862

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Portraits of Paul

Saddam declares that President Bush lost his prestige by pulverizing Baghdad's
people (some 225,000 Iraqis were killed) . These sentiments made excellent
sense in the Middle East and North Africa but no sense in the United States. Why

Author: Bruce J. Malina

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

ISBN: 0664256813

Category: Religion

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The authors focus on Paul to discern how ancient persons understood themselves, other people, and the world around them, believing that biblical interpretation can be skewed if contemporary presuppositions about personality are imposed on history.

Portrait with Keys

So the pulverizing of the skull seems like a long - delayed second death , an
obliteration of identity more final than the original burial . The last echo of the
physical body fades away . Now even the bones have been reduced to
anonymous ...

Author: Ivan Vladislavić


ISBN: STANFORD:36105131816006

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Brazil Portrait of Half a Continent

See page 176 . ( Photo by Carlos Borges Schmidt ) PLATE 19A . ( At left )
Pulverizing roasted coffee. Plate 18B . ( Below ) Roadside store , Município of
Redenção da Serra , São Paulo . See page 172 . ( Photo by Carlos Borges
Schmidt ) Plate ...

Author: Thomas Lynn Smith

Publisher: Praeger

ISBN: UVA:X000116178

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Identity and Alterity

Van Gogh's self - portraits are a veritable Via in the portraits which Oskar
Kokoschka painted in the Crucis : to fight ... of animistic power — just as the with
Georg Baselitz's early portraits of 1960s . pulverization or regeneration of Monet's
sun- or ...

Author: Manlio Brusatin


ISBN: 8820803909

Category: Art, Modern

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Published to accompany the 46th Venice Biennale in 1995, this catalogue outlines the work of particpating artists. Their works address the theme of the human body in art between 1895 and 1995.

The Year book of Photography and Amateur s Guide

you won't talk any more nonsense about there being a difficulty in producing
portraits in carbon . ... in a most prolific manner , summarizing all the difficulties ,
and putting them in a heap , as it were , and then pulverizing them at one blow .



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A Self Portrait

As we gazed from the window out across the roiling ocean, we were awed at the
height some of the waves attained before they crashed on shore with a
pulverizing intensity that shook the ground beneath our feet. “Should we leave?” I
asked ...

Author: J. P. Bowie

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595337712

Category: Fiction

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Living with a private investigator can bring an element of danger into one's life as Peter Brandon finds out in this new novel by J.P. Bowie. When his partner Jeff Stevens disappears on a routine trip to meet a friend in LA, Peter's intuition alerts him to the fact that Jeff is somehow being held against his will. Determined to find him, Peter reaches out to his deceased lover, Phillip, through the unbreakable psychic bond that still exists between them. Traumatized into unconsciousness, he dreams and remembers the life-defining relationship he had with Phillip and the subsequent events that took him almost to the point of death--and back. On waking, and with the certain knowledge that Phillip will aid him in his search, he and his close friends Andrew and David, set out to find Jeff. They enlist the help of Nick Fallon, a NYPD detective, who flies in to help them and together they face a cult of Satanists led by Paul Lefevre, a mad illusionist promising his followers eternal life. Lefevre attempts to take control of Peter's bond with Phillip by holding Peter's mother hostage--a mistake that will cost Lefevre dearly as Phillip exacts a terrible revenge. "A Self-Portrait" is an entertaining mix of romance and suspense, of enduring love and friendship, and above all, the human spirit's indomitable will to survive.

Basrayatha portrait of a city

I can draw his portrait ; he is surrounded by useless items . The museum contains
all the bric - a - brac you have seen and some you have not : a long , bronze ...
closing slowly on the bones of the past , pulverizing them THE DAY BEGGAR

Author: Mohammed khudayyir

Publisher: American Univ in Cairo Press

ISBN: 9774160649

Category: Fiction

Page: 157

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A multi-faceted fictional recreation of the Iraqi city of Basra

Portrait with Keys The City of Johannesburg Unlocked

So the pulverizing of the skull seems like a long-delayed second death, an
obliteration of identity more final than the original burial. The last echo of the
physical body fades away. Now even the bones have been reduced to
anonymous ...

Author: Ivan Vladislavic

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393071510

Category: Travel

Page: 208

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“Surely one of the most ingenious love letters—full of violence, fear, humour, and cunning—ever addressed to a city.” —Geoff Dyer This dazzling portrait of Johannesburg is one of the most haunting, poetic pieces of reportage about a metropolis since Suketu Mehta’s Maximum City. Through precisely crafted snapshots, Ivan Vladislavic observes the unpredictable, day-today transformation of his embattled city: the homeless using manholes as cupboards, a public statue slowly cannibalized for scrap. Most poignantly he charts the small, devastating changes along the postapartheid streets: walls grow higher, neighborhoods are gated off, the keys multiply. Security—insecurity?—is the growth industry. Vladislavic, described as “one of the most imaginative minds at work in South African literature today” (André Brink), delivers “one of the best things ever written about a great, if schizophrenic, city, and an utterly true picture of the new South Africa” (Christopher Hope).

Group Portrait

They knock , pummel And pulverize my consciousness . They own it . They know
its uses . A funhouse To set up and populate with props That never stop talking .
Their shrieks Can drill holes in the head . In deep conversation , my legs are ...

Author: Saleem Peeradina

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: UOM:39015029971994

Category: Fiction

Page: 61

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The poems in this volume are marked by toughness and an expressive density. They are somewhat unusual in their focus, which is chiefly on a family (father, mother, two daughters) as the source of joy and fulfillment. Peeradina's poetry also conveys a masculine yet thoroughly unpatronizing view of women in the context of modern, urban India. An exceptionally graphic view of the heady tumult of living in the suburb of a metropolis like Bombay gives the lives depicted in these poems a particular immediacy and appeal. Peeradina's voice is one which all readers of modern Indian poetry will wish to hear.

Icon and Portrait International Conference

... layer from the wooden panel . - Partial paint layer loss and subsequent
revelation of the wooden panel . - Splitting of the paint layers ( preparatory and
pigment layers ) . - Swelling of the painting's layers . - Partial flaking off and
pulverization ...

Author: Hany Hanna


ISBN: STANFORD:36105133418561

Category: Christian art and symbolism

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Photography Fascination

Country or city rarely sit for their portraits along with those who might be average
fixtures within them . ... Thereafter , the change that comes over their enterprise is
best described as a pulverization of the genres , with the consequent intense ...

Author: Max Kozloff


ISBN: UOM:39015046850593

Category: Photography

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Portrait and Biographical Album of Lee County Iowa

This limits . Dr. Baker has been engaged in this busifirm make a specialty of
manufacturing the Andrews ness for over a quarter of a century , and has
estabPatent Brick Press and Pulverizer , and also do all lished a reputation for his
medicines ...



ISBN: NYPL:33433081920666

Category: Lee County (Iowa)

Page: 648

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