Psychic Trauma

The twentieth century saw more than its share of natural and man - made disasters , sadly providing endless opportunities to learn more about psychic trauma and massive psychic trauma . In his hierarchy of human suffering , Freud ( 1930 ) ...

Author: Ira Brenner

Publisher: Jason Aronson

ISBN: 0765703653

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This book is about the psychoanalytically informed understanding, recognition, and treatment of severe psychological trauma. It goes beyond the limited notion of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and addresses the issues associated with problems ranging from physical and sexual abuse to genocidal persecution.

Holocaust Trauma and Psychic Deformation

Child survivors tend to feel, as do other survivors of massive psychic trauma, that only those who had shared their trauma could possibly understand their pain. Experience has shown that loss of family seems to be the most powerful and ...

Author: Alfred Garwood

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000170573

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Written by a survivor of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, this moving and important book examines the massive psychic trauma suffered by a generation of Holocaust survivors. It not only provides both an intimate and personal reflection on these harrowing events, but also offers an in-depth, clinical perspective on an often-misunderstood phenomenon. As a child during this period, the book begins by examining the author’s own experience as a refugee in the aftermath of the Holocaust, the psycho- logical impact of displacement after such traumatic events, and his attempt to flee its damage through medical and psychoanalytic training. But the second half of the book broadens the perspective to offer a clinical exploration of the psychic effects of surviving the Holocaust. A range of concepts are addressed and explored, from powerlessness and survivor guilt, to psychic security and recovered memories. The book concludes by examining how psychic trauma is processed, and the clinical implications for when disorders emerge and dysfunction results. An insightful and honest account of massive psychic trauma, this remarkable book will resonate not only with those affected by or interested in the experiences of Holocaust survivors, but also any clinical practitioner working with clients who have experienced this type of intense trauma.

Psychic Trauma

a a > > that a strain may be not a trauma but a prolonged state of ten . sion without discharge . I would agree with this and have pointed to the same discrete state of tension in describing the sequential occurrences in intrapsychic ...

Author: Daniel E. Furst, M.D.

Publisher: New York : Basic Books

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BT Mental healing Surgery Psychic trauma ( May Subd Geog ) Here are entered works on a psychological injury stemming from a stressful or life - threatening situation to one's psyche or personality . UF Emotional trauma Trauma ...

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Metapsychological Perspectives on Psychic Survival

(1988) considered psychic trauma as a retroactive manifestation of castration and patricide on the id-level. In any case, psychic trauma results when these impulses cannot be dealt with on the level of drive-instinctual wishes.

Author: Simo Salonen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351204897

Category: Psychology

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Metapsychological Perspectives on Psychic Survival explores the integration of traumatic helplessness in the course of psychoanalytic treatment. Based on the author’s many years of experience of working with psychotic and severely traumatised patients, this book offers guidelines to approach extreme psychic trauma in the therapeutic setting. Simo Salonen links psychic representation of the elementary drive phenomena and metaphorical thinking to primary identification understood as a mode of object finding. The collapse of this connection signifies a radical psychic trauma, the integration of which into the temporal continuity of an individual’s life is an essential task for psychoanalysis. Another key element of this book is Salonen’s notion of the primal representative matrix, referring to a resource of primary narcissism that an individual has been endowed with, carrying vital meanings. Also explored is the crucial work of mourning, as the result of which the impoverished ego may recover its primary narcissistic resources. Using insights from numerous case studies, Salonen offers a new way of understanding severe trauma, which can be used to advance both psychoanalytic theory and clinical practice. Metapsychological Perspectives on Psychic Survival will be of great interest to psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic psychotherapists.

Stress and Its Management by Yoga

They were middle aged ladies , who developed this condition with a previous history of receiving severe psychic trauma . This was followed by various toxic manifestations like palpitation , nervousness , rapid loss of weight ...

Author: K. N. Udupa

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publ.

ISBN: 8120800001

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This monograph mainly covers our studies on the causes and management of the most common and disabling disorders of stress and strain of life. It is now well established that the brain with its known centres for sensory, intellectual and emotional functions plays the main role in maintaining a balanced condition of our body and mind by liberating required amount of neurohumors and hormones. Any disturbance of this homeostasis by genetic or environmental factors would ultimately lead to the development of the Stress Disorders. At first the changes are functional and later on bodily changes of Stress Disorders appear. In the treatment, during the acute stage, the use of tranquillizers and other drugs may help. However, if the disturbance persists, the practice of Yoga would help greatly to get over the neuro-humoral changes occurring in the brain. Hence the integrated practice of Yoga has an important role to play in the prevention and treatment of Stress Diseases. All these aspects have been dealt with in the book in sufficient detail with regard to each of the disorders of stress for the benefit of all concerned.

Argentina Betrayed

Such psychic trauma comprises three aspects: the violent event, the victim's subjective perception, and the psychological response to the event. Life-threatening events, the death of loved ones, and hurting other human beings can all ...

Author: Antonius C. G. M. Robben

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9780812294910

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The ruthless military dictatorship that ruled Argentina between 1976 and 1983 betrayed the country's people, presiding over massive disappearances of its citizenry and, in the process, destroying the state's trustworthiness as the guardian of safety and well-being. Desperate relatives risked their lives to find the disappeared, and one group of mothers defied the repressive regime with weekly protests at the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires. How do societies cope with human losses and sociocultural traumas in the aftermath of such instances of political violence and state terror? In Argentina Betrayed, Antonius C. G. M. Robben demonstrates that the dynamics of trust and betrayal that convulsed Argentina during the dictatorship did not end when democracy returned but rather persisted in confrontations over issues such as the truth about the disappearances, the commemoration of the past, and the guilt and accountability of perpetrators. Successive governments failed to resolve these debates because of erratic policies made under pressure from both military and human rights groups. Mutual mistrust between the state, retired officers, former insurgents, and bereaved relatives has been fueled by recurrent revelations and controversies that prevent Argentine society from conclusively coming to terms with its traumatic past. With thirty years of scholarly engagement with Argentina—and drawing on his extensive, fair-minded interviews with principals at all points along the political spectrum—Robben explores how these ongoing dynamics have influenced the complicated mourning over violent deaths and disappearances. His analysis deploys key concepts from the contemporary literature of human rights, transitional justice, peace and reconciliation, and memory studies, including notions of trauma, denial, accountability, and mourning. The resulting volume is an indispensable contribution to a better understanding of the terrible crimes committed by the Argentine dictatorship in the 1970s and their aftermath.

Trauma Culture and Metaphor

... authentic personal relationships, fellow addicts,or fortunate encounters with God Table 1.2Trauma Metaphors: Conceptual Definition inTerms of Psychic Trauma TRAUMAMETAPHORS: DEFINITIONS OFSUBTYPES Thetrauma metaphorisaspontaneous ...

Author: John P. Wilson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135926113

Category: Psychology

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In Trauma, Culture, and Metaphor, John Wilson and Jacob Lindy explore the language of both individual and collective trauma in an era dominated by globalization and interconnectedness. Through lucid, careful discussion, this important book builds a bridge between the etymology of trauma-related terms commonly used in Western cultures and those of other cultures, such as the Burundi-Rwandan ihahamuka. It also provides the clinician with a framework for working with trauma survivors using a cross-cultural vocabulary—one often based in metaphor—to fully address the experienced trauma and to begin work on reconnection and self-reinvention.

Trauma Trust and Memory

Massive Psychic Trauma, New York: International University Press. Krystal, H. (2005). Psychoanalytic approaches to trauma: a forty-year retrospective. In: C. R. Figley (Ed.), Mapping Trauma and Its Wake: Autobiographic Essays by Pioneer ...

Author: Andreas Hamburger

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000157413

Category: Psychology

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Trauma is one of the most important topics discussed throughout the clinical, social and cultural field. Social traumatization, as we meet it in the aftermath of genocide, war and persecution, is targeted at whole groups and thus affects the individual's immediate holding environment, cutting it off from an important resilience factor; further on, social trauma is implemented in a societal context, thus involving the surrounding society in the traumatic process. Both conditions entail major consequences for the impact and prognosis of the resulting individual posttraumatic disorders as well as for the social and cultural consequences. The volume connects clinical and epidemiological studies on the sequelae of social trauma to reflections from social psychology and the humanities. Post-war and post-dictatorial societies are in particular marked by the effects of massive, large group traumatization, and if these are not acknowledged, explored, and mourned, the unprocessed cumulative trauma that has become deeply embedded in the collective memory leads to periodical reactivations. To address social trauma, an interdisciplinary approach is required.

Mourning Spirituality and Psychic Change

All her life she had suffered from somatic conversions of her psychic stress and of her unconscious psychic conflicts and unconscious psychic trauma . When she was in her early twenties and a young mother , her medical reports read that ...

Author: Susan Kavaler-Adler

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 1583912940

Category: Psychology

Page: 316

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This book explores how a successful analyst can help patients to utilise mourning for past troubles to move them forward to a lasting change for the better, emotionally, psychically and erotically.