The Collected Novels Volume One

Desert of the Heart, The Young in One Another's Arms, and This Is Not for You Jane Rule. She would be no better than he then. “I am no better,” she said. “And I never have been. ... This vast, empty, silent place promised autumn.

Author: Jane Rule

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781504056274

Category: Fiction

Page: 1115

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Three beautiful novels from the groundbreaking, award-winning author—including “a landmark work of lesbian fiction” and basis for the film Desert Hearts (The New York Times). First published in 1964, Desert of the Heart broke ground with its realistic and complex portrayal of love between two women, and immediately established Jane Rule’s reputation as an “extraordinary writer—perhaps the most significant lesbian fiction writer of the twentieth century” (Katherine V. Forrest). Desert of the Heart: Rule’s debut novel is set in 1950s Reno, Nevada, where English professor Evelyn Hall has come for a quick divorce from her husband. There she meets Ann Childs, fifteen years her junior, who works as a change apron in a casino. As their friendship deepens into a romantic relationship, Evelyn’s preconceptions about love, morality, and identity are challenged. “An intelligent and utterly believable novel.” —Joyce Carol Oates The Young in One Another’s Arms: In Ruth Wheeler’s Vancouver rooming house during the Vietnam War, an eclectic assortment of misfits, dropouts, deserters, and radicals become each other’s chosen family. When developers threaten the property, the community is challenged to find a new home on Galiano Island. “[A] mature and satisfying work.” —Bay Area Reporter This Is Not for You: Through a decades-long correspondence between Katherine and Esther, the woman with whom she falls passionately in love, Rule’s second novel follows a group of friends living in New York and abroad as they explore the freedoms—and limitations—of their sexuality, as the repressed fifties gives way to the liberated sixties. “A beautiful, ironic, civilized novel.” —Margaret Lawrence

The Divine Hours Volume Two Prayers for Autumn and Wintertime

Standing on the promises of Christ the Lord, Bound to him eternally by love's strong cord, Overcoming daily with the Spirit's sword, Standing on the promises of God. Standing on the promises I cannot fall, Listening every moment to the ...

Author: Phyllis Tickle

Publisher: Image

ISBN: 9781101906286

Category: Religion

Page: 688

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The second volume in a trilogy of prayer manuals compiled by Publishers Weekly religion editor Phyllis Tickle as a contemporary Book of Hours to guide Christians gently yet authoritatively through the daily offices. The Divine Hours is the first major literary and liturgical reworking of the sixth-century Benedictine Rule of fixed-hour prayer. This beautifully conceived and thoroughly modern three-volume guide will appeal to the theological novice as well as to the ecclesiastical sophisticate. Making primary use of the Book of Common Prayer and the writings of the Church Fathers, The Divine Hours is also a companion to the New Jerusalem Bible, from which it draws its Scripture readings. The trilogy blends prayer and praise in a way that, while extraordinarily fresh, respects and builds upon the ancient wisdom of Christianity. The second book in the set, Prayers for Autumn and Wintertime, provides prayers, psalms, and readings for these two festive seasons. Compact, it is perfect for those seeking greater spiritual depth. As a contemporary Book of Hours, The Divine Hours: Prayers for Autumn and Wintertime heralds a renewal of the tradition of disciplined daily prayer, and gives those already using the first volume the continuity they are seeking. The series will culminate in a third volume for springtime, completing the liturgical and calendar year with the offices for every day.

Southerlands Volume One

Panic gripped Autumn's stomach. Jude said it was a simple cold. Had something more serious happened? “She's okay. Well, same as before.” “What's wrong?” “He promised me he wouldn't do it again. I told him it irritated her throat.

Author: Evelyn Adams

Publisher: Evelyn Adams

ISBN: 9781944801250

Category: Fiction


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Fall in love with the Southerlands! FEELS LIKE HOME No one knew what it cost her to come home. With her career going down in flames and a family history that reads like a bad tabloid, Autumn Maddox can't afford any more PR disasters if she wants to hold her head up in her old home town. So she's going to do the impossible—smile brightly at every insincerely murmured "bless your heart," ignore every not-so-subtle dig, and pretend the town's sexiest bachelor is a eunuch. Well… two out of three isn't bad, right? Town doctor Jude Southerland is known for two things: saving lives and ducking marriage. So when he almost runs Autumn down in the middle of Main Street and ends up sipping sweet tea with the prodigal daughter a few weeks later, the good townsfolk take notice. As far as Jude's concerned, the last woman anyone would pair him with is the only one he wants. Jude's determined to be her knight in shining armor, but Autumn gave up on happily ever afters, small southern towns, and herself a long time ago. What's it going to take to convince the Ladies' Auxiliary, the Rotary Club and the woman of his dreams that their love is meant to be? LOVING BAILEY Chef Bailey Southerland can't get any satisfaction – at least not in the way that really matters. Her love life is like a soufflé that never managed to rise. When the mouthwatering writer with his clear blue eyes moves into the cottage down the hill, it looks like things might finally be going her way. She doesn't need him to be Mr. Right, but he has all the makings of a fantastic Mr. Right Now. Badly burned by love, Trace Campbell tried to convince himself he's content being just friends with his gorgeous neighbor, Bailey. If he can't get his hands on her at least he can sink them in the soil and grow the produce on his farm that she needs for her restaurant, spending time with her while keeping her at a safe distance. But strawberries are a poor substitute for mind-numbing kisses and when another man shows up and it's obvious he's interested in more than Bailey's cooking, Trace has to dig his head out of the dirt and put his heart on the line or risk losing the woman he loves. FEELS LIKE FAMILY Town doctor, Jude Southerland asked Autumn Maddox to marry him and she said yes. The dress has been bought, the church reserved, and the band booked. Happily ever after here they come. But when the couple gets an unexpected surprise, plans have to change, leaving the whole town wondering if they will make it to the altar on time. PRACTICAL ARRANGEMENT Summer Maddox has had horrible luck when it comes to men. The only thing good to come out of it all is her daughter. She feels guilty that her child doesn't have a father figure, but she"s learned from her mistakes and won't be repeating them After three tours in Afghanistan, Travis Southerland has finally come home. His body is healing, but his heart still aches for his friends who died in combat. He doesn't know if he'll ever be whole, and the last thing he wants is to have someone depending on him for anything ever again. After family events keep throwing them together, Travis and Summer can't deny the spark between them. Neither of them are interested in a relationship, but a practical arrangement might solve both of their problems and get their families off their backs. Just because they aren't looking for love doesn't mean it won't find them – if either of them is willing to take a chance.

Paths to Contemporary French Literature

1, Issue 2, Autumn 2009–Winter 2010) as extended biographical résumés accompanying translations from Jourdan's work. The bibliography lists other translations of ... For Guy Goffette, see “Departing for the 'Promised Life'” in volume 1.

Author: John Taylor

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351500623

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 234

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Praised for his independence, curiosity, intimate knowledge of French literature, and sharp reader's eye, John Taylor is a writer-critic who is naturally skeptical of literary fashions, overnight reputations, and readymade academic categories. Here he examines various genres of politically committed literature (such as Jean Hatzfeld's "narratives" about Rwanda or Tchicaya U Tam'si's verse), some overlooked fiction, and several provocative experiments with literary form (ranging from the poetry of Jean-Paul Michel and Marie etienne to the "three-line novels" of Felix Feneon).Taylor continues to reveal the remarkable resourcefulness of French writing. Besides drawing attention to authors (like Dai Sijie or Albert Cossery) who have come to French from other languages, he has added younger novelists to his critical panorama.Challenging persistent cliches and recovering deserving voices from unjust neglect, Taylor's vision of French literature conjures up the image of a vital nexus. Poetry crisscrosses with prose, writers from one generation meet up with those from the next or the previous one, while the philosophical ideas underlying French writing are scrutinized. This is an essential guide to the realities of French culture today.

Biblical Illustrator Volume 1

The man said so last spring, but I should not dare to draw on him this autumn. I should say, “Times have changed; he would not abide by it.” But God's promises are from everlasting to everlasting; and He always stands up to them.

Author: Exell, Joseph S.

Publisher: Delmarva Publications, Inc.




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Would you like it if one of the greatest preachers could help you prepare your sermons? How about 20+ ministers to assist you with your sermon? Joseph Exell included content from some of the most famous preachers such as Dwight L. Moody, Charles Spurgeon, J. C. Ryle, Charles Hodge, Alexander MacLaren, Adam Clark, Matthew Henry and many more. He compiled this 56 volume Biblical Illustrator Commentary and Delmarva Publications, Inc. is publishing it in a 6 volume digital set with a linked table of contents for ease of studying. This set includes the analysis on entire Bible, Old and New Testament. Complete your resources with this Biblical Illustrator by Joseph Exell.

The Complete Courtlight Series Volume One

That's why I said I was getting our bearings.” Ciardis turned around fully and looked down the dark alleyway doubtfully. “You're sure?” “As sure as the promise that the leaves fall to the ground in autumn,” Vana said.

Author: Terah Edun

Publisher: Terah Edun Publishing


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 2600

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AN 8-BOOK SET OF YOUNG ADULT HIGH FANTASY ROMANCES FROM A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR! It's time to shatter an empire - the successful high fantasy series that captivates readers. This exclusive boxed set includes Books 1 – 8 (Sworn To Raise: Courtlight #1, Sworn To Transfer: Courtlight #2, Sworn To Conflict: Courtlight #3, Sworn To Secrecy: Courtlight #4, Sworn To Defiance: Courtlight #5, Sworn To Ascension: Courtlight #6, Sworn To Vengeance: Courtlight #7, & Sworn To Sovereignty: Courtlight #8). Get the entire volume one of the Courtlight series for nearly half off list price! Adventure and romance, magic and secrecy, are woven into a fantasy world that is a phenomenally unique and captivating tale. In this breathtaking launch of the successful high fantasy series, readers will be kept on the edge of their seat. Begin the journey today: Seventeen-year-old Ciardis Vane grew up in a small village on the edge of the realm. Beautiful, destitute, and desperate she is looking to get out anyway she can. She has worked her whole live as a laundress with no hope of escaping her fate anytime soon. But then her life changes when a strange woman appears with the key to Ciardis's escape. With an offer to take her to the capital and a life she'd never dreamed of, it's hard to resist. There's only one catch. She wants Ciardis to become a companion: she'll be required to wear expensive dresses, learn to conduct suitable magic, educate herself oncourt proclivities, and - in the end - chain herself to the highest bidder. A Patron for life. Ciardis knows that this is her one opportunity to change her life. But what she does not know is that she will soon be at the heart of intrigues and power struggles, and that her new life in luxury demands a high price, perhaps even the life of a prince. Keywords: Courtlight series, fantasy, royals, romance, boxed set, Ciardis Weathervane, dragons, magic, empires, thrones, queens, ebooks, princes, princess, imperial courts, nobility, teen, YA, young adult, epic reads, love, fairy tales, crown, happily ever after, coming of age, mages, kids, middle grade, hearts, collection, romantic, box set, series, engagement, kingdom, action, adventure, betrothed, swords, sorcery.

Table Talk Volume 1 Devotions

As long as the earth exists, seedtime and harvest, cold and hot, summer and autumn, day and night will not cease. (Genesis 8:20-22) “Cross my heart, and hope to die.” With those words, I have sealed many promises. I have made promises ...

Author: Carl Frazier

Publisher: Abingdon Press

ISBN: 9781426758003

Category: Religion

Page: 98

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Complementing Table Talk's Volume 1 programs, this selection of devotions brings the message home and allows participants to apply the session's message to their own lives. Volume 1 presents the stories of Creation, The Fall, The Flood, Father Abraham, Ten Words, and The Great Commandment.

The Poems of John Donne Volume One

But why do I touch Things of which none is in your practice new, And fables or fruit-trenchers teach as much? 45 But thus I make you keep your promise, sir: Riding, I had you though you still stayed there, And in these thoughts, ...

Author: Robin Robbins

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317905332

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 496

View: 939


John Donne (1572-1631) is firmly fixed in the canon of English literature. "No man is an island" and "For whom the bell tolls" are just two of his phrases known by virtually everyone. The Poems of John Donne is a two volume edition of Donne’s poems based on a comprehensive re-evaluation of his work from composition to circulation and reception. Donne’s output is tremendously varied in style and form and demonstrates his ability to change his writing according to context and occasion. This edition presents the text of all his known poems, from the epigrams, songs and satires written for fellow young men about town, to the more mature verse-epistles and memorial elegies written for his patrons. Volume One contains the Epigrams, Verse Letters to Friends, Love Lyrics, Love Elegies and Satires.