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Presents critical reading concepts used in the SAT in an informal manner, along with interactive drills in the style of test questions.



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Presents critical reading concepts used in the SAT in an informal manner, along with interactive drills in the style of test questions.

Private Tutor Your Complete SAT Critical Reading Prep Course

Presents a guide to the critical reading section of the SAT in an informal manner, along with interactive drills in the style of test questions.

Author: Amy Lucas

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The purchase of this Book includes an offer for a FREE DVD or Digital Download of 2 hours from our 20-hour SAT prep video course. Private Tutor - Your Complete SAT Critical Reading Prep Course is a critically-praised, low cost alternative to the often unaffordable tutoring industry. Students can achieve the results of private tutoring at a fraction of the cost. This complete course covers all aspects of the SAT Critical Reading sections including Vocabulary, Sentence Completions, Reading Comprehension techniques, and the various types of Passages. Written by Amy Lucas, a Summa Cum Laude graduate of UCLA with fifteen years of experience as an SAT Master Tutor and Education Specialist. The School Library Journal Starred Review stated "Library collections serving high school students as well as homeschoolers seeking instruction, practice, and basic standardized test-taking tips for the Math SAT will find this series an essential purchase." The Library Journal stated, " Verdict: highly recommended for students taking the SATs." Reading book can be used alone or with the corresponding 5-hour DVD course. Achieve the results of Private Tutoring at a fraction of the cost! Basic Vocabulary and Sentence Completions Types of Passages and Reading Comprehension Techniques Which Answer Choices to avoid... and which ones to pick Practice Drills with Answers and Explanations Personal one-to-one approach from an experienced Master Tutor INCLUDES: Vocabulary Sentence Completions Comprehension Fundamentals Process of Elimination Comprehension Techniques Fiction Passage Compare and Contrast Short Passages Extra Reading Comprehension Practice

Private Tutor SAT Critical Reading 2013 2014 Prep Course

The Ultimate Guide for Improving Your SAT scores! Amy Lucas. Your Complete SAT Critical Reading Prep Course with Amy Lucas ©2011 Private Tutor SAT® is a registered trademark of the College Entrance Examination.

Author: Amy Lucas

Publisher: Private Tutor

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Presents critical reading concepts used in the SAT in an informal manner, along with interactive drills in the style of test questions.

Private Tutor SAT Writing 2013 2014 Prep Course

I have included an overview of technique for each of the different types of multiple-choice questions, a parts of speech refresher, the 19 grammar rules the SAT tests accompanied by over 80 practice problems, and an essay section that ...

Author: Amy Lucas

Publisher: Private Tutor

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Presents writing concepts used in the SAT in an informal manner, along with interactive drills in the style of test questions.

Private Tutor SAT Math 2013 2014 Prep Course

Before we delve into the SAT test, let's talk about why colleges require this test (as if years of school, homework, tests, and your subsequent GPA weren't enough!). Believe it or not, colleges aren't requiring the SAT or the ACT to ...

Author: Amy Lucas

Publisher: Private Tutor

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Presents math concepts used in the SAT in an informal manner, along with interactive drills in the style of test questions.

A Is for Admission

Most of my students do between ten and forty hours of private individualized SAT or ACT tutoring. ... It's not unusual to see an ice hockey recruit with a 500 critical reading score, whereas a “non-tagged” applicant has to have over ...

Author: Michele A. Hernández

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A former admissions officer at Dartmouth College reveals how the world's most highly selective schools really make their decisions.

The SAT Master Class Comprehensive SAT Prep Learn Techniques to Ace the SAT

This book represents seven years of effort by Yale Tutors, a private tutoring firm based in New York City, to discover and teach the best methods for taking the SAT test to our students.

Author: Alok Bhardwaj


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The newest, most effective and comprehensive SAT Prep techniques and strategies. Learn everything you need to know to ace the SAT test. This book represents seven years of effort by Yale Tutors, a private tutoring firm based in New York City, to discover and teach the best methods for taking the SAT test to our students. Now anyone can benefit from our discoveries without $200/hr private tutoring fees. We cover content, methods, and strategies for every type of problem in the SAT math, critical reading and writing sections, as well as bonus chapters on college admissions, writing your college essays and SAT Subject Tests. We guarantee that your score will improve at least 100 points or we'll refund the cost of the book (some restrictions apply, see the back cover of the book)! The SAT Master Class was written by Alok Bhardwaj, a principal tutor with Yale Tutors. He earned a degree in philosophy from Princeton University and worked in finance before becoming a private tutor.

CliffsNotes Roadmap to College Navigating Your Way to College Admission Success

What definitely helps you improve your critical reading scores on both tests is to read—everything and anything ... If you are considering a course or a private tutor, you need to click with the instructor. If you are taking a prep ...

Author: Karen Wolf

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780544187986

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Let the experts at CliffsNotes steer you toward college admission success! Applying to college can be a daunting process, but with the expert help of CliffsNotes, you'll get all the advice you need to navigate your way through the entire admission process and get into the school of your dreams. Inside, you'll get: What College Admission Officers Are Looking for What You Should Be Looking for in Colleges Planning Worthwhile Campus Visits How to Write a Winning Personal Statement Do's and Don'ts for Essay Writing Sample Essays That Worked Application Nuts and Bolts How to Salvage Your Senior Year How to Pay for College Appendices Packed with Useful Web Sites and National Scholarships

SAT Critical Reading and Writing Prep Course

Nonrestrictive examples: My high school English teacher, Mr. Roper, taught me how to use commas properly. She drove her new car, a Honda ... On the other hand, some appositives are essential to capture the full meaning of the sentence.

Author: Jeff Kolby

Publisher: Nova Press

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Comprehensive Prep for SAT Critical Reading and Writing. Every year, students pay $1,000 and more to test prep companies to prepare for the Critical Reading and Writing sections of the SAT. Now you can get the same preparation in a book. Although the SAT Reading and Writing sections are difficult, they are very learnable. SAT Critical Reading and Writing Prep Course presents a thorough analysis of SAT reading and writing and introduces numerous analytic techniques that will help you immensely, not only on the SAT but in college as well. Features: * Reading: Develop the ability to spot places from which questions are likely to be drawn as you read a passage. (pivotal words, counter-premises, etc.) * Writing: Comprehensive analysis of the essay, including writing techniques, punctuation, grammar, rhetoric, and style. * Vocabulary: Learn the essential 4000 SAT words and the 400 high-frequency words. Also, learn how to conjure the meaning of words that you barely recognize. * Performance: If your target is a 700+ score, this is the book!

Master the SAT Critical Reading

Most families' budgets are already strained without adding the expenses of materials, tutors, or commercial courses— especially since test preparation comes at a time when parents are trying to save up money for college tuition.

Author: Peterson's

Publisher: Peterson's

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Peterson's Master the SAT 2013 provides a wealth of test-taking strategies and helps students prepare for the SAT with extensive reviews and 9 full-length practice tests to help sharpen math, writing, and critical reading skills. In addition, "Parents' Guide to College Admission Testing," provides advice for parents on subjects such as what tests your high school student should take, how to motivate your child, and what role to play in the college admissions process. 9 full-length practice tests (including access to 3 online), with detailed answer explanations for each exam question "Parents' Guide to College Admission Testing," provides advice on how parents can motivate their children, what tests high school students should take, and what role parents should play in the college admissions process Free online access to hundreds of in-depth college and university descriptions, offering information on degrees, student life, admission requirements, and application information Extensive reviews of all subjects appearing on the SAT, including essay writing, higher-level math, and reading comprehension. User-friendly design, with bulleted roadmaps and chapter summaries formulated so that high school students can work through the exercises at their own pace Vocabulary review with exercises and practice test questions included in a FREE copy of Peterson's Ultimate Word Success eBook available online.

How to Help Your Child Succeed on the SAT ACT

Reading and Writing. ... Let's say, e.g., that your PSAT or Kaplan scores come back with critical reading at the 82nd %ile, writing/grammar ... An alternative approach wherein often this problem is solved is oneonone private tutoring.

Author: Mark Richman

Publisher: iUniverse

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Your Child Can Survive and Thrive on the SAT and ACT Exams "How To Help Your Child Succeed on the SAT and ACT" will serve as your road map to ease you along the often bumpy, unpaved and pothole - filled highway to successful results on these important College entrance exams. This book has helped thousands of parents greatly improve the SAT and ACT Exam results of their children. It can help you and your children as well. Discover how easy it is to: – Increase Scores In All SAT/ACT Exam Areas: Math, Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Essay Writing, and Science. Through a unique combination of strategies, guidance, suggestions, networking, using both new as well as traditional techniques, your children will become motivated to study and will even look forward to their exam prep. They will be provided with opportunities for positive outcomes and the building of confidence in a framework of success and excitement. – Manage Their Study Time and Preparation. Mr. Richman will supply you with a blueprint for successful exam preparation via a structured system of procedures that will answer nearly all of your SAT/ACT preparation questions and will cover nearly every situation that could arise in this critical exam planning. – Build Pupil Self-Esteem. This book will help you gain the insight necessary to aid your children in increasing their self-esteem, so critically important to their personality development and exam success. "Mark Richman has been extremely successful in his 44 years of teaching and tutoring. He is an amazing SAT/ACT tutor who has helped my three children prepare for (and succeed on) these college entrance exams. I highly recommend this superb book." – Paul Fili, 30 Year Veteran Teacher - NYC Public Schools

B Grades A College Application

Tutors don't always require students to take full-length practice exams, so they may not have the endurance to complete the ... The reading section is similar to the critical reading section of the SAT and consists of four passages, ...

Author: Joie Jager-Hyman

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

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This alternative college guide from a former Dartmouth assistant admissions director-turned-consultant gives non-straight-A students advice on the many options available to them and tips on how to identify, gain admittance to, and pay for the schools that will allow them to flourish. Less-than-perfect grades? No problem! Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need to have a 4.0 GPA or a perfect jump shot to get into a good college. This insider’s guide reveals easy tweaks that will pay off big-time in showing admissions officers that you as a whole—not just your SAT scores—are a perfect fit for their incoming class. With stellar advice on getting into schools that will allow you to thrive, this handbook reveals how to: Find great colleges that are a good match for your strengths (and will overlook less-relevant weaknesses) Painlessly beef up your application Tailor extracurriculars to showcase your uniqueness Make sure your recommendation letters emphasize the right qualities Write original essays that reveal traits beyond your transcript Make an impression on admissions officers and college interviewers Create an early-admissions strategy to increase your likelihood of acceptance Help your chances if you’re deferred Get into brand-name schools through the side door Communicate about learning disabilities or special circumstances Get scholarship money based on attributes other than grades Customize your financial aid strategy BONUS: Includes an appendix of 130+ selective colleges to consider!

Zen SAT Prep

Zen SAT Prep contains Pam Allen's best strategies for preparing to take the SAT. These are the strategies that Pam has developed from 15 years of experience as an SAT tutor.

Author: Pam Allen

Publisher: Hyperink Inc

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Have you been caught up in the frenzy over college admissions tests, feeling as though you ought to have started your preparation early in your high school career? Don't distress, de-stress because with the advice from Zen SAT Prep you can complete your preparation in six short weeks or less in the summer before your senior year and maximize your scores using sane and targeted techniques that will help you get the test out of your way. Zen SAT Prep contains Pam Allen's best strategies for preparing to take the SAT. These are the strategies that Pam has developed from 15 years of experience as an SAT tutor.

SAT For Dummies

A few SAT prep courses advise you to save time by reading only bits of the passages in the Critical Reading section. Bad idea, in my humble opinion. At least some of the questions in this section ask you to assess the entire piece, ...

Author: Geraldine Woods

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118102077

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The easy way to score your highest on the SAT Whether you are a student struggling with math, reading, or writing essays, this updated edition of SAT For Dummies offers advice for tackling the toughest questions, as well as hints and tips for making the most of the time available to complete each section. You'll get the information you need to focus on the areas that are most problematic for you to ensure that you achieve the best possible score. SAT For Dummies is for the millions of students who are preparing to take the SAT as part of the college application process. The SAT consists of nine separate, timed sections, which are broken down into 3 categories: Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. This new edition of SAT For Dummies gives students the tools, tips, and test-taking strategies to overcome anxiety on any (and every) part of the test. 5 full-length practice tests with detailed answers and explanations Review of foundational concepts for every section, from identifying root words and using commas correctly to solving math word problems and using the quadratic formula Complete explanations of every question type Practice questions for each of the test's 9 sections SAT For Dummies gives you the edge you need to successfully achieve the highest score possible!

How to Think about Law School

Start reading up on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and on the first year of law school (1L). ... Decide how you will prepare for the LSAT: independent study, a study group, a commercial prep course, a personal tutor, ...

Author: Michael Dillon

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781475802450

Category: Law

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Explains how to build a resume, gather information about law school and careers, prepare for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) and apply to law school, and looks at the law school curriculum, the importance of the first year (1L), the Law Review, clinical programs, summer associate positions and clerkships and seven lessons to carry from law school into legal practice

The Perfect Score Project

SAT test prep is not a coherent curriculum in math (though a good SAT course can offer a coherent curriculum in the ... not on critical reading, which is universally acknowledged as the most difficult of the three sections to tutor.

Author: Debbie Stier

Publisher: Harmony

ISBN: 9780307956699

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The Perfect Score Project is an indispensable guide to acing the SAT – as well as the affecting story of a single mom’s quest to light a fire under her teenage son. It all began as an attempt by Debbie Stier to help her high-school age son, Ethan, who would shortly be studying for the SAT. Aware that Ethan was a typical teenager (i.e., completely uninterested in any test) and that a mind-boggling menu of test-prep options existed, she decided – on his behalf -- to sample as many as she could to create the perfect SAT test-prep recipe. Debbie’s quest turned out to be an exercise in both hilarity and heartbreak as she took the SAT seven times in one year and in-between “went to school” on standardized testing. Here, she reveals why the SAT has become so important, the cottage industries it has spawned, what really works in preparing for the test and what is a waste of time. Both a toolbox of fresh tips and an amusing snapshot of parental love and wisdom colliding with teenage apathy, The Perfect Score Project rivets. In the book Debbie does it all: wrestles with Kaplan and Princeton Review, enrolls in Kumon, navigates, meets regularly with a premier grammar coach, takes a battery of intelligence tests, and even cadges free lessons from the world’s most prestigious (and expensive) test prep company. Along the way she answers the questions that plague every test-prep rookie, including: “When do I start?”...”Do the brand-name test prep services really deliver?”...”Which should I go with: a tutor, an SAT class, or self study?”...”Does test location really matter?” … “How do I find the right tutor?”… “How do SAT scores affect merit aid?”... and “What’s the one thing I need to know?” The Perfect Score Project’s combination of charm, authority, and unexpected poignancy makes it one of the most compulsively readable guides to SAT test prep ever – and a book that will make you think hard about what really matters.


To calm her nerves, Erin's parents send her to a weekly SAT tutor. ... the new and improved SAT Verbal Exam will be called the SAT Critical Reading Exam and will include a supposedly less-coachable essay test called the SAT Writing Exam ...

Author: Alissa Quart

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780786740963

Category: Psychology

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Generation Y has grown up in an age of the brand, bombarded by name products. In Branded, Alissa Quart illuminates the unsettling new reality of marketing to teenagers, as well as the quieter but no less worrisome forms of teen branding: the teen consultants who work for corporations in exchange for product; the girls obsessed with cosmetic surgery who will do anything to look like women on TV; and those teens simply obsessed with admission into a name-brand college. We also meet the pockets of kids attempting to turn the tables on the cocksure corporations that so cynically strive to manipulate them. Chilling, thought-provoking, even darkly amusing, Branded brings one of the most disturbing and least talked about results of contemporary business and culture to the fore-and ensures that we will never look at today's youth the same way again.

The Publishers Weekly

As college applicationsand tuition costs— reach record highs , the big news is the classic SAT'S major revision by ... for a A diagnostic test Botter Test Score Sklength practice testsPreparation for the new Critical Reading All ...



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SAT Unlocked II

SAT Unlocked II is a complete SAT training program shows you step-by-step how to master all of the subjects tested on the SAT Reasoning Test (SAT I). Developed over many years of SAT tutoring with hundreds of individual students, SAT ...

Author: Elegus Corp.


ISBN: 0983846014


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SAT Unlocked II is a complete SAT training program shows you step-by-step how to master all of the subjects tested on the SAT Reasoning Test (SAT I). Developed over many years of SAT tutoring with hundreds of individual students, SAT Unlocked II is a proven and uniquely effective program that will maximize your SAT score.SAT Unlocked shows you a simple, straightforward strategy for Critical Reading that is effective with students at every reading level. A hands-on tutorial guides you step by step through actual passages as you learn a strategy that systematically targets the fundamental reason students most often miss passage reading questions. SAT Unlocked II also shows you easy and effective strategies for handling vocabulary-based questions. SAT Unlocked II organizes every SAT Math and Writing multiple choice question in the Official SAT Study Guide (OSSG) by topic and difficulty. By reading the topic descriptions, practicing the exercises, and answering the OSSG questions, you will quickly and efficiently learn how to answer any type of Math or Writing question you are likely to see on the actual SAT.SAT Unlocked's Essay Writing chapter shows you an easy way to write high scoring essaysusing an SAT-optimized format. Brain storming exercises, timing strategies, and an example essay are also included to get you ready.Day-of-Test Preparation tips help ensure you score your best. SAT Unlocked II also includes many useful test taking strategies, tips, and tricks throughout to give you that extra edge.

McGraw Hill s 12 SAT Practice Tests with PSAT 2ed

It assess skills that are essential to success in a competitive liberal-arts college: written argumentation, critical reading, and mathematical analysis. Competitive colleges need the SAT because course grades are, unfortunately, ...


Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional




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