National Prisoner Statistics

PERSONNEL IN STATE AND FEDERAL INSTITUTIONS : 1960 FIGURE A Full - time Employees and Prisoners Confined in State and ... Notwithstanding the three important factors , prisoner - einployee ratios have value since differences in these ...



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Prisoner s Fight

PRISONER'S FIGHT CONNOR WHITELEY No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means. Including information storage, and retrieval systems, without written permission from the author except for ...

Author: Connor Whiteley

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An Innocent Prisoner. An attack. A Prison Break. In the far future, prison ships are a cruel reality. Ito serves for a crime he did not commit. Someone attacks his ship. Ito breaks free. Can he escape the prison ship? Or will the attackers reveal themselves? If you love enthralling, compelling science fiction short stories, you’ll love this! BUY NOW!

The Prisoner s Antecedents Statistics Concerning the Previous Life of Offenders Committed to State and Federal Prisons and Reformatories

If answer to 28 is " No , " give name of village , town , or city in which prisoner resided ... 30. Number of times prisoner has been previously committed to ( 1 ) Institution for juvenile delinquents .. ( 2 ) Jail , house of correction ...

Author: United States. Bureau of the Census


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8115 A Prisoner s Home

A Prisoner's Home Alf Kumalo. but there was to be no rest on the part of the security police as far as harassing the residents of 8115 was concerned. In 1971 a gunman was caught in the tiny yard of 8115. A year later, security police ...

Author: Alf Kumalo

Publisher: Penguin Random House South Africa

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In his autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom, Nelson Mandela describes his house at 8115 Vilakazi Street, Soweto, as '... identical to hundreds of others ... it had the same standard tin roof, the same cement floor, a narrow kitchen, and a bucket toilet at the back.' Little did Mandela know when he first moved into the house in 1946 that it would become the stage for some of the most important political events in South Africa's turbulent history and, in recent times, a cultural landmark visited by thousands of tourists each year. Renowned photographer and close family friend Alf Kumalo captured the day-to-day life of the Mandelas - the raids by the security police and intimate family moments, both of joy and sorrow, as well as Mandela's return to his home after his release from prison in 1990, twenty-eight years after he had left it. Using this unassuming house as the setting, 8115: A Prisoner's Home collects some of Kumalo's most historically important and beautiful images of the Mandela family and their home, giving us a unique insight into the life of the family who would have a profound effect on South Africa's political landscape.

The Prisoner s Escape Manual

One does not have to be under the constraints of an oppressive ruler or incarcerated behind prison walls to be a prisoner. Most captives have never experienced these situations; nevertheless, they are prisoners.

Author: Steve Cleckler

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Do you sometimes feel like a prisoner? Do you long to be free? Well, if so, you are not alone. We all feel this way from time to time. The truth is, you do not have to be incarcerated behind prison walls and bars of iron to be a prisoner. You might be a prisoner of feeling that there is a great distance between you and your Creator. You might be a prisoner of feeling that you have no purpose and wondering if God really cares and has a plan for you. You might be a prisoner of feeling that you are just living out religion without a real sense of relationship with God. The truth is, spiritual bondage comes in many forms.This book is about escaping spiritual bondage. It is designed to help you see that you were not an accident. You were created in God's image. You have a destiny designed by Him. He has made all the provisions needed to experience relationship and fellowship with Him.This book is about finding a scriptural way out of spiritual bondage. It is about finding spiritual freedom even in the grips of earthly captivity. This type of escape, this type of true freedom, can only be found in Jesus the Christ. Jesus said He came to set the captive free. Do you want to know His freedom? Read and apply The Prisoner's Escape Manual.74

International Prisoner Transfer

A-359 Appendix M: Department of Justice Guidelines for Evaluating Prisoner Applications for Transfer and United States Attorneys Manual Materials Relating to Prisoner Transfer Program A-377 • Department of Justice Guidelines for ...

Author: Michael Abbell

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This is by far the most comprehensive and authoritative source for lawyers, prosecutors, and judges who may be faced with obtaining evidence abroad, international extradition, or international transfer of prisoners. The treatise describes the procedures governing the transfer of sentenced foreign nationals from the United States to serve the remainder of their sentences in their native countries, and of United States nationals sentenced in foreign countries to serve the remainder of their sentences in the United States. It discusses the staturoy and treaty framework regulating the transfer of sentenced persons to and from the United States, as well as the case law interpreting those statutes and treaties. Appendices contain United States statutes and regulations, U.S. Department of Justice Manual materials, and all treaties governing the transfer of prisoners to and from the United States.

I Am an Ex prisoner

The special class prisoners I have mentioned so far were all Europeans. There were also three Africans, among them a Chief who after spending five months was released when his appeal to the Federal Supreme Court was upheld.

Author: Chike Agbu


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The Prisoner s Philosophy

Fr. John Fortin, O.S.B., Saint Anselm College "The Prisoners Philosophy is an excellent work both of scholarship and of communication in support of a provocative thesis. Relihan and Heise present the Consolation as a new beginning for ...

Author: Joel C. Relihan


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The Roman philosopher Boethius (c. 480-524) is best known for the Consolation of Philosophy, one of the most frequently cited texts in medieval literature. In the Consolation, an unnamed Boethius sits in prison awaiting execution when his muse Philosophy appears to him. Her offer to teach him who he truly is and to lead him to his heavenly home becomes a debate about how to come to terms with evil, freedom, and providence. The conventional reading of the Consolation is that it is a defense of pagan philosophy; nevertheless, many readers who accept this basic argument find that the ending is ambiguous and that Philosophy has not, finally, given the prisoner the comfort she had promised. In The Prisoner's Philosophy, Joel C. Relihan delivers a genuinely new reading of the Consolation. He argues that it is a Christian work dramatizing not the truths of philosophy as a whole, but the limits of pagan philosophy in particular. He views it as one of a number of literary experiments of late antiquity, taking its place alongside Augustine's Confessions and Soliloquies as a spiritual meditation, as an attempt by Boethius to speak objectively about the life of the mind and its relation to God. Relihan discerns three fundamental stories intertwined in the Consolation an ironic retelling of Plato's Crito, an adaptation of Lucian's Jupiter Confutatus, and a sober reduction of Job to a quiet dialogue in which the wounded innocent ultimately learns wisdom in silence. Relihan's claim that Boethius's text was written as a Menippean satire does not rest merely on identifying a mixture of disparate literary influences on the text, or on the combination of verse and prose or of fantasy and morality. More important, Relihan argues, Boethius deliberately dramatizes the act of writing about systematic knowledge in a way that calls into question the value of that knowledge. Philosophy's attempt to lead an exile to God's heaven is rejected; the exile comes to accept the value of the phenomenal world, and theology replaces philosophy to explain the place of human beings in the order of the world. Boethius Christianizes the genre of Menippean satire, and his Consolation is a work about humility and prayer. "Acknowledging that the Consolation of Philosophy is 'over-familiar and under-read, ' Joel Relihan puts to the side old bromides about the work and instead pays careful attention to the narrative(s) Boethius constructs, grounding his readings in the contexts the work cultivates, especially its Menippean elements. The result is perhaps the first satisfying reading of the Consolation to be produced, a satisfaction felt also in the ways Relihan mirrors Boethius himself in the thoroughness of his scholarship and the elegance of his exposition. No one who studies Boethius will be able to ignore this book." --Joseph Pucci, Brown University "Anyone who has been fascinated, intrigued, or perhaps puzzled by the meaning, structure, or argument of Boethius's Consolation of Philosophy will find Joel Relihan's new book a welcome addition to the study of this core text of the early medieval world whose influence extends to the present time. Relihan's study is a tour de force that belongs in the library of all those who appreciate Boethius's depth and subtlety. Fortune's wheel has indeed turned in the favor of those who wish to explore with Relihan the intricacies and brilliance of the Consolation." --Fr. John Fortin, O.S.B., Saint Anselm College

A Prisoner s Duty

Author: Robert C. Doyle

Publisher: Naval Inst Press

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Looks at historical escapes by American servicemen and civilians, and explores the characteristics of a person who tries to escape and one who does not