Principles of Behavioral Genetics

... which is the underlying genetic principle that enables the nervous system to express behaviors. Neuroscience has led the way in this endeavor, and a variety of excellent textbooks on behavioral neuroscience have become available.

Author: Robert RH Anholt

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 0080919898

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Principles of Behavioral Genetics provides an introduction to the fascinating science that aims to understand how our genes determine what makes us tick. It presents a comprehensive overview of the relationship between genes, brain, and behavior. Introductory chapters give clear explanations of basic processes of the nervous system and fundamental principles of genetics of complex traits without excessive statistical jargon. Individual chapters describe the genetics of social interactions, olfaction and taste, memory and learning, circadian behavior, locomotion, sleep, and addiction, as well as the evolution of behavior. Whereas the focus is on genetics, neurobiological and ecological aspects are also included to provide intellectual breadth. The book uses examples that span the gamut from classical model organisms to non-model systems and human biology, and include both laboratory and field studies. Samples of historical information accentuate the text to provide the reader with an appreciation of the history of the field. This book will be a valuable resource for future generations of scientists who focus on the field of behavioral genetics. Defines the emerging science of behavioral genetics Engagingly written by two leading experts in behavioral genetics Clear explanations of basic quantitative genetic, neurogenetic and genomic applications to the study of behavior Numerous examples ranging from model organisms to non-model systems and humans Concise overviews and summaries for each chapter

Principles of Behavioral Neurology

In SCHMITT , FO , AND WARDEN , FG ( EDS ) : The Neuroscience : Third Study Program . ... NARABAYASHI , H , Nagao , T , Saito , Y , YOSHIDA , M , AND Nagahata , M : Stereotaxic amygPRINCIPLES OF BEHAVIORAL NEUROLOGY 66 . 208.

Author: M.-Marsel Mesulam

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: UOM:39015009559983

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Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience

Principles of Behavioral Neurology. Philadelphia: F.A. Davis, 1985:1–70. Cummings JL, Cunningham K. Obsessive-compulsive disorder in Huntington's disease. Biol Psychiatry 1992a;31:263–270. Cummings JL, Mendez MF.

Author: Jeffrey L. Cummings

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195138580

Category: Medical

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Comprehensive authored description of the clinical presentations, treatment, and neurological underpinnings of neuropsychiatric disorders.

Principles of Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology

Changes for this second edition include the reflection throughout the book of the new and flourishing alliance of behavioral neurology, neuropsychology, and neuropsychiatry with cognitive science;major revision of all chapters; new ...

Author: M.-Marsel Mesulam

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195134759

Category: Medical

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This thoroughly revised new edition of a classic book provides a clinically inspired but scientifically guided approach to the biological foundations of human mental function in health and disease. It includes authoritative coverage of all the major areas related to behavioral neurology, neuropsychology, and neuropsychiatry. Each chapter, written by a world-renowned expert in the relevant area, provides an introductory background as well as an up-to-date review of the most recent developments. Clinical relevance is emphasized but is placed in the context of cognitive neuroscience, basic neuroscience, and functional imaging. Major cognitive domains such as frontal lobe function, attention and neglect, memory, language, prosody, complex visual processing, and object identification are reviewed in detail. A comprehensive chapter on behavioral neuroanatomy provides a background for brain-behavior interactions in the cerebral cortex, limbic system, basal ganglia, thalamus, and cerebullum. Chapters on temperolimbic epilepsy, major psychiatric syndromes, and dementia provide in-depth analyses of these neurobehavioral entities and their neurobiological coordinates. Changes for this second edition include the reflection throughout the book of the new and flourishing alliance of behavioral neurology, neuropsychology, and neuropsychiatry with cognitive science;major revision of all chapters; new authorship of those on language and memory; and the inclusion of entirely new chapters on psychiatric syndromes and the dementias. Both as a textbook and a reference work, the second edition of Principles of Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology represents an invaluable resource for behavioral neurologists, neuropsychologists, neuropsychiatrists, cognitive and basic neuroscientists, geriatricians, physiatrists, and their students and trainees.

Behavioral Neurology Neuropsychiatry

In Mesulam M-M, editor. Principles of Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology. Oxford: Oxford University Press; 2000, pp. 121-73. Cummings IL, Mega MS. Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience. Oxford: Oxford University Press; 2003.

Author: David B. Arciniegas

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521875011

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The merger of behavioral neurology and neuropsychiatry into a single medical subspecialty, Behavioral Neurology & Neuropsychiatry, requires an understanding of brain-behavior relationships and a clinical approach that transcends the traditional perspectives of neurology and psychiatry. Designed as a primer of concepts and principles, and authored by a multidisciplinary group of internationally known clinical neuroscientists, this book divides into three sections: • Structural and Functional Neuroanatomy (Section I) addresses the neuroanatomy and phenomenology of cognition, emotion, and behavior • Clinical Assessment (Section II) describes neuropsychiatric history taking, neurological and mental status examinations, neuropsychological assessment, and neuroimaging, electrophysiologic, and laboratory methods • Treatment (Section III) discusses environmental, behavioral, rehabilitative, psychological, social, pharmacological, and procedural interventions for cognitive, emotional, and behavioral disorders. By emphasizing the principles of Behavioral Neurology & Neuropsychiatry, this book will improve your understanding of brain-behavior relationships and inform your care of patients and families affected by neurobehavioral disorders.

Introduction to Neuroscience I

Behavioral neuroscience, also known as biological psychology^ , biopsychology, or psychobiology^ is the application of the principles of biology (in particular neurobiology), to the study of physiological, genetic, and developmental ...


Publisher: Donald C. Cooper Ph.D.




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The Human Frontal Lobes Second Edition

Journal of Comparative Neurology, 229(3), 393–418. ... Face and voice expression identification in patients with emotional and behavioural changes following ventral frontal lobe ... Principles of behavioral and cognitive neurology.

Author: Bruce L. Miller

Publisher: Guilford Publications

ISBN: 9781462515011

Category: Psychology

Page: 688

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Now in a revised and expanded second edition, this authoritative work synthesizes the rapidly growing knowledge base on the human frontal lobes and their central role in behavior, cognition, health, and disease. Leading contributors address neuroanatomy, neurochemistry, and normal neuropsychological functioning, and describe the nature and consequences of frontal lobe dysfunction in specific neurological and psychiatric conditions. Second edition features include a new section on structural and functional neuroimaging and substantially expanded coverage of frontotemporal dementia and related disorders. Other new topics include self-consciousness, competence, and personality; new testing approaches; bipolar disorder; and adult-onset genetic disorders of the frontal lobes. The book is illustrated with nearly 100 figures.

Neurology Secrets E Book

Cummings JL, Mega MS: Neuropsychiatry and behavioral neuroscience. New York: Oxford University Press, 2003. Damasio AR, Damasio H: Aphasia and the neural basis of language. In Mesulam MM (ed): Principles of behavioral and cognitive ...

Author: Joseph S. Kass

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323369985

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Part of the bestselling Secrets Series, the updated sixth edition of Neurology Secrets continues to provide an up-to-date, concise overview of the most important topics in neurology today. It serves as a comprehensive introduction for medical students, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners, and is also a handy reference and refresher for residents and practitioners. Lists, tables, and clear illustrations throughout expedite review, while the engaging Secrets Series format makes the text both enjoyable and readable. New lead editors, Drs. Kass and Mizrahi, join this publication from a leading neurology program to lend a fresh perspective and expert knowledge. Expedites reference and review with a question-and-answer format, bulleted lists, and practical tips from the authors. Covers the full range of essential topics in understanding the practice of neurology. Features "Key Points" boxes to further enhance your reference power. Presents a chapter containing "Top 100 Secrets" for an overview of essential material for last-minute study or self-assessment. Fits comfortably in the pocket of your lab coat to allow quick access to essential information. Completely revised content covers all of today's most common neurologic conditions and their treatments. New lead editors offer a fresh perspective and expert knowledge.

Oxford Handbook of Developmental Behavioral Neuroscience

psychobiology, developmental neurobiology and behavioral ecology: Mechanisms and early principles (pp. 199–228). New York: Plenum Press. Bolles, R. C., & Woods, P.J. (1964). The ontogeny of behavior in the albino rat.

Author: Mark S. Blumberg

Publisher: OUP USA

ISBN: 9780195314731

Category: Medical

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This is a seminal reference work in the field of developmental behavioural neuroscience, which has emerged in recent years as an important sister discipline to developmental psychobiology. The handbook provides an introduction to recent advances in research at the intersection of developmental science and behavioural neuroscience.