The 7 a Meal Pressure Cooker Cookbook

301 Delicious Meals You Can Prepare Quickly for the Whole Family Chef Susan Irby. and your house by spending hours roasting a chicken, pork roast, or spare ribs. You can cook those hearty foods in half the time or less, saving you not ...

Author: Susan Irby

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781440509988

Category: Cooking

Page: 336

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Today's new pressure cookers are the modern cook's ultimate time-saver--and now you can slash cooking time 70 percent and cut costs at the same time! In this one-of-a-kind collection, you'll find hundreds of delicious, nutritious recipes that won't break the bank, including: Rosemary Pork Shoulders with Apples, Chicken Bordeaux, Catfish in Creole Sauce, Swiss Chard and Vegetables in Parmesan Sauce, and Molten Fudge Pudding Cake! For that slow-cooked taste in far less time, this cookbook is the perfect solution for busy cooks on a budget!

The Power Pressure Cooker XL Cookbook

The Power Pressure Cooker XL Cookbook 123 Delicious Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes For The Whole Family Whitley Fox Copyright © 2016 by Whitley Fox All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, ...

Author: Whitley Fox

Publisher: Mayorline via PublishDrive

ISBN: PKEY:6610000040063

Category: Cooking

Page: 231

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The Power Pressure Cooker XL Makes Cooking So, So Easy! Cooking has never been easier with the Power Pressure Cooker XL. The Power Pressure Cooker XL is highly efficient — using the power pressure of steam to cook so quickly and so richly. With just a push of a button, you get to prepare all your favourite dishes with all of their minerals and vitamins locked within them. From sautéing, stewing and steaming to slow cooking, canning, warming and lots more, the Power Pressure Cooker XL, with its One-Touch Preset Buttons, Pre-Programmed Smart Settings and Flavor Infusion Technology has been programmed to make cooking a quick and incredibly delightful experience. In this book are 123 delicious electric power pressure cooker recipes that includes, breakfast, brunch, beef, poultry, pork, seafood, vegetables, soups, stews, desserts and more. Meat and seafood cooked in Your Power Pressure Cooker XL retain their intense flavor without added fat; vegetables also come out tender-crisp, with their fiber intact. For those who love to eat nutritious home-cooked meals, this book is for you! So What Are You Waiting For? Cook Incredible Meals In Your Power Pressure Cooker XL Today

The Everything Healthy Pressure Cooker Cookbook

Mushroom Chicken with Potatoes This is a wonderful one-pot meal for the whole family. Serve with fresh grilled vegetables or a simple salad of sliced romaine with your favorite dressing. INGREDIENTS | SERVES 6 1 tablespoon olive oil 4 ...

Author: Laura Pazzaglia

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781440541872

Category: Cooking

Page: 304

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Enjoy quick, easy, and wholesome meals every day! The pressure cooker makes crafting healthy and delicious meals for the entire family seem effortless! It not only reduces cooking times by 60% to 90%, but it will also help you save money and preserve the essential vitamins in your food, so you can eat healthier without spending all day in the kitchen. Inside this cookbook, you'll find 300 quick and flavorful recipes, including: Baba Ganoush Pasta and Chickpea Minestrone Lentil and Black Bean Chili Spicy Ginger Chicken Cranberry and Walnut Braised Turkey Wings Beef and Guinness Stew Maple-Glazed Ham with Raisins Coconut Fish Curry Jambalaya with Chicken, Sausage, and Shrimp Lemon Pot de Creme Molten Chocolate Mug Cake And hundreds more! With The Everything Healthy Pressure Cooker Cookbook, you'll create hearty meals with fresh vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, and fiber-rich legumes. It's time to make your everyday cooking easier and more nutritious!

Pressure Cooker Cookbook for the Whole Family

This all-in-one pressure cooker cookbook will teach you to serve up mouthwatering recipes you can set and savour in no time. Buy it Now and let your customers get addicted to this amazing book!

Author: Melisa L. Anderson


ISBN: 1667110098

Category: Cooking

Page: 110

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***55% OFF for Bookstores! LAST DAYS*** Do you want to cook tasty dishes quickly? Your Customers Never Stop to Use this Awesome book! An pressure cooker is one of the easiest and most convenient tools for cooking fast, delicious, and mess-free meals, even when your schedule is jam-packed. This all-in-one pressure cooker cookbook will teach you to serve up mouthwatering recipes you can set and savour in no time. Buy it Now and let your customers get addicted to this amazing book!

The New Pressure Cooker Cookbook

The pressure cooker makes cooking more accessible, as it allows us to get the kind of meal we're looking for ... Not only will these recipes produce delicious meals for the whole family, but they will also inspire creativity that will ...

Author: Jake Grogan

Publisher: Cider Mill Press

ISBN: 9781604337150

Category: Cooking

Page: 224

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Slow Cooking, Done Fast! Discover more than 175 delicious recipes—from easy appetizers to mouth-watering main dishes—perfect for any pressure cooker! Why wait hours for your dinner to simmer on the stovetop, when a pressure cooker can produce delectable results in minutes? This unbelievably quick and easy kitchen tool can cook up to 70% faster than a slow cooker or oven, and the results are always rich, flavorful, and satisfying. The New Pressure Cooker Cookbook presents more than 175 recipes tailor-made for your electric or stovetop pressure cooker, covering every meal from breakfast to desserts, including: *Chicken Bone Broth *Homemade Ketchup *Creamy Cauliflower Soup *Spicy Mexican Beef Stew *Stuffed Bell Peppers *Beer-Soaked Chicken *Beef Short Ribs with Rosemary *Sweet Barbecue Pork *Swordfish with Lemon and Capers *Cilantro Lime Rice *Loaded Mac and Cheese *Baked Apples *Chocolate Cake. With tips on making recipes Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo, and Gluten-Free, this book has something for every lifestyle! Packed with information about the best ways to use, clean, and store your pressure cooker, plus the ideal cooking times and temperatures for any key ingredient, this is the only pressure cooker cookbook you’ll ever need.

So Fast So Easy Pressure Cooker Cookbook

More Than 725 Fresh, Delicious Recipes for Electric and Stovetop Pressure Cookers Beth Hensperger, Julie Kaufmann ... to prepare a whole meal for a one- or two-person household or to make one side dish for a family, such as potatoes.

Author: Beth Hensperger

Publisher: Stackpole Books

ISBN: 9780811763202

Category: Cooking

Page: 600

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What's not to love about the pressure cooker? Using pressure created by super-heated steam, the pressure cooker can cut cook times by 70 percent, meaning dinner is on the table faster, and with significantly less energy use. Your dinner will be more nutrient-rich because vitamins and other good things won't be lost in evaporating steam. And it will taste delicious and succulent because none of the food's moisture has been allowed to escape. Finally, today's modern pressure cooker has been re-engineered for safety and ease of use, including the development of the electric pressure cooker.

The Pressure Cooker Cookbook Revised

Release pressure according to manufacturer's directions. Remove lid. Combine cornstarch with juice ... Stir into the cooking juices. ... Full of traditional Greek flavors, this stew will become a healthy favorite for the whole family.

Author: Toula Patsalis

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440625206

Category: Cooking

Page: 224

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This greatly expanded and revised edition of The Pressure Cooker Cookbook confirms the versatility and ease of using modern pressure cookers to prepare quick, healthy, and flavorful dishes. From appetizers, soups and "cooked" salads to stews, roasts, side dishes, and desserts, Toula Patsalis offers more than 250 easy-to-prepare recipes for today's on-the-go lifestyle.

Instant Pot Cookbook

Purchasing this BIG Recipes Book, You Get Health & Wealth for Whole Your Family!

Author: Marie Paul


ISBN: 154813449X


Page: 144

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Purchasing this BIG Recipes Book, You Get Health & Wealth for Whole Your Family! Be Smart - Get the Most from Your Instant Pot! SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICING: $33.99! Regularly priced: 39.99 Choose which one you like more? The Book Available in 3 Editions: Kindle Edition Paperback - Full Color Edition Paperback - Black & White Edition Scroll Up, Buy Now & Cook! You're Gonna Absolutely Love These Recipes Book You'll Never Guess What Makes These Recipes So Unique! After reading this book, you will be able to: Combine Unusual Flavors Use New Techniques Check Helpful Photographs and Tables Get Equally Delicious Results Find Ideal Recipes for Beginners Get ingredients For the Perfect Instant Meal These recipes are fantastic for satisfying all your family members! crowd-pleasing mouth-watering photos fun tips plenty of meat impressive side dishes instructive & easy to comprehend Now, you're probably wondering... Why you need this book? These recipes will give you: Good time with family & friends More flavor, smell, and, yes, the compliments. Opportunity to lose weight Dinnertime secrets Tender meat that falls off the bone Whether you're looking for a beginner's guide, seeking some dinner ideas, or just trying to get some mouth-watering recipes you'll be inspired to start cooking! "Umm, what now? Here's Some Recipes to Try! Teriyaki Chicken Wings Chicken Pot Roast Traditional Chicken Breasts with Grapefruit Sauce Colombian Chicken Stew Sweet & Sour Apricot Chicken Spicy Brown Rice Black Bean Salad Minced Lamb and Sausage Meat Balls King Crab lunch Shrimp with Worcestershire Sauce Chicken with Carrots and Dates Lamb Soup or Harira Lamb Barley Stew Lamb Ribs Curry As a GIFT I'm going to give you a BONUSSSS!! - "Pressure Cooker Recipes e-Book" for FREE. Just Click on "Buy now with 1-Click (r)" And Start Your Journey Towards the Pressure Cooking World Today I look forward to getting you started on some of my most favorite recipes that I've ever shared. Trust me; it's worth it! Today for Only $39.99 $33.99. Scroll Up and Start Enjoying This Amazing Deal Instantly Tags: instant pot cookbook, fagor pressure cooker cookbook, an ultimate guide to the new electric pressure cooker kindle edition, multicooker cookbook, everyday instant pot, cuisinart pressure cooker cookbook, small pressure cooker recipes, instant pot cookbook, electric pressure cooker cookbook, pressure cooker recipes, instant pot recipes, paleo instant pot cookbook, pressure cooker recipe book, electric pressure cooker book, electric pressure cooker cookbooks, instant pot book, pressure cooker recipe, pressure cooker recipes cookbook, instant pot cookbooks, electric pressure cooker cookbook, pressure cooker cookbook kindle, cookbooks pressure cooker, pressure cooker healthy cookbook, pressure cooker recipes kindle, instant pot pressure cooker recipes, pressure cookers cookbooks, pressure cooker recipebook, ebook pressure cooker

The Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook

A meal the whole family will cheer for. 4 large (about 2 pounds, or 907 g) boneless skinless chicken breasts, diced into bite-size pieces Salt and freshly ground black pepper, for seasoning 1 tablespoon (15 ml) vegetable oil 1⁄2 cup (80 ...

Author: Barbara Schieving


ISBN: 9781558328969

Category: Cooking

Page: 304

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Pressure cookers are undergoing a stunning revival—with an electric twist. The new electric pressure cookers are fast-cooking devices that make it possible to come home from work and have a home-cooked, healthy dinner on the table in 15 or 20 minutes. They are easy, safe, and packed with features that previous generations’ stovetop models did not have. They offer the shortest route from here to dinner! In The Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook, the world’s leading blogger on pressure cooking, Barbara Schieving (of the blog, has created over 200 new family-friendly recipes that are big on flavor, imaginative in their variety, and easy to make, featuring lots of fresh, natural, and nutritious ingredients. These recipes are written for any electric pressure cooker, whether the Instant Pot or the popular models from Cuisinart, Fagor, Power Pressure Cooker, T-fal, and other makers. The book includes: lots of tips and tricks that help you get the most from your pressure cooker, no matter what brand you own; two chapters, “Shortcut Dinners” and “30-Minute Meals,” for terrific weeknight meals on the fly, and another, “Sunday Suppers,” for special weekend gatherings; and recipes for every taste and diet, from robust meat and chicken dishes to vegetarian mains and sides, plus healthy breakfasts, tasty sandwiches and tacos, soothing soups and stews, and a big chapter full of quick and easy desserts. “Barbara is my go-to source for pressure cooking advice. These are family-favorite, crave-worthy, set-it-and-forget-it recipes that are ready in minutes and that I want to eat every day! I can't wait to try all 200 of them.” --Heidi Larsen, blogger, Foodie Crush ( “Who knew you could make cheesecake in a pressure cooker? Barbara shows how to prepare favorite dishes quickly and safely in the pressure cooker. With the capabilities of today’s electric pressure cookers, the possibilities are endless.” --Elise Bauer, founder, “Barbara’s book is one of the most comprehensive cookbooks on electric pressure cooking. It was a joy for me to try her recipes in the Instant Pot as I am sure it will be for you as well.” --Robert J. Wang, founder and CEO, Instant Pot Company

The Ultimate Pressure Cooker Cookbook for the Whole Family Flavorful Dessert Recipes for Lifelong Health

No matter if you're a solo eater, or if you cook for the whole family or friends - you'll always find dozens of recipes to satisfy everyone. Buy it Now and let your customers get addicted to this amazing book!

Author: Amanda J. Winship

Publisher: Amanda J. Winship

ISBN: 1008954187

Category: Cooking

Page: 116

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***55% OFF for Bookstores! LAST DAYS*** Looking for a way to cook the meals you enjoy at restaurants at home, quickly, and impress family and friends? Your Customers Never Stop to Use this Awesome book! Thanks to this great cooking device, the Instant Pot, cooking quick and budget-friendly meals is easier than ever. No matter if you're a solo eater, or if you cook for the whole family or friends - you'll always find dozens of recipes to satisfy everyone. Buy it Now and let your customers get addicted to this amazing book!