Preschool in Three Cultures Revisited

Featuring nearly one hundred stills from the videotapes, Preschool in Three Cultures Revisited artfully and insightfully illustrates the surprising, illuminating, and at times entertaining experiences of four-year-olds—and their ...

Author: Joseph Tobin

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226805054

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Published twenty years ago, the original Preschool in Three Cultures was a landmark in the study of education: a profoundly enlightening exploration of the different ways preschoolers are taught in China, Japan, and the United States. Here, lead author Joseph Tobin—along with new collaborators Yeh Hsueh and Mayumi Karasawa—revisits his original research to discover how two decades of globalization and sweeping social transformation have affected the way these three cultures educate and care for their youngest pupils. Putting their subjects’ responses into historical perspective, Tobin, Hsueh, and Karasawa analyze the pressures put on schools to evolve and to stay the same, discuss how the teachers adapt to these demands, and examine the patterns and processes of continuity and change in each country. Featuring nearly one hundred stills from the videotapes, Preschool in Three Cultures Revisited artfully and insightfully illustrates the surprising, illuminating, and at times entertaining experiences of four-year-olds—and their teachers—on both sides of the Pacific.

Preschool in Three Cultures Collection

In both the original and the new Preschool in Three Cultures studies we made videotapes of typical days in preschools in Japan, China, and the United States.



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In both the original and the new Preschool in Three Cultures studies we made videotapes of typical days in preschools in Japan, China, and the United States. In these studies, we used the videotapes as interviewing cues, as a non-verbal way of asking practitioners about their beliefs about what should happen in preschool settings. After completing the research, we re-edited the videotapes, adding narration that provides context and features the teachers' explanations for the practices seen in the videos. These edited, narrated videos are meant to be companions to Preschool in Three Cultures (Yale University Press, 1989) and Preschool in Three Cultures Revisited (University of Chicago Press, 2009).

Teaching Expertise in Three Countries

After years of my own apprenticeship to him, my advisor Joseph Tobin, the lead author of Preschool in Three Cultures Revisited (2009) and my coauthor on Teaching Embodied (2015), passed these research sites down to me, assisted in the ...

Author: Akiko Hayashi

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226818672

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"While many of us assume that experience makes teachers better at their jobs, remarkably little research has been done to understand how teachers develop expertise and how it affects their teaching. In Teaching Expertise in Three Countries, Akiko Hayashi gives us a remarkable look at the careers of teachers over the course of more than fifteen years. Not only does her research cover a remarkable timespan, it also studies teachers from three national contexts: Japan, China, and the United States. Hayashi builds on the research that began with Joseph Tobin et al.'s celebrated 1991 book Preschool in Three Cultures, examining six teachers profiled in Tobin's 2009 follow up Preschool in Three Cultures Revisited. Hayashi showed those six teachers videos shot in their classrooms twelve years earlier and asked them to reflect on how they have changed. She also interviewed 120 experienced childhood educators from China, Japan, and the US. The teachers' analysis of changes in teaching style and even the way they talked about their trajectory from novice to expert uncovered important cultural differences. While Japanese teachers described experienced educators as less "in their own heads," Chinese teachers said they took command of a classroom. And American teachers with experience reportedly knew when to let things go. Across the three cultures, experienced teachers also had remarkably similar things to say about their approach to teaching. Experienced teachers in all three cultures describe themselves as being quieter, knowing children better, being more "present" and "in the moment," and having better judgment about which incidents require their intervention. All the same, they followed different professional trajectories. While Chinese educators embraced new ideas and the younger educators that brought those ideas into the classroom, Japanese educators valued traditional methods. US educators were encouraged to adopt new research in their teaching practices, but the new ideas required them to follow rules and scripts, limiting their ability to make use of years of experience. Teaching Expertise in Three Countries helps us see how experience forms teachers, despite national differences, and how we can best support them to make use of their incredible knowledge"--

Culture across the Curriculum

Preschool in three cultures revisited: China, Japan, and the United States. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press. This book reports the work of Chinese, Japanese, and US researchers who studied preschools in the three cultures.

Author: Kenneth D. Keith

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108117616

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Culture across the Curriculum provides a useful handbook for psychology teachers in the major subfields of the discipline. From introductory psychology to the foundations in such areas as social psychology, statistics, research methods, memory, cognition, personality, and development, to such specialized courses as language, sexual minorities, and peace psychology, there is something here for virtually every teacher of psychology. In addition to discussions of the rationale for inclusion of cultural context in their areas of specialization, these experienced teachers also offer advice and ideas for teaching exercises and activities to support the teaching of a psychology of all people.

Bodies as Sites of Cultural Reflection in Early Childhood Education

s (1989) book Preschool in Three Cultures, Rachael was struck by how much of Tobin's writing resonated with her own ... Cultures Revisited (Tobin et al., 2009) present comparative views of Japanese, Chinese, and American preschools ...

Author: Rachael S. Burke

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317637004

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Taking the body as a locus for discussion, Rachael S. Burke and Judith Duncan argue not only that implicit cultural practices shape most of the interactions taking place in early childhood curricula and pedagogy but that many of these practices often go unnoticed or unrecognized as being pedagogy. Current scholars, inspired by Foucault, acknowledge that the body is socially and culturally produced and historically situated—it is simultaneously a part of nature and society as well as a representation of the way that nature and society can be conceived. Every natural symbol originating from the body contains and conveys a social meaning, and every culture selects its own meaning from the myriad of potential body symbolisms. Bodies as Sites of Cultural Reflection in Early Childhood Education uses empirical examples from qualitative fieldwork conducted in New Zealand and Japan to explore these theories and discuss the ways in which children’s bodies represent a central focus in teachers’ pedagogical discussions and create contexts for the embodiment of children’s experiences in the early years.

A Mirror for Americans

Preschool in Three Cultures Revisited. University of Chicago Press, 22–94. [A] Tobin, Joseph, Yeh Hsueh, & Mayumi Karasawa (2009b). Chapter 3: Japan. Preschool in Three Cultures Revisited ...

Author: Cornelius N. Grove

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 9781475844627

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What is the explanation for American students’ comparatively mediocre academic performance? A Mirror for Americans finds part of it in how they are taught in primary schools. Comparisons with East Asian teaching are supplied by 50 years of research findings. Grove asks not that we copy East Asian teaching approaches, but that we use them as a mirror to gain insights into typically American approaches and their underlying values, which are handicapping our children’s learning.

The Routledge International Handbook of Creative Learning

Introduction In this chapter we present examples of how contemporary preschools in China and Japan are approaching the ... The examples we draw on in this paper come from the study Preschool in Three Cultures Revisited (Tobin, 2009), ...

Author: Julian Sefton-Green

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136730047

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The concept of creative learning extends far beyond Arts-based learning or the development of individual creativity. It covers a range of processes and initiatives throughout the world that share common values, systems and practices aimed at making learning more creative. This applies at individual, classroom, or whole school level, always with the aim of fully realising young people’s potential. Until now there has been no single text bringing together the significant literature that explores the dimensions of creative learning, despite the work of artists in schools and the development of a cadre of creative teaching and learning specialists. Containing a mixture of newly commissioned chapters, reprints and updated versions of previous publications, this book brings together major theorists and current research. Comprising of key readings in creative education, it will stand as a uniquely authoritative text that will appeal to those involved in initial and continuing teacher education, as well as research academics and policy specialists. Sections include: a general introduction to the field of creative learning arts learning traditions, with sub sections on discrete art forms such as drama and visual art accounts of practice from artist-teacher partnerships whole school change and reforms curriculum change assessment evaluative case studies of impact and effect global studies of policy change around creative learning.

Japanese Education in an Era of Globalization

USING MULTIVOCAL ETHNOGRAPHY TO UNDERSTAND PRESCHOOL CHILDREN Preschool in Three Cultures. ... United States (Tobin, Wu, & Davidson) was published in 1989, followed by its sequel, 20 years later Preschool in Three Cultures Revisited.

Author: Gary DeCoker

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 9780807772089

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This volume documents the significant changes that have occurred in Japanese schools since the collapse of that nations economic bubble. Before the recession, Japan was the country that most others sought to emulate due to its students performance on standardized tests. Now, however, a different and more complicated picture of the Japanese education system emerges. This book places Japanese education in a global context, with particular attention given to how their education system is responding to changing expectations and pressures that emerge from rapid social change. Chapters written by respected scholars examine issues related to equality, academic achievement, privatization, population diversity, societal expectations, and the influence of the media, parents, and political movements. The research in this book will provide valuable lessons for policymakers and practitioners facing similar challenges.

Teaching Psychology around the World Volume 4

Cultural differences in the practice of breastfeeding, specifically whether babies are fed on-demand when the baby is hungry ... Preschool in Three Cultures (Tobin et al., 1989) and Preschool in Three Cultures Revisited (Tobin, Hseuh, ...

Author: Alfredo Padilla-López

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527520042

Category: Psychology

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This book provides a one-volume overview of psychology’s globalization, and will serve as a handbook for psychology professors around the globe wanting to internationalize and diversify their courses and curricula and seeking innovative ideas to enrich their teaching. Topics covered include practical tips to diversify specific courses, such as abnormal psychology, lifespan development, and psychotherapy, and innovative methods of assessment of student learning. Additionally, a number of chapters focus on describing the training of psychologists and the history and future of psychology education in various nations and regions. Co-edited by six distinguished, international academics, the thirty-three chapters represent each major geographic region around the world, with authors based in nations in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. Instructors of cross cultural, cultural, and international psychology and of multicultural education will be especially interested in the book, as will program evaluators, policy makers, and university administrators.

A Companion to Research in Education

(1989) set out to study “not only three cultures' preschools but also three cultures as seen through their preschools” (p. ... time with his recent study, Preschool in Three Cultures Revisited: China, Japan and the United States (2009).

Author: Alan D. Reid

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789400768093

Category: Education

Page: 606

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This volume offers a unique commentary on the diverse ways that educational inquiry is conceived, designed and critiqued. An international team of scholars examines cross-cutting themes of how research in education is conceptualised, characterised, contextualised, legitimated and represented. Contributions include specially commissioned essays, critical commentaries, vignettes, dialogues and cases. Each section discusses the significance of a complex terrain of ideas and critiques that can inform thinking and practice in educational research. The result is a thorough and accessible volume that offers fresh insights into the perspectives and challenges that shape diverse genres of research in education. ​