Poor Richard s Almanack

First published in 1733, this work shows Franklin's unusual and controversial approach of injecting witty, unexpected entries between standard tables of tides, planetary motion, and weather predictions in his Almanack.

Author: Benjamin Franklin


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First published in 1733, this work shows Franklin's unusual and controversial approach of injecting witty, unexpected entries between standard tables of tides, planetary motion, and weather predictions in his Almanack. It became the most popular book of it's kind in colonial America. This facsimile offers a unique and entertaining look at 18th century American life.

Proceedings American Philosophical Society vol 100 no 4

POOR RICHARD'S " ALMANACK " : 1733 “ An East Prospect of the City of Philadelphia : taken by George Heap from the Jersey Shore , [ Benjamin Franklin . ] Poor Richard , 1733 . under the Direction of Nicholas Scull Surveyor An Almanack ...


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Benjamin Franklin

Poor Richard : the almanacks for the years 1733-1758 / by Richard Saunders ; now containing an introduction by Van Wyck Brooks ; and embellish'd with ... Poor Richard's almanac , and other papers , by Benjamin Franklin ; with notes .

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Benjamin Franklin is generally considered one of America's most versatile and talented statesmen, scientists, and philosophers. His achievements include publisher of Poor Richard's Almanac and many articles on political, economic, religious, philosophical and scientific subjects. He was the inventor of bifocals, the Franklin stove, lightening rod, he was one of the signers of the 'Declaration of Independence', and the founder of, what is now the University of Pennsylvania. This book presents a detailed and riveting review of Franklin's life based on excerpts from the renowned 1899 book on Franklin by Sydney George Fisher. This overview is augmented by a substantial selective bibliography, which features access through title, subject and author indexes.

Franklin Bibliography

Poor Richard's Almanac / for / 1850 , / as written by / Benjamin Franklin , / for the years / 1733-1734–1735 . / The Astronomical calculations / by Prof. Benj . Peirce , of Harvard University , /.

Author: Paul Leicester Ford


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Poor Richard s Almanack and Other Writings

Kind Reader, Perhaps it may be expected that I should say something concerning an Almanack printed for the Year 1733, Said to be writ by Poor Richard or Richard Saunders, who for want of other matter was pleased to tell his Readers, ...

Author: Benjamin Franklin

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" A fascinating compilation of weather forecasts, recipes, jokes, and aphorisms, Poor Richard's Almanack debuted in 1732. This new edition presents hundreds of Franklin's maxims, along with selections from the Letters, Autobiography, and Franklin's Way to Wealth. An ideal resource for writers, public speakers, and students, this practical, charming little book will delight all readers with its folk wisdom"--

Poor Richard s almanack

The University of Kansas presents the text of the 1733 edition of "Poor Richard's Almanack.



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The Dover Anthology of American Literature Volume I

—The Pennsylvania Gazette (June 10, 1731) Poor Richard's Almanack After a “preface” by Franklin, which we have excerpted from the posthumously published Part 3 of his Autobiography, we share a selection of several dozen of Poor ...

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Compact, inexpensive anthology features contributions from Jonathan Edwards, Anne Bradstreet, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Edgar Allan Poe, Frederick Douglass, Walt Whitman, and many others. Includes introductory notes and suggestions for further reading.

The Quotable Founding Fathers

—BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (1706–1790) Poor Richard's Almanack 1733 To lengthen thy life lessen thy meals. —BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Poor Richard's Almanack 1733 Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Author: Buckner F. Melton

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No group is quoted--and misquoted--more often than America's founders. When a political controversy heats up, the nation's speechwriters, politicians, reporters, editorial writers, and talking heads try to influence the debate by quoting their words. Year in and year out, teachers and political buffs look to their wisdom to illuminate the issues. How much easier it would be to find every key quote by the founders in a single source. The Quotable Founding Fathers, edited by Buckner F. Melton, Jr., provides just that source--a compilation of some 2,500 quotes summing up the wit and wisdom of the founders. While some of these quotations can be found in general quotation compilations such as Bartlett's, these volumes offer only a fraction of what's available. The Quotable Founding Fathers mines deeper into the founders' essays, diaries, letters, speeches, and sermons to extract all the nuggets that are significant to the history of the country-- and to the ongoing debate about the meaning of democracy in America.