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The Murdered-Girl Stereotype in Ballad and Newspaper Anne B. Cohen. formula. ... Hereare some newspaper examples: “Just where this snow lies,” said Mr. Locke,“is where poor Pearl's head would haverested had the brutal murderers left it.

Author: Anne B. Cohen

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The year was 1896, and nineteenth-century journalists called the murder of Pearl Bryan the "Crime of the Century." From the day Pearl's headless body was found to the execution of her murderers on the gallows, the details of the murder fascinated newspaper reporters and ballad composers alike. Often glossing over the facts of the case, newspaper accounts presented the events according to stereotypes that were remarkably similar to those found in well-known murdered-girl ballads, such as "Pretty Polly," "Omie Wise," and "The Jealous Lover." Events, characters, motivations, and plot were presented through this framework: the simple country girl led astray by a clever degenerate. Nearly all variants of the Pearl Bryan ballad point the same moral: Young ladies now take warning Young men are so unjust, It may be your best lover But you know not whom to trust. Representations of this formula appear in such diverse genres as the ballad "Poor Ellen Smith" and the novel An American Tragedy. As Anne Cohen demonstrates, both newspaper accounts and ballads tell the Pearl Bryan story from the same moral stance, express the same interpretation of character, and are interested in the same details. Both distort facts to accommodate a shared pattern of storytelling. This pattern consists of a plot formula—the murdered-girl formula—that is accompanied by stereotyped scenes, actors, and phrases. The headless body—surely the most striking element in the Pearl Bryan case—is absent from those ballads that have survived. Anne Cohen contends that a decapitated heroine does not belong to the formula—a murdered heroine, yes, but not a decapitated one. Similarly, newspapers made much of Pearl's "innocence" and tended to downplay the second murderer. Only one murderer, the lover, belongs to the stereotype. Poor Pearl, Poor Girl! is a ballad study conducted on historic- geographic lines; that is, it seeks to trace the history and interrelations of a series of ballad texts and to relate the ballads directly to their ideological and historical context in the American scene. It also compares the narrative techniques of ballad composition with the techniques of other forms of popular narrative, especially newspaper journalism.


Poor Pearl ! she had no time to play The merry game of childhood ; From dawn to dark she work'd all day , A wooding in the wildwood . When others play'd , she stole apart In pale and shadowy quiet ; Too full of care was her child heart ...





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The Ladies Repository

POOR little Pearl , good little Pearl ! ” Sighed every kindly neighbor ; It was so sad to see a girl So tender doomed to labor . A wee bird , fluttered from its nest Too soon , was that meek creature ; Just fit to rest in mother's ...



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Poor Pearl , poor girl . A478270 . Poppenberg , Mary Kay . A472346 . Poor relief during the great Civil War Poppies in the wheat . and interregnum , 1642- 1660 . A488265 . A464023 . Poor Richard's Watergate . Poppin ' bugs that last for ...

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Storytelling Rights

Ann Cohen addresses the problem in her study of a ballad about a murdered girl , " Poor Pearl , Poor Girl . " Cohen points out that the earliest newspaper accounts of the murder of Pearl Bryant suggested that Pearl ...

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Based on intensive fieldwork in an urban American junior high school, this original study explores the relationship between oral and written texts in everyday life by analysing tellings and retellings of local events, diaries, writings and discussions.

The Home Monthly

minute or two , then there was a general “ Poor little Pearl , good little Pearl ! ” stampede among them . Half - a - dozen seats Sighed every kindly neighbor ; were offered by their late occupants , now It was so sad to see a girl ...



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Graham s Illustrated Magazine

Poor Pearl ! itself upon her . poor blighted Lilybud ! to be forsaken ! ... she lay wrapped in his arms , heeding not the piteous moans over his " poor little Pearl , his blighted Lilybud " -feeling not the warm kisses , or the hot ...



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Folk Music

poor Pearl , the writing of which stirred old memories of exchanging farewells in albums or high school annuals . ... Twould break my poor old heart ; Little did Pearl think My son's my darling one , When she left her home that day ...

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An exploration of folk music and the ways in which it has evolved in different regions of the United States.

American Studies

... 321 Politics Without Power PS 425 Polyarchy PS 16 " Poor Carolina " H 96 The Poor Pay More : Consumer Practices of Low Income Families SOC 450 Poor People's Lawyers in Transition SOC 475 Poor Pearl , Poor Girl A - F 388 A Poor Sort ...

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This is an annotated bibliography of 20th century books through 1983, and is a reworking of American Studies: An Annotated Bibliography of Works on the Civilization of the United States, published in 1982. Seeking to provide foreign nationals with a comprehensive and authoritative list of sources of information concerning America, it focuses on books that have an important cultural framework, and does not include those which are primarily theoretical or methodological. It is organized in 11 sections: anthropology and folklore; art and architecture; history; literature; music; political science; popular culture; psychology; religion; science/technology/medicine; and sociology. Each section contains a preface introducing the reader to basic bibliographic resources in that discipline and paragraph-length, non-evaluative annotations. Includes author, title, and subject indexes. ISBN 0-521-32555-2 (set) : $150.00.

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Dishonored , betrayed , and soon poor blighted Lilybud ! to be forsaken ! ... and as she rose to her not the piteous moans over bis “ poor little Pearl , feet , she saw a liveried servant , and beyond , his blighted Lilybud " -feeling ...

Author: George R. Graham


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