Point of View in Plays

naming of characters and the consequences for the expression of point of view that this has. Fowler (1996:162) argues that point of view on the ...

Author: Dan McIntyre

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9789027233356

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 203

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This is the first book-length study of how point of view is manifested linguistically in dramatic texts. It examines such issues as how readers process the shifts in viewpoint that can occur within such texts. Using insights from cognitive linguistics, the book aims to explain how the analysis of point of view in drama can be undertaken, and how this is fruitful for understanding textual and discoursal effects in this genre. Following on from a consideration of existing frameworks for the analysis of point of view, a cognitive approach to deixis is suggested as being particularly profitable for explaining the viewpoint effects that can arise in dramatic texts. To expand on the large number of examples discussed throughout the book, the penultimate chapter consists of an extended analysis of a single play. This book is relevant to scholars in a range of areas, including linguistics, literary studies and cognitive science.

Point of View and Grammar

... the expectation was that the most frequent formal patterns would be those that convey speaker point of view , and I hope that in the previous chapters I ...

Author: Joanne Scheibman

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9027226210

Category: Conversation

Page: 187

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This book proposes that subjective expression shapes grammatical and lexical patterning in American English conversation. Analyses of structural and functional properties of English conversational utterances indicate that the most frequent combinations of subject, tense, and verb type are those that are used by speakers to personalize their contributions, not to present unmediated descriptions of the world. These findings are informed by current research and practices in linguistics which argue that the emergence, or conventionalization, of linguistic structure is related to the frequency with which speakers use expressions in discourse. The use of conversational data in grammatical analysis illustrates the local and contingent nature of grammar in use and also raises theoretical questions concerning the coherence of linguistic categories, the viability of maintaining a distinction between semantic and pragmatic meaning in analytical practice, and the structural and social interplay of speaker point of view and participant interaction in discourse.

Point of View Perspective and Focalization

The Discovery of Point of View: Observation and Narration in the American Novel 1790-1910. Unpublished Habilitationsschrift, University of Hamburg.

Author: Peter Hühn

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110218909

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 305

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Stories do not actually exist in the (fictional or factual) world but are constituted, structured and endowed with meaning through the process of mediation, i.e. they are represented and transmitted through systems of verbal, visual or audio-visual signs. The terms usually proposed to describe aspects of mediation, especially perspective, point of view, and focalization, have yet to bring clarity to this field, which is of central importance, not only for narratology but also for literary and media studies. One crucial problem about mediation concerns the dimensions of its modeling effect, particularly the precise status and constellation of the mediating agents, i.e. author, narrator or presenter and characters. The question is how are the structure and the meaning of the story conditioned by these different positions in relation to the mediated happenings perceived from outside and/or inside the storyworld? In this volume, fourteen articles by international scholars from seven different countries address these problems anew from various angles, reviewing the sub-categorization of mediation and re-specifying its dimensions both in literary texts and other media such as drama and theater, film, and computer games

The Point of View

The “Epilogue” to The Point of View begins with an imagined questioner, who sounds quite like a similar questioner from the Fragments:58 “But what have you ...

Author: Robert L. Perkins

Publisher: Mercer University Press

ISBN: 9780881462135

Category: Philosophy

Page: 466

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Kierkegaard wrote four reflections on his literary production: On My Work as an Author, The Point of View for My Work as an Author, "The Single Individual," and Armed Neutrality, but he published only the first. The essays in this volume of International Kierkegaard Commentary examine these writings not just as a public "report to history" but also as a revelation of Kierkegaard's deepest understanding of himself as an author. This volume of the International Kierkegaard Commentary is offered to our readers, whom we invite to learn what they can here and then to become our teachers by better research and clearer thinking. Robert L. Perkins (Ph.D., Indiana University), Professor Emeritus and Senior Research Professor at Stetson University, is an international authority on the Danish philosopher S°ren Kierkegaard and series editor of the 24-volume International Kierkegaard Commentary. Prior to his long career at Stetson, Bob was founder and department head (for 16 years) of the Philosophy Department at Mobile College. His research interests are ethics, contemporary continental philosophy, and ancient philosophy.

The Subject s Point of View

The main aim of The Subject's Point of View is to dispute this negative view. Katalin Farkas argues that to discard certain elements of the Cartesian ...

Author: Katalin Farkas

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191615511

Category: Philosophy

Page: 226

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Descartes's philosophy has had a considerable influence on the modern conception of the mind, but many think that this influence has been largely negative. The main project of The Subject's Point of View is to argue that discarding certain elements of the Cartesian conception would be much more difficult than critics seem to allow, since it is tied to our understanding of basic notions, including the criteria for what makes someone a person, or one of us. The crucial feature of the Cartesian view defended here is not dualism - which is not adopted - but internalism. Internalism is opposed to the widely accepted externalist thesis, which states that some mental features constitutively depend on certain features of our physical and social environment. In contrast, this book defends the minority internalist view, which holds that the mind is autonomous, and though it is obviously affected by the environment, this influence is merely contingent and does not delimit what is thinkable in principle. Defenders of the externalist view often present their theory as the most thoroughgoing criticism of the Cartesian conception of the mind; Katalin Farkas offers a defence of an uncompromising internalist Cartesian conception.

Anthropology from a Pragmatic Point of View

PREFACE Kant's Anthropology from a Pragmatic Point of View has been the object of about forty years of continuous work for Victor L. Dowdell and of more ...

Author: Immanuel Kant

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 0809320606

Category: Philosophy

Page: 298

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In the fall semester of 1772/73 at the Albertus University of Kö nigsberg, Immanuel Kant, metaphysician and professor of logic and metaphysics, began lectures on anthropology, which he continued until 1776, shortly before his retirement from public life. His lecture notes and papers were first published in 1798, eight years after the publication of the Critique of Judgment, the third of his famous Critiques. The present edition of the Anthropology is a translation of the text found in volume 7 of Kants gesammelte Schriften, edited by Oswald Kü lpe. Kant describes the Anthropology as a systematic doctrine of the knowledge of humankind. (He does not yet distinguish between the academic discipline of anthropology as we understand it today and the philosophical.) Kant’ s lectures stressed the "pragmatic" approach to the subject because he intended to establish pragmatic anthropology as a regular academic discipline. He differentiates the physiological knowledge of the human race— the investigation of "what Nature makes of man"— from the pragmatic— "what man as a free being makes of himself, what he can make of himself, and what he ought to make of himself." Kant believed that anthropology teaches the knowledge of humankind and makes us familiar with what is pragmatic, not speculative, in relation to humanity. He shows us as world citizens within the context of the cosmos. Summarizing the cloth edition of the Anthropology, Library Journal concludes: "Kant’ s allusions to such issues as sensation, imagination, judgment, (aesthetic) taste, emotion, passion, moral character, and the character of the human species in regard to the ideal of a cosmopolitan society make this work an important resource for English readers who seek to grasp the connections among Kant’ s metaphysics of nature, metaphysics of morals, and political theory. The notes of the editor and translator, which incorporate material from Ernst Cassirer’ s edition and from Kant’ s marginalia in the original manuscript, shed considerable light on the text."

A Different Point of View

ex - centric nationality allowed her to feel , to the question of what it means to be a colonial , to the colonial point of view . “ Point of view ” was an ...

Author: Misao Dean

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 0773507922

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 191

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Misao Dean argues convincingly that Duncan's "point of view" was largely informed by nineteenth-century Canadian idealism. Making excellent use of the latest insights of feminist criticism and post-colonial literary theory, Dean explores the "double marginalisation" of Duncan as both a colonial and a woman. She establishes gender as an important element in the form and content of Duncan's novels and feminism as a significant influence on Duncan's point of view.

Language Ideology and Point of View

Psychological point of view extends from authorial omniscience to a single character's perhaps restricted version of 'reality'. Uspensky sums up: In those ...

Author: Paul Simpson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134911097

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 216

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This systematic introduction to the concept of point of view in language explores the ways in which point of view intersects with and is shaped by ideology. It specifically focuses on the way in which speakers and writers linguistically encode their beliefs, interests and biases in a wide range of media. The book draws on an extensive array of linguistic theories and frameworks and each chapter includes a self-contained introduction to a particular topic in linguistics, allowing easy reference. The author uses examples from a variety of literary and non-literary text types such as, narrative fiction, advertisements and newspaper reports.

The Point of View

You must realize just how true is the statement that everything depends on the point of view. Einstein proved that motion, space, and time depend on the ...

Author: Stanley G. Weinbaum

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781682999356

Category: Fiction

Page: 15

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Dixon Wells discovers that seeing the world from another's perspective doesn't produce the results he may have expected.

Point of View Routledge Revivals

Sentence (11), then, is an SCP representing parenthetical-subject point of view while sentence (12) is an SCP representing speaker point of view (speaker of ...

Author: Susan L. Ehrlich

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317674832

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 132

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The purpose of Point of View, first published in 1990, is twofold: from the perspective of linguistics, to analyse the discourse structure of texts; from the perspective of literary studies, to explain certain non-linguistic aspects of the texts in terms of linguistic form. This study therefore aims to provide a balanced and sufficiently comprehensive account of the relationship between linguistic form and point of view. It will be of particular value to literature students with an interest in linguistics, and literary style.

The Point of View of the Universe

Taking the point of view of the universe is an essential part of the ground for the principle of rational benevolence. The requirement to aim at good ...

Author: Katarzyna de Lazari-Radek

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191022425

Category: Philosophy

Page: 320

View: 776


What does the idea of taking 'the point of view of the universe' tell us about ethics? The great nineteenth-century utilitarian Henry Sidgwick used this metaphor to present what he took to be a self-evident moral truth: the good of one individual is of no more importance than the good of any other. Ethical judgments, he held, are objective truths that we can know by reason. The ethical axioms he took to be self-evident provide a foundation for utilitarianism. He supplements this foundation with an argument that nothing except states of consciousness have ultimate value, which led him to hold that pleasure is the only thing that is intrinsically good. Are these claims defensible? Katarzyna de Lazari-Radek and Peter Singer test them against a variety of views held by contemporary writers in ethics, and conclude that they are. This book is therefore a defence of objectivism in ethics, and of hedonistic utilitarianism. The authors also explore, and in most cases support, Sidgwick's views on many other key questions in ethics: how to justify an ethical theory, the significance of an evolutionary explanation of our moral judgments, the choice between preference-utilitarianism and hedonistic utilitarianism, the conflict between self-interest and universal benevolence, whether something that it would be wrong to do openly can be right if kept secret, how demanding utilitarianism is, whether we should discount the future, or favor those who are worse off, the moral status of animals, and what is an optimum population.

Point of View

Point of View is his first novel to be translated into English. ABOUT THE TRANSLATOR Françoise Bui spent twenty years as an.

Author: Patrick Bard

Publisher: Delacorte Press

ISBN: 9781984851772

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 192

View: 251


Powerful and unfiltered, this fictional account of a teenage boy's addiction to online pornography is equal parts heartbreaking and hopeful. The first time a link to a porn video pops up on his computer screen, Lucas is startled. He was simply trying to stream a superhero movie. Transfixed by the scene that unfolds, he experiences his first stirrings of arousal. Lucas soon realizes that he wants to recapture that same excitement, and it's not long before he starts down a path that takes hold of his every thought--day and night. Only when his secret is revealed and everything comes crashing down around him can Lucas confront his compulsions. But even as feelings of shame overwhelm him, his urges seem impossible to ignore, and interacting with real people is difficult. As Lucas gets help, it becomes clear to him and those around him that he can recover and find a new direction for his life despite this addiction. With a naive and confused protagonist and multilayered storytelling, this is a no-holds-barred look at a teenage boy falling prey to the world of cybersex, the perils of porn addiction, and the difficult road to recovery for addicts and their loved ones.

High Frequency Word Phrases Level 4 Recognizing Point of View

That depends on point of view. Point of view means how something appears (view) from a certain place (point). In the example, even though you are just one ...

Author: Edward Fry

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials

ISBN: 9781480792234


Page: 7

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Increase student reading fluency in 4th grade with this engaging and effective lesson! Through strategic use of Fry's Instant Words, students will both improve reading prosody and build important comprehension skills.

My Point of View

I share their point of view. I understand them. I am the same as them. Connected. I am one of them. Mark Hogan I was in trouble all of the time as a kid, ...

Author: Mark Hogan

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781514441855

Category: Education

Page: 68

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There is nothing mild about mild autism. I hear people say, “He’s got high functioning autism. It’s only mild. He will be grand.” What people on the outside don’t see are the challenges people with autism face every day. And the one problem most people with autism spectrum disorder have is this invisible and often very significant disability of lacking theory of mind. This is the innate foundation of all communication in every man, woman, and child on this Earth, and they don’t have it. I want you to walk in my shoes. I want to share my way of thinking with you, my point of view. I have constructed a group of my real stories to let you into my thoughts. I believe that after reading my memoirs, you will have gained a comprehensive knowledge of what it really means to have autism spectrum disorder.

Another Point of View

Other alert listeners to last week's A Point of View will already have noticed the slip I made, in the course of telling the story of the Indian ...

Author: Lisa Jardine

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781409052029

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 192

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'I want to use the moment as a springboard for some big ideas. I want to use the past and present to stimulate and challenge the listener and seduce them into thinking differently.' Lisa Jardine Provocative and inspirational, Lisa Jardine is one of our pre-eminent thinkers. A leading academic, she is a polymath who embraces both the arts and the sciences with equal passion and has that rare gift of being able to make her subject and her thinking accessible to a mainstream audience. Lisa presents 'A Point of View' on Radio 4 on Sunday mornings, replacing Alistair Cooke's 'Letter From America'. Another Point of View is a collection of twenty-two of the hugely popular and critically-acclaimed talks from the programme, on subjects as wide-ranging and topical as commuting, national identity, Christmas, Latin, knife crime, the mortgage crisis and the credit crunch. The book contains drawings by Nick Wadley.

A Point of View

countries that don't have it, and I hasten to concede that of the two possible main views about the invasion of Iraq, for example, my own view, in favour, ...

Author: Clive James

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9781447204169

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 400

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21st century Britain: a point of view from our fiercest and funniest critic The BBC Radio 4 series A Point of View has been on the air since 2007. Clive James was one of the most popular presenters, and now, for the first time, his original pieces – sixty in total – and previously unpublished postscripts are collected together in one volume. Read along with Clive James as he offers his informative, thought-provoking and entertaining insights into everything from wheelie bins to plastic surgery, Elizabeth Hurley to the Olympics, Britain’s Got Talent to Damien Hirst, Harry Potter to giving up smoking – and plenty more besides.

From My Point of View

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Reece, Rolland R., 1927- From my point of view : ten dialogues on the passion / Rolland R. Reece. p. cm.

Author: Rolland R. Reece

Publisher: CSS Publishing

ISBN: 9780788019357

Category: Religion

Page: 79

View: 518


Add flesh and blood to some familiar biblical characters with this collection of short presentations which offers a humanizing glimpse into the lives of a dozen individuals who played crucial roles in Jesus' death and resurrection. Each dialogue is a brief biographical sketch, with one reader portraying the featured personality while a narrator provides background information and historical context. Peter, Mary Magdalene, Simon of Cyrene, Caiaphas, and Pontius Pilate are just some of the people Reece humanizes. These scripturally sound dramatic pieces can be used in a wide variety of situations, but are particularly appropriate for the Lent and Easter seasons, either as midweek programming, a sermon series, for Bible study, or as introductory material for a longer program. A complete list of scriptural references is included. Rolland R. Reece is a United Methodist pastor whose career has included positions with Goodwill Industries and United Cerebral Palsy in addition to assignments with five congregations. He is the author of Pastoral Prayers For All Seasons (CSS), as well as numerous articles in Christian magazines, denominational publications, and Ohio weekly newspapers. Reece is a graduate of Otterbein College, United Theological Seminary, and Kent State University.

Geometry von Staudt s Point of View

STAUDT'S POINT OF VIEW Armin Herzer Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz We consider groups of projectivities in a certain kind of lattices called "Spaces", ...

Author: P. Plaumann

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789400984899

Category: Mathematics

Page: 430

View: 629


Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Bad Windesheim, West Germany, July 21-August 1, 1980