Melancolia Poetica

Vittorio Cian, I contatti letterari italo-provenzali e la prima rivoluzione poetica della letteratura italiana, Messina: D'Amico, 1900.

Author: Marc A. Cirigliano

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781905886821

Category: Poetry

Page: 387

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With 52 poets who wrote between 1160 and 1560, Melancolia poetica brings contemporary English readers into the breadth and depth of the literary consciousness of the vibrant, worldly and imaginative realm of the Italian late Middle Ages and Renaissance.

De arte poetica

THE EPISTLE TO THE PISONES ( ARS POETICA ' ) Title Originally the work may have been called Epistula ad Pisones ; certainly its status as an epistle is ...

Author: Horace

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521312922

Category: History

Page: 244

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This commentary provides an introduction to each of the three poems: the Epistles to Augustus, to Florus, and to the Pisones (the so-called 'Ars Poetica'). It also sketches the historical context in which the poems were written, and comments on their structure and purpose. Attention is paid to the literary preoccupations of the individual epistles: the relations of poet and patron, and the role of poetry in the state (Augustus), the problems of a (professedly) tiring poet (Florus), and the presentation of classical poetic theory in the 'Ars Poetica'. Horace's influence on later criticism is noted, and there is a brief section on one of Alexander Pope's Imitations. In his commentary, the editor addresses problems of grammar and style, focusing on linguistic difficulties and on the subtle movement of the poet's thought.

Select epodes and Ars poetica

father and two sons , belonging to the celebrated family of Pisones , of the gens
Calpurnia ( vv . 6 , 24 , 235 , 291 , 366 ) . It is not quite certain who these were .

Author: Horace


ISBN: OXFORD:590503120


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Musings On Ars Poetica

However, scavenging through my works I found what now constitute Musings on Ars Poetica: Reflections on Poets and Poetry in Verse. As a practising poet, ...

Author: Bill F. Ndi

Publisher: African Books Collective

ISBN: 9789956558438

Category: Poetry

Page: 87

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A literary monument erected by a poet for poets with a vision for poetry as a special annunciation and the poet as a seer, spokesperson, recorder, analyst, adjudicator and advocate with poetic vision and poetic understanding. Bill Ndi, the poet has the rare gift of slipping into the self and psyche of his society to empty the dark depths where the treasures of burden and sadness are hidden. He empties and exposes them to the world to see how even personal repression of feelings by far outweighs those imposed throughout History by tyrants. It is above all, his greatest task of filling these depths with the joys and expectations of the society. This objective stance by the poet places him above the fanatic whose subjectivity pushes the world adrift and makes of the poet a universal man of peace.

Collectanea Anglo poetica

XCIX . Abstracts of Inquisitions post Mortem , made by Christopher Towneley and
Roger Dodsworth , Extracted from Manuscripts at Towneley . Vol . II . Edited by
WILLIAM LANGTON . Pp . vii , 188 ; Index 17 . C. Collectanea Anglo - Poetica .

Author: Thomas Corser


ISBN: STANFORD:36105005551705

Category: English poetry


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Horace s Ars Poetica

Conversely, it is hard to see why Quintilian (or his source) would have named the poem Ars Poetica, to the exclusion of all other possibilities, ...

Author: Jennifer Ferriss-Hill

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691197432

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 352

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A major reinterpretation of Horace's famous literary manual For two millennia, the Ars Poetica (Art of Poetry), the 476-line literary treatise in verse with which Horace closed his career, has served as a paradigmatic manual for writers. Rarely has it been considered as a poem in its own right, or else it has been disparaged as a great poet's baffling outlier. Here, Jennifer Ferriss-Hill for the first time fully reintegrates the Ars Poetica into Horace's oeuvre, reading the poem as a coherent, complete, and exceptional literary artifact intimately linked with the larger themes pervading his work. Arguing that the poem can be interpreted as a manual on how to live masquerading as a handbook on poetry, Ferriss-Hill traces its key themes to show that they extend beyond poetry to encompass friendship, laughter, intergenerational relationships, and human endeavor. If the poem is read for how it expresses itself, moreover, it emerges as an exemplum of art in which judicious repetitions of words and ideas join disparate parts into a seamless whole that nevertheless lends itself to being remade upon every reading. Establishing the Ars Poetica as a logical evolution of Horace's work, this book promises to inspire a long overdue reconsideration of a hugely influential yet misunderstood poem.

Poetica Rainbow Ryder

Poetica Poetica please Try to understand me For no one does In this wide wild world! In this old wild world! Poetica please Try to come and sit beside me ...



ISBN: 9781447718796



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Antologia Po tica

Antologia Poética Mario Andino. Antologia Poética Antologia Poética EDICIONES EURO Mario Andino.

Author: Mario Andino

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781493100156

Category: Poetry

Page: 69

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El lector tiene en sus manos la tercera antologia de poemas del escritor chileno radicado en los EE.UU., Mario Andino Lpez. Autor de once novelas publicadas en Sudamrica, Espaa y los Estados Unidos, obtuvo un Doctorado en lenguas y literaturas romances en la Universidad de Chicago y bajo las frulas del Miembro de la Real Real Academia Espaola de la Lengua Dr. Francisco Ayala y del lexicgrafo espaol Juan Corominas. Autor de diversos artculos literarios publicados a travs de Sudamrica y Espaa, inaugur la transmisin de programas radiales en Castellano, como libretista y animador, de la Cadena Nacional de Difusin Pblica, dependiente del Ministerio de Educacin del gobierno de los Estados Unidos. Es miembro Correspondiente de la Academia Espala de la Lengua y ocup diversas ctedras en Lenguas y Literaturas Romances en universidades de la regin de Chicago, en el estado de Illinois, EE.UU. Traductor, intprete y conferencista ha redactado artculos para revistas profesionales de la enseanza del Castellano en los EE. UU., adems de contribuciones lilterarias para diarios y peridicos en Castellano, de este mismo pas. Despus de treinta y ocho aos de ctedra se acogi a retiro para dedicarse al periodismo y a la produccin de sus obras literarias. El autor posee un extraordinario dominio de su idioma natal y de su literatura , sus comentarios literarios han sido acogidos por revistas profesionales como Hispania, Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos y Boletn Literario Hispanoamericano. EDICIONES EROS

Lucknow Poetica

LUCKNOW POETICA X Dr. Rupali Saran Mirza Dr. Amna Shamim IDEA PUBLISHING JOREWORD X Lucknow Poetica provides a wide reading on the.

Author: Dr. Rupali Saran Mirza Dr. and Amna Shamim

Publisher: Idea Publishing



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The kingdom of Oudh (now Lucknow) has been showcased in its most pristine form in Lucknow Poetica. The confluence of culture—where the old meets the new—is reflected through the unique genre of poetry. The significance of the past of Lucknow still has its impact on its contemporary tradition, language, culture, cuisine, entertainment, attire and monuments. This impact is alive in the vivacious and exuberant life of present day Lucknow which has been vividly portrayed in this book.

Auto poetica

... British and American Fiction Darby Lewes. Auto-poetica Auto-poetica Representations of the Creative Process in Nineteenth-Century British and.


Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 0739116517

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 239

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A work of art written about an artist creating a work of art is, in a sense, a novel in which the author is a character. The essays in this collection examine nineteenth-century texts that attempted to merge fiction and reality into a unified whole.

Flora Poetica

Nick Downing came up with the title Flora Poetica and helped me with the proofs: well beyond the call of friendship and very much appreciated.

Author: Sarah Maguire

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781446413111

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 384

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This beautiful anthology brings together over 250 poems about flowers, plants and trees from eight centuries of writing in English, creating a rich bouquet of intriguing juxtapositions. Fourteenth-century lyrics sit next to poems of the twenty-first century; celebrations of plants native to the English soil share the volume with more exotic plant poetry. There are thirty poems about roses, by poets as diverse as Shakespeare, Dorothy Parker and the South African, Seitlhamo Motsapi; but there are also sections devoted to more unusual plants such as the mandrake, the starapple and the tamarind. An ex-gardener, the celebrated poet Sarah Maguire brings her extensive horticultural knowledge to bear on all the poems, arranging them into botanical families, identifying the plants being written about and writing a fascinating introduction. Whether you are a poetry lover, a gardener, a botanist, or simply the purchaser of the occasional bunch of flowers, this unique anthology allows you to luxuriate amidst the world's flora.


Antología Poética “Homenajes” es una obra poética sencilla de compilación. A través de ella, su autor recopila una serie de poemas, escritos en momentos ...

Author: Antonio Manuel Trujillo García


ISBN: 9781445249056

Category: Poetry

Page: 92

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Sencilla compilación de los principales poemas de este autor.

Poetica Erotica

... If you are passionate and want a wild sortie Then this tiger can be very naughty 112 – In Our Minds Chatting to you, makes my Poetica Erotica | 111.

Author: Tim Cross

Publisher: BookVenture Publishing LLC

ISBN: 9781640691636

Category: Fiction

Page: 182

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I was inspired and influenced by women I had been in contact with. Not necessarily meeting them in person but generally via the internet. If they were on dating websites they generally used pseudonyms in order not to be recognized by anyone who may know them. _ is intrigued me as to why they felt or needed to be on these websites in the first place. I wondered about their motives, did loneliness instigate their actions, did they do it just for fun or were they actually looking for another partner or even a discreet lover.

Philosophica Et Poetica


Author: Ronald F. Davis

Publisher: Ronald Davis

ISBN: 9781598009163

Category: Philosophy

Page: 80

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A significant postmodern statement This volume, written by Davis over a 20-year period (1975-1995), is divided into two parts. Part One, "Philosophica," contains four of his essays that address contemporary philosophical problems. Included are, "Humanistic Salvation," "Toward Human Perfection," "The Purpose Paradox Unraveled and "On the Possibility of Revelation." Part Two, "Poetica," includes the postmodern epic, "Egress," the complete collection of "The Fugues," the prologues to the five acts of "Prometheus" (the second of his four plays for dancers), as well as a representative selection of his poetic works written during the same period as the essays.