Plotting the Character Driven Novel

Learn how to use depth of character as a springboard to a strong plot.

Author: Linda Rodriguez


ISBN: 097912915X

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 122

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In Plotting the Character-driven Novel, Linda Rodriguez turns her sought-after writing course on using depth of character as a springboard to a strong plot into a book designed to help the aspiring writer who wants to tell a story made compelling by the truth and complexity of its characters. She provides examples of actual documents she has used in creating her own award-winning books to demonstrate the methods she teaches. Great plot springs from character and the motivations each character has for taking or not taking action. How do you use character as the springboard to a strong plot that draws its complexity from the motivations of its characters? What are the hidden fears and desires of each major character, what happens when these are frustrated, and how do they intersect and conflict with one another? What are the secrets this character is hiding even from him/herself? What will this character tell you about her/himself if given the chance? Through asking these kinds of questions of your characters, you will learn to create an exciting and complex plot, building from the integrity of the characters you create.

Writing Genre Fiction

Plot-driven stories have characters and ideas of course, but these are secondary
to the functioning of the story. The characters act in accordance with the plot, and
never for any other reason. Readers keep reading, not because they are ...

Author: H. Thomas Milhorn

Publisher: Universal-Publishers

ISBN: 9781581129182

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Several years ago, after many years of writing nonfiction, I decided to write a novel-a medical thriller in the mold of Robin Cook, Michael Crichton, and Michael Palmer. The problem was that, although I knew how to write and had received a number of awards for nonfiction works, I didn't know the how to write fiction. So, before putting fingers to keyboard I did a thorough search of the literature, which included reading numerous books and hundreds of website articles. What I discovered was that there simply wasn't one good source from which to learn the craft of writing genre fiction. "Writing Genre Fiction: A Guide to the Craft" is the book I was looking for when I set out on my quest to learn how to write fiction. It is an attempt to share what I learned from my research. It covers the six key elements of genre fiction; the various genres and subgenres; a large number of genre-fiction writing techniques; plot, subplots, and parallel plots; structure; scene and sequel; characterization; dialogue; emotions; and body language. It also covers additional information about copyrighting and plagiarism, where to get ideas, manuscript formatting and revision, and query letters and synopses. In addition, an appendix covers a large number of grammar tips.

How To Write Your First Novel A Guide For Aspiring Fiction Authors

Because you know what the story is about, you may already know whether your
book will be plot-driven or character-driven. What does that even mean? Aren't all
stories driven by their plot? Don't all characters have to move the story forward?

Author: M.K. Williams

Publisher: Mary K. Williams

ISBN: 9781952084089

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

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So often, when I introduce myself to a new person and they learn that I am an author, they reply back that they plan to write a book one day. I’m always so excited to learn more about their idea and see how I can help. More often than not, they reply that they haven’t written a single word. They ask me, “how do you write a novel? How do you get started?” Over the years I’ve written multiple novels and I have condensed my best tips and practices into How To Write Your First Novel: A Guide For Aspiring Fiction Authors. No matter your plan for publishing your novel, you first need to write the book! I’ve broken down the critical elements to success in two parts: your writing habits and your writing craft. You’ll be able to come back and reference this advice throughout your drafting process and as you look to write additional books. Are you ready to go from aspiring author to author? Are you ready to take your idea and turn it into a book? Let’s get started today!

The Plot Whisperer Book of Writing Prompts

PLOT. PROMPT. The external action at the crisis destroyed all routes back to the
familiar ground upon which the ... In a character-driven story, the protagonist
takes into account her own emotional development at each step along the way.

Author: Martha Alderson

Publisher: Adams Media

ISBN: 9781440560811

Category: Reference

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Daily exercises guaranteed to spark your writing! The Plot Whisperer Book of Writing Prompts gives you the inspiration and motivation you need to finish every one of your writing projects. Written by celebrated writing teacher and author Martha Alderson, this book guides you through each stage of the writing process, from constructing compelling characters to establishing an unforgettable ending. Alderson also helps you get into the habit of writing creatively every day, with brand-new imaginative prompts, such as: Create an obstacle that interferes with the protagonist's goal and describe how that scene unfolds moment-by-moment. Provide sensory details of the story world and what your main character is doing at this very moment. Scan earlier scenes for examples of the protagonist's chief character flaw and develop it. He or she will need to overcome this flaw in order to achieve his or her ultimate goal. Show an issue or situation in the main character's life that needs attention and have him or her take the first step forward toward a course of action. Filled with daily affirmations, plot advice, and writing exercises, The Plot Whisperer Book of Writing Prompts will set your projects in the right direction--and on their way to the bestseller list!

Writing Great Books for Young Adults

The story of the novel is the full sequence of events in a work of fiction as the
reader imagines them to have taken place, in the order in which they would have
occurred in life. Stories can be plot-driven or character-driven. • Plot-driven: A ...

Author: Regina L Brooks

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 9781402247743

Category: Reference

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From a top young adult literary agent, the only guide on how to write for young adults With an 87 percent increase in the number of titles published in the last two years, the young adult market is one of the healthiest segments in the industry. Despite this, little has been written to help authors hone their craft to truly connect with this audience. Writing Great Books for Young Adults gives writers the advice they need to tap this incredible market. Topics covered include: Listening to the voices of youth Meeting your young protagonist Developing a writing style Constructing plots Trying on points of view Agent Regina Brooks has developed award-winning authors across the YA genre, including a Coretta Scott King winner. She attends more than 20 conferences each year, meeting with authors and teaching.

Creating Literary Stories

An essential guide for every writer of fiction. Learn the following: Character Narration Structure Dialogue Point of view Writing in scene Drama (conflict-action-resolution) Humor Revision

Author: William H. Coles

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781504979153

Category: Fiction

Page: 148

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An essential guide for every writer of fiction. Learn the following: Character Narration Structure Dialogue Point of view Writing in scene Drama (conflict-action-resolution) Humor Revision

Undue Influence

Enigmatic Claire is 30 and lives alone.

Author: Anita Brookner

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780140284157

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Enigmatic Claire is 30 and lives alone. When she meets Martin Gibson, a faded scholar, she becomes inordinately interested. She is even more interested when she meets his wife, a far more spectacular personality. But the unexpected news of this woman's death releases emotions that were not entirely foreseen.


At thirteen, Ayrion learns quickly the consequences of being exceptional.

Author: Michael Wisehart


ISBN: 0998150533



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At thirteen, Ayrion learns quickly the consequences of being exceptional. Staying on top is not always a good thing, especially when the head of your clan has a son who can¿t stand to lose.Trained as assassins, competition for an Upaka is serious. The more Ayrion wins, the deadlier his position becomes. Can he manage to keep his identity as a wielder hidden, or will he ignore his parents¿ advice and use his magic to win?

The Complete Guide to Writing and Selling the Christian Novel

Where do you begin if you want to create a book that is story rather than sermon
? A true novel begins in one of two places : with a compelling plot or with
fascinating characters . THE CHARACTER - DRIVEN STORY VS . THE PLOT -

Author: Penelope J. Stokes

Publisher: Writers Digest Books

ISBN: 0898798108

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 239

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Suggests techniques for writing stories that reflect the principles of Christian faith while avoiding the pitfalls that specifically apply to religious fiction, and discusses business questions

Break Into Fiction 11 Steps To Building A Powerful Story

This book is based on the popular workshops Mary Buckham and Dianna Love taught in the US and internationally to beginning writers, multi-published authors and even a Pulitzer Prize winner.

Author: Dianna Love

Publisher: Silver Hawk Press LLC

ISBN: 9781940651859

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines


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Getting a book published is hard enough, but what about building a loyal reader base? It’s been said that nothing sells a book – to an editor or a reader – faster than a great story. Whether you’re a plotter or a pantser (write by the seat of your pants), Break Into Fiction® is the book that will help you find the weak spots (sagging middles, unlikeable characters, slow pacing and more) in your fiction stories. Editing is key to any story, but it starts with the author. Writing fast means nothing if the final story isn’t sound. But the sooner you grasp the power points for a story, the faster you’ll be able to build a strong backlist. Now you have a way to improve your writing one easy step at a time. Written by a New York Times and USA Today bestselling novelists, Break Into Fiction® is a workshop-in-a-book and the one resource all writers need to master the art of fiction. This book is based on the popular workshops Mary Buckham and Dianna Love taught in the US and internationally to beginning writers, multi-published authors and even a Pulitzer Prize winner. Their innovative method shows writers how to create stories of depth, excitement, and emotion with: • Easy-to-understand templates that guide the new writer through building a novel and show more experienced writers how to deepen a plot and take a first draft to the next level much more quickly • Reference examples from strongly-plotted popular genre films of suspense, classics, children, and romance • Simple worksheets to build a strong story through Character-Driven™ plotting for any genre • Troubleshooting tips that reveal how to find and fix holes that weaken the plot • Insights from best-selling novelists representing a variety of fiction genres • A bonus dialogue guide that reveals how to make a character come alive through conversation. Break Into Fiction® is here to help aspiring-to-bestselling authors with a step-by-step guide!

Writing the Character centered Screenplay

Andrew Horton--Professor of Film and Literature at Loyola University and a successful screenwriter--presents a definitive work on the character-centered screenplay.

Author: Andrew Horton

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520084578

Category: Characters and characteristics in motion pictures

Page: 218

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Andrew Horton--Professor of Film and Literature at Loyola University and a successful screenwriter--presents a definitive work on the character-centered screenplay. Focusing on the screenplays of The Silence of The Lambs, Thelma and Louise, Northern Exposure and other works, he takes readers step-by-step through the entire writing process.

20 Master Plots and How to Build Them

Will your story be plot driven ? If so , the mechanism of the story is more important
than the specific characters themselves . The characters are there to make the
plot happen . The novels of Agatha Christie are plot driven . So are the novels of

Author: Ron Tobias

Publisher: Writers Digest Books

ISBN: UOM:39015029112961

Category: Reference

Page: 236

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Identifies and analyzes twenty common plots, including revenge, rivalry, adventure, maturation, and love, discusses physical and character plots, and offers advice for developing a story

Free Within Ourselves

Is the plot character - driven ? Are there enough challenges to your characters to
make an interesting sequence of events ? For further study , an excellent
example of a novel plot is Wright ' s Native Son . The pulse of this story is never
still .

Author: Jewell Parker Rhodes

Publisher: Main Street Books

ISBN: UOM:39015048946399

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 342

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A primer for aspiring African-American authors presents everything needed to write, offering lessons on character development, plot, atmosphere, and more, including several complete stories. Original.

So You Want to Write

The best plot driven fiction , such as the novels of a writer like John Le Carre ' ,
use all the elements of character driven fiction . A character ' s strengths and
weaknesses , his or her history and longings , will determine many of the
obstacles ...

Author: Marge Piercy


ISBN: UOM:39015053146919

Category: Reference

Page: 223

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A guide to writing fiction and personal narratives that includes advice on capturing a reader's attention, creating exciting characters, mastering the elements of fiction, writing about painful material, and other related topics.

Writing Romance

Chapter 3 CHARACTER - DRIVEN PLOTTING For my first few books , I wrote
detailed plots before beginning to write the novels . In every case , I found myself
struggling with awkward scenes and stubborn characters . By my fifth book , I ...

Author: Vanessa Grant

Publisher: North Vancouver, B.C. : Self-Counsel Press

ISBN: 1551803534

Category: Reference

Page: 239

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How to Write Killer Historical Mysteries

CHAPTER 7 Plots , Subplots , and Building Suspense “ THE mystery novel is plot
- driven . The romance novel is character - driven . " Don't you believe it ! Today's
mystery novels , especially historical mysteries , contain well - rounded ...

Author: Kathy Lynn Emerson


ISBN: PSU:000063115598

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 220

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In her useful, fascinating, and complete guide to writing historical mysteries, Emerson demonstrates how she and her colleagues bring history to life, rather than merely writing contemporary mystery in costume.

Those Who Trespass

As the story unfolds, Tommy and Ashley quickly discover they’ve got much more in common than a knack for solving crimes.

Author: Bill O'Reilly

Publisher: Crown

ISBN: 9780767918091

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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From the mega-bestselling author of The O’Reilly Factor, The No Spin Zone, and Who’s Looking Out for You?, a mystery thriller about the fast-paced and ruthless world of TV journalism. With three consecutive number one bestsellers, Bill O’Reilly has proved that he’s the king of the nonfiction list. With Those Who Trespass, he extends his bestselling domain to fiction, giving readers a novel that’s an exciting look into the no-holds-barred world of television news. One by one, high-level executives and correspondents are being murdered. Soon it becomes clear that the killings are linked, the work of a bitter former newsman exacting revenge on those who derailed his career. Tommy O’Malley, a tough but warmhearted New York City detective, is assigned to crack the widening, high-profile murder cases, but encounters competition from a beautiful and tenacious tabloid reporter, Ashley Van Buren. As the story unfolds, Tommy and Ashley quickly discover they’ve got much more in common than a knack for solving crimes. Those Who Trespass combines suspense, action, psychodrama, and romance with a fascinating glimpse into the harsh realities behind the delivery of our daily dose of television news--a picture only Bill O’Reilly could bring to life.

American Writers

A Son of the Circus, like many of Irving's novels, has multiple intersecting plots
with numerous characters, who seem at ... Their novels tend to be plot- and
character-driven, fast moving, and filled with energy, presenting characters whom
we ...

Author: Leonard Unger

Publisher: Charles Scribner's Sons

ISBN: 0684806231

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 607

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The four volume set consists of ninety-seven of the pamphlets originally published as the University of Minnesota pamphlets on American writers. Some have been revised and updated.

The Novel Spirituality and Modern Culture

I spend most of my free time writing novels , and it is quite a challenge to step
back and to reflect theologically on what I am trying to do through my fiction .
Rather ... Do your characters ever take over ' ? ... Other plots are character -
driven .

Author: Professor of Systematic Theology and Director of Research Paul S Fiddes


ISBN: UOM:39015053119791

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 161

View: 374


In this collection of essays, which considers the relationship between the novel and spirituality in the cultural setting of the present day, eight novelists draw upon their own experience of authorship.