Pipeline Technology

Jones D.J. , " The significance of mechanical damage in pipelines " , 3R International , July 1982 . 19. Hagiwara N. , Oguchi N. , “ Fatigue behavior ... 1999 : 121 ( 4 ) : 369-374 . Pipeline Technology , Volume II R. Denys ( Editor ) 117.

Author: R.M. Denys

Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing

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Petroleum and Marine Technology Information Guide

A2323 Marine and offshore pumping and piping systems Crawford J Sevenoaks: Butterworth 1981, 392 pages A2324 Maritime and pipeline transportation of oil and gas: problems and outlook; Conference, Montréal, 23–24 April 1990 Poirier A and ...

Author: J. Hutcheon

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781482271232

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First published in 1981 as the Offshore Information Guide this guide to information sources has been hailed internationally as an indispensable handbook for the oil, gas and marine industries.

Oil and Gas Pipelines

Carbon and carbon manganese steel pipelines PD 6493 Guidance on methods for assessing the acceptability of flaws in fusion welded structures ... Proceedings of the Pipeline Technology Conference, October 15–18, 1990, Ostend, Belgium. 4.

Author: R. Winston Revie

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119019190

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A comprehensive and detailed reference guide on the integrity and safety of oil and gas pipelines, both onshore and offshore Covers a wide variety of topics, including design, pipe manufacture, pipeline welding, human factors, residual stresses, mechanical damage, fracture and corrosion, protection, inspection and monitoring, pipeline cleaning, direct assessment, repair, risk management, and abandonment Links modern and vintage practices to help integrity engineers better understand their system and apply up-to-date technology to older infrastructure Includes case histories with examples of solutions to complex problems related to pipeline integrity Includes chapters on stress-based and strain-based design, the latter being a novel type of design that has only recently been investigated by designer firms and regulators Provides information to help those who are responsible to establish procedures for ensuring pipeline integrity and safety

Civil Engineering Learning Technology

operators such as oil and chemical companies , pipeline construction companies and consultants serving those industries and involved in environmental , safety , design and operational issues . A pipeline is not the simple technology of ...

Author: R. M. Lloyd

Publisher: Thomas Telford

ISBN: 0727728393

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The field of civil engineering offers specific challenges to the higher education sector. Civil engineerings blend of management design and analysis requires people with a combination of academic and experimental knowledge and skill-based abilities.This volume brings together papers by leading practitioners in the field of learning technology, within the discipline of civil engineering, to facilitate the sharing of experience, knowledge and expertise.

Pipeline Spatial Data Modeling and Pipeline WebGIS

This includes pipeline facilities, environment, and geological conditions along the route, and economy, social, and cultural ... Li Shanshan discussed the standardization construction of Digital Pipeline technology system [52].

Author: Zhenpei Li

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030242404

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This monograph, which is the first book focusing on "Digital Oil & Gas Pipeline", introduces the author’s long-term research and practice on this topic. It introduces the latest research on the core technologies of the Digital Oil & Gas Pipeline, such as WebGIS, GIS Web Services, pipeline supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), OLE for Process Control, networked virtual reality, and Extensible 3D. The keys to the Digital Oil & Gas Pipeline, including pipeline spatial data model, pipeline WebGIS, integrity of pipeline SCADA and pipeline GIS, pipeline networked virtual reality system, are also elaborated. The knowledge and experience delivered by this monograph will provide a useful reference for readers from the industries in Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation, pipeline automation, GIS, Virtual Reality, and related fields.

Subsea Pipeline Design Analysis and Installation

Seabed soil classification, soil behaviour and pipeline design. OTC 23297; Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, 2012. Terzaghi K, Peck RB. Soil mechanics in engineering practice. 2nd ed. New York: John Wiley and Sons; 1967. BS.

Author: Qiang Bai

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ISBN: 9780123868893

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As deepwater wells are drilled to greater depths, pipeline engineers and designers are confronted with new problems such as water depth, weather conditions, ocean currents, equipment reliability, and well accessibility. Subsea Pipeline Design, Analysis and Installation is based on the authors' 30 years of experience in offshore. The authors provide rigorous coverage of the entire spectrum of subjects in the discipline, from pipe installation and routing selection and planning to design, construction, and installation of pipelines in some of the harshest underwater environments around the world. All-inclusive, this must-have handbook covers the latest breakthroughs in subjects such as corrosion prevention, pipeline inspection, and welding, while offering an easy-to-understand guide to new design codes currently followed in the United States, United Kingdom, Norway, and other countries. Gain expert coverage of international design codes Understand how to design pipelines and risers for today's deepwater oil and gas Master critical equipment such as subsea control systems and pressure piping

Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act Authorizations

The OPSO carries out these responsibilities through an organization consist- ing of ( 1 ) a Headquarters staff devoted to investigation and assessment of pipe- line technology , issuance and interpretation of standards , assistance and ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce. Subcommittee on Energy and Power


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Pipeline Rules of Thumb Handbook

5. A. Cosham, P. Hopkins, A. Palmer, May). An experimental and numerical study of the effect of prestrain on the fracture toughness of line pipe steel, in: Proceedings of the International Pipeline Technology Conference, ...

Author: Mark J. Kaiser

Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 9780128227893

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Pipeline Rules of Thumb Handbook: A Manual of Quick, Accurate Solutions to Everyday Pipeline Engineering Problems, Ninth Edition, the latest release in the series, serves as the "go-to" source for all pipeline engineering answers. Updated with new data, graphs and chapters devoted to economics and the environment, this new edition delivers on new topics, including emissions, decommissioning, cost curves, and more while still maintaining the quick answer standard display of content and data that engineers have utilized throughout their careers. Glossaries are added per chapter for better learning tactics, along with additional storage tank and LNG fundamentals. This book continues to be the high-quality, classic reference to help pipeline engineers solve their day-to-day problems. Contains new chapters that highlight costs, safety and environmental topics, including discussions on emissions Helps readers learn terminology, with updated glossaries in every chapter Includes renovated graphs and data tables throughout

Flow Modelling and Control in Pipeline Systems Capsule Pipelines Capsule pipelines technology can transport freight such as coal and solid waste which uses air to push the capsules through the pipeline. The capsule pipe systems can carry large amounts of freight for great ...

Author: Sina Razvarz

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030592462

Category: Technology & Engineering

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This book introduces novel methods for leak and blockage detection in pipelines. The leak happens as a result of ageing pipelines or extreme pressure forced by operational error or valve rapid variation. Many factors influence blockage formation in pipes like wax deposition that leads to the formation and eventual growth of solid layers and deposition of suspended solid particles in the fluids. In this book, initially, different categories of leak detection are overviewed. Afterwards, the observability and controllability of pipeline systems are analysed. Control variables can be usually presented by pressure and flow rates at the start and end points of the pipe. Different cases are considered based on the selection of control variables to model the system. Several theorems are presented to test the observability and controllability of the system. In this book, the leakage flow in the pipelines is studied numerically to find the relationship between leakage flow and pressure difference. Removing leakage completely is almost impossible; hence, the development of a formal systematic leakage control policy is the most reliable approach to reducing leakage rates.