Pioneers of Modern Japanese Poetry

This bilingual book presents a generous selection of work by four distinguished twentieth-century poets who made significant contributions to the development of modern Japanese poetry.

Author: 室生犀星

Publisher: Cornell East Asia Series

ISBN: 1939161991

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This bilingual book presents a generous selection of work by four distinguished twentieth-century poets who made significant contributions to the development of modern Japanese poetry. A general introduction provides the literary and historical context for their achievement, while each poet's work is prefaced with notes on his/her life and career.

Japan Report

Young Japanese poets and literary commentators began reading their works in
increasing numbers , and among them were Takuboku Ishikawa and Toson
Shimazaki , pioneers of modern poetry in Japan . Other English writers those ...



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Frontier Taiwan

Taiwan. The earliest modern poems published in Taiwan were in fact written in
Japanese. Authored by Zhui Feng ... Further, many of the pioneers in both China
and Japan had firsthand experience with the West. Hu Shi studied at Cornell and

Author: Michelle Yeh

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231518413

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Taiwan has evolved dramatically from a little-known island to an internationally acclaimed economic miracle and thriving democracy. The history of modern Taiwanese poetry parallels and tells the story of this transformation from periphery to frontier. Containing translations of nearly 400 poems from 50 poets spanning the entire twentieth century, this anthology reveals Taiwan in a broad spectrum of themes, forms, and styles: from lyrical meditation to political satire, haiku to concrete poetry, surrealism to postmodernism. The in-depth introduction outlines the development of modern poetry in the unique historical and cultural context of Taiwan. Comprehensive in both depth and scope, Frontier Taiwan beautifully captures the achievements of the nation's modern poetic traditions.

The Japan Foundation Newsletter

The winner of the Contemporary Japanese Poetry prize is Winners of The Japan
Art Academy Awards Toshihiko ... A pioneer in the field of Dance : Tetsuya
Kumakawa ( ballet dancer ) , Yukari Saito ( ballet dancer ) post - war Japanese ...



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The Priest Jakuren and His Poetry

And among his conclusions is that the “ love of precedent ” he finds in Japanese
poetry is based on “ race ” : To wit ... Robert Brower and Earl Miner , the pioneers
of modern studies on Japanese court poetry , or waka , in English , allude to an ...

Author: Ichiro Leopold Hanami


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Modern Japanese Poetry

Poetry has certainly shared in Japanese affluence and has perhaps come a little
too close to being institutionalized . ... The road that the pioneers opened in 1882
has been steadily followed by their successors who have pursued a continuous ...

Author: Albert Richard Davis

Publisher: Milton Keynes [Buckingham] : Open University Press

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A History of Modern Japanese Aesthetics

... Aizu Yaichi ( 1881 – 1956 ) , the renowned poet and calligrapher , was also a
pioneer of modern Japanese aesthetics and ... His scholarly activities began with
research on the poetry of John Keats ( 1795 – 1821 ) and on Greek lyric poetry ...

Author: Michael F. Marra

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: UOM:39015050705253

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This collection of essays constitutes the first history of modern Japanese aesthetics in any language. It introduces readers through lucid and readable translations to works on the philosophy of art written by major Japanese thinkers from the late nineteenth century to the present. Selected from a variety of sources (monographs, journals, catalogues), the essays cover topics related to the study of beauty in art and nature. The translations are organized into four parts. The first, The Introduction of Aesthetics, traces the formation of notions of beauty, culture, and art in Japan. It includes discussion of the creation of the museum in Japan and the frenetic efforts of Nishi Amane, Okakura Tenshin, Ernest Fenollosa, and Mori Ogai to introduce German, British, and French aesthetic thought to the Japanese. This is followed by three sections that examine the transformation of the aesthetic field into an academic discipline that flourished at three major Japanese universities. Aesthetics at Waseda University begins with an essay on the spiritualism and idealism of Onishi Hajime and continues with essays on the impact of German Lebensphilosophie (philosophy of life) on Shimamura Hogetsu and Takayama Chogyu, and work by the major Waseda aesthetician of the twentieth century, Aizu Yaichi. Thinkers of the Tokyo School adopted a scientific method in the study of art theory. Part 3, Aesthetics at the University of Tokyo, focuses on the ideas of Otsuka Yasuji (holder of the world's first Chair of Aesthetics), Onishi Yoshinori, Watsuji Tetsuro, Abe Jiro, Takeuchi Toshio, and Imamichi Tomonobu. The section concludes with a look at the contemporary philosopher Sakabe Megumi. The last section, Aesthetics at the University of Kyoto, includes essays on Nakagawa Shigeki and Fukada Yasukazu, pioneers in the field of aesthetics, and on the philosophy of art of the Kyoto School, which was deeply inspired by the thought of Nishida Kitaro. Finally the work of Kuki Shuzo, an influential teacher of Western philosophy at the University of Kyoto, is examined. A History of Modern Japanese Aesthetics is a companion volume to Modern Japanese Aesthetics: A Reader (UH Press, 1999).

Japan Quarterly

290 Poetry of Miyoshi Tatsuji, The. James Kirkup and ... 85 Sasaki Masaya: East
Asia: The Modern Transformation by Edwin O. Reischauer, John K. Fairbank, and
Albert ... 365 Takeda Kiyoko: Yoshino Sakuzö, Pioneers of Modern Japan: VIII .



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Modern Japanese Poets and the Nature of Literature

7 とれ 0 A page from Takuboku's tanka notebook , showing poems later
published in Sad Toys . The poem at the ... Yet it should be " Takuboku and his
friend Toki Aika were the two leading pioneers in writing tanka for the eye . Aika
was even ...

Author: Makoto Ueda

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 0804711666

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The American Scholar

Evolution is no longer a controversial issue in Japan , and such poems are hardly
read today except as survivals of the stone age of modern Japanese poetry ; but
the mistakes of such pioneers , as much as their small successes , were to ...

Author: William Allison Shimer


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Rediscovering Basho

One of the pioneers of this has been Makoto Ooka , a Japanese poet who first
published in the 1950s , and of contemporary poets , perhaps the one with the
deepest knowledge of the Japanese classics . " Ooka began to write linked
poems in ...

Author: Stephen Henry Gill

Publisher: Rediscovering

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For those with a taste for Japan, Basho enthusiasts and the growing number of haiku poets and readers alike, here is a rare glimpse into a man who may now be reappraised as the 'favourite uncle' guardian of Japan's quiet soul.

Contemporary Japanese style Painting

The spirit of this picture is stated in the poem by Tang Liu - ju , an ancient
Chinese poet , the calligraphy of which was ... director of the School and leader of
the movement , became one of the pioneers of modern Japanese - style painting

Author: Tanio Nakamura


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St. Akutagawa's work and his peculiarly Japanese debate with Tanizaki ; Martin's
, 1980 ( c1978 ) . ... any lack of positive merit in modern Greek poet , Dionysios
Solomos ( 1798-1857 ) , and those of Nobel Brosnan's text but that ... through the
very early 1920s , Hollywood , the pioneers is now genre unique to classical
Japan , the poem - tale — a collection of brief stories the most lucid summary
account .



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Afro Asian Writings

Japanese poet whose poetry manifests all the impressive characteristics of
dramatic narration . In his poem « Song of a Soldier » there is a ... One of the first
pioneers of modern African poetry ( born 1909 ) . Has published his poems with ...



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Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism

A study of the origins of Japanese literature in folk custom and religion by a
controversial scholar and poet . ... typical “ Victorian ” treatment of Japanese
poetry , but a pioneer work . ... Masterpieces of Japanese Poetry , Ancient and
Modern .



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Twentieth century Literary Criticism

Takuboku ' s novels did not pioneer new possibilities for the genre to the extent
that his tanka did . ... Even though Takuboku ' s poetry and novels can be
disregarded in the evaluation of his position in modern Japanese literature , his
essays ...

Author: Gale Research Company

Publisher: Gale

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Excerpts from criticism of the works of novelists, poets, playwrights, and other creative writers, 1900-1960.