Persuasion und Wissenschaft

Aus diesen Gründen ist nicht nur das Lügen – zumindest prima facie - moralisch verboten , sondern um so mehr die bewusste Persuasion . Nun ist aber das Lügenverbot nur eine Prima - facie - Norm , die durch starke gegenläufige Normen ...

Author: Günther Kreuzbauer

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 3825895785

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Persuasion in Advertising

Thus we seek to advance a framework that ties the findings of modern scholarship on persuasion together in a way suited to solving marketing problems . For instance , we claim that perspectives are a critical paradigm , and we discuss ...

Author: John O'Shaughnessy

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415322235

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A practical and in-depth guide to the art of advertising persuasion, this book draws on research, concepts and case examples from the US and Europe to explain advertising theories and set out strategies for adoption.

Mansfield Park and Persuasion

JULIA PREWITT BROWN Persuasion is Jane Austen's most ' modern ' work – perhaps the only novel that fully justifies F.R. Leavis's placing its author at the beginning of the modern tradition . In narrative mode , social view ...

Author: Judy Simons

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 031217344X

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Mansfield Park and Persuasion are both notoriously problematic works that have stimulated diverse and often polarised critical readings. These essays interpret and outline the debate in the light of cultural, historicist and feminist theory.

With what Persuasion

From the beginning of his career , Shakespeare was obsessed with rhetoric , continually representing not only acts of persuasion , but also discussions of such acts . If we turn to a very early play , The Comedy of Errors , for example ...

Author: Scott Forrest Crider

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 1433103125

Category: Literary Criticism

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Although there are a number of book-length studies of rhetoric in Shakespeare's plays, With What Persuasion discerns a distinctly Shakespearean ethics of the art of rhetoric in them. In this interdisciplinary book, Scott F. Crider draws upon the Aristotelian traditions of poetics, rhetoric, and ethics to show how Shakespeare addresses fundamental ethical questions that arise during the public and private rhetorical situations Shakespeare represents in his plays. Informed by the Greek, Roman, and English poetic and rhetorical traditions, With What Persuasion offers close readings of a selection of plays - Hamlet, Julius Caesar, Henry the 5th, All's Well That Ends Well, Othello, Measure for Measure, and The Winter's Tale - to answer universal questions about human speech and association, answers that refute a number of contemporary literary and rhetorical theory's assumptions about language and power. Crider argues that this Shakespearean ethics could assist us in our own historical moment as we in the liberal, multicultural West try to refound, without coercion, ethical principles to bind us to one another.


But the ELM suggests that persuasion can take place at any point along the elaboration continuum, although the nature of the persuasion processes will be different as the degree of elaboration varies. To bring out the differences in ...

Author: Daniel J. O'Keefe

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781483309712

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Persuasion: Theory and Research, Third Edition is a comprehensive overview of social-scientific theory and research on persuasion. Written in a clear and accessible style that assumes no special technical background in research methods, the Third Edition has been thoroughly revised to reflect developments in persuasion studies. New discussions of subjects such as reactance and the use of narratives as vehicles for persuasion, revised treatments of the theories of reasoned action and planned behavior, and two new chapters on social judgment theory and stage models provide your students with the most current work on persuasion in a clear, straightforward manner. In this edition, author Daniel J. O'Keefe has given special attention to the importance of adapting (tailoring) messages to audiences to maximize persuasiveness. Each chapter has a set of review questions to guide students through the chapter’s material and quickly master the concepts being introduced.

The SAGE Handbook of Persuasion

Figure 19.1 The Persuasion Knowledge Model Target Persuasion Knowledge Topic Knowledge Agent Knowledge Persuasion Coping Behaviors Persuasion Episode Persuasion Attempt Persuasion Knowledge Topic Knowledge Target Knowledge Agent The ...

Author: James Price Dillard

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781412983136

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The Second Edition of The SAGE Handbook of Persuasion: Developments in Theory and Practice provides readers with logical, comprehensive summaries of research in a wide range of areas related to persuasion. From a topical standpoint, this handbook takes an interdisciplinary approach, covering issues that will be of interest to interpersonal and mass communication researchers as well as to psychologists and public health practitioners.


Was not the very sight of the friend who sat behind you , was not the recollection of what had been , the knowledge of her influence , the indelible , immovable impression of what persuasion had once done , was it not all against me ?

Author: Jane Austen


ISBN: NYPL:33433043412166


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Persuasion celebrates romantic constancy in an era of turbulent change. Written as the Napoleonic Wars were ending, the novel examines how a woman can at once remain faithful to her past and still move forward into the future. Anne Elliot seems to have given up on present happiness and has resigned herself to living off her memories. More than seven years earlier she complied with duty: persuaded to view the match as imprudent and improper, she broke off her engagement to a naval captain with neither fortune, ancestry, nor prospects. However, when peacetime arrives and brings the Navy home, and Anne encounters Captain Wentworth once more, she starts to believe in second chances. Jane Austen's last completed novel features a heroine much older and wiser than her predecessors in earlier books, and presents a more intimate and sober tale of a love found long after such happiness had been deemed hopeless. This edition includes an appendix giving the original ending of Persuasion.

Persuasion Psychology

Persuasion is all about getting people to think differently. It is the power to influence people's interests towards the direction your desires. Thus with the aid of persuasion you can get people to think differently about a subject ...

Author: Joshua Strachan

Publisher: Zeronever


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The Art of Influence: Techniques to Master Mind Control, Manipulation & Deception Persuasion is among the most important social skills in the 21st century. Lack of influence or persuasion renders an individual invisible; unable to get people's attention and ultimately becoming a failure in the business world. In order to sell a product, basic persuasion techniques are required. In your personal relationship, you need to be persuasive in order to win the heart of that special person. All the significant success in life is tied to persuasion and influence. Unfortunately, not many people have fully understood the art of persuasion or how to use it effectively in their social interactions. This book provides an insight into the ultimate art of persuasion and the principles of influence that could be used in the modern social circle to control the actions and decisions of people. It provides practical examples of the ways you can use each principle in real-life situations to achieve an intended success. The strategies mentioned in this book have been used by modern industry CEOs, politicians, social influencers, trend-starters, and con artists in establishing control and power. Persuasion is an art that could be learned, and you can master the principles of mind control using these new strategies. You will also learn... The art of deception Techniques to master mind control How to analyze people Ways to build social authority Keeping people under control in your absence How to influence people without talking Persuasion techniques used by salesmen and modern industries If you want to achieve power, influence, and social authority, click the BUY button to begin a wonderful journey.

Persuasion the essence of diplomacy

situates this interplay between coercion and persuasion in the analysis of how China and the Soviet Union reacted to the need for transition. He starts with two events in 1989: Tiananmen Square and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Author: Jovan Kurbalija

Publisher: Diplo Foundation

ISBN: 9789993253266


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This journey through persuasion in diplomacy was initiated by Professor Kappeler’s long experience in both practicing diplomacy and in training diplomats. When the bells and whistles of diplomacy settle down, what remains, according to Prof. Kappeler, is persuasion. His message that persuasion is the essence of diplomacy has inspired our discussion over the last five years and has led to the publishing of this book. Contributors, all distinguished academics and diplomatic practitioners, discuss persuasion in history, persuasion in theory, and persuasion in practice. Discover more on language and diplomacy through our dedicated portal.

Beyond Persuasion

Persuasion may take the form of bargaining, as Neustadt suggests, if the president engages in give and take with others in the policy community. This could involve the use of tools designed to get others to move, such as presidential ...

Author: Matthew Robert Kerbel

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9781438408774

Category: Political Science

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Beyond Persuasion is the first systematic, multi-administration study of presidential power and influence. Moving beyond Richard Neustadt’s Presidential Power, this book offers a model of presidential power that incorporates personal bargaining effectiveness with the structural imperative of efficient White House organization. Drawing upon a systematic analysis of presidents from Johnson to Reagan, Kerbel finds common patterns of organizational structure and bargaining behavior in their successful domestic policy initiatives. The path to power is detailed through comparative insights on the Carter and Reagan administrations, which prove to be remarkably similar in critical respects despite popular perceptions to the contrary. Kerbel then considers the relative importance of presidential behavior to contextual factors beyond the president’s control, offering insight into the way changes in economic and political conditions have hampered or improved recent presidential efforts, despite presidential attempts to organize and persuade. Analysis includes the first year of the Bush administration, and the possibilities for power in the contemporary presidency are discussed.