Permission Granted

Enter Permission Granted: Kick-Ass Strategies to Bootstrap Your Way to Unconditional Self-Love. Think Beyoncé takes center stage at Coachella. Snap. Or Lizzo storms Las Vegas in a sequined batwing swimsuit, complete with cape, flute, ...

Author: Regina Louise

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 9781608687268

Category: Self-Help

Page: 320

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Live unapologetically, fearlessly, and fabulously! Get ready to discover and implement practical, fierce, and fun ways to manifest your desires in every personal and professional sphere. With verve and heart, Permission Granted illustrates proven paths from “you couldn’t possibly” to “just watch me!” You’ll begin to deeply understand who you are and what you have been through, moving toward self-compassion and learning to give yourself the care and support you may have lacked. Author Regina Louise took herself from a childhood in solitary confinement in a residential treatment center to college and the creation of several successful businesses. She now works to show others how to dream and do no matter what. Her book is undeniably inspirational for anyone striving to get out from under limiting beliefs — their own as well as others’.

Permission Granted

—Tim Storey: Life Coach; Motivational Speaker; Author, It's Time For Your Comeback Permission Granted paints a beautiful picture of what Jesus intended the church to be: a relevant, multi- talented, purposeful, secure and loving family ...

Author: Stan Saunders

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 9781617399312

Category: Religion

Page: 107

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For most people, church is a spectator sport. This is one reason why church is so boring and why so many have dropped out. A church is a living, active organism where every member participates in a highly productive manner. Permission Granted encourages every Christ follower to discover and participate in ministries they are designed and gifted to perform. Churches need to make the adjustments necessary to liberate and motivate their members to become active participants in ministry. There is profound joy in observing people who find needs and fill them, and who find hurts and heal them. The happiest people are those who are helping others. Happy church members build healthy and growing churches. Jesus said, 'Go.' Permission Granted.

Permission Granted

Allison Fallon, bestselling author and founder of Find Your Voice I hadn't even finished the first chapter of Permission Granted before I found myself crying tears of relief. Melissa's vulnerable tone is a rare gift in our picture- ...

Author: Melissa Camara Wilkins

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 9780310353584

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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From award-winning blogger Melissa Camara Wilkins, come and find a stunningly simple path to confidence and clarity. All you have to do is give yourself permission to show up as your gloriously imperfect self. Trying to fix yourself is exhausting. But being yourself - that is both possible and life-giving. The key is a simple heart-shift from chasing after perfection to learning to tell a truer story about ourselves, the world, and our place in it. Melissa Camara Wilkins invites you into her journey of discovering the profound simplicity of dropping the pretenses and allowing ourselves to be fully human - flaws and all. This is a story about making life simpler by letting go of who you think you're supposed to be and becoming who you really are. With wit and compassion, Melissa explores how to be present, show up as your real self, and get comfortable in your own skin by aligning the truth inside you with the life you live on the outside. Gain confidence with the freeing practices of dropping the mask, abandoning the experts, and understanding your real assignment. With refreshing honesty and insight, Melissa invites you to move from the either/or dichotomy into a spacious freedom of embracing the both/and - brave and scared, messy and real, gloriously imperfect and absolutely enough. This is your permission slip to be your whole, human self. For everyone who feels the pressure to fit in, measure up, and get it together, Permission Granted is a life-giving invitation to soul-level simplicity.

Permission Granted

Colin Campbell. “ Very real . And very good . " -Lee Child COLIN CAMPBELL DEDMICCINI PERMISSION GRANTED GRANT & McNULTY STORIES 1 DONBOUT BOOKS PERMISSION GRANTED Grant & McNulty Stories Colin Campbell PRAISE FOR. Front Cover.

Author: Colin Campbell

Publisher: Down & Out Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 262

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Before Jim Grant became The Resurrection Man he was just a Yorkshire cop with a short fuse. Yorkshire, Los Angeles, Boston, Texas, Mexico and much more Helping an old lady get her stolen glasses back and dangling the thief over a cliff is just the start of a tarnished career and these stories fill in some of the gaps between his more widely published adventures. From the “Heavy Petting Chasing Tail Zen Dog Pet Boutique” to a bar at “Boquillas Crossing,” Grant just can’t let injustice go unpunished. But he’s not the only Yorkshireman in America. These stories also introduce Vince McNulty, a Yorkshire ex-cop now working for a tinpot movie company in Boston. It would be a strange coincidence if these two men didn’t know each other. Cops don’t believe in coincidence. Neither should you.

Permission Granted Take the Bible into Your Own Hands

Permission Granted—Take the Bible into Your Own Hands “Jennifer Bird has written an accessible, encouraging, and enlightening guide to understanding the Bible better. For those who love the Bible but have serious questions about it, ...

Author: Jennifer Bird

Publisher: Presbyterian Publishing Corp

ISBN: 9781611645705

Category: Religion

Page: 176

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Millions of people around the world look to the Bible as a source of encouragement and faith formation, a reminder that God is love and is in control, and a guide to living one's life the way God desires. But this treasured book has also been misused and manipulated by many, placed on a pedestal of untouchability, and protected from questioning and honest engagement. In Permission Granted, Jennifer Grace Bird encourages people of faith to explore the texts on their own, freed from long-held myths and misconceptions; experience the Bible anew; and appreciate this holy book for what it isâ€"not what we think it should be. With the sensitivity of one who has discovered this freedom herself, Bird invites readers to engage what the Bible really says about twelve key issues, including sin, sex, and the role of women.


Copyright permission granted by Hsiao-ying Chen Chinnery (2001). "My Neighbour (Wode linju) was written in the early 1940s and first appeared in About Women (Guanyu niiren) published by Tiandi chubanshe (Chengdu) in 1943.

Author: Shu-ning Sciban

Publisher: Cornell East Asia Series

ISBN: UVA:X004735841

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 244

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Dragonflies is an anthology containing twelve selections ranging from short stories to novellas, and spans the century from the May Fourth Movement to the 1990s. The eleven authors represented are Ling Shuhua, Bing Xin, Zhang Ailing, Wei Junyi, Kang Yunwei, Ping Lu, Liao Huiying, Chi Li, Jiang Zidan, Wang Anyi, and Xi Xi. Rather than focusing on revolutionary or heroic role-models, the selected works portray women struggling to deal with the conflicting demands of tradition and modernity in a rapidly changing society. The most recent story in the collection, Wang Anyi's coolly analytical but heartbreaking Sisters (1996), illustrates the persistence of traditional social norms, while Jiang Zidan's Waiting for Dusk (1990) depicts a woman oppressed by nature itself. The introductory essay by Shu-ning Sciban traces the evolution of fiction by women writers in mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong during the twentieth century. Dragonflies will appeal to readers with an interest in modern China, Chinese literature and gender studies.

The New South Wales Industrial Gazette

Permission granted until expiration of award . ( W. 80 ) 57. 27–5–13 Application by Thomson , Son & Co. , of Pitt - street , Sydney , upon the ground of infirmity . Permission granted until expiration of award . ( W.81 ) 58. 27–5–13 .

Author: New South Wales. Department of Industrial Relations and Technology


ISBN: UIUC:30112061989700

Category: Collective labor agreements


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Annual Report

Permission and authority granted to H. Boller 10 establish a curb filling station at 204 Bates avenue. C.F.No.24235 March 4111, 1919. Granting permission to the B. F. Goodrich Rubber Company to establish a curb air-fillingr station ...

Author: Saint Paul (Minn.). Dept. of Public Works


ISBN: UIUC:30112108087195

Category: Public works


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