The Perfect Metabolism Plan

This book's message is that an inability to lose weight or keep it off has never been about a failure of will, it's about a broken metabolism. No diet will stick until the underlying metabolic issues are resolved.

Author: Vance, Sara

Publisher: Conari Press

ISBN: 9781573246439

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 288

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We all know the stats: more of us are obese than ever before. We have a diet and weight loss industry that rakes in billions per year, and yet almost everyone who loses weight puts it back on and then some. This yo-yo dieting is not just frustrating to the dieter, it's extremely detrimental to the heart, joints, and bones—worse, some research suggests, than remaining fat. This book's message is that an inability to lose weight or keep it off has never been about a failure of will, it's about a broken metabolism. No diet will stick until the underlying metabolic issues are resolved. Vance offers 10 proven keys for fixing or resetting your metabolism: Break Up with SugarFix Your Fats (eat healthy fats)Heal Your Gut (probiotics)Identify Food Intolerances (foods that make you foggy,fatigued, sick, and fat)Lose the Toxins (in household products, body care products,etc.)Put Out the Fire (beware acidic foods and other foods thatcause inflammation)Stop the Madness (stress)Ditch the Convenience Foods (even the so-called healthy ones)Hydrate!Exercise Smarter (not harder) The Perfect Metabolism Plan is smartly organized with a very approachable tone, and includes a 3-phase cleanse and about 50 recipes. Readers will also discover that a well-functioning metabolism controls much more than their weight. They'll find themselves more clear headed, more energetic, less frequently under the weather and better able to rebound, less achy, and more!

The Perfect Metabolism Plan for Women Over 60

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Author: Gloria Perez

Publisher: Gloria Perez

ISBN: 1008973211


Page: 126

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**55% OFF for Bookstores!! LAST DAYS*** THE PERFECT METABOLISM PLAN FOR WOMEN OVER 60 Your Customers Never Stop to Use this Awesome Book! Following a keto diet is easier than ever, knowing that you no longer have to completely give up the foods that you love. With some simple modifications, you can still eat all of your favorite foods while remaining in ketosis. Keto Bread Recipes is the must-have cookbook for anyone searching for keto-friendly bread recipes to indulge in their cravings for carbs. Instead of turning to options that might prevent ketosis, this book ensures that your body will continue to burn fats instead of carbs while still enjoying your favorite foods. in this fantastic book you will find: What is the Keto-diet What is Intermitent Fasting? Intermittent fasting and Autophagy wonderful keto recipes for women over 50/60. Ingredients Tips and tricks for beginners and so much more Don't miss the opportunity to improve your life and your health. Buy it Now and let your customers get addicted to this amazing book!

The Metabolism Plan

What you are learning now is the same format you can use for the rest of your life to figure out what works best for you. So if you start The Metabolism Plan in your 20s, you will always know what to eat and how to exercise for now and ...

Author: Lyn-Genet Recitas

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781409162384

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 320

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The highly anticipated follow-up book from the New York Times bestselling author of The Plan. The Metabolism Plan will help you lose even more weight with a revolutionary diet and exercise program that boosts your metabolism to burn fat and improve energy. It takes The Plan to a new level with a program that's customised to target the metabolism. Complete with delicious new recipes, and an exercise plan The Metabolism Plan shows you how to workout smarter, not harder - as little as 12 minutes, 3 times a week! The Metabolism Plan also addresses many hidden issues that can sabotage your metabolism and inhibit weight loss, including thyroid dysfunction and over-exercise.

Fast Metabolism Diet

In the book "Fast Metabolism Diet" I've put all my knowledge in the field of nutrition to go to stimulate and accelerate the metabolism in the right way, through the 4 phases enclosed in a food plan to discover your perfect fit in less than ...

Author: Elena Moretti


ISBN: 1803397756


Page: 238

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Do you feel frustrated because you can't seem to drop those extra pounds despite literally going on "bread and water"? Can't you understand why your peers have a more toned and sculpted physique than you despite taking in almost twice as many calories as you do? Let's get this straight: the process of losing weight is not as simple as you think. It's not enough to drastically reduce calories to see the first benefits. On the contrary, far from it... You have to know that each subject slims down in its own way and especially in specific areas. It's a rather subjective issue but also a genetic one. Be careful though: there is a fundamental factor that unites everyone in the attempt to lose weight, namely the "metabolism". Surely you've heard of it but you probably haven't fully understood its importance yet. Having a slow or lazy metabolism will make you do somersaults to lose even 1 Kg. In this case, it would be useless to reduce kcal, indeed it would be rather counterproductive. In the book "Fast Metabolism Diet" I've put all my knowledge in the field of nutrition to go to stimulate and accelerate the metabolism in the right way, through the 4 phases enclosed in a food plan to discover your perfect fit in less than 5 weeks. In addition, in this book you will discover: How to approach a diet, and specifically the metabolic diet, from a mental point of view. What the metabolism-awakening diet is, how your metabolism works, and how to benefit from it. Why do some people burn more calories than others? Why playing sports plays a key role in speeding up your metabolism. The 10 allowed and prohibited foods in the metabolism-boosting diet. You'll also discover how to combine foods in order to lose weight in the best way. 90 practical, quick and tasty recipes divided by course (breakfast, snacks, meat, fish, etc.). If you're thinking of quitting because it seems impossible to lose weight, give yourself a chance. With the advice you'll find inside this book, the path to your goal can only be downhill. Scroll up and click "Buy NOW"!

Boosting Your Metabolism a Simple Guide 61 Tips On How to Jump Start Your Metabolism and Accelerate Fat Burn

The Core Performance: The Revolutionary Workout Program, By Mark Verstegen, Pete Williams, pg 212 9798. The DASH Diet Action Plan, By Marla Heller, pg 106 101104. The Perfect Metabolism Plan: Restore Your Energy and Reach Your Ideal ...

Author: Charlie Morton

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781329099616

Category: Health & Fitness


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If you’re a healthy eater, workout regularly and religiously watch your calories, but still stumped as to why your weight loss efforts often hit a brick wall, you may be silently sabotaging the real key to permanent fat loss success....your metabolism. Thankfully, you have more control over your metabolism than you think, and by selectively tweaking your daily routine, you can successfully ignite energy and caloric burn, kick-start sluggish body systems, and beat age-related weight gain. “Boosting Your Metabolism – A Simple Guide” is a quick reference handbook containing a compilation of ideas and tips on how to create a faster metabolism to help burn more calories and keep off unwanted pounds. Filled with implementable advice in an easy to understand format, you’ll find lots of straightforward information broken down into digestible nuggets, designed to help promote healthy, long-term weight loss.

The Metabolism Advantage

"An 8-Week Program to Rev Up Your Body's Fat-Burning Machine--At Any Age John Berardi ... Until now, you've been on a plan. ... In other words, you will have some perfect Metabolism Advantage days along with some imperfect ones.

Author: John Berardi

Publisher: Rodale Books

ISBN: 9781623360313

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 256

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With this powerful body transformation program, men and women discover how to kick their metabolism into high gear—and replace flab with lean, fat-burning muscle in just 8 weeks! Revving up the body so that it optimizes nutrition and turns flab into lean body mass can be accomplished easily and quickly—and at any age, even after the body's metabolism has supposedly slowed down. That's what sought-after fitness trainer and nutrition expert John Berardi demonstrates in this new book. Drawing on the best scientific research, including his own ongoing studies, Berardi has developed a supremely effective plan that enables his clients—who include athletes, models, and ordinary men and women of different fitness levels—to stoke their metabolic fires, burn more calories, build lean muscle, and improve their health, too! This unique three-pronged program includes: • the Nutrition Plan, which provides recipes and meal plans that offer readers the foods that will teach their bodies to burn fat for fuel • the Exercise Plan, which combines interval exercise and strength training to enable readers to burn more calories not only while they are working out but also after exercise • the Supplement Plan, which identifies the essential compounds that kick the metabolism into high gear and improve general well-being

The Metabolic Plan

We define happiness as “getting what we want" and suffer for the times when the universe has other plans. In the same way, we believe that we should have perfect health unmarred by illness. In truth, illness is part of the gann: ILLNESS ...

Author: Stephen Cherniske

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 9780307417268

Category: Medical

Page: 368

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The choice is yours: You can add forty or more vigorous, fulfilling years to your life. It sounds like science fiction, but in fact it’s cutting-edge science grounded in exciting new research. In The Metabolic Plan, internationally renowned biochemist Stephen Cherniske reveals the medical breakthroughs that enable all of us to extend our lives—and the quality of our lives—starting today. After years of dedicated study and research that took him to six continents, Cherniske has arrived at a new paradigm that radically alters our understanding of the aging process and the human potential for longevity. Far from giving out due to inevitable wear and tear, the human body is naturally endowed with astonishing powers of renewal, self-repair, and regeneration. The secret to unlocking these powers lies not in genetic tinkering or a high-tech fix, but in outsmarting mother nature at her own game. As Cherniske explains, a simple adjustment in your metabolism can profoundly alter your energy level, strength and stamina, your body’s ability to fight disease, even the intensity of your sexual desire and fulfillment. In short, by following his regime, you can essentially “trick” your body into adopting the metabolism of a twenty-year-old. The Metabolic Plan takes you step-by-step through the process of natural rejuvenation. Here is a comprehensive diet and exercise plan specifically tailored to boost antioxidant levels, combat disease, increase muscle, reduce fat, and enhance memory and vision. Cherniske shares the age-defying properties of such cutting-edge supplements as 7-Keto and debunks myths about acid/alkaline foods. Here too are detailed metabolic plans geared to the different needs of men and women and to every decade of our lives—so we’ll know exactly what to focus on when. Longer life, more energy, improved health, a pervasive sense of well-being: it sounds too good to be true, but it’s all within our grasp. At once revolutionary and eminently practical, this is the book that finally solves the puzzle of aging.

Women s Health Your Perfect Body Plan

Overall, this means that giving yourself a Perfect Body Break every 2 weeks can help you prevent weight-loss plateaus by counteracting the decrease in metabolism that occurs with chronic dieting. Since studies give conflicting evidence ...

Author: Editors of Women's Health Magazine

Publisher: Rodale Press

ISBN: 1594867917

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 352

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Frank Sepe s Abs Olutely Perfect Plan for A Flatter Stomach

It naturally boosts your metabolism. It alleviates stress. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. It increases your energy for sex and enhances lung capacity. Now I think those are some pretty good reasons to make cardio a regular, everyday thing.

Author: Frank Sepe

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 9781401930585

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 281

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Frank Sepe’s Abs-Olutely Perfect Plan for a Flatter Stomach answers all the questions you want to know about building abs. You not only get the perfect eating, cardio and ab plan, but you also get full-body workout plans to take your physique to the next level, with full-color photos illustrating all of the ab and workout exercises. The abdominal program presented here by world-renowned fitness expert and ESPN2-Cold Pizza host Frank Sepe will clear up all of that confusion and misinformation and will finally help you reach your goal of a smaller waistline and a ripped midsection. Everything and anything you want to know about abs and how to achieve them is in this book.

Men s Health

Here's how to build the perfect metabolism-boosting workout plan, step-by-step. • Do eight to 15 repetitions of each set. Doing your one -repetition max may make you feel like a big man, but if your goal is not looking like one, ...





Page: 198

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Men's Health magazine contains daily tips and articles on fitness, nutrition, relationships, sex, career and lifestyle.

Adventures in Veggieland

... what's not to love about turning beets into french fries, cupcakes, and even tattoos?” —SARA VANCE, nutritionist and author of The Perfect Metabolism Plan adventures veggieland in Also by Melanie Potock Raising a Healthy,

Author: Melanie Potock

Publisher: The Experiment

ISBN: 9781615194179

Category: Cooking

Page: 288

View: 847


Your kids can learn to love vegetables—and have fun doing it! So long to scary vegetables; hello to friendly new textures, colors, and flavors! Here is a foolproof plan for getting your kids to love their vegetables. Just follow the “Three E’s”: Expose your child to new vegetables with sensory, hands–on, educational activities: Create Beet Tattoos and play Cabbage Bingo! Explore the characteristics of each veggie (texture, taste, temperature, and more) with delectable but oh–so–easy recipes: Try Parsnip-Carrot Mac’n’Cheese and Pepper Shish Kebabs! Expand your family’s repertoire with more inventive vegetable dishes—including a “sweet treat” in every chapter: Enjoy Pears and Parsnips in Puff Pastry and Tropical Carrot Confetti Cookies! With 100 kid–tested activities and delicious recipes, plus expert advice on parenting in the kitchen, Adventures in Veggieland will get you and your kids working (and playing!) together in the kitchen, set­ting even your pickiest eater up for a lifetime of healthy eating.

The Sirtfood Diet

In this book you will find: The TOP 20 Sirtfoods Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the diet, explained step by step How to lose 7 lbs in the first 7 days of the diet 3 weekly meal plans for every dietary requirement (standard, pescatarian, and ...

Author: Kate Sullivan


ISBN: 9798647694669


Page: 210

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Are you looking for a diet that allows you to lose weight in a healthy way and at the same time that is sustainable over time? Then this is the right book for you, keep reading... Have you struggled to commit to a diet? Have you bravely tried to count calories and ate food that you hated in the hope of losing a few pounds that came to haunt you back a few weeks later? You don't need to do it anymore: we have finally discovered the Sirtfood diet. What is so revolutionary about it? How is it not the same old celebrity diet fad? The scientific basis of the Sirtfood diet is clinically proven and quite simple to grasp. When we fast, we activate our "skinny gene" or SIRT genes and therefore our metabolism. But you don't need fasting to activate it anymore: the Sirtfoods and the carefully balanced Sirtfood recipes you will find in this book will jump-start your metabolism in the Phase 1 of the diet without need to starve! But this is not even the best news: the Sirtfoods are actually tasty! Did you ever thought possible to eat chocolate and drink red wine during a diet? Did you ever think that you could eat something as decadently luscious as steak with red wine reduction and aromatic roasted potatoes and lose weight? Discover the new diet that is taking the world by storm and revolutionizing our way of thinking about dieting and food! In this book you will find: The TOP 20 Sirtfoods Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the diet, explained step by step How to lose 7 lbs in the first 7 days of the diet 3 weekly meal plans for every dietary requirement (standard, pescatarian, and vegan/vegetarian) The fascinating science behind sirtuins and skinny genes 7 secret tips to Sirtfood cooking 170+ recipes for Sirtfood meals, smoothies, breakfast, and desserts! The original recipe for the Sirtfood Green Juice How to live a more "Sirt"-full life after the diet How to change your lifestyle to finally lose weight and still enjoy food! With the Sirtfood diet, you have found a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that will not only make you lose weight, but allow you to keep thin in the long term. You will discover that you will better, more energetic, and more vital than ever before! What are you waiting for? Click on BUY NOW to start your new life today!

Plan Based Healthy Food

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Author: Katia Kolner

Publisher: Verrekk International Company Limited

ISBN: 1802450289

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 112

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The Complete New Fat Flush Program

The Perfect Metabolism Plan Sarah Vance. ISBN 1-57-324643-3 When your metabolism is out of whack, your willpower, hunger hormones, insulin, and cravings all work against you. And you not only can't lose weight; you tend to feel foggy, ...

Author: Ann Louise Gittleman

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 9781260019926

Category: Health & Fitness


View: 786


Achieve your health and wellness goals with the bestselling, newly updated diet and fitness program Introduced more than 25 years ago, The Fat Flush Plan revolutionized the way we think about dieting, nutrition, and fitness. Millions of people have embraced the groundbreaking program to achieve peak health and wellness. In keeping with the latest research and emerging food trends, bestselling author Ann Gittleman has updated her popular, successful program. The Complete New Fat New Flush Program, Second Edition brings you updated content, new evidence-based detox and diet strategies, information on lifestyle medicine, emerging trends, refreshed shopping lists, and more. This three-book bundle includes The New Fat Flush Plan as well as The New Fat Flush Plan Cookbook and The New Fat Flush Journal and Shopping Guide, two companion books reflecting the newly-revised program protocols. You’ll find essential advice on choosing the best foods for your specific dietary needs, tips and advice on weight loss, information on the metabolic impact of foods, liver cleansing, overall health, and much more. The Complete New Fat New Flush Program, Second Edition includes: • The New Fat Flush Plan—an essential resource that focuses on lifestyle medicine and provides important information on friendly fats, microbiome matters, hormonal fluctuations, gluten and grain avoidance, nutrient deficiencies, the healing power of sleep, thyroid and adrenal burnout, dry brushing and detox baths, and liver support. • The New Fat Flush Plan Cookbook— Packed with over 200 family-friendly recipes, this updated edition is based on deliciously simple meals with wholesome ingredients, flavored with unique fat-burning and cleansing herbs and spices. • The New Fat Flush Journal and Shopping Guide— Includes refreshed shopping lists featuring brand names and added gratitude lists that reflect the key nutritional themes which have shifted the way we think about health.

Women s Health Perfect Body Diet

The Ultimate Weight Loss and Workout Plan to Drop Stubborn Pounds and Get Fit for Life! ... Since studies give conflicting evidence about which macronutrients should be increased to best boost metabolism, we recommend choosing a mixture ...

Author: Cassandra Forsythe, PhD, RD

Publisher: Rodale Books

ISBN: 9781605299334

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 384

View: 429


Let's face it—women simply do not shed pounds or build muscle as easily as men do. Drawing on fascinating recent research that has shed new light on the gender differences in food metabolism and the effect of exercise, the editors of Women's Health, the healthy lifestyle magazine for today's active woman on the go, have devised a weight-loss plan that works especially well for women who would like to lose 5-25 pounds. Key features of the Women's Health Perfect Body Plan include: • Glucomannan, a soluble fiber that helps dieters feel full faster—and therefore eat less throughout the day • Meal plans that contain at least 40 grams of fiber per day • An adjustment for the impact of female hormones on weight loss (women need a higher protein diet than men to increase lean body tissue and decrease body fat) • Dieting techniques that revolve around psychological needs and personal goals and lifestyle • Two diet plans to choose from—one higher in fats and lower in carbs; the other higher in carbs and lower in fats (simple food tests help women choose the type they need) In addition to the customized eating plan—complete with 75 easy-to-prepare recipes—there is a vigorous customized fitness program consisting of 50 exercises that brings results in just three weeks.

A 10 Minute Summary of the Fast Metabolism Diet

This is a preview of lessons you'll learn How to repair your metabolism. How stress affects your body and how to start living a healthy and happy life. How to prevent stress.

Author: Bolo

Publisher: Blvnp Incorporated

ISBN: 168030576X


Page: 32

View: 229


We know that your "time is valuable," so we keep it short and concise. Are you ready to lose up to 20 pounds in just 4 weeks? Then, you must know the seven fundamental concepts from Haylie Pomroy's original book, The Fast Metabolism Diet. In just ten minutes, you will have the knowledge necessary in attaining a glorious bod; you can start investing in your health; you will invest in your health because you want to be healthy. This will take you to the heart of Pomroy's ideas. Time-efficient and informative, this compendium is the perfect, short, and sweet resource that will aid you in eating more while gaining less. Explore these pages now for your Fast Metabolism Diet plan. Preview of lessons you'll learn How to repair your metabolism. How stress affects your body and how to start living a healthy and happy life. How to prevent stress. The certain foods that damage your metabolism and how to avoid them. Importance of a healthy metabolism in attaining your ideal body weight. Finding certain exercises that fit into the phases of your diet plan. Why phases of the Fast Metabolism Diet complement your body's needs. Common dieting routines that harm your body. Importance of the perfect timing of food intake. The effects of eating healthy foods on your body and your mood. More inside the summary: Brief overview of the book contents. Concise and relevant summaries that capture the essence of the book. Witty bathroom jokes at the beginning of each chapter to stimulate your psyche. Seven key learnings that will assist you in attaining or maintaining a fast metabolism. An effective diet plan that will help you lose weight without starving. Why you must read this summary? BECAUSE Haylie Pomroy's Fast Metabolism Diet plan satisfies your body's caloric requirements and allows you to enjoy your favorite dishes even as you try to shed off those extra pounds. A pro-food herself, she promotes the adequate and appropriate food intake as the ultimate ticket to have a healthy metabolism - a necessary tool to help you burn those extra fats and fully transform your food intake to energy and utilize every bit of it. A 28-day cycle, Fast Metabolism Diet is an effective and refreshing plan that will keep you from being hungry and even encourage you to eat snacks between your three meals per day. It perfectly complements your body's needs so you are able to ingest your daily dietary requirements, with the added benefits of stabilizing your blood sugar, increasing your energy levels, improving your sleep, and reducing your stress. PLEASE NOTE: This is a 10-minute summary of The Fast Metabolism Diet and NOT the original book."

The Everything Guide to Macronutrients

By the end of all this planning, you should have a sample meal plan that fits your schedule perfectly, ... While it's true that your body's metabolism will slow down the longer you diet, it's not necessarily true metabolic damage.

Author: Matt Dustin

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781507204160

Category: Cooking

Page: 272

View: 223


"Learn about the basics of macronutrients--carbohydrates, fats, and protein--how to count them, and how to successfully lose weight in this new guide! You will learn the importance of these essential elements and how to control them to be the healthiest you can be--and still eat what you want! With more than 150 recipes and a two-week meal plan to get you started, this book is a comprehensive yet approachable resource that gives you all the tools necessary to help you lose weight more effectively--and keep it off"--

The New Fat Flush Plan

Perlmutter, David. Brain Maker. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 2015. Vance, Sara. The Perfect Metabolism Plan. Newburyport, MA: Conari Press, 2015. Hidden Factor #7: Poor Quality Bile Gittleman, A. L. Eat Fat, Lose Weight.

Author: Ann Louise Gittleman

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 9781260011111

Category: Medical

Page: 288

View: 589


WHAT’S NEW ABOUT THE NEW FAT FLUSH PLAN? For over 25 years, Fat Flush has helped millions of people lose weight, harness the healing powers of foods, reignite metabolism, fight cellulite, and restore the liver and gallbladder while improving their lives. Now, for the first time since its original publication, the acclaimed New York Times bestseller has been revised and updated with groundbreaking research, food options, and lifestyle choices to help you achieve lasting weight loss and wellness. The NEW Fat Flush Plan includes: * NEW Three-Day Ultra Fat Flush Tune-Up for quicker cleansing * NEW Paleo, Ketogenic and Vegan-friendly recipes reflecting the latest diet trends * NEW gluten research * NEW Fat Flush bone broth recipe for cooking, snacks and side dishes * NEW health revelations linking the gallbladder and liver to thyroid health * NEW hidden weight gain factors that explain why it’s not your fault you’re fat * NEW meals, menus, and shopping lists * NEW tips for managing insulin, hormone, and stress levels * NEW slimming, smart fats and sweeteners Like its pioneering predecessor, The NEW Fat Flush Plan offers evidence-based detox and diet strategies that are simple, safe and effective, with a heightened emphasis on the role of liver health and the metabolic impact of foods. The best detox plan just got better. Best of all, you will see and feel the difference in just three days!

Sirt Food Diet for Women

These molecules help to protect cells from inflammation, aging, and other unwanted metabolic processes. This is why sirtuin activators are linked to longevity and vitality.

Author: Haley Joseph

Publisher: Enfanting Publishing House

ISBN: 9657775094


Page: 96

View: 373


Sirtfood Diet for Women: Here's the Perfect Cookbook if You Want to Burn Fat Like Never Before and Keep the Weight Off by Activating the "Skinny Gene" Would you like to: Look amazing and feel confident?Try the diet that changed Adele's life?Feel energized, happy, and healthy? Yes? It's all possible with the Sirtfood Diet! The Sirtfood Diet has taken the world by storm. The amazing weight loss the famous singer Adele accomplished? All because of the Sirtfood Diet! However, this diet is not just another celebrity trend. It's based in the science of metabolism. Unlike other diets that give you a temporary weight loss while leaving you starved, the Sirtfood Diet works in the long run. This diet is named after sirtuin activators present in certain foods. These molecules help to protect cells from inflammation, aging, and other unwanted metabolic processes. This is why sirtuin activators are linked to longevity and vitality. They activate the so-called "skinny gene", which helps burn fat faster. Sirtuin activators are present in a lot of different foods so you will be able to enjoy a diverse diet. Here's what you'll find in this book: The Sirtfood Lifestyle: Understand how sirtuins work, find the list of 10 ten sirtuin foods, weight the pros and cons of this diet, include exercises, and get in the right mindset by controlling your portions, getting a support system, and sleeping properly The Sirtfood Cookbook: Delicious and healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts, with healthy, sirtuin ingredients, detailed cooking instructions, calorie counts, micronutrient breakdowns to help you keep track of your new healthy lifestyle So many people struggle with losing weight. It's no wonder - weight loss isn't just about not eating. In fact, it's about eating what's right for you. This is where the Sirtuin Diet comes in, and this book will help you get started on the right path! So Scroll Up, Click On "Buy Now with 1-Click", and Get Your Copy!

Maximize Your Metabolism

This book is based on the extraordinary successful program that Dr. Maclaren has prescribed to thousands of patients with great success.

Author: Noel Maclaren


ISBN: 1538718820


Page: 352

View: 293


In Maximize Your Metabolism Dr. Maclaren shares a brand new program based on new science about how to use your body's response to insulin to actually boost your metabolism and easily achieve unprecedented good health. Each of us fits into one of five different body types, based on our bodies' level of insulin resistance (the book includes an easy self-assessment quiz for readers to identify their type). Maximize Your Metabolism offers unique diet and exercises plans tailored for each of the five different body types, as well as core recommendations that every type should follow, including: A low-carb diet rich in vegetables, with modest portions of meat, eggs, cheese, plain Greek yogurt , and low sugar fruits such as Granny Smith apples, berries, and green crunchy pears Avoiding "healthy" foods that are actually hurting you: quinoa is a simple carbohydrate you should substitute with cauliflower rice, agave is actually worse for your metabolism than sugar, and probiotics are overrated (instead choose prebiotics, such as artichokes, leaks, and onions). Sleep: 6-8 hours per night (and recommended testing for sleep apnea). Exercise: 3+ times per week, as vigorous as you can, for as long as you can. This book is based on the extraordinary successful program that Dr. Maclaren has prescribed to thousands of patients with great success. Filled with specific guidance and over 30 delicious recipes, Maximize Your Metabolism is the perfect diet for readers who want to lose weight and love their lives every step of the way.