Robert Louis Stevenson and the Pictorial Text

A Case Study in the Victorian Illustrated Novel Richard J. Hill ... Raphael that received his fleeting suffrages, and with aid of pen and ink and shilling box of water-colours, he had soon turned one of the rooms into a picture gallery.

Author: Richard J. Hill

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781317062172

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Robert Louis Stevenson and the Pictorial Text explores the genesis, production and the critical appreciation of the illustrations to the fiction of Robert Louis Stevenson. Stevenson is one of the most copied and interpreted authors of the late nineteenth century, especially his novels Treasure Island and Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. These interpretations began with the illustration of his texts in their early editions, often with Stevenson’s express consent, and this book traces Stevenson’s understanding and critical responses to the artists employed to illustrate his texts. In doing so, it attempts to position Stevenson as an important thinker and writer on the subject of illustrated literature, and on the marriage of literature and visual arts, at a moment preceding the dawn of cinema, and the rejection of such popular tropes by modernist writers of the early twentieth century.

Catalogue of the Harlem Library

T 1651a Author of Beltraffio , The ... ; by Henry James . ... B. , 1884. 12o . L 6503 A brief handbook of English authors . B. , 1892 . L 6503e Barrows , C. M. Acts and anecdotes of ... Pen pictures of earlier Victorian authors .

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Encyclopedia of Literary Modernism

Written originally in French, the play, first published in 1893, is now seen as central to Wilde's work (see Tydeman ... and it was in this year that Wilde was able to give up journalism with the publication of the novel The Picture of ...

Author: Paul Poplawski

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Modernism is still widely acknowledged as perhaps the most important and influential artistic and cultural phenomenon of the 20th century. Written by expert scholars from around the world and covering hundreds of different topics in a clear, incisive, and critical manner, this reference maps the complex field of modernism in a fresh and original way. The principal focus of the book is on English-language literary modernism and the period 1890-1939, yet many entries extend beyond those parameters to include important precursors and successors of the movement. The book also covers the crucial European and interdisciplinary dimensions of modernism and provides complementary comparative perspectives from countries and regions not usually included in traditional accounts of the subject. Entries cite works for further reading, and the volume closes with a selected, general bibliography.

Designs on the Heart

the Old Granary Burial Ground in Boston , with only the flimsiest of evidence for the connection . ... In April of 1884 , in Richmond , Virginia , the well - to - do parents of future author James Branch Cabell held a spectacular dress ...

Author: Karal Ann Marling

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Explores the meaning of the subject matter and fame of the paintings of Grandma Moses, revealing an extensive longing for the memories and comforts of the American past portrayed in her work.

Real Estate Record and Builders Guide

The Manbattan people probably did not gained confidence from experience and with earnest study learned first to want ... and easel and having three tiny umbrellas arranged for pencil case , pen holder through regions as yet unsettled ...



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The Atlantic Monthly

Pen Pictures rewritten in a small volume the four lectures on of the Earlier Victorian authors ( Putnams ) is Land and its Rent ( Little , Brown & Co. ) , which edited by William Shepard , whose Authors and he delivered last spring at ...



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Bulletin of Books in the Various Departments of Literature and Science Added to the Public Library of Cincinnati During the Year

Pen pictures of earlier biliaire . Répertoire des généalogies et des Victorian authors . N. Y. Putnoms . 1884 . documents généalogiques , qui se trouvent dans ( ++ ) 288 pp . 16 ° [ 90,994 ; 67. ] ( The literary la bibliothèque ...



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Annual Report of the Board of Directors

1884. 738 - L58 LUBKE , W. Ecclesiastical art in Germany during the middle ages . Ed . 2. 1873 . *** 726 - L06 MITCHELL , Mrs. L. M. History of ... Pen pictures of modern authors . V. 3. Earlier Victorian authors . TRAVEL ADAMS .

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The Organisation of Knowledge in Victorian Britain

of the 1830s31—argued the need for a sound habit of criticism in regard to historical testimony ' , ' a wise discrimination as to the value of historical facts ' and ' a refusal to cull out of [ the past ] a series of its pictures.

Author: Martin Daunton

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0197263267

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This collection of essays explores the questions of what counted as knowledge in Victorian Britain, who defined knowledge and the knowledgeable, by what means and by what criteria. During the Victorian period, the structure of knowledge took on a new and recognizably modern form, and the disciplines we now take for granted took shape. The ways in which knowledge was tested also took on a new form, with the rise of written examinations. New institutions of knowledge were created: museums were important at the start of the period, universities had become prominent by the end. Victorians needed to make sense of the sheer scale of new information, to popularize it, and at the same time to exclude ignorance and error - a role carried out by encyclopaedias and popular publications. By studying the Victorian organization of knowledge in its institutional, social, and intellectual settings, these essays contribute to our wider consideration of the complex and much debated concept of knowledge.

Selected Letters of Vernon Lee 1856 1935

... John Bull et son île: moeurs anglaises contemporaines (Paris: Calmann Lévy, 1884). ——, Les filles de John Bull (Paris: Calmann Lévy, 1884). Ormond, R. and E. Kilmurray, John Singer Sargent: complete paintings; volume 1, The early ...

Author: Sophie Geoffroy

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000179170

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Vernon Lee was the pen name of Violet Paget – a prolific author best known for her supernatural fiction, her support of the Aesthetic Movement and her radical polemics. She was an active correspondent who included many well-known figures among her circle. This scholarly edition of her letters makes a selection from more than 30 archives worldwide.

Finding List of the Chicago Public Library

Pen Pictures of Modern Authors . PELLEW . Jane Austen's Novels ........ -J 1527 3. Early Victorian Authors . PERRY . English Lit. in the 18th Century --J 1595 Simcox . History of Latin Literature --- -J 2364 PETTINGILL .

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Victorian Sensation

Charles Dickens's early novels. The book was mentioned in ... The creative use of scarce and often recalcitrant evidence—shifts in the use of words, a few pen marks in a margin—has contributed to new pictures of the origins of the 5.

Author: James A. Secord

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226158259

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Fiction or philosophy, profound knowledge or shocking heresy? When Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation was published anonymously in 1844, it sparked one of the greatest sensations of the Victorian era. More than a hundred thousand readers were spellbound by its startling vision—an account of the world that extended from the formation of the solar system to the spiritual destiny of humanity. As gripping as a popular novel, Vestiges combined all the current scientific theories in fields ranging from astronomy and geology to psychology and economics. The book was banned, it was damned, it was hailed as the gospel for a new age. This is where our own public controversies about evolution began. In a pioneering cultural history, James A. Secord uses the story of Vestiges to create a panoramic portrait of life in the early industrial era from the perspective of its readers. We join apprentices in a factory town as they debate the consequences of an evolutionary ancestry. We listen as Prince Albert reads aloud to Queen Victoria from a book that preachers denounced as blasphemy vomited from the mouth of Satan. And we watch as Charles Darwin turns its pages in the flea-ridden British Museum library, fearful for the fate of his own unpublished theory of evolution. Using secret letters, Secord reveals how Vestiges was written and how the anonymity of its author was maintained for forty years. He also takes us behind the scenes to a bustling world of publishers, printers, and booksellers to show how the furor over the book reflected the emerging industrial economy of print. Beautifully written and based on painstaking research, Victorian Sensation offers a new approach to literary history, the history of reading, and the history of science. Profusely illustrated and full of fascinating stories, it is the most comprehensive account of the making and reception of a book (other than the Bible) ever attempted. Winner of the 2002 Pfizer Award from the History of Science Society

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1884. D. S22.3 LADY with the rubies . E. John . 1885. D ...... 833.93 LAL . W : A. Hammond . 1881. D .. ... 928.39 Pen pictures of earlier Victorian authors . 1884. S ... 928.40 Pen pictures of modern authors . 1882. S ..

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Alphabetic Catalogue of the English Books in the Circulating Department of the Cleveland Public Library

Authors, Title and Subjects. ... B. , 1884. 24 ° 640-75 PEIRCE . Se also Pearce . Pierce . PERSON , Lydia Jane . Forest leaves . Phila . , 1845. 12o . ... Field , Kate . . . , 287B48 Pen pictures of earlier Victorian authors .

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The Profession of Bookselling

An outline of English history from earliest times to the Victorian era . SHEPARD , W : Pen pictures of earlier Victorian MASSON , David . British novelists and their authors . N. Y. , G. P. Putnam's Sons , 1884 . styles .

Author: Adolf Growoll


ISBN: UOM:39015076053811

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Catalogue of the Cambridge Public Library 1887

N.Y. , 1884. 16 ° . 1231.19 Shaw , Flora A. Castle Blair . Boston , 1878 . 120 . ... 1241.24 Pen pictures of earlier Victorian authors . N.Y. , 1884. 18 ° 1121.5 Pen pictures of modern authors . N.Y. , 1882.

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Bulletin of the Mercantile Library of Philadelphia

Walsh , W : S. Pen pictures of earlier Victorian authors , by W : Shepard . [ ps . ] ... 1883 , with the oration delivered before the Alumni , Tenth month , 4 , 1884 , and the Semi - centennial collegian of the Loganian Society .

Author: Mercantile Library of Philadelphia


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Journal of Education

Author . Publisher . Price . 4 Park Street , Boston , Mass . Ned in the Block house . Illus . Porter & Coates , Phila $ 1 25 ... Little Folk in Green , Wright 1 50 Pen Pictures of Earlier Victorian Anthory . IG P Putnam's Sons , NY 1 25 ...



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E W Godwin

Theatre (i September 1884). "Our Playbill." Nwal Mid Military Gazette (22 July 1885): 90. "Paintings from theArmoire in Bayeux Cathedral. ... History of British Costume from the Earliest Period to the Close of the Eighteenth Century.

Author: Edward William Godwin

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300080087

Category: Architecture

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In the first section of this work, ten scholars examine E.W. Godwin's life and career, discussing his diverse contributions as a design reformer. The second section presents a fully annotated selection of over 150 items that represent the formation and flowering of Godwin's oeuvre.

The English Catalogue of Books

1886 Pen Pictures of Earlier Victorian Authors , 16mo , 68 . ... 1884 Sherborn ( C.D. ) Bibliography of Foraminifera , Recent & Fossil , 1565–1888,8vo , 5s Dulau .1888 Sherbrooke ( Viscount ) Poems of a Life , 23 6d ; 2nd edit .

Author: Sampson Low


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