The Negative Patterns of Paternal Bloodline

What is the pattern of your marriage? What is the pattern in your financial life? What is the pattern of your economic life? Why are the men and women not get- ting married? Why must there be a strange sickness along the line?

Author: Prophetess Nhyira Wallace

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781664190757

Category: Self-Help

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Is there any strange paternal occurrence in your ancestral lineage? What is the pattern of your marriage? What is the pattern in your financial life? What is the pattern of your economic life? Why are the men and women not getting married? Why must there be a strange sickness along the line? Why are there negative patterns of failure in the family? Why is there a history of rise and fall after a particular age? Why is premature death so rampant in your family? Why are there “born-one” syndrome in your paternal lineage? Many questions on the patterns of family history has necessitated the writing of this book. The sin of idolatry and ancestral curses are the main causes of most of the issues we are facing in life.

Dealing with the Evil Bloodline Patterns

This book gives an indepth truth you need to know about your life and how to overcome it.

Author: Peterson Emedoh


ISBN: 9798572667752


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Your bloodline is the living liquid that is carrying you about. That blood reminds you of your past, brings you to the present, and connects you to the future.Your bloodline defines your existence both physically and spiritually. It is your blood that connects to your ancestry and is a passage through which the evil flows of problems from your ancestry, and your parents flow into your life. This book gives an indepth truth you need to know about your life and how to overcome it.

Dealing with Bloodline Patterns How to Overcome Negative Family Patterns

Effortlessly, they repeat themselves in the lineage such that they can be easily referred to as family patterns. The patterns can be positive, pleasant and desirable. This is the will of God for us.

Author: Chris Emeruo

Publisher: Riverside Publications

ISBN: 9789582404

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A profound study of many families and communities has shown that many traits, characters, events and incidences have become reoccurring decimals. Effortlessly, they repeat themselves in the lineage such that they can be easily referred to as family patterns. The patterns can be positive, pleasant and desirable. This is the will of God for us. Conversely, it can be negative, unpleasant and detestable, such that the affected persons will desire to be extricated from such negative generational patterns.What are the diversities, causal factors, effects and strategic approach of breaking out of family negative patterns? These are the questions this books attempts to answer.This masterpiece is insightful, analytical, educative and enthralling. It is Holy Spirit inspired, timely and timeless in value. The purpose is to achieve the mind of God which is that all believers should be free from satanic oppressions.

Destroying Satanic Attacks

Destroying The Evil Pattern in Your Bloodline But he answered and said, every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up. Matthew 15:13 So many people have some patterns in their bloodline; some are good, ...

Author: Okwudili Eze

Publisher: Ifeoma Eze

ISBN: 9781370765676

Category: Religion


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Our God is a man of war. In the book of Psalm 144:1, the scripture says that He teaches our hands to do war. Whenever there is a question mark in the destiny of a man, causing delay, there is always a strange personality sponsoring it. When champions cannot excel, there is a personality behind the veil.

Redeeming Your Bloodline Foundations for Breaking Generational Curses from the Courts of Heaven

Does the enemy have a claim on you?

Author: Hrvoje Sirovina

Publisher: Destiny Image Incorporated

ISBN: 0768448913

Category: Religion

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Does the enemy have a claim on you? Do you feel like your life is stuck in a vicious cycle? Have you been fervently praying for healing that has not manifested? Are you bound to an addiction that you can't overcome? Are you, or members of your family, caught in a generational pattern of sin and suffering? On the cross, Jesus set us free to live a life full of peace, joy, and strength! However, in the courtrooms of the spiritual realm, the accuser brings legal claims against God's people. These charges can prevent us from securing the breakthroughs that Jesus has already purchased on our behalf. When you pray bloodline prayers, you actively apply the power of Jesus' blood to your life! Through bloodline prayers we can dissolve ancient spiritual covenants and claims that affect our daily lives. Praying over your bloodline will release you into truly living the life you are called to live. Discover how to: Pray prayers that break the legal claims of curses off of your life and family. Step into the freedom and authority that the gospel makes available. Stop cyclical patterns of dysfunction in your family. Emerge into new areas of freedom and authority. This revelatory teaching includes prayers to spiritually cleanse your bloodline. Get ready to see cycles powerfully reversed, and experience the full manifestation of Jesus' victory in your life!

Breaking Evil Family Pattern of Failure

Every man has a root, that is why people say it is your root that determines your fruits.

Author: Felix Akintunde-Emmanuel


ISBN: 1540652866


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Every man has a root, that is why people say it is your root that determines your fruits. A man's foundation or root has a direct impact on his destiny. The mystery about your root is that, it is a platform prepared for your life by your ancestor, It is the origin upon which your life is built, It is the bedrock upon which the structure of your life rests, your root affects your spiritual life, character, and social life and this root is hidden and invisible. Certain families are notorious for alcoholism, some it is poverty, some it is failure, in some families it is sexual pervasion, in some families they have a history of late marriage or barrenness, in some family their heritage is premature death, in some it is persistent reproach, Chronic debt, and demonic oppression. The list is endless. It is therefore of paramount importance that you unearth these negative covenants traits in your bloodline and break them. You too can rise up and change your destiny. It is not too late. Learn how to fight your battle now so that your children will not inherit that evil pattern from you.

Recognizing and Clearing Life Patterns

Thirdly, accept that: Life Patterns can be inherent through bloodline, DNA transfer, past life memories or a learned behavior earned from lived experiences (or a combination of all of these). Fourthly, accept that: Changing a Life ...

Author: Valerie Reay

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781329524972

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When the same situation continues to repeat itself you are probably experiencing a Life Pattern. Life Patterns, controlled by the subconscious, are layered. A Life Pattern causes repetition long after the original event occurred. However, once a Life Pattern is recognized actions for change become clearer and desired results become easier to achieve. Recognizing Life Patterns is the beginning of an exciting and transformational process because working with Life Pattern discovery provides you with the opportunity to live intelligently. Living intelligently is the ability to recognize subtle clues in your life and make choices to improve your life. By doing the Life Pattern exercises provided near the end of this little book you can move from merely solving symptoms towards getting to the root of a problem.

Next Level Spiritual Warfare

If there are iniquitous patterns in your bloodline like alcohol, drugs, pornography addiction or some similar issue, you can choose to walk in righteousness. If you are struggling with iniquitous patterns that have been passed down in ...

Author: Venner J. Alston

Publisher: Chosen Books

ISBN: 9781493418831

Category: Religion

Page: 176

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Does it seem as though your prayers aren't being answered? Even after praying fervently, do you feel that God isn't listening, that God isn't speaking or acting? Most of us have felt this way. Are there tools and strategies we can implement to break through the barriers? Keying in on two vital areas of spiritual warfare--restoration and retribution--apostle and speaker Venner J. Alston reveals strategies for engaging heaven with the expectation of answers to your prayers. You will learn how to recognize the demonic structures operating against you and understand the biblical response necessary for answers to be manifested. Prayer is a fundamental aspect of Christian living and imperative for spiritual warfare. Learn the principles for receiving justice for what has been lost, taken, or delayed by the kingdom of darkness. Spiritual weapons are available for you to overthrow every assignment of hell that comes against you. Take up your arms and fight back!

Possessing Your Inheritance

Demons know the iniquitous patterns within us, and at the time of our deliverance, they make a stand. They also wait until God has used ... Notice David was the fourth generation of a bloodline that had an iniquitous pattern within it.

Author: Chuck D. Pierce

Publisher: Gospel Light Publications

ISBN: 0830751165

Category: Religion

Page: 256

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Inheritance means taking hold of the portion God has planned for you. Jesus said, I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly (John 10:10), demonstrating God’s longing for His people to prosper, to accomplish all He has planned for them. He wants to take them from a place of judgment, desolation and fruitlessness to a place of restoration, hope and abundant life. In this revised and updated edition of Possessing Your Inheritance, prophetic intercessor Chuck Pierce, with co-author Rebecca Wagner Sytsema, shows readers how to embrace what God has destined for them, and for their children and their children’s children.

Bringing Down Strongholds in Your Family and Setting the Captives Free

The Curses and Anointing in the Bloodline The anointing that flows down my generational line also flow down my bloodline as well. ... In every family, there is a pattern of character or traits that flow in our bloodline.

Author: Joyce Simmons

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781796098730

Category: Religion

Page: 236

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Growing up in a house where alcohol, fighting, and adultery by a parent, was not a recipe for success, but God! Being a runner from the age of 5 years old, from fear, self-hatred, hatred of your parent(s) and hatred of life led me to drop out of high school to have a child. I wanted someone to love and someone to love me back! Moving on to drugs, alcohol, living on park benches in New York for over a year and one relationship after another led to a life of pure hell! Here you will learn: • How fear manifested in me for over 50 years. • How my ancestor’s and my trials were passed on generationally. • How God showed up and saved my life. • How my children, my grandchildren, family are overcoming. • How my family went from curses to blessings! If God showed up for me, He will show up for you! Test Him, read on.

Zen the Art of Pond Building

Most will have been bred from good quality parents, have good bloodlines, good conformation,and a beautiful color.The differences between ornamental and show koi are found in the pattern,the body conformation,the skin quality,and the ...

Author: D. J. Herda

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 9781402742743

Category: Gardening

Page: 202

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Everyone knows ponds are beautiful to look at. But most people don’t realize how beneficial they are—enhancing your well-being, cleansing and controlling the environment, humidifying dry air, and removing airborne pollutants. This focus on the healthful and spiritual advantages of both indoor and outdoor water-features is what makes this pond building guide so unique. Of course, it delves into all the construction basics with a stunning variety of lavish images, and explains how to stock the pond with fish, select plants, and install atmospheric lighting. But it also includes delightful personal stories from the author that illustrate the power of water, thought-provoking quotations and parables, and scientific analyses of exactly how water neutralizes negative effects on our body and mind.

Horses of Distinction

Overcoming almost insurmountable odds While the colorful coat pattern is essential to their d nearly unanimous ... distinct coat patterns of the American bloodline requirements and have a " qualifying area ” of solid lint were appealing ...

Author: F. Lynghaug

Publisher: Horses of Distinction

ISBN: 0977894703

Category: Horse breeds

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“As I think everyone knows, Amanda isolated the gene that carries this trait in the bloodline. ... Or, in other words, to trace the migration pattern of the bloodline. ... Here you can see the travel patterns.

Author: Wayne Hammer

Publisher: Wheatmark, Inc.

ISBN: 9781627873000

Category: Fiction

Page: 392

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After fighting in a dirty little war against rebel insurgents, Michael Duchesne returns to the United States with an adopted son and a secret that could tear his family apart. In an effort to keep them safe, he severs all ties with his military past, building a successful career as a civil engineer. But past and present collide when Michael's daughter is kidnapped by an old enemy. To free her, Michael must go back to the jungles of Central America and search for el Registro de Dios, a telling record of man's evolution hidden from the world for two thousand years. Joining him in the quest is his son, Mitch, whose tiny variation in molecular DNA is responsible for startling changes. Only Dr. Herman Walenz, a rogue scientist under siege by his peers, knows the full impact the mutation will have on the future of mankind. To validate Walenz's research and unlock the growing genomic mystery, the Duchesnes must evade a deathtrap and recover the Registro. What they discover will send shockwaves through the scientific community and constitute a full-scale assault on Darwin's theory of evolution.

Tailor Made

We can be released from these patterns and break the cycle of dysfunction and sin in our lives. ... A generational pattern comes through the bloodline of our earthly family, and the only way this generational pattern can be cancelled is ...

Author: Alex Seeley

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9780785215332

Category: Religion

Page: 240

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Exchange the lies of hurtful labels and wrong thinking for the truth of who God created you to be! From an early age Alex Seeley was told she was an accident, but she also carried the weight of feeling stupid. Labels like these, sometimes spoken over us by well-meaning people, can cause us to believe lies about ourselves that make us question why we were born and what our purpose on earth could be. Yet, according to Psalm 139, God designed us in His image with a unique DNA and amazing characteristics! We are loved and created for a purpose that only we can fulfill. In Tailor Made, Alex helps us recognize our wrong thinking often brought on by generational patterns, insecurities, circumstances, lack of forgiveness, and an inaccurate view of God our Father, and offers to replace them with a new view of who God says we are. It’s time to find your own sense of belonging and the path to becoming the original, authentic version of you that God intended!

The P ni EL Therapy

INIQUITOUS PATTERNS Iniquitous patterns are observable traits and actions that come from evil spirits, attached to the bloodline of a generation. A reliable example of iniquitous acts and tendencies, can be accurately observed through a ...

Author: Dr Beverley Anderson


ISBN: 9780244708030

Category: Religion

Page: 152

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P'ni-EL Therapy is the spiritual detox that every believer needs if they desire to be spiritually sharp. This book will help you to identify all major hindrances to your personal, marital and ministerial development. You will be given the tools to close the door on generational curses in your life and the life of your descendants. This training course will show you that spending time alone with G-d will reveal those hidden strangers within.

Earth Changes and Beyond

Contained within a large portion of the DNA codes and keys are the etheric/causal memories and ancestral patterns of the bloodline of the parents of the emerging child. This your scientists know fairly well. What they do not understand ...

Author: Sal Rachele

Publisher: Light Technology Publishing

ISBN: 9781622338078

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 338

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What exactly is happening on Planet Earth? What is the truth behind the various prophecies and predictions? For the first time, we now have a concise explanation carefully prepared and received by telepathic contactee Sal Rachele from a vast collective intelligence called the Founders. This book answers the who, what, where, when and even why of the Earth Changes, and includes information relating to biology, psychology, technology, metaphysics, religion, spirituality and even economics and politics. This is the most significant time in all of human history. For the first time, millions of us will have an opportunity to evolve beyond the limitations of material form into a new world of untold beauty and magnificence. The doorway into the next step of human evolution is right in front of us. The Founders are your guides into this amazing journey of soul evolution, ascension and freedom from limitation. They teach us that we are vast beings of infinite capacity and love, created in the image and likeness of our Creator. Welcome to the new world!

Ditch the Baggage Change Your Life

But this bloodline must be chosen by our will to be effective. Just as Jesus offers salvation to everyone but only some receive it to make it actual, so Jesus provides freedom from generational patterns for everyone who is born ...

Author: Nancy Alcorn

Publisher: Charisma Media

ISBN: 9781629980133

Category: Religion

Page: 240

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Nancy Alcorn’s practical and effective teaching, Ditch the Baggage, Change Your Life, shows you how to walk in freedom, no matter what you have been through or what issues you have faced in your past. You can redefine your life and release thoughts, feelings, and habits that have dragged you down. Then you will begin to live life as it is supposed to be lived in Christ. Learn seven keys to lasting freedom, including: • Committing fully to Christ• Choosing to forgive• Renewing your mind• Breaking generational patterns• Healing life’s hurts• Conquering oppression• Learning principles of lifelong success

Protecting Your Home from Spiritual Darkness Large Print 16pt

the same patterns of sin—gaining access to pornographic materials. ... The point is that sometimes we need to see how the objects to which our children are drawn are linked with iniquitous patterns in their bloodline.

Author: Chuck D. Pierce


ISBN: 9781459606906

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 154

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In 10 easy steps, learn how to rid your home of destructive objects and spiritual darkness to create a fortress of love and light for your family. Too many Christians are completely unaware of how the enemy has gained access to their homes through what they own. This practical, easy - to - read book shows you how to pray through your home and property in order to lock out evil and experience a richer spiritual life. With Protecting Your Home from Spiritual Darkness, you're just 10 steps away from bringing freedom and security in Christ to your home! Includes the following sections and more: A Step - by - Step Guide to Praying Through Your Home; Understanding Spiritual Darkness; How to Protect Your Children; Learning to Overthrow Generational Curses.

Time to Defeat the Devil

They know the iniquitous patterns in a family bloodline. They know when the patterns began. They know that, unless dealt with through the blood of Jesus, these patterns will be passed on to someone else in the next generation.

Author: Chuck D. Pierce

Publisher: Charisma Media

ISBN: 9781616382780

Category: Religion

Page: 262

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Times are changing, and we must stay in God’s timing to prosper in a world where the god of this age is attempting to mold you into the blueprint of the day and cause you to look like the world around you. God has called His people to have transformed minds and to be linked to the Head--not to bring up the rear in producing the changes around us. When we are at the right place at the right time, we can break out of confusing, mind-altering powers that war against God and all the blessings He is ready to pour upon us. The author is writing this book to help us understand how to enter a new level of freedom and victory. This book is like a war manual that will help you stay free from the enemy’s vexing power as you journey through life. This installment of the Time trilogy will teach you how to war in time. Your battles are now! God reconciles our past so that our now opens up to our future. Your defeats in a former season will now become the victories and triumphs for your future.