Parkinson's as a Spiritual journey is a collection of stories that describe how the author has found meaning in Parkinson's disease.


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Parkinson's as a Spiritual journey is a collection of stories that describe how the author has found meaning in Parkinson's disease. He has also discovered forgiveness and has developed compassion for others. Despite a diagnosis of PD, the author explains how he has incorporated-numerous healing modalities in dealing with Parkinson's..

Tremors in the Universe

A Personal Journey of Discovery with Parkinson'S Disease and Spirituality
Robert Lyman Baittie ... Asa result, the further along I found myself on my spiritual
path and my journey with Parkinson's, the more I began putting that skill to the

Author: Robert Lyman Baittie

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781452520155

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It’s funny how life has a way of changing people. It definitely changed me. I was tooling along day after day, set in my ways, looking at life like a racehorse wearing blinders, oblivious to seeing the world any other way than I knew how, because I ultimately had fashioned my vision of it. I fit myself with the glasses I wore, and I wrote the prescription for the lenses with my attitude, faith, and beliefs. But I got lucky. Parkinson’s came along, slapped me upside the head, and knocked my spectacles off of my face. And luckier still, while my glasses were on the ground I inadvertently stepped on them and crushed them into a million pieces. I was blind. I was forced to extend my hands out in front of me to rediscover my world all over again. Taking baby steps with fear in my heart that I would bang my head into a wall. But you know what happened? A miraculous thing took place. My memory of where the important things in my life were took over, and what I valued and needed the most magically appeared for me. Love, friendship, compassion, spirit and purpose. My appreciation for what was at my fingertips was heightened as well. I suddenly discovered a comforting realization that I could continue to succeed in life with less. Less envy, less anger, less anxiety, less fear of old age and death. It was liberating. I was given Parkinson’s disease, and my life became better for it. This book is not what most people have come to expect about Parkinson’s disease. Tremors in the Universe offers another way. Another way of thinking. Another way of living.

Depression as a Spiritual Journey

We can see how this happensin Parkinson's diseasewhere there isa deficit in the
neurotransmitter dopamine which directly affects mobility. A deficiency
hereinvolvesloss ofcontrol of smallmotor movements and thetremor, so
reminiscent of the ...

Author: Stephanie Sorrell

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 9781780996448

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Depression as a Spiritual Journey is the first book to address depression as a spiritual journey in the context of medication and counselling. It serves as an invitation to reframe depression in a new way. Many people resist embracing medication as part of the healing process. Others confuse emotional and mental dis-ease.

The Spiritual Journey of Family Caregiving

Alzheimer's Disease was the most common ailment but we also commonly met
with families coping with Parkinson's Disease, stroke, MS, ALS, Huntington's
Disease, traumatic brain injuries, and a number of other lesser known but equally

Author: Sheryl Karas


ISBN: 9780615186030

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For five years, ending in 2005, Sheryl Karas worked as a Family Caregiving Consultant at the Alzheimer's Association and Del Mar Caregiver Resource Center helping families taking care of loved ones with incurable progressive memory loss and dementia. Trying to find services needed to provide basic care is what brought people in to see her first, but as the caregivers became more ensconced in their caregiving roles inevitably emotional and spiritual issues would become their primary concerns. Sheryl's role shifted to providing a combination of practical and spiritual care. During this period she wrote a caregiver newsletter every month and this book is the result.The author uses a very open, nondogmatic spiritual frame, appropriate for people of all religious backgrounds or none at all. Inspirational, comforting, and informative--highly recommended for anyone involved with long term care.

Alzheimer s and Parkinson s Diseases

... and funeral arrangements , can lessen the anguish of the eventual separation
by death . REFERENCES any , Newstructure and hand P . Gorden Bianchi , E . G
. , 1982 , " Aging as a Spiritual Journey , " The Crosswood Publishing Company ...

Author: Harvey J. Altman

Publisher: Plenum Publishing Corporation

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Parkinson s Disease

Talking to others with chronic illnesses and disabilities has taught me a lot about
survival and the human spirit and how ... how other people deal with the
challenges of Parkinson's disease will help you keep a positive attitude on your

Author: Shelley Peterman Schwarz

Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing

ISBN: 9781934559369

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An indispensable resource for patients, families, and caregivers Filled with creative tips and techniques, this updated second edition of Parkinson's Disease: 300 Tips for Making Life Easier contains a wealth of ideas and shortcuts for working, organizing, simplifying, and conserving time and energy while living with Parkinson's disease. It includes: Ways to make your home safe and accessible, your mealtimes more pleasurable, and your communications easier Unique product suggestions that make daily living tasks less stressful Extensive resources to help you easily locate items and services

Embrace the Journey

TWO SPIRITUAL GIANTS Icon and evangelist Billy Graham continues to live
strong at 87 despite Parkinson ' s and his generally declining health . After a ...
This great American has just penned a new book titled , appropriately , The
Journey .

Author: John T. McCarthy


ISBN: 0966057716

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Journey in the Spirit

Author: Kenneth D. Larkin

Publisher: CSS Publishing Company

ISBN: 0788009028



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This empowering devotional book invites the reader to engage their spiritual senses, enhancing their journey through life with the Lord. This book of Larkin's rich life experiences, will inspire readers find further meaning in the word of God.

Wine Spirit

Magical mystery tour Moldova's long vinous tradition is on the brink of European
export . Jane Parkinson reports Image : David Orchard DEX 3 Dionysos - Mereni
looks. Image : David Orchard Spontaneous dancing in the streets is common at ...



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Fowler 17 found in his work with the elderly and persons with Parkinson's
disease that spirituality enhances their adaptive ... MY PERSONAL JOURNEY OF
SPIRITUALITY I was born and raised a Catholic in the Philippines , a
predominantly ...

Author: Carole A. Rayburn

Publisher: Praeger Pub Text

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Offers a psychological perspective on women's spirituality--how it is lived, understood, and practiced in the daily lives of women across a broad spectrum of experiences and backgrounds.

My Life and Journey from Homelessness and beyond

I decided to take my final check from TJ Maxx and pay for a room at the Parkinson
Spruce Hotel on Thirteenth and Spruce near Broad Street. I applied at the Triple
Tree ... I thought when I heard this, wow; she's spiritual! “Beep, beep,” the voice ...

Author: James E. Wise

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781450033602

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This book is inspired by the true story of my life and journey from homelessness and beyond. It’s an inspiring story of courage, tragedy, adventure, perseverance, determination, resilience, faith, and redemption. The story is about my life in the beginning, growing up, surviving the fire incident, and early demise of my three sisters. Life without my father, fear of my mother, and life in the navy. I suffered thirty years from low self-esteem, fear, anger, resentments, worthlessness, loneliness, hopelessness, homelessness, substance abuse, failed attempts to maintain employment, mental institutions, churches, shelters, jails, bad relationships, and marriages too! I walked in the kingdom of darkness (Hell) for thirty years determined to find myself; I finally made a final decision to get my life on track once and for all! One day, I evaluated my entire life as far as I could remember. I began to peel off the layers of my unresolved issues like a banana. I confronted the tragic death of my three sisters, which I honestly haven’t done before, for closure purposes. I confronted the anger and resentments I harbored toward my mother for her failures, including my father for abandoning me. I was angry with myself for my history of substance abuse and homelessness, also for not reaching out for help in the beginning when I should have done so. I completed an intense, detailed evaluation of my life one day. I began to cry until I was all cried out. I had enough faith to pray to God at the time. I asked God to renew in me a new heart and spirit to serve him. To be the man that he intended me to be. After I finished praying, I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. This was my defining moment and the turning point of my life. I began to see light at the end of the tunnel! I began to seek treatment for my depression and PTSD. I attended (NA) meetings. I began to read and apply the word of God in my life daily. The wounds of my past miraculously began to heal. Over a period of time, my wife noticed an internal transformation taking place in my life! I began to forgive everyone who done me wrong, including my worst enemy of all, myself! Today, I live a life of purpose, not defeat, drug free and living one day at a time. I was compelled to write my life and journey from homelessness and beyond in hopes that my story may convey to anyone who may be struggling with their personal giants, especially the homeless; there is hope!!! You can make it. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to have gotten the help I needed. There are good people in the world. I’m a veteran who enlisted and was honorably discharged from both, the US Navy from 1986 to 1991, and the Army reserve from 1992 to 2000. Today, I currently serve as an enlisted soldier in the Army of the Lord!

It Doesn t Get Any Better Than This

Matt Wilbur's journey as a marathon runner with Parkinson's disease, is a spiritual journey as well as a physical one.

Author: Matt Wilbur

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 1489554572

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Matt Wilbur's journey as a marathon runner with Parkinson's disease, is a spiritual journey as well as a physical one. His journey has provided hope and inspiration to those with Parkinson's. The marathon has given him a unique insight into the lives of the invisible and marginalized members of our society, who reside in the "back of the pack." He has used his story as a platform to speak to thousands about walking in anticipation of wonderful blessings coming into our lives despite our circumstances.

The Long Journey Home

Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy. New York, NY: The Guilford Press, 2007.
Parkinson, Patrick, et al. “Breaking the Long Silence: Reports of Child Sexual
Abuse in the Anglican Church of Australia.” Ecclesiology 6 (2010) 183–200.
Patterson ...

Author: Andrew J. Schmutzer

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781621893271

Category: Religion

Page: 524

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Maybe the only thing new about sexual abuse is quality discussion from several professions (psychology, theology, and pastoral care). Here are the insights of over two dozen psychologists, theologians, and those in pastoral care, all targeting the issue of sexual abuse. Designed as a resource for Christian educators, therapists, pastors, social workers, group leaders, and survivors, The Long Journey Home combines current research in mental health with rich theological reflection, global concern with fervent pastoral wisdom for the local faith community. Whether you are a counselor, professor, pastor, or spouse of a survivor, you hold in your hand a fresh resource of information and advocacy for those suffering from the devastating effects of sexual abuse and rape. The breadth of material, biblical insight, discussion questions, and helpful resources gathered here just may be the tool of a generation.

American Book Publishing Record

8 ' 33 Lee ) , Answers to frequently asked questions in parkinson ' s disease : a
resource book for patients and families / David L . Cram , M . D ... 86 ' 06 Mindful
recovery : a spiritual path to healing from addiction / Thomas Bien , Beverly Bien .



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Golden Rules for Vibrant Health in Body Mind and Spirit

y hope is that the guidelines presented in The Golden Rules for Vibrant Health in
Body, Mind, and Spirit will have significant value ... It is encouraging to note,
however, that it is never too late to begin your journey toward improved health
and better quality of life. ... diabetes digestive disorders, infertility, miscarriages,
multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, and vascular disorders, to name a few —
are ...

Author: Joseph J. Sweere

Publisher: Basic Health Publications, Inc.

ISBN: 1591200776

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 253

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Sickness makes people turn inward and become more self-oriented, and chronic debilitating illness robs them of their ability to enjoy life to its fullest. This expansive book of commonsense rules for a healthy life offers practical information and tools for health-conscious people who are not in optimal health but wish to be.

The Private Journal and Literary Remains of John Byrom

Ed. by Richard Parkinson John Byrom. I finished mine to Mr. Lloyd , and he sent
down the petition for the Lords . Tuesday night I ... an auction , and Dr. Kennedy
there , to whom I showed my book I had just bought , viz . A Spiritual Journey , ls .

Author: John Byrom


ISBN: BSB:BSB10282686



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Wine and Spirit Merchants Accounts

3 JOURNEY . 300 Dr. PARKINSON , ELIJAH , Settle . Cr . “ THE CLARENDON . '
114 18 7 400 No. 4 JOURNEY . 400 Dr. JACKSON , JOHN , Preston . Cr . " THE
VAULTS . " £ $ 100 2 1902 Jan. 1 d 6 £. £ Sd £ 5 d 1902 Jan. IO I 1902 Jan.

Author: A. Sabin


ISBN: NYPL:33433020476093

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Rolling with the Waves Our Parkinson s Journey

It leaves you feeling that you're not alone. This in itself makes this book worthwhile for anyone dealing with this disease. But Claire does more than this.

Author: Claire Blatchford

Publisher: Lorian Press

ISBN: 1939790239

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 140

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With authenticity and honesty, Claire Blatchford writes from the heart of her experiences in facing the challenges of living with Parkinson's Disease as it has been manifesting in the body of her husband, Ed. In so doing, she gives us a book that is not only informative and helpful for anyone else navigating these same challenges but one that is healing as well. I believe this book offers the invaluable gift to anyone dealing with Parkinson's, either directly as a patient or indirectly as a caregiver, of being seen, heard, and understood. It leaves you feeling that you're not alone. This in itself makes this book worthwhile for anyone dealing with this disease. But Claire does more than this. Through the largeness of her own spirit, she enables any of us to feel, whether Parkinson's Disease is part of our life or not, that we are not alone, period. Claire is a beautiful writer whose skill with words and images I admire and envy, but she is more than this. In showing us the spirit we all have within us, connecting us to the wholeness of life, Claire is a healer, which makes this book a healer's gift.

Mental Health and Spirituality in Later Life

Spiritual reminiscence , consisting of reviewing the life journey and the meaning
of one ' s life , including the faith journey ... It is especially important when working
with people who have dementia , and Parkinson ' s disease , that the person is ...

Author: Elizabeth MacKinlay

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0789021226

Category: Psychology

Page: 154

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Explore pastoral strategies for dealing with mental health problems! Mental health is increasingly being recognized as an important issue in later life. This valuable book will help you examine this dimension of aging in the context of pastoral, spiritual, and cultural issues. It explores the relationship between mental health, spirituality, and religion in later life, including the search for meaning, cultural issues, spiritual issues, depression, dementia, and issues of suicide in older people. The first part of Mental Health and Spirituality in Later Life focuses on theology, ethics, and cultural issues in mental health and aging. The second part addresses issues of multidisciplinary practice, including a challenging chapter written by a woman with early onset dementia (Alzheimer's) and other chapters that present perspectives on the uses and meanings of ritual and symbolism in mental health and pastoral approaches to care. Part one of Mental Health and Spirituality in Later Life deals with issues of theology, culture, and mental health in later life, focusing on: the importance of a richly textured understanding of personhood as a prerequisite for constructing a picture of late-life mental health in the context of theology the relationship between culture, spirituality, and meaning for older immigrants--and their effects on mental health the adverse effects of a mental health system that reflects only the dominant culture of a society, leaving minority cultures vulnerable to misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatments that can do more harm than good a wholistic picture of aging that moves beyond the biomedical paradigm and demonstrates the power and potential of the human spirit in adjusting to and moving beyond suffering Part two of this valuable book addresses issues of concern to practitioners in mental health and spirituality for the aging, including: disruptive behavior among nursing home residents and common practices that fail to identify its causes or address the problem how some staff/resident interactions can produce suffering for all concerned--with case study outlines that illustrate the point memory loss and its effect on spirituality, self-worth, and the faith community pastoral care for people suffering with dementia--with practical information on helping them to make use of the power of prayer and to deal with loneliness, fear, and disempowerment an insightful look at a recent major study of residents in aged care facilities in Australia that explores the link between depression and spirituality risk and protective factors associated with suicide in later life and the treatment of depression pastoral interventions for depression and dementia