Between Pain and Grace

" --Paul D. Wegner, PhD, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary In this substantive work, two professors journey boldly to the heart of biblical suffering.

Author: Gerald W. Peterman

Publisher: Moody Publishers

ISBN: 0802409679

Category: Religion

Page: 320

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Every human experiences some degree of suffering. And, almost none of us know what to do with it. Between Pain and Grace is at once a thorough study of this major theme in Scripture AND an accessible window into God's workings in our own lives. The authors address multiple facets of suffering in light of what Scripture says: How does God involve himself in human suffering? What part does Satan play in our suffering? What can we learn from Joseph in the Old Testament? Is there an appropriate response to suffering? An inappropriate one? What about mental illness, sexual abuse, or betrayal? Moody Bible Institute professors Dr. Gerald Peterman and Dr. Andrew Schmutzer shed much light on the nature of the lives we lead-where we are often caught right between pain and grace.

Between Pain and Grace

Born from a popular college course on suffering, this book answers critical questions like: Is God personally involved in our pain and suffering? How should Christians handle emotions like grief and anger?

Author: Gerald Peterman

Publisher: Moody Publishers

ISBN: 9780802488466

Category: Religion

Page: 352

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Why is there suffering? When will it end? Where is God in it? Despite how common suffering is, we still struggle to understand it, and even more to bear through it. Between Pain and Grace gets to the heart of this struggle. Its honest and detailed portrait of life challenges our assumptions about pain, emotion, and God himself. Born from a popular college course on suffering, this book answers critical questions like: Is God personally involved in our pain and suffering? How should Christians handle emotions like grief and anger? What does the Bible say about issues like mental illness, sexual abuse, and family betrayal? Striking an elegant balance between being scholarly and pastoral, Between Pain and Grace is useful in the classroom, churches, and for personal reading. The authors draw from Scripture, personal experience, and even psychological research to offer a well-rounded and trustworthy take on suffering. Between Pain and Grace will give you confidence in God’s sovereignty, comfort in His presence, and wisdom for life this side of paradise. It will also make you more tender and better prepared to respond to the suffering of others. Read it today for a richer, more realistic relationship with God.

The Temperance Mirror

thank God from the depths of your heart that “ Grace , I have lately been thinking long you have been saved . ... the words almost coldly in her bitter that I have saved her ! but for myself there surprise and pain . is certain ruin .



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Oxford Textbook of Medicine Cardiovascular Disorders

Several studies have demonstrated that simple risk scores can accurately predict short- and longer-term outcome, not only in those with defined characteristics of ACS, but also in patients with suspected cardiac chest pain (GRACE and ...

Author: David Warrell

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780192512505

Category: Medical

Page: 686

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The Oxford Textbook of Medicine: Cardiovascular Disorders is selected from the cardiology section of the renowned Oxford Textbook of Medicine. An authoritative resource on heart disease and beautifully illustrated in full colour, it is an essential guide to best practice in managing and preventing a wide variety of cardiovascular disorders. Chapters on arrhythmias, acute coronary syndromes and cardiac surgery have been completely revised and updated, together with new chapters on blood vessels and the endothelium, cardiac physiology, syncope and palpitations, and cardio-renal syndrome. Heart failure and heart disease in pregnancy are thoroughly treated, while imaging chapters evaluate the latest techniques and illustrate all clinical features with detailed images. In 46 finely crafted chapters with clear essentials, experts in cardiovascular disease review the essentials of diagnosis, guidelines and practice and provide a wealth of practical advice for use in clinical situations. In addition, background information on epidemiology, pathogenesis and pathophysiology encourages a fuller understanding of conditions, and more than 350 full colour images help with diagnosis. This essential reference tool supports all medical professionals seeking a general outline of treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disorders, and fills the gap between undergraduate teaching texts and specialist texts for cardiologists. Cardiologists and general physicians will find it immensely valuable when diagnosing and managing heart disease in their day-to-day practice. It is also of usefor trainees in cardiology and general medicine, especiallythose interested in applied cardiovascular pathophysiology.

The Throne of Grace

Pray one for another , " that you may receive all needful grace in your progress heavenward - working grace for a working ... and the place of daily toil ,grace for health , for sickness , and for pain , -grace for manhood and for age .

Author: John Ross Macduff


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Grace in a Shattered Place

I know it doesn't feel like it now, but that friends, is where grace comes in. ... Grace in the moment of pain. ... The grace in our shattered places is revealed when we run to Him, embrace Him, and allow our barren places to be filled ...

Author: Stephanie L. McWhorter

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781524696320

Category: Self-Help

Page: 118

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Life has a way of breaking us into pieces. It can chip away at the soul with each loss, failure, and disappointment. And with every chipped away piece, it can leave us sinking deeper and deeper into a pit of discouragement and despair. Grace in a Shattered Place offers comfort to the weary and discouraged soul as it opens the door to a new perspective on shattered dreams, shattered hopes, and even shattered faith. From the very beginning, Stephanie breaks down the wall of spiritual clichs and comes directly for the readers heart. Through her words, she takes the reader by the hand, looks them in the eyes, and makes a pact to just be real. From the place of real, Stephanie empathizes with the readers brokenness while she gently ushers the reader back to a place of hope by suggesting that grace isnt only found in the getting up, but in the looking up.

The New America

Ethan: I'm sorry Eve caused you this much pain. Grace: For your love it will be worth it. Ethan: Is love really worth all that pain? Grace: Yes. It must be. It has to be. (Pausing) Yes, it is, and more! Ethan: Then I hope I find it.

Author: Brighten Cambridge

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781434349408

Category: Fiction

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This book is an inquiry with God regarding some tough questions we humans have been reluctant to ask. It comes out of a background in which the author has had his job threatened and his integrity as a Christian doubted because of questions he has asked regarding what both religion and society have told him is true. The author believes that we still live in the dark ages of relationships because we have been afraid to ask those questions that, had we asked and found answers to them, could have delivered us from the kind of suspicion, distrust and hatred that permeates life around the world. The author calls into question the very purpose of some religions because they have often placed shackles on the best resource God has given us, which is none other than our magnificent brains. Some religious leaders claim to know everything humans will ever need to know, and, therefore, require their followers to accept without question what they tell them to believe. This claim is nothing other than an attempt to play God, for it is only God who knows all there is to know. By limiting ourselves to knowledge given in the past, we have no chance to discover truth that continues to evolve in many different areas of life. The intention of this book is to help us realize that it is okay to ask God some tough questions, and that it is through asking about things we do not yet understand that life will become more meaningful, not only for us, but for those with whom we live.