Overprescribing Madness

Overprescribing Madness investigates the drivers of Australia's high and increasing rates of the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness - including depression, anxiety, psychosis and ADHD.

Author: Martin Whitely


ISBN: 1925927539


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Overprescribing Madness investigates the drivers of Australia's high and increasing rates of the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness - including depression, anxiety, psychosis and ADHD. Understand the social, economic, political, and ideological drivers of the rapid increase in the rates....

Modern Madness

Overprescribing psychiatric meds doesn't just hurt the patient who lacks a viable diagnosis. It makes it worse for the rest of us who really, truly need these drugs to function. Skyrocketing demand naturally drives up the cost, ...

Author: Terri Cheney

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780306846281

Category: Self-Help

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Terri Cheney ripped the covers off her secret battle with bipolar disorder in her New York Times bestselling memoir, Manic. Now, in this "stigma-buster" and "must-read", she blends a gripping narrative with practical advice (Elyn Saks). Cheney flips mental illness inside out, exposing the visceral story of the struggles, stigma, relationship dilemmas, treatments, and recovery techniques she and others have encountered. Sometimes humorous, sometimes harrowing, Modern Madness is the ultimate owner's manual on mental illness, breaking this complex subject down into readily understandable concepts like Instructions for Use, Troubleshooting, Maintenance, and Warranties. Whether you have a diagnosis, love or work with someone who does, or are just trying to understand this emerging phenomenon of our times, Modern Madness is a courageous clarion call for acceptance, both personal and public. With her candid and riveting writing, Cheney delivers more than heartbreak; she promises hope.


That said, there were many doctors, such as the pill mill I initially received treatment from, that DID capitalize on the deficiencies of Medicaid by overprescribing pain medication. Of course, each individual that becomes addicted to ...

Author: T.I. Riddle

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781647016388

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Madness is an intimate journey through the life of the author as he wrestled to overcome personal challenges that kept him in a cycle of homelessness and addiction. It is captivating, sometimes gritty, look at the complicated and confusing struggle for people suffering with mental illness. It offers a real glimpse into the torment many people wrestle with—from the invisible devastation of abuse and chaos and the behavior effects that result that are frequently overlooked or misunderstood both by the people who need help and those trying to help. Through the author’s reveals of the heartbreaking process he went through and the amazing amount of support that was needed to break free from homelessness, addiction, and mental illness, it gives a firsthand look at the complexities of healthcare, the deficiencies of the mental-health system, the stigma associated with mental illness, and the lack of general understanding about the issues that created both the opioid and homelessness crisis plaguing the most prosperous cities in the United States. Madness combines the author’s unique perspective as an educated business owner, a highly trained insurance professional, a father, and a sincere man of faith, with brutally honest descriptions of the issues and mistakes he needed to face to overcome his circumstances. It sheds a unique and relevant light on the urgent struggle society faces to find solutions for the rampant issue of homelessness, addiction, and mental illness—problems that have gotten worse despite billions of dollars that have been raised to address them. Madness is sure to inspire, challenge, and cause you to question many assumptions you may have about what is at the root of these problems and what must be done to help.

The Colour of Madness

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Author: Samara Linton

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9781529088502

Category: Psychology

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A powerful anthology giving voice to the mental health struggles experienced by people of colour in the UK.

Madness in International Relations

Alongside the process of manipulating diagnoses is the process of over-prescribing medication: the psy disciplines are thus harnessed both to over-diagnose and medicate, and to misdiagnose for the purpose of cost-cutting.

Author: Alison Howell

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136810251

Category: Political Science

Page: 200

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Madness in International Relations provides an important and innovative account of the role of psychology and psychiatry in global politics, showing how mental health governance has become a means of securing various populations, often with questionable effects. Through the analysis of three key case studies Howell illustrates how such therapeutic interventions can at times be coercive and sovereign, at other times disciplinary, and at still other times benevolent, though not benign. In each case a ‘diagnostic competition’ is traced, that is, a contestation over how best to diagnose and treat the population in question. The book examines the populations of Guantánamo Bay, post-conflict societies and western militaries, identifying how these diagnostic competitions ultimately rest on shared assumptions about the value of psychology and psychiatry in managing global security, about the value of achieving security through mental health governance, and ultimately about the medicalization of security. This work will be of great interest to all scholars of International relations, critical theory and security studies.

Critical Mass

It's the overprescribing and insane costs driven by greed and profit. Unfortunately for me, however, I fell into the trap of Big Pharma by dutifully following my physicians' well-intentioned instructions, expecting improvement but ...

Author: Ron Martin

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781662404665

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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A young man postpones a promising sports career and declines college scholarships, instead joining the US Marines to fight a war against an unknown enemy in the lush jungles of Viet Nam. Only after returning home does he discover his military training and skills will be required even more to survive the asphalt jungles of America. With recurring flashbacks to the music and turbulence of the ’60s, he attempts to comprehend the meaning and significance of each traumatic experience, and find some redemption from those extremely memorable occurrences. Deeply conflicted and troubled from the horrors of war, he resurrects his earlier fascination with treetop flying and follows his passionate ambition—to fly in helicopters while helping others. As a flight nurse, ER nurse, EMT, paramedic, and firefighter, he becomes personally and spiritually impacted by increased hospital violence, drugs, tragic deaths, and coping with the horrible consequences of alcohol and its collective effect on society. Meanwhile, hospital administrations have failed to acknowledge or accept responsibility for violence against its employees and spent more energy and resources taking extreme measures to equivocate and deny the problem exists, rather than decisively providing a safe work environment for their staff. His personal experiences and unresolved confrontations with PTSD and depression, death and dying, major trauma and serious illness, betrayal and deceit, opioid dependence and suicide collectively and relentlessly challenge his resolute determination to persevere. But will his strong faith, warm heart, and witty spirit be able to improvise, adapt, and overcome the seemingly insurmountable dark forces? 39

Blood Orange Night

My Journey to the Edge of Madness Melissa Bond ... Melissa is a respected writer on the perils of overprescribing benzodiazepines and is regularly featured in the online platforms Mad in America, Ravishly, and Catalyst.

Author: Melissa Bond

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781982188290

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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Brain on Fire meets High Achiever in this “page-turner memoir chronicling a woman’s accidental descent into prescription benzodiazepine dependence—and the life-threatening impacts of long-term use—that chills to the bone” (Nylon). As Melissa Bond raises her infant daughter and a special-needs one-year-old son, she suffers from unbearable insomnia, sleeping an hour or less each night. She loses her job as a journalist (a casualty of the 2008 recession), and her relationship with her husband grows distant. Her doctor casually prescribes benzodiazepines—a family of drugs that includes Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, Ativan—and increases her dosage on a regular basis. Following her doctor’s orders, Melissa takes the pills night after night; her body begins to shut down and she collapses while holding her infant daughter. Only then does Melissa learn that her doctor—like many doctors—has over-prescribed the medication and quitting cold turkey could lead to psychosis or fatal seizures. Benzodiazepine addiction is not well studied, and few experts know how to help Melissa as she begins the months-long process of tapering off the pills without suffering debilitating, potentially deadly consequences. Each page thrums with the heartbeat of Melissa’s struggle—how many hours has she slept? How many weeks old are her babies? How many milligrams has she taken? Her propulsive writing crescendos to a fever pitch as she fights for her health and her ability to care for her children. Lyrical and immersive, Blood Orange Night shines a light on the prescription benzodiazepine epidemic as it reaches a crisis point in this country.

Psycho Criminological Perspective of Criminal Justice in Asia

The issue of insanity may also be raised by the prosecutor or the trial judge (Jackson, 2003). ... Obviously, the psychiatric needs of insanity acquittees take precedence over prescribing punishments for their criminal conduct.

Author: Heng Choon (Oliver) Chan

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781317190264

Category: Psychology

Page: 298

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This book offers both theoretical and practical examinations of the psycho-criminology of criminal justice in Asia, with particular emphasis on the Hong Kong and Singapore contexts. It is designed to present the current state of the field, which addresses key topics in three major sub-areas – policing and legal system, offender rehabilitation and treatment, and research and future directions. Written by academics with extensive research experience in their respective topics and senior ranking practitioners in their fields, topics include psychologists’ involvement in different aspects of forensic investigation, police emotional reactions to major incidents, the application of psychological approaches in developing offender rehabilitation and treatment modules to address different offender’s criminogenic needs, and legal issues related to the insanity defence, fitness to plead, the jury system, and the procedural justice and legitimacy. An important reference for post-graduate courses, this book will be of special interest to criminologists and psychologists working in forensic settings, mental health professionals, policy-makers, police personnel, prison officials, and legal executives. Chapters include: 1. Youth gang offenders in Singapore 2. Offender rehabilitation: the Hong Kong Correctional Services Department 3. Juries as decision makers in East Asian judicial systems: Hong Kong, the Mainland China, South Korea, and Japan 4. The psychology of violent extremism: what we know and what else we need to do

Global Reach for Gold

Retrieved from https://www.legalzoom.com/articles/is-your-march-madness-office-pool-legal Ordonez, L. D., Schweitzer, M. E., Galinsky, A. D., & Bazerman, M. H. (2009). Goals Gone Wild: The Systematic Side Effects of Overprescribing Goal ...

Author: Mondy Selle Gold

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781984552327

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 188

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Presently, he is a professor of management at Fort Hays State University and an adjunct professor at Colorado State University–Global. He has served as a professor of management at Shenyang Normal University, China; a professor of international business at Keimyung University, South Korea; and a professor of accounting and finance at Monarch Business School, Switzerland. He has also taught at Northcentral University and University of Phoenix.


... more personcentred approach: 'One of the reasons psychiatry is in crisis is that we are simply overprescribing meds. ... has it helped people enduring states of madness or depression, has it helped them to move on in their lives?

Author: James Davies

Publisher: Icon Books Ltd

ISBN: 9781848315570

Category: Medical

Page: 336

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Why is psychiatry such big business? Why are so many psychiatric drugs prescribed – 47 million antidepressant prescriptions in the UK alone last year – and why, without solid scientific justification, has the number of mental disorders risen from 106 in 1952 to 374 today? The everyday sufferings and setbacks of life are now ‘medicalised’ into illnesses that require treatment – usually with highly profitable drugs. Psychological therapist James Davies uses his insider knowledge to illustrate for a general readership how psychiatry has put riches and medical status above patients’ well-being. The charge sheet is damning: negative drug trials routinely buried; antidepressants that work no better than placebos; research regularly manipulated to produce positive results; doctors, seduced by huge pharmaceutical rewards, creating more disorders and prescribing more pills; and ethical, scientific and treatment flaws unscrupulously concealed by mass-marketing. Cracked reveals for the first time the true human cost of an industry that, in the name of helping others, has actually been helping itself.