Reading and the Body

Most accounts of the reading process describe the relationship between the reader and the text in mentalist terms—the mind of the reader encounters the meaning of the text. These accounts efface the physical book and the body of the ...

Author: Thomas Mc Laughlin

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137522894

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 208

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Literary theory has been dominated by a mind/body dualism that often eschews the role of the body in reading. Focusing on reading as a physical practice, McLaughlin analyzes the role of the eyes, the hands, postures and gestures, bodily habits and other physical spaces, with discussions ranging from James Joyce to the digital future of reading.

Reading the Body

ing this undesirable heritage . Reclamation of individual bodies , rather than generalized collectives , may be a way out of the dilemma . For example , Grosz ( 1994 : 22 ) argues that if corporeality can no longer be linked with one ...

Author: Alison E. Rautman

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9781512806830

Category: Social Science

Page: 288

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In this volume classical archaeologists and anthropologists discuss mutually beneficial perspectives in method and theory as these relate to issues of gender.

The Body Reader

The inclusion of subjective embodied experience or, simply, the way people themselves understand their bodies from the ... of the sensory world around us— rejects the subject-object division between mind and body and the notion that the ...

Author: Lisa Jean Moore

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814795651

Category: Social Science

Page: 419

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Plastic surgery, obesity, anorexia, pregnancy, prescription drugs, disability, piercings, steroids, and sex re-assignment surgery: over the past two decades there have been major changes in the ways we understand, treat, alter, and care for our bodies. The Body Reader is a compelling, cutting-edge, and timely collection that provides a close look at the emergence of the study of the body. From prenatal genetic testing and “t;manscaping”; to televideo cybersex and the “meth economy,” this innovative work digs deep into contemporary lifestyles and current events to cover key concepts and theories about the body. A combination of twenty one classic readings and original essays, the contributors highlight gender, race, class, ability, and sexuality, paying special attention to bodies that are at risk, bodies that challenge norms, and media representations of the body. Ultimately, The Body Reader makes it clear that the body is not neutral—it is the entry point into cultural and structural relationships, emotional and subjective experiences, and the biological realms of flesh and bone. Contributors: Patricia Hill Collins, Karen Dias, H. Hugh Floyd, Jr., Arthur Frank, Sander L. Gilman, Gillian Haddow, Richard Huggins, Matthew Immergut, L :ea Kent, Kristen Karlberg, Steve Kroll-Smith, Mary Kosut, Jarvis Jay Masters, Lisa Jean Moore, Tracey Owens Patton, William J. Peace, Jason Pine, Eric Plemons, Barbara Katz Rothman, Edward Slavishak, Phillip Vannini, and Dennis Waskul.

Locutions to the World 2012 Messages from Heaven about the near Future of our World

Mary Jesus stood before me in all of his risen glory. Transformed and radiant, his body was glorified, Just as my body is also glorified and as your body, O reader, will also be glorified if you just listen and heed my messages. This is ...

Author: Jesus Christ


ISBN: 9781326618476

Category: Religion

Page: 306

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Messages from Heaven about the near Future of our World Given by our Lord Jesus Christ and our Lady Virgin Mary On December 10, 2010, Mary revealed the following message to a special soul: I will soon begin to speak to the whole world. You will receive these words as you have received all the other words. You will write the words down and record the proper dates. You will take these words to your spiritual director] for his discernment. If his heart discerns that these messages should be released to the world, they will go forth. He will correctly say that these are being given to one of his directees. The time is short and that is why I have moved you so quickly. The Advent of Christ is near. Before the Lord can come again, the world must be cleansed by fire. These Locutions guide you back to heaven. Do not delay, the time is short. Books avaiable for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Reading the Body in the Eighteenth Century Novel

As he has to reach across his own body, awkwardly groping in the deep right pocket with his left hand, his ideas pile up and bump ... and Tristram can philosophize that “the circumstances with which every thing in this world is begirt, ...

Author: J. McMaster

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230512023

Category: Fiction

Page: 194

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McMaster's lively study looks at the various codes by which Eighteenth-century novelists made the minds of their characters legible through their bodies. She tellingly explores the discourses of medicine, physiognomy, gesture and facial expression, completely familiar to contemporary readers but not to us, in ways that enrich our reading of such classics as Clarissa and Tristram Shandy , as well as of novels by Fanny Burney, Mary Wollstonecraft and Jane Austen.

The Literary World

Does the reader to repeat a verse of poetry , to solve a MR : LEWES ON MIND AND MATTER . * feel that this is quite ... The chief we ' are conscious of the body as the than this postulate of a thinking ... with the external world .



ISBN: NYPL:33433081647061

Category: Literature


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Reading for the Body

Nor can he appreciate the perverse victory this violent, black mother-love represents for the Jim Crow regime.4 What he knows, with the absolute knowledge of the body, is a hurt raining down on him from everywhere, from black sources as ...

Author: Jay Watson

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 9780820343365

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 472

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DIVJay Watson argues that southern literary studies has been overidealized and dominated by intellectual history for too long. In Reading for the Body, he calls for the field to be rematerialized and grounded in an awareness of the human body as the site where ideas, including ideas about the U.S. South itself, ultimately happen. Employing theoretical approaches to the body developed by thinkers such as Karl Marx, Colette Guillaumin, Elaine Scarry, and Friedrich Kittler, Watson also draws on histories of bodily representation to mine a century of southern fiction for its insights into problems that have preoccupied the region and nation alike: slavery, Jim Crow, and white supremacy; the marginalization of women; the impact of modernization; the issue of cultural authority and leadership; and the legacy of the Vietnam War. He focuses on the specific bodily attributes of hand, voice, and blood and the deeply embodied experiences of pain, illness, pregnancy, and war to offer new readings of a distinguished group of literary artists who turned their attention to the South: Mark Twain, Jean Toomer, Zora Neale Hurston, William Faulkner, Richard Wright, Katherine Anne Porter, Bobbie Ann Mason, and Walker Percy. In producing an intensely embodied U.S. literature these writers, Watson argues, were by turns extending and interrogating a centuries-old tradition in U.S. print culture, in which the recalcitrant materiality of the body serves as a trope for the regional alterity of the South. Reading for the Body makes a powerful case for the body as an important methodological resource for a new southern studies./div

Our World Reader

In all the world there is nothing else like them . Inside you would find that a Pyramid is dark and gloomy enough , with many passages in the thick walls , and a room where the body of the king was laid . Three of the Pyramids are very ...

Author: Mary Lucy Hall


ISBN: HARVARD:32044097022214

Category: Geography

Page: 258

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Rethinking the Body in South Asian Traditions

The habits of a sedimented lifestyle lock human bodies in a prison made of sensual desire for Appar; rehabituating the senses and the body allows the poet to see the world in new ways, to see Śiva enlivening that world, ...

Author: Diana Dimitrova

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000257953

Category: Social Science

Page: 176

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This book analyses cultural questions related to representations of the body in South Asian traditions, human perceptions and attitudes toward the body in religious and cultural contexts, as well as the processes of interpreting notions of the body in religious and literary texts. Utilising an interdisciplinary perspective by means of textual study and ideological analysis, anthropological analysis, and phenomenological analysis, the book explores both insider- and outsider perspectives and issues related to the body from the 2nd century CE up to the present-day. Chapters assess various aspects of the body including processes of embodiment and questions of mythologizing the divine body and othering the human body, as revealed in the literatures and cultures of South Asia. The book analyses notions of mythologizing and "othering" of the body as a powerful ideological discourse, which empowers or marginalizes at all levels of the human condition. Offering a deep insight into the study of religion and issues of the body in South Asian literature, religion and culture, this book will be of interest to academics in the fields of South Asian studies, South Asian religions, South Asian literatures, cultural studies, philosophy and comparative literature.

Science Readers A Closer Look The Human Body Kit

These paragraphs can also help begin group discussions about the readers . Unit 1 : Brain and Senses Brain ( lesson on pages 29–36 ) Students may be surprised to learn that everything our bodies do is controlled by one central source ...


Publisher: Teacher Created Materials

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Elementary students will love learning about the science of the human body, from the muscles that help them play to the brain that lets them learn. This kit includes leveled books, allowing teachers to easily implement differentiation strategies that give all students access to this life and science theme. Science Readers: A Closer Look: The Human Body: Complete Kit includes: Books (6 titles, 6 copies each, 32 pages per book); data analysis activities; audio recordings; digital resources; and a Teacher's Guide.

English Mechanics and the World of Science

The readers of the age might oocur possibly by the resolution of the Arbeit , Matzigkeit , und Ruh , schlieszt dem “ E. M. ... As I am a practical credulity in regard to spiritual matters is really structures of the body are made up of ...



ISBN: UOM:39015080399101

Category: Technology


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Asian American Christianity Reader

There is no doubt that the mirror which we call the body of Christ, has been shattered and scattered in this world. The body of Christ today, culturally speaking, is a bunch of randomly scattered, discon- nected parts. The parts are ...

Author: Timothy Tseng


ISBN: 9780981987811

Category: Asian Americans

Page: 351

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This textbook is an interdisciplinary collection of scholarly and religious articles about Asian American Christianity. Its four sections -- contexts, sites, identity, and voices ? offer in-depth understanding of both Catholic and Protestant traditions, practices, theologies, and faith communities. It also highlights diversity and complexity across lines of gender, generation, denomination, race and ethnicity in Asian American Christianity.

Reading the Bront Body

those symptoms within the current American health system (ix). Lorber asserts, Social practices produce social bodies all through life and death—and beyond (consider how corpses are handled). Because gender is embedded in the major ...

Author: Beth Torgerson

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781403980182

Category: Social Science

Page: 180

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Anne, Emily, and Charlotte Brontë's literary representations of illness and disease reflect the major role illness played in the lives of the Victorians and its frequent reoccurrence within the Brontës' personal lives. An in-depth analysis of the history of nineteenth-century medicine provides the necessary cultural context to understand these representations, giving modern readers a sense of how health, illness, and the body were understood in Victorian England. Together, medical anthropology and the history of medicine offer a useful lens with which to understand Victorian texts. Reading the Brontë Body is the first scholarly attempt to provide both the theoretical framework and historical background to make such a literary analysis of the Brontë novels possible, while exploring how these representations of disease and illness work within a larger cultural framework.

The Body Quantum

After reading this book and considering my speculations about consciousness and, in particular, about the notion of quantum consciousness — that quantum physics is the physics ultimately governing all the body's processes, including all ...

Author: Fred Alan Wolf

Publisher: Macmillan Publishing Company

ISBN: UOM:39015011207209

Category: Fiction

Page: 310

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Argues that quantum as well as classical physics is necessary to explain the human body, and discusses the human skeleton, nutrition, protein structure, DNA, reproduction, the senses, respiration, the mind, and death

Advanced Body Reading

produces a rotating (torsion) field based on the variable production of electrical signals from the plexus. ... When it sends currents out of the body, it sends them out to the world as signals. Second, the current flowing into the ...

Author: Melinda Connor


ISBN: 9781304804365

Category: Science

Page: 118

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Dr. Melinda H. Connor's new book "Advanced Body Reading" is called "Ground Breaking" by Asst. Clinical Professor of Medicine at University of Arizona's Program in Integrative Medicine, Dr. Ann Marie Chiassion MD. Defining a physiological basis for psychological defensive patterns and linking that to the biofield of the body, Dr. Connor follows in the footsteps of Drs. Freud, Reich, Lowen and Pierrakos. Important reading for all those interested in expanding their knowledge of a psychology for today and tomorrow.

Mermaids and the Production of Knowledge in Early Modern England

determine an individual's interaction with the world based on visible characteristics of the physical form? By staging this particular death, Cleopatra may finally give the audience an ability to feel comfortable with reading her body ...

Author: Tara E. Pedersen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317097204

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 166

View: 568


We no longer ascribe the term ’mermaid’ to those we deem sexually or economically threatening; we do not ubiquitously use the mermaid’s image in political propaganda or feature her within our houses of worship; perhaps most notably, we do not entertain the possibility of the mermaid’s existence. This, author Tara Pedersen argues, makes it difficult for contemporary scholars to consider the mermaid as a figure who wields much social significance. During the early modern period, however, this was not the case, and Pedersen illustrates the complicated category distinctions that the mermaid inhabits and challenges in 16th-and 17th-century England. Addressing epistemological questions about embodiment and perception, this study furthers research about early modern theatrical culture by focusing on under-theorized and seldom acknowledged representations of mermaids in English locations and texts. While individuals in early modern England were under pressure to conform to seemingly monolithic ideals about the natural order, there were also significant challenges to this order. Pedersen uses the figure of the mermaid to rethink some of these challenges, for the mermaid often appears in surprising places; she is situated at the nexus of historically specific debates about gender, sexuality, religion, the marketplace, the new science, and the culture of curiosity and travel. Although these topics of inquiry are not new, Pedersen argues that the mermaid provides a new lens through which to look at these subjects and also helps scholars think about the present moment, methodologies of reading, and many category distinctions that are important to contemporary scholarly debates.

The Unseen Body

THE UNSEEN BODY A Doctor's Journey Through the Hidden Wonders of the Human Anatomy In this fascinating journey through the ... traveler and naturalist – allows readers to navigate their insides like an explorer discovering a new world.

Author: Jonathan Reisman

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472289421

Category: Medical

Page: 224

View: 934


In his beautifully written prose, Dr Jonathan Reisman - physician, adventure traveller and naturalist - allows readers to navigate their insides like an explorer discovering a new world. Through his offbeat adventures in healthcare and travel, Reisman discovers new perspectives on the body: a trip to the Alaskan Arctic reveals that fat is not the enemy, but the hero; a stint in the Himalayas uncovers the boundary where the brain ends and the mind begins; and eating a sheep's head in Iceland offers a lesson in empathy. By relating his experiences in far-flung lands and among unique cultures back to the body's inner workings, he shows how our organs live inextricably intertwined lives in an internal ecosystem that reflects the natural world around us. Reisman's unique perspective on the natural world and his expert wielding of wit ultimately helps us make sense of our lives, our bodies and our world in a way readers have never before imagined. 'An elegant, elegiac, and deeply enjoyable meander through human anatomy . . . the images Reisman conjures will linger long after you've devoured his delightful prose.' - Nicola Twilley, co-author of Until Proven Safe and co-host of Gastropod podcast

Our Bodies Are Selves

1 A New Paradigm Body-Self Philip Hefner and Ann Milliken Pederson ... to access my body in a more living and engaged way, I needed a paradigm shift. I had to literally change my relationship to the world. MATTHEW SANFORD, WAKING: A ...

Author: Philip Hefner

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781498272599

Category: Religion

Page: 218

View: 648


Our Bodies Are Selves is a look at what it means to be human in a world where medical technology and emerging ethical insight force us to rethink the boundaries of humanity/spirit and man/machine. This book gives us a fresh look at how our expanding biological views of ourselves and our shared evolutionary history shows us a picture that may not always illumine who and where we are as Christians. Offering up Christian theological views of embodiment, the authors give everyday examples of lives of love, faith, and bodily realities that offer the potential to create new definitions of what it means to be a faith community in an increasingly technological age of medicine.