Our Secret Territory

Examines the spiritual and social aspects of storytelling, and its process of engagement. From publisher description.

Author: Laura Simms

Publisher: Sentient Publications

ISBN: 9781591811725

Category: Literary Criticism

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Laura Simms is an acclaimed storyteller whom The New York Times has called a major force in the revival of storytelling in America. Laura's way of telling a story allows the mind of the listener to rest in a realm of imagination beyond thought, and stimulates its faculties of kindness and relationship. In this book she examines the spiritual and social aspects of storytelling, and its process of engagement.

Our Secret Constitution

The firm belief in "manifest destiny" and territorial expansion led ineluctably to the
Civil War. As long as the Union was fixed at a certain number of slave ... They
would be cherished in the new order as well, but 32 OUR SECRET

Author: George P. Fletcher

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0198032439

Category: Political Science

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Americans hate and distrust their government. At the same time, Americans love and trust their government. These contradictory attitudes are resolved by Fletcher's novel interpretation of constitutional history. He argues that we have two constitutions--still living side by side--one that caters to freedom and fear, the other that satisfied our needs for security and social justice. The first constitution came into force in 1789. It stresses freedom, voluntary association, and republican elitism. The second constitution begins with the Gettysburg Address and emphasizes equality, organic nationhood, and popular democracy. These radical differences between our two constitutions explain our ambivalence and self-contradictory attitudes toward government. With September 11 the second constitution--which Fletcher calls the Secret Constitution--has become ascendant. When America is under threat, the nation cultivates its solidarity. It overcomes its fear and looks to government for protection and the pursuit of social justice. Lincoln's messages of a strong government and a nation that must "long endure" have never been more relevant to American politics. "Fletcher's argument has intriguing implications beyond the sweeping subject of this profoundly thought-provoking book."--The Denver Post

House Journal of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Colorado

Colorado (Territory) Legislative Assembly. House. f UNCIL 6 . ... incorporating the
city of Denver , etc . , and to amend the same by striking out section 5 . ; " , And
has passed House Substitute to e to our secret . . . , C . B . No . 49 , . . . : An act to

Author: Colorado (Territory) Legislative Assembly. House


ISBN: UCAL:B2998586



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Virginia Woolf The Waves

Let us take possession of our secret territory, . . . (18) Oder eine andere Stelle: I
wish to go under; ... (235) 55 Vgl. u. a. auch: "I wish . . . to sparkle, manyfaceted
under the light of my friends' faces." (The Waves, 99). eine Beziehung treten zu ...

Author: Elisabeth Grünewald-Huber


ISBN: STANFORD:36105010593676

Category: Psychoanalysis and literature

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Our Secret War

In the World War , if Allies and Americans could have solved that problem
satisfactorily , their secret services would have been twice as deadly . They tried
innumerable ways to enable their agents in German territory to get information
over in ...

Author: Thomas Marvin Johnson


ISBN: IND:32000010042671

Category: World War, 1914-1918

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Senate Journal of the Legislature of the Territory of Alaska

For we consume away in Thy displeasure and are afraid of Thy wrathful
indignation . Thou has set our misdeeds before Thee , and our secret sins in the
light of Thy countenFor when Thou art angry all our days are gone ; we bring our
years to ...

Author: Alaska. Legislature. Senate


ISBN: UCAL:B2882041

Category: Alaska


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Woolf Studies Annual

8 In the recurring images of India , Africa , unexplored territories , and the
representation of Percival as cardboard hero ... country while the gardeners are
imagined as hostile natives : “ Let us take possession of our secret territory ” ( TW
22 ) .



ISBN: STANFORD:36105123835998



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Strange Territory

Flying from our secret bower we journey on a crazy chequer - board on our
adventure back , for once the only moving pieces on the squares . This evening
out of time and out of place is as unexpected as warm weather in midwinter ,
passion ...

Author: Elizabeth Bartlett

Publisher: Better English Language Teaching

ISBN: UCAL:B3476945

Category: Poetry in English, 1945- - Texts

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Dark Territory

Fred Kaplan probes the inner corridors of the National Security Agency, the beyond-top-secret cyber units in the Pentagon, the “information warfare” squads of the military services, and the national security debates in the White House ...

Author: Fred Kaplan

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781476763279

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 352

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“An important, disturbing, and gripping history” (Kirkus Reviews, starred review), the never-before-told story of the computer scientists and the NSA, Pentagon, and White House policymakers who invent and employ cyber wars—where every country can be a major power player and every hacker a mass destroyer. In June 1983, President Reagan watched the movie War Games, in which a teenager unwittingly hacks the Pentagon, and asked his top general if the scenario was plausible. The general said it was. This set in motion the first presidential directive on computer security. From the 1991 Gulf War to conflicts in Haiti, Serbia, Syria, the former Soviet republics, Iraq, and Iran, where cyber warfare played a significant role, Dark Territory chronicles a little-known past that shines an unsettling light on our future. Fred Kaplan probes the inner corridors of the National Security Agency, the beyond-top-secret cyber units in the Pentagon, the “information warfare” squads of the military services, and the national security debates in the White House to reveal the details of the officers, policymakers, scientists, and spies who devised this new form of warfare and who have been planning—and (more often than people know) fighting—these wars for decades. “An eye-opening history of our government’s efforts to effectively manage our national security in the face of the largely open global communications network established by the World Wide Web….Dark Territory is a page-turner [and] consistently surprising” (The New York Times).

Continuing Presences

Let us take possession of our secret territory ” ( 189 ) . In the “ growing light " ( 226
) of the third interlude , the scene is sharp with intimations of antagonism . Joy
and fear are mingled in the birds ' song ( 225 ) , the wind is rising , and the waves

Author: Beverly Ann Schlack

Publisher: Penn State University Press

ISBN: UOM:39015000696420

Category: Literary Criticism

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From Enemy Territory

She calms down and stops writing , and I stow the letter away in our secret
archive . Here is a copy of that letter : Comrade Starčević , I recently heard you on
the Sarajevo TV evening news programme , when you called in to deny a report
that ...

Author: Mladen Vuksanović

Publisher: Saqi Books

ISBN: UOM:39015059287576

Category: History

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Set at the outbreak of the war in Bosnia, this diary, penned by the award-winning journalist Vuksanovic, records the extraordinary unfolding of events. The author lived in the ski resort of Pale, 15km above Sarajevo. In April 1992, when Radovan Karadzic launches his savage assault on the city. Vuksanoviae - refusing to collaborate - becomes a prisoner in his own home, cut off from his children and friends below. He expressed his terror and disgust within these pages. During that time, he describes in chilling detail not only the horrifying war - with the looting, ethnic cleansing and betrayal that became commonplace - but also the mental strain of war on the individual. He and his wife finally managed to escape in a UN refugee bus via Hungary to Croatia, smuggling with them these notes from enemy territory.

Familiar Territory

... he ' ll stash away enough money to pursue his true calling - poetry and
philosophy ” ) ; Steve McQueen ' s new beard ; the home life of the Italian tenor
Luciano Pavarotti ; the problems of the chief of our secret service in guarding
presidential ...

Author: Joseph Epstein

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: UOM:39015005133080

Category: History

Page: 204

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Selections from Epstein's column in The American Scholar reveal his perceptions and anecdotal views of the interests, activities, and philosophies of contemporary Americans

The World Without a Self

... and wonder, as when Bernard as a child says "'The air no longer rolls its long,
unhappy, purple waves over us, '" or when he excitedly declares "'Let us take
possession of our secret territory, which is lit by pendant currants like a

Author: James Naremore


ISBN: WISC:89010857563


Page: 640

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From the " Smaller ” to the “ Greater ” Europe Paul Henri Spaak ( 1899–1972 ) ,
Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs , cofounder of the Council of Europe : " what
we have to defend is not our secret territory but great ideas , a common
civilisation ...



ISBN: MINN:31951P007637435

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A Map of the Territory

Author: Nigel Forde

Publisher: Carcanet Press

ISBN: UOM:39015058840573

Category: Poetry

Page: 77

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This is a collection of lyric poetry on the subject of memory, landscape and love by Nigel Forde.

Grounding Knowledge walking Land

In our ritual language , homa is a holy word or mantra , nghaīru means ' white ,
milky water ' while ngyoh is a ' pond ' in the Tamu vernacular . ... which carries the
meaning of ' den or resting place for wild animals , a territory occupied by wild
animals who roam ' . From Khēbi we moved onwards to Khẽ U , so named
because it refers to a nest or resting place for wild birds in our secret ritual
language ( CK ) ...

Author: Christopher Evans

Publisher: McDonald Inst of Archeological

ISBN: STANFORD:36105133011820

Category: History

Page: 211

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Tracking knowledge down to ground concerned with trail-based archaeology, journeys and histories; this is a volume of both firsts and thick context. At face-value it documents almost a decade of groundbreaking investigations within the Annapurna highlands of Nepal. Including survey recording of fort and settlement sites, from the outset the project's focus was the extraordinary ruins of Kohla Sombre - Kohla, The Three Villages - the ancestral settlement of the Tami-mai (Gurung) community, who hosted and instigated the fieldwork programme. Ultimately, only a single season's excavation was conducted before the project was cut short by the political insurgency within the country. It concluded with holding a great shamans' meeting in Pokhara in 2002, at which their historical oral texts were presented. Narrating the long migration of the Tamu-mai into the region and down from a distant north, the present volume includes the full translation of one of these oral epics, the Lemako Roh Pye. The project represents a unique collaboration between archaeologists, anthropologists and a shaman. Including interviews with upland inhabitants, the volume encompasses the diverse voices of both its immediate participants and the local community. Fulsome in its presentation of the archaeological data and rich in ethnographic source-material, not only is this book crucial for Himalayan culture studies generally, but also relevant for any concerned with the construction and context of the past in the present, and the active forging of ethno-historical identities.

Secrets of the White Lady

To give a complete historical account of the secret service activities in these
occupied territories behind the German lines ... When arrests occurred in our
secret organizations , they came with lightning rapidity ; in most cases , the Allied
secret ...

Author: Henry Landau


ISBN: UOM:39015030668340

Category: Secret service

Page: 314

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History of the British secret service organization known as "The White Lady".

My Secret Mission

Our training in the use of actual explosives took place within the area of the camp
. One such action was carried out in the dead of a moonless night . Our group , "
the Hungarian Nine , " would " sabotage a power station in enemy territory .

Author: Andrew Durovecz

Publisher: Lugus Publications

ISBN: WISC:89066336298

Category: Guerre mondiale, 1939-1945 - Movements de résistance - Hongrie

Page: 273

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Our Secret Alliance

been secret , " understandings between gentlemen , ” as Mr . Chamberlain stated
in his announcement to the House of ... to the Rhodes policy of annexing the
African republics and painting the map of the world red , including our own
territory .

Author: Cornelia Steketee Hulst


ISBN: STANFORD:36105120338160

Category: Anarchism

Page: 72

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