Organ Works Volume II

Organ - Method or Collection César Franck. Otez les Tirasses 12 21 21 2 事 R.产产产价 pl 其 1 2 2. Otez la Tromp . du R. Pogo rall . 노 ¥每 P. Andantino R. opp 221 P.行 3 Poco rall . 4 . a Tempo. toujours R. cresc . dim .至 KO3444 dim .

Author: César Franck

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Titles include Pastorale, Prayer and Finale.

The Organ Music of J S Bach Volume 2

Marpurg Abhandlung | F. W. Marpurg , Abhandlung von der Fuge , 2 vols . ... J. G. Walther and the Lost Weimar Autographs of Bach's Organ Works ' , in Studies in Renaissance and Baroque Music ... F. A. Roitzsch ( Leipzig , 1852 ) ; vol .

Author: Peter Williams

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Selected Organ Works Volume III

( Of these works , No. 5a is to be found in Vol . II and Nos . 1 , 2 , 7 , 9 , 10 and 26 in Vol . III ) . Surprisingly however , the aboved - named collection doez not contain a single piece in the so - called combination form ...

Author: Johann Pachelbel

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Chorale Preludes

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

Adagio in A - flat Major . Date : 19 December 1844. Edn : Little , Complete Organ Works , vol . 2 . Remarks : Cf. Op . 65 no . 1 , movement 2 . Grave and Andante con moto in C Minor . Date : 21 December 1844 .

Author: John Michael Cooper

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0815315139

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This book offers an annotated reference guide to the life and works of this important German composer. It opens with a historical overview of Mendelssohn's reception by contemporary and posthumous audiences and scholars, tracing the interactions between his reception and political and cultural events. It contains a complete annotated bibliography of the literature about Mendelssohn, including biographies, reviews, scholarly articles and interpretations, and reference material. It also offers important information on the Mendelssohn family, including Fanny Hensel, Felix's sister who was also a composer and musician. Cooper's work is the most up-to-date and thorough resource for students of Mendelssohn and his times.

Complete Organ Works Volume IV

Such inferiority is not evident in this particular canzona ; however , the epigrammatic touch is present in the passage in 3/2 time . No. 7. Fuga in G minor The sources upon which our edition is based comprise the manuscripts by Kittel ...

Author: Johann Sebastian Bach

Publisher: Alfred Music

ISBN: 1457471833

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Four Preludes and Fugues, Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, Four Fugues, Canzona in D Minor, Fantasia in G and C, Praeludium, Trio in D Minor

The Reception of Bach s Organ Works from Mendelssohn to Brahms

Stauffer, George B. The Organ Preludes ofIohann Sebastian Bach. ... “Fugue Types in Bach's Free Organ Works. ... In The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, edited by Stanley Sadie. Second edition. Vol. 2: 150—52.

Author: Russell Stinson

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 9780199747030

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In this penetrating study, Russell Stinson explores how four of the greatest composers of the nineteenth century--Felix Mendelssohn, Robert Schumann, Franz Liszt, and Johannes Brahms--responded to the model of Bach's organ music. The author shows that this quadrumvirate not only borrowed from Bach's organ works in creating their own masterpieces, whether for keyboard, voice, orchestra, or chamber ensemble, but that they also reacted significantly to the music as performers, editors, theorists, and teachers. Furthermore, the book reveals how these four titans influenced one another as "receptors" of this repertory and how their mutual acquaintances--especially Clara Schumann--contributed as well. As the first comprehensive discussion of this topic ever attempted, Stinson's book represents a major step forward in the literature on the so-called Bach revival. He considers biographical as well as musical evidence to arrive at a host of new and sometimes startling conclusions. Filled with fascinating anecdotes, the study also includes detailed observations on how these composers annotated their personal copies of Bach's organ works. Stinson's book is entirely up-to-date and offers much material previously unavailable in English. It is meticulously annotated and indexed, and it features numerous musical examples and facsimile plates as well as an exhaustive bibliography. Included in an appendix is Brahms's hitherto unpublished study score of the Fantasy in G Major, BWV 572. Engagingly written, this study should be read by anyone at all interested in the music of Bach or the music of the nineteenth century.

The Registration of Baroque Organ Music

L'Orgue , Vol . 100 ( October / December 1961 ) . 237. Gudger , William . “ Registration in the Handel Organ Concertos . " The American Organist , Vol . 19 , No. 2 ( February 1985 ) . 238 . - “ Registration in the 18th Century British ...

Author: Barbara Owen

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253210852

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Barbara Owen has prepared the first work to present in a single volume the registrational practices of organists from 1550 to 1800. Along with the many stoplists and discussions of performance traditions, the book discusses the religious and political context for each period areregion--and how these affected the work of composers and organ builders.*Full promo description*:"Barbara Owen has compiled and intelligently analyzed all of the availableinformation on registration practices from the late Renaissance toClassical times into a coherently organized and cogently presented text. .. . The depth of research , the thoroughness of approach, and thepractical nature of the material make this text unique at the presenttime." --Christopher Young, Indiana University"It is rare to find a book that combines such careful scholarship with apractical focus that makes it accessible to performing musicians as wellas research specialists." --Sharon L. Gorman, NotesHere is the first single book to present registrational practices of organists from c. 1550 to 1800. Each of the four parts of the book "the Renaissance and the Early, High, and Late Baroque" starts with a briefdescription of the political and religious climate of the period and the way it affected organ building and the music composed at the time.Within each historical period, Owen provides for each country a list of the active composers and information about representative organs, including their locations, dates, builders, and stoplists. She then discusses the registrational practices in each area in relation tocontemporary musical styles and forms, referring to sources such as scores and treatises.In light of the historical evidence, Owen advises organists on adapting the earlier principles and practices to modern instruments in order to perform Baroque organ works in a style appropriate to their period and region.With its comprehensive geographic, historical, and musicological approach,The Registration of Baroque Organ Music will long remain an invaluable source book for teachers and performers.

The Creative Development of Johann Sebastian Bach Volume II 1717 1750

Music to Delight the Spirit Richard D. P. Jones. Ex. 4 a) Fuga in C, BWV 547 no. 2, bb. 1–3 epigrammatic subject is capable of modulating, ... comparative music examples in Williams, The Organ Music of J. S. Bach (1st edn), vol. ii, pp.

Author: Richard D. P. Jones

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199696284

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This last in a two-volume study examines Bach's musical compositional development in his later years, including his time at Cðthen and Leipzig.

Jean Langlais

and Huit Chants de Bretagne, the first part of projected seven volume series of the complete organ works on twenty-one discs. B126. . "Jean Langlais, complete organ works, vol. 2." January 1983, 4 pages. Album insert for Musical ...

Author: Kathleen Thomerson

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313255472

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This is the first book on the French composer Jean Langlais to be published in English and also the first to provide complete information on all of his published works plus 86 unplubished compositions, and eleven orchestral works. This book traces Langlais' development from his early years of study at the National Institute for the Young Blind, through his long and active career as composer, church musician, and concert organist, and explores the impact that Langlais' hard work, determination, and talent have had on the musical world. It is divided into five major sections, including a biography, interviews, works and performances, a discography, and a bibliography. Listing 240 compositions written between 1927 and 1987, and containing a complete discography of both commercially produced and privately released recordings, the major portion of this volume is an annotated bibliography of writings by and about Langlais, with 536 entries, covering the years from 1926 to 1987, when he celebrated his eightieth birthday. Categories include general references, individual compositions, improvisations, reviews of recordings, nonprint sources, and archive information. There is valuable information on premieres, reactions to Langlais' works and performances, recital programs, and correspondence. The opus numbers, recently completed by Marie-Louise Jaquet-Langlais, the composer's wife, are published here for the first time in a chronological list of compositions, and the index section covers works, authors and translators, and general information.

J S Bach s Great Eighteen Organ Chorales

See Williams , The Organ Music , 2 : 135 . ... 2. For example , Wolfgang Rübsam's recent recording lasts a whopping eight minutes and twenty - six seconds ; see J. S. Bach : Organ Chorales from the Leipzig Manuscript , vol .

Author: Russell Stinson

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 019516556X

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"Stinson's book is completely up-to-date and presents a wealth of new material - particularly involving chronology and music style - never before available in English. An exhaustive bibliography is provided as well as copious musical examples and facsimile reproductions from the autograph. For even the most seasoned Bach aficionado, this study will open up fresh perspectives on some of the composer's greatest creations."--Jacket.