Holy and Noble Beasts

Orpheus ± related in the accounts of Virgil and Ovid ± after he fails to recover his
wife from the underworld.7 But, beyond the fact of this literary parallel, Orfeo's
actual motives for relinquishing his temporal power and abandoning human
society ...

Author: David Salter

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer

ISBN: 9780859916240

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Through an analysis of literary sources, the book explores the broad range of attitudes towards animals and the natural world current in Western Europe during the later middle ages.

Straight Through the Heart

The mystery of Orfeo's true identity remains purposefully unsolved for the
spectator. Together with Fanny, we are left wondering: Is he merely a poor earthly
creature who exploits people's loneliness and need for something beyond them
with ...

Author: Franz Birgel

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 081084978X

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In addition to the articles, this volume includes an interview with Doris Dorrie and the filmmaker's own English translation of her original script for Nobody Loves Me."--Jacket.

C W Von Gluck Orfeo

Christoph Willibald Gluck Patricia Howard. compass Gluck's Orpheus , if certain
of the most trying passages were discreetly transposed down a tone where
necessary , thus to return , incidentally , to the actual pitch of Gluck's and Berlioz '
day .

Author: Christoph Willibald Gluck

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521296641

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This book explores all aspects of Gluck's historically important opera Orfeo.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight With Pearl and Sir Orfeo

And in all forms, lighteror more grave, the 'I' of thedreamer remained the
eyewitness, theauthor, andfacts thathe referred to outside thedream (especially
those concerning himself) were onadifferent plane, meant tobetaken as literally
true, and ...


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A collection of three medieval English poems, translated by Tolkien for the modern-day reader and containing romance, tragedy, love, sex and honour.

Celebrating Confusion

He could become a river god... a kingly figure fit for medieval romance like Sir
Orfeo.104 Sir Orfeo differs from classical versions of the Orpheus myth in that the
hero does not enter the actual underworld to reclaim his wife. In Sir Orfeo, the ...

Author: Kenneth Nally

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443803656

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Though widely lauded as one of the most creative and challenging forces in Irish theatre Frank McGuinness’s plays have often met with a tempestuous reception. This new work details the significance of key productions of his plays in the context of Ireland’s culture and society. Charting McGuinness’s development as a dramatist from The Factory Girls through to Gates of Gold it combines cultural, political and theatrical analysis to position McGuinness as the most significant Irish playwright of his generation. Textual analysis supports considerations of theatrical performance to show how visual art, stagecraft, sculpture and song are central to our understanding of McGuinness’s theatre. Drawing forth the range of sexual, familial and national identities found in McGuinness’s work this book shows the significance of symbols in theatre that often seeks to confuse the simplicities of absolutes in order to show the complexities of difference. Wide-ranging, theoretically astute and written in a lucid and engaging style, Celebrating Confusion will appeal to all readers who are interested in Irish Theatre and its intersection with the politics and culture of contemporary Ireland.

Middle English Romance and the Craft of Memory

(Orfeo 91–2), and looks for guidance from Herodis who describes her impending
abduction. ... Louis, “The Significance of Sir Orfeo's Self-Exile,” Review of English
Studies 18 (1967): 245–52. that his wife's rescue remains Orfeo's true purpose.

Author: Jamie McKinstry

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer

ISBN: 9781843844174

Category: Literary Criticism

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An examination of the depiction and function of memory in a variety of romances, including Troilus and Criseyde and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

Cultural Histories of Noise Sound and Listening in Europe 1300 1918

Orfeo's real test comes in Act 3, Scene 1, after he successfully charms the furies.
In the 1762 version, Orfeo promises to tell Euridice how it is that he is able to
rescue her: 'Saprai tutto da me. Per ora non chieder più!' ('You will learn
everything ...

Author: Kirsten Gibson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317156420

Category: Music

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Cultural Histories of Noise, Sound and Listening in Europe, 1300-1918 presents a range of historical case studies on the sounding worlds of the European past. The chapters in this volume explore ways of thinking about sound historically, and seek to understand how people have understood and negotiated their relationships with the sounding world in Europe from the Middle Ages through to the early twentieth century. They consider, in particular: sound and music in the later Middle Ages; the politics of sound in the early modern period; the history of the body and perception during the Ancien Régime; and the sounds of the city in the nineteenth century and sound and colonial rule at the fin de siècle. The case studies also range in geographical orientation to include considerations not only of Britain and France, the countries most considered in European historical sound studies in English-language scholarship to date, but also Bosnia-Herzegovina, British Colonial India, Germany, Italy and Portugal. Out of this diverse group of case studies emerge significant themes that recur time and again, varying according to time and place: sound, power and identity; sound as a marker of power or violence; and sound, physiology and sensory perception and technologies of sound, consumption and meaning.

Gluck and the Opera

In Orfeo the dramatic interest was small ; there were only two real personages
and only one emotion . Exactly the same criticism applies to Paris and Helen ,
allowing for the difference in the phase of love that is there under treatment .

Author: Ernest Newman

Publisher: London : B. Dobell

ISBN: NYPL:33433082248125

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South Atlantic Review

The actual jump takes Orfeo a little farther back ( a sign of his eagerness ? ) to the
time not of his mother ' s birth but of her conception , leaving him still an orphan ,
but “ d ' anticipo , " ( Orfeo , p . 31 ) with the pleasure of the anticipation and ...



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Whatever the intentions behind it , Orfeo clearly embodies Monteverdis eclectic ,
polystylistic conception of the Second ... by harmonic and rhythmic subtlety that
lends them eloquence and poignancy ; but the same is true of the best madrigals



ISBN: UOM:39015057463773

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Out of Time

Orfeo's 'O dolcissimilumi', in Act 4, is thus a kind of warning to the history of
modern music that it initiates; the power of ... 'O dolcissimi lumi' expresses not just
Orfeo's temptation to look but the impossible yearning of all music to make actual,

Author: Julian Johnson

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190233297

Category: Music

Page: 400

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What does music have to say about modernity? How can this apparently unworldly art tell us anything about modern life? In Out of Time, author Julian Johnson begins from the idea that it can, arguing that music renders an account of modernity from the inside, a history not of events but of sensibility, an archaeology of experience. If music is better understood from this broad perspective, our idea of modernity itself is also enriched by the specific insights of music. The result is a rehearing of modernity and a rethinking of music - an account that challenges ideas of linear progress and reconsiders the common concerns of music, old and new. If all music since 1600 is modern music, the similarities between Monteverdi and Schoenberg, Bach and Stravinsky, or Beethoven and Boulez, become far more significant than their obvious differences. Johnson elaborates this idea in relation to three related areas of experience - temporality, history and memory; space, place and technology; language, the body, and sound. Criss-crossing four centuries of Western culture, he moves between close readings of diverse musical examples (from the madrigal to electronic music) and drawing on the history of science and technology, literature, art, philosophy, and geography. Against the grain of chronology and the usual divisions of music history, Johnson proposes profound connections between musical works from quite different times and places. The multiple lines of the resulting map, similar to those of the London Underground, produce a bewildering network of plural connections, joining Stockhausen to Galileo, music printing to sound recording, the industrial revolution to motivic development, steam trains to waltzes. A significant and groundbreaking work, Out of Time is essential reading for anyone interested in the history of music and modernity.

Poliziano s Science of Tropes

oliziano ' s Orfeo is clearly a milestone in the development of Italian drama , and
yet the work continues to be haunted by vexing questions concerning the actual ...

Author: Paul Colilli

Publisher: New York : P. Lang

ISBN: STANFORD:36105038501008

Category: Literary Criticism

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For Poliziano philology opens man to the experience of the uncanniness of tropes. In the "Lamia" he proposes a rethinking of philology's ontological status: philology as a science and encyclopedia of tropes. Such a critical frame-of-mind informs the major poetic writings. In the "Stanze, " Poliziano employs the trope of metalepsis as a means of both grounding a dialectic with the past, and reinventing a literary language. The "Favola" "di Orfeo, " whose aesthetic hub is nourished by the cognitive capacity of poetic utterance, is an allegory of metaphor's ability to lead to the disclosure of the originary locus.

Orfeo in Paradise

ORFEO IN PARADISE read what was written in people's hearts , then he could
hardly have missed Orfeo's tardy but sincere access of warmth and gratitude
toward him — the man of reality , Orfeo's true ally . And no less could he have
been ...

Author: Luigi Santucci


ISBN: UCAL:B3591846

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"The first of this Italian novelist's works to appear here is a comic, cosmic diversion in which another Orpheus succeeds in crossing the barriers of death, time-travelling in reverse. When first met, Orfeo is mourning the death of his mother, Eva, and intercepted in his leap from the parapets of a church by an amiable Mephistopheles, Monsieur des Oiseaux. In the pact which they make Orfeo is able to regain paradise, returning to live in the time preceding his mother's birth, devoid of contemporary commitments, and "enchantingly free of everything that does not matter and yet passionately enslaved. . . to the only thing in one's heart." His mother. Thus, along with advice and admonitions from the ubiquitous Monsieur des Oiseaux, he attends Eva from her birth to her loveless, luckless marriage which will leave her to a lifetime of tears. In attempting to tamper with her fate, he bargains with Monsieur. . . . Whether viewed as a metaphysical caprice or a surrealistic conceit, the reprise is accomplished with considerable grace."--Kirkus


ally takes the form of a duel , competition or game , appears under a peculiar
form in Sir Orfeo . Although in Tochmarc Etaine an actual competition in the form
of a series of chess games takes place between the mortal and the fairy for Elain ,
in ...



ISBN: IND:30000046781187

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As is true of the shadow in its relation to the ego , the fairy king is a force whose
power over Orfeo coincides with Orfeo ' s inability to see him . In addition ... But by
doing so we do not intend to deny their fictional existence as actual characters .



ISBN: UVA:X001496195

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Journal International Trombone Association

In the " Orfeo " toccata its part is largely taken from a book by Bendinelli about the
trumpet . * The alto e basso was the middle trumpet part and , in the case of “
Orfeo , " had the actual toccata melody , which is closely related to a toccata in ...

Author: International Trombone Association


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Origin Destination Information System

... The Statistical Programs Administrator furnishes associate offices with a
current ORFEO listing of firms ( see Exhibit 6.4 ) . All firm frame additions ,
deletions or changes are to be noted on the ORFEO listing following the detailed
procedures ...



ISBN: UIUC:30112105072885

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The tude and Musical World

Reports are current at the present time that efforts are being tben “ Songs for the
Pianoforte Alone , ' which was followed by the made to transplant or erect another
Bayreuth in America . ... Orfeo " true : “ The long road is always the shortest ...



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... Sonata , ” by ful in depicting the accents of terror ( chorus of demons in “ Orfeo "
) to the questions in THE ETUDE . ... Reports are current at the present time that
efforts are being then “ Songs for the Pianoforte Alone , ' which was followed by ...



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Includes music.