Orange Tails and Vapour Trails

A kaleidoscope of stories from a forty-year career as a pilot, this book is jam-packed with humorous stories of flying crew and the crazy situations in which they sometimes find themselves.

Author: Paul Liebrecht


ISBN: 0620900032

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A kaleidoscope of stories from a forty-year career as a pilot, this book is jam-packed with humorous stories of flying crew and the crazy situations in which they sometimes find themselves.

UFOs the Case for Scientific Myopia

64 Rocket - like object , windows in side , yellow / orange , above Wittenoom Gorge , Hammersly Ranges , Western Australia . 12 Aug. ... 65 Apparent aerial objects , with vapour trails flying in formation over Tasman Sea . 17 Jan.

Author: Stan Seers


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The Empyrean

Vapour trails rushed past them to either side on the remaining torpedoes' tails. One of them passed barely a hundred metres from the ... It was painted a light, magisterial blue, gleaming orange in the blowback from its bombardment.

Author: Katherine Franklin

Publisher: Katherine Franklin

ISBN: 9781915007001

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A B.R.A.G. Medallion Honouree ------------------------------------------ Emotion is a weapon. Harnessing its power could destroy worlds. Palia’s emotions are in turmoil. After watching her son succumb to Empyrean fire, she barely escapes the same fate. Guilt ridden and alone, she will not stop until his killer is brought to justice. The Protectorate forbids Ferrash to have emotions. That suits him, since he cannot avoid the people who control the Empyrean. Making this sacrifice prevents them from hijacking his feelings and using them as a weapon against him. When Ferrash spots Palia’s ship venting atmosphere, he is forced to save her. Having an enemy from the Hegemony on board could see him accused of treason. But when the Empyrean reveals its potential as a destroyer of worlds and Palia’s link to it, Ferrash knows he can’t let her leave. With billions at risk of succumbing to the Empyrean weapon, can the enemies join forces and prevent the same fate that killed Palia’s son? The Empyrean is the first book in the Galaxy of Exiles series, a science-fiction space opera about a galaxy under the pall of weaponised emotions. Immerse yourself in a detailed universe of heroes, villains and more. If you like page-turning futuristic action, you'll love this.

On a Wing and a Prayer

He looked up at the cloudless sky and saw two darting and diving planes, their vapour trails weaving tapestries of ... Then, suddenly, a distant thud, an orange flash and a browny/black cloud smeared the sky and shapeless fragments ...

Author: C. S. Peters

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781452069531

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Tense, Exciting, Absorbing, Thoughtful. It is 1940 and the Battle of Britain is raging fiercely in the skies above Great Britain. On a Wing and a Prayer is the story of James Graham, a young Fighter Pilot, flying Hurricanes in the daily combat of the Battle. The novel vividly describes James's apprehension and fears of being the "new boy" on the Squadron. Through passages of descriptive, exciting, action-packed narrative, the story takes the reader - as if in the cockpit with James during dogfight action - to when he becomes an experienced and seasoned Fighter Pilot fighting for survival. During this time he also has to come to terms with the loss of Squadron comrades and friends and other personal tragedy. Through its characters, the novel also tells what it was like, not only for James's family but, also, for civilians, evacuees, rescue workers, those working for the War Effort and for all those in Britain as they awaited - expected to be invaded and over-run. On a Wing and a Prayer is the first part of the compelling story of the Graham family as they and others live and survive through the Second World War.

Eliza Cook s Journal

... and all of them flickering their country round , that you despair of ever finding the tails about to drive away ... yellow flags and bulrushes to play in , and which which throw their glossy trails in all directions . nature must ...



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