The Kids on the Case Our First Case

After a brief pause a voice responded over the walkie-talkie, “KOTC? Never heard of them. What does that even stand for? Just send them home. We have enough problems on our hands without letting a bunch of kids loose on the crime scene.

Author: EJ Borchardt


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Leforn is a city where it pays to be a criminal. As long as you make sure that the police aren't there to apprehend you while you are committing the crime, you most likely will get away with it. That all changes when a group of six kids get tired of playing video games every summer and decide to look for clues at the scene of a recent bank robbery instead. Will these kids, who call themselves the KotC, be able to follow the clues and help the police turn the tide on the crime in the city? Will the police even let them inside to help, or will they send them home to play make believe somewhere else? Join Professor, Jake, Chris, Jon, and AJ on their quest to make the city a better place.

The American Medical Association on the Case for Teaching Racism

discussions without my objecting to them. Other than that, I endured a somewhat similar problem in a science class when I lived in New York. I would join a group in this class during which a debate arose over the question of the ...

Author: Francis Kwarteng

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The public lynching of George Floyd re-exposed the rotten underbelly of America and this, together with the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on Black and Brown communities, the global Black Lives Matter protests, and the racist, xenophobic demagoguery of Donald Trump, resurrected the old debates about medical racism, race relations, implicit bias, vaccine nationalism/vaccine imperialism, structural inequality, police brutality, vaccine hesitancy, unethical human experimentation, vaccine diplomacy, qualified immunity, conspiracy theories, and social justice. Then in 2020 the American Medical Association formally declared racism a public health crisis, defined racism as a social determinant of health, and embraced the idea of medical schools teaching medical students about racism. Alas, the nursing curriculum is somewhat silent on these questions. Decolonizing the nursing curriculum, long overdue, is therefore imperative. This book explores the question of decolonizing the nursing curriculum from the angles of postcolonial theory, critiquing the Western literary canon, American history, literary criticism, African literature, cultural criticism, Afrocentric theory, democracy, African-American literature, and critical race theory.

Statement of the preachers of the Manchester district on the case of dr Warren with an appendix containing the law of district meetings relative to the trial of preachers c

From this fifth regulation , which forms one of a series of regulations on the particular case , in which ' the majority of the Trustees or of the Stew- ards and Leaders of any Society believe that a Preacher is immoral , & c .

Author: Wesleyan Methodists


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Statement on the Part of the United States of the Case Referred in Pursuance of the Convention of 29th September 1827 Between the Said States and Great Britain to His Majesty the King of the Netherlands for His Decision Thereon

They accordingly made separate reports to both Governments , stating the points on which they differed , and the grounds upon which their respective opinions had been formed . The case having arisen which rendered it necessary to refer ...

Author: United States

Publisher: [Washington : s.n.], 1829 (Washington : Printed at the office of the United States' telegraph)

ISBN: KBNL:KBNL03000233032

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Papers relating to the arbitration under Article 5 of the Treaty of Ghent of the northeast boundary between the United States and Canada.

Report of the Debates in the Presbytery of Philadelphia on the case of the Rev Albert Barnes at a special meeting held in the City of Philadelphia on the 30th of November and continued on the 1st and 2d of December 1830 With special reference to A Barnes s sermon The Way of Salvation Edited by William B Davidson

Dr. Green opposed calling the roll , on the question upon this article of the minute , because several members had ... him on the subject , the Presbytery do suspend their final decision on the case , until their next stated meeting .



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Considerations on the case of the Bakers in Dublin First published 1751 reprinted with additions and a proposal for a new Table of Assize

3 consequently , when Corn , Meal , and Flour is cheap , hot to bring it into the Affizes as on the other Hand ... bring it into the Asize , and thereby raise the middle Price of the Market : and this appears to be the Case in Fact ...



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Proceedings on the several Motions for Judgment in the case The King versus Draper on the prosecution of the Hon Mrs H Fullarton for a libel against Col Fullarton contained in his book intitled An Address to the British Public With the affidavits on the part of the defendant and those brought forward in refutation by the prosecutrix To which are added prefatory observations a statement submitted to the Commander in Chief and a letter to the Earl of Carhampton

My Lords , I have humbly to move your Lordships for the judgment of the Court , on Colonel Draper , for a libel on ... only beg leave to observe , that what is to be read in this case , is too long for what remains of the present day .

Author: Marianne Hamilton FULLARTON (Hon.)


ISBN: BL:A0018540480


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Statement of the case on the part of the Commissioners of Greenwich Hospital in regard to the claims made by the parish of Greenwich for parochial rates

rates alone , the claim upon the equitable branch amounts to £ 6,816 . ... ( even if the full complement was always in the Hospital , which is not the case , ) instead of 3,030 ; so that , on this account , there is an overcharge upon ...

Author: Greenwich Hospital (LONDON)


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