The Storyteller s Start up Book

Offers tips for beginning storytellers on getting started, collecting stories, networking with other storytellers, and deciding on a performance style

Author: Margaret Read MacDonald

Publisher: august house

ISBN: 0874833043

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Offers tips for beginning storytellers on getting started, collecting stories, networking with other storytellers, and deciding on a performance style

The Eternal Storyteller

Oral Literature in Modern China Vibeke Boerdahl. since they have also been taken over into the San guoyanyi, we cannot be sure that they are continuations of the old traditions of shuohua. For example, in the San guozhi Pinghua the ...

Author: Vibeke Boerdahl

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136108426

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Chinese storytelling has survived through more than a millennium into our own time, while similar oral arts have fallen into oblivion in the West. Under the main heading of 'The Eternal Storyteller', in August 1996 the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies hosted an International Workshop on Oral Literature in Modern China. To this meeting, the first of its kind in Europe, five special guests were invited - master tellers from Yangzhou: Wang Xizotang, Li Xintang, Fei Zhengliang, Dai Buzhang and Hui Zhaolong. The volume derived from this meeting includes an introductory article written by John Miles Foley entitled 'A Comparative View on Oral Traditions'. Thereafter, a wide range of topics relating to Chinese oral literature is covered under the headings: 'Historical Lines', 'A Spectrium of Genres', 'Studies of Yangzhou and Suzhou Story- telling' and 'Performances of Yangzhou Storytelling'. However, the present volume does more than include papers derived from the meeting. It is also lavishly illustrated in word and picture from performances by the guest-storytellers. In so doing, the world of Chinese story telling is not just described and analysed - it is also brought to life.

Rural Transformations and Development China in Context

At first blush both stories deal with old-age care but, in fact, if I take into account accompanying gossip, ... woman's forgiveness of years of abandonment and adultery by her spouse epitomized wifely duty and sacrifice; in the eyes ...

Author: Norman Long

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781849806992

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Rural Transformations and Development China in Context is a thoughtful book in both senses penetrating and packed with ideas. True to its title, it takes the reader through the main socio-economic and political changes of Chinese rural society. The book brings together a selected group of authoritative, international experts on agricultural development with particular reference to China. It is a good read for everyone, and an eminently recommendable text for professionals and students interested in issues of China s rural change. Peter Ho, University of Groningen, The Netherlands This is an insightful and excellent theoretical and empirical collection about China s contemporary agrarian transformation critically studied not in isolation from either the urban sector or the broader world, but in relation to these. It is a must-read for academics and development policy practitioners who are interested in agrarian and development issues in China in particular and the world more generally. Saturnino M. Borras Jr, Saint Mary s University, Canada Bringing together contributions by some of the leading Western scholars working on paths of rural transformation with studies by their counterparts in China, this book examines the value of contemporary development theories for understanding the specificities of China s trajectory of change. It is a first-class contribution both to Modern China studies and to the renaissance of international research on agrarian change that is now going on. It deserves a wide readership. John Harriss, Simon Fraser University at Vancouver, Canada Interesting comparative perspectives are coupled to extensive on-the-ground research in this exploration of the vast changes underway in China s villages. This book by 19 specialists pushes forward our knowledge of the circumstances and challenges faced by an eighth of humankind. Jonathan Unger, Australian National University This unique book explores the varied perspectives on contemporary processes of rural transformation and policy intervention in China. The expert contributors combine a critical review of current theoretical viewpoints and global debates with a series of case studies that document the specificities of China s pathways to change. Central issues focus on the dynamics of state peasant encounters; the diversification of labour and livelihoods; out-migration and the blurring of rural and urban scenarios; the significance of issues of value and capital and their gender implications; land ownership and sustainable resource management; struggles between administrative cadres and local actors; and the dilemmas of participatory development. Rural Transformations and Development China in Context will prove a fascinating and stimulating read for academics and researchers in the areas of Asian studies, development and agriculture, and public policy.

China s Holy Hikes

A friendly white-robed Taoist priest in the Abode of the Mountain God suggests catching bus no. ... Old Mr. Li, with the sparkling eyes of an old storyteller – or perhaps charlatan – tells my fortune while periodically dribbling big ...

Author: Jacob Lotinga


ISBN: 9780557144525

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Lao She China s Master Storyteller

ONE THRESHOLD OF A NEW ERA 1899-1923 The Storyteller's Art The old man shifted his long pipe from one hand to the other , pointed it to the sky and with a flourish of his arm held the on - lookers in awe . The dramatic end to another ...

Author: Britt Towery

Publisher: Texian Press

ISBN: UVA:X006029555


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A lively, readable study of one of China's most beloved writers, Lao She and his works, that shows a great understanding and sympathy for China, modern Chinese history and politics. It is the most recent and only edition in English on this writer who died tragically in 1966 at the start of the Cultural Revolution. Lao She's writings and life are presented in a straight forward style that should endear Lao She to a whole new generation.

Chinese Storyteller s Book

This is the universe of Chinese folktale. The nine tales in The Chinese Storytellers Book show what happens when the worlds of Earth and the supernatural collide.

Author: Michael David Kwan

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 9781462901302

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Imagine a universe constructed in layers: At the top is Heaven—where the gods live. Beneath is the Earth, where people dwell. And beneath the Earth lies a magical realm of witches, vampires, ghosts, and immortal foxes capable of assuming human form. This is the universe of Chinese folktale. The nine tales in The Chinese Storytellers Book show what happens when the worlds of Earth and the supernatural collide. The cast of characters, both humble and fantastic, includes: A young man willing to spend a night in a haunted mansion to prove that the spirit world does not exist Fox faeries wearying of their immortality and craving the uncertainty of human experiences A bored husband looking for excitement—but finding mortal danger instead Michael David Kwan first heard these tales told by street–corner storytellers during his childhood in China. He retells them through his own unique literary vision—through the lens of his own personality, experience, and imagination.

Through the Eyes of a Child

The importance of sense Anansi tricks the Sky God into returning stories Someone has taken possession of rabbit's house . ... Descriptions of storytellers from West Africa provide ideas for selecting a story from ...

Author: Donna E. Norton

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: UOM:39015052543413

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In its seventh edition, "Through the Eyes of a Child: An Introduction to Children's Literature" continues to be a visually stunning, theoretically sound, comprehensive overview of children's literature. It focuses squarely on selecting and evaluating quality literature to share with children and guiding them to appreciate and respond to that literature. This edition features multicultural literature and young adult literature in every chapter, expanded coverage of biographies and informational books and over 100 new children's titles referenced throughout. A children's literature CD-ROM accompanies the book and contains bibliographic information for thousands of titles, making it even easier to share quality literature with children and adolescents.

The Storyteller s Secret

Burnett was good at storytelling, but storytelling takes practice and even the most gifted communicators don't get it ... My dinner companions listening, even would as their lean eyes back glazed in their over chairs, and their heads ...

Author: Carmine Gallo

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9781509814770

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How did an American immigrant without a college education go from Venice Beach T-shirt vendor to television's most successful producer? How did a timid pastor's son surmount a paralysing fear of public speaking to sell out Yankee Stadium, twice? How did the city of Tokyo create a PowerPoint stunning enough to win them the chance to host the Olympics? They told brilliant stories. Whether your goal is to sell, educate, fundraise or entertain, your story is your most valuable asset: 'a strategic tool with irresistible power', according to the New York Times. Stories inspire; they persuade; they galvanize movements and actuate global change. A well-told story hits you like a punch to the gut; it triggers the light-bulb moment, the 'aha' that illuminates the path to innovation. Radical transformation can occur in an instant, with a single sentence; The Storyteller's Secret teaches you how to craft your most powerful delivery ever. In his hugely attended Talk Like TED events, bestselling author and communications guru Carmine Gallo found, again and again, that audiences wanted to discover the keys to telling a powerful story. The Storyteller's Secret unlocks the answer in fifty lessons from visionary leaders - each of whom cites storytelling as a crucial ingredient in success. A good story can spark action and passion; it can revolutionize the way people think and spur them to chase their dreams. Isn't it time you shared yours?

Tall Tales of British Columbia

... harmless and good - natured trick only makes the listener appear more comical and pathetic in the eyes of the storyteller . ... KATHERINE WOOD : When you first go north , all the old China hands tell you stories which you believe .

Author: Michael Taft

Publisher: Sound and Moving Image Division, Provincial Archives

ISBN: IND:39000005523175

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The Art of the StoryTeller

THE BLUE ROSE There lived once upon a time in China a wise Emperor who had one daughter. His daughter was remarkable for her perfect beauty. Her feet were the smallest in the world; her eyes were long and slanting and bright as brown ...

Author: Marie Shedlock


ISBN: 9781365579103

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Lunch at the Storyteller s Restaurant

Such mementos are in her special room: stocks and shares, a carriage clock, a Royal Doulton china set, two bark paintings, three oil paintings by FredWilliams, one by Henri Matisse, four antique silver sets, and a statue of a Greek god.

Author: Gary Langford

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781514497906

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LUNCH AT THE STORYTELLERS RESTAURANT is a magical collection of stories by a Master Storyteller, containing his best stories with a twist of the unexpected in a dimension of the outlandish/supernatural. These twenty finely tuned stories on individuals or couples are funny, grotesque and macabre while at the same time holding the readers appetite for more engrossing of a weird gallery in a jazz set of energy and coherence to ensure you stay in the refrain for as long as they play. Gary Langfords first stories were published in the citys newspaper when he was at school. Since then more than 250 of his stories have been published or broadcast, including 80 in his books of stories. Lunch at the Storytellers Restaurant is his piece-de-resistance of stories with all of them published or broadcast numerous times in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, such as the notable The Couple Who BBQ Cats, Radio NZ, then CBC, North America, to be voted in the top 5 stories in the world, 1995, later in the anthology, Cats, Random House, NZ, 2005.

China Review International

It is striking , for example , how many of the stories contain similar descriptions of detective gadgets — such as microcameras surgically implanted into eyes , pens doubling as pistols , and fake gold teeth filled with poison ( chewing ...



ISBN: MINN:31951P00937385P

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The Legacy of the Hakka Shopkeepers of the West Indies

The story of the Hakka shopkeepers of the West Indies who left China in pursuit of freedom as well as financial security , is a success ... will grasp the richness of an earlier time brought to life through the eyes of the storyteller .

Author: Winston Hayden Chang

Publisher: St. Catharines, Ont. : Wanata Enterprises

ISBN: UTEXAS:059173030624032

Category: Hakka (Chinese people)

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The Storyteller s Sourcebook

CHINA , Dai ; THAILAND , Lue : MacDonald Shake - It - Up Tales ! ... A trickster sees a man throwing his eyes into the air and replacing them . ... The mean old man next door imitates and is forced to keep eating until he bursts .

Author: Margaret Read MacDonald

Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning

ISBN: IND:30000102864026

Category: Literary Criticism

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The first edition provides descriptions of folktales and references to more than 700 published sources of folktales. The new edition covers folktales from 1983-1999. Both editions include thorough indexing by subject, motif, title, ethnic group and country of origin and a comprehensive bibliography.

Peace Tales

Mohammed danced around the room as he told them , eyes snapping , arms waving . " Mohammed is a retired professor of Arabic ... Chinese variants also appear in Tales from Old China by Isabelle Chang ( New York , Random , 1948 ) , p .


Publisher: august house

ISBN: 0874837944

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Maybe it's the king who spills honey, and then says it is not his problem until it causes a war. Or maybe it's some sandpipers and whales who get into a foolish fight that almost destroys their homes. Perhaps it's the man who thinks that a gun makes him strong, or the monkeys who follow their leader into water that's too deep.

China Tourism

storytelling . Coming to the plot when the character suffered an injustice , the old artist shifted his singing to quick time ... silence reigned for some time before the audience wept with closed eyes , using sleeves as handkerchiefs .



ISBN: UCLA:L0091163378

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A Christmas Blizzard

James stood in front of him, a camera in hand, and shot pictures of the old man, his eyes closed, as any storyteller does when delving deep into memory. “I remember the year I went up to Alaska to drive truck when they were building the ...

Author: Garrison Keillor

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101155721

Category: Fiction

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The inimitable Garrison Keillor spins "a Christmas tale that makes Dickens seem unimaginative by comparison" (Charlotte Creative Loafing) Snow is falling all across the Midwest as James Sparrow, a country- bumpkin-turned-energy-drink-tycoon, and his wife awaken in their sky- rise apartment overlooking Chicago. Even down with the stomach bug, Mrs. Sparrow yearns to see The Nutcracker while James yearns only to escape-the faux-cheer, the bitter cold, the whole Christmas season. An urgent phone call from his hometown of Looseleaf, North Dakota, sends James into the midst of his lunatic relatives and a historic blizzard. As he hunkers weather the storm, the electricity goes out and James is visited by a parade of figures who deliver him an epiphany worthy of the season, just in time to receive Mrs. Sparrow's wonderful Christmas gift. Garrison Keillor's holiday farce is the perfect gift for the millions of fans who tune into A Prairie Home Companion every week.

The Novel An Alternative History 1600 1800

Feng's association of sorcerers with rebels gives them some appeal at first: the sorcerers Zhang Ying and Pu Ji kill a corrupt governor, which demonizes them in the eyes of the imperial government. Feng literalizes this by giving them ...

Author: Steven Moore

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781623565190

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 1024

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Winner of the Christian Gauss Award for excellence in literary scholarship from the Phi Beta Kappa Society Having excavated the world's earliest novels in his previous book, literary historian Steven Moore explores in this sequel the remarkable flowering of the novel between the years 1600 and 1800-from Don Quixote to America's first big novel, an homage to Cervantes entitled Modern Chivalry. This is the period of such classic novels as Tom Jones, Candide, and Dangerous Liaisons, but beyond the dozen or so recognized classics there are hundreds of other interesting novels that appeared then, known only to specialists: Spanish picaresques, French heroic romances, massive Chinese novels, Japanese graphic novels, eccentric English novels, and the earliest American novels. These minor novels are not only interesting in their own right, but also provide the context needed to appreciate why the major novels were major breakthroughs. The novel experienced an explosive growth spurt during these centuries as novelists experimented with different forms and genres: epistolary novels, romances, Gothic thrillers, novels in verse, parodies, science fiction, episodic road trips, and family sagas, along with quirky, unclassifiable experiments in fiction that resemble contemporary, avant-garde works. As in his previous volume, Moore privileges the innovators and outriders, those who kept the novel novel. In the most comprehensive history of this period ever written, Moore examines over 400 novels from around the world in a lively style that is as entertaining as it is informative. Though written for a general audience, The Novel, An Alternative History also provides the scholarly apparatus required by the serious student of the period. This sequel, like its predecessor, is a “zestfully encyclopedic, avidly opinionated, and dazzlingly fresh history of the most 'elastic' of literary forms” (Booklist).

The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness

This inspiring memoir by a storyteller who lost his voice, and gained some unexpected wisdom, is “nothing less than a spiritual odyssey” (San Francisco Chronicle). “Heartwarming and smart and wonderfully written,” this is that rare, ...

Author: Joel ben Izzy

Publisher: Algonquin Books

ISBN: 9781565128545

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 240

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This inspiring memoir by a storyteller who lost his voice, and gained some unexpected wisdom, is “nothing less than a spiritual odyssey” (San Francisco Chronicle). “Heartwarming and smart and wonderfully written,” this is that rare, magical book—a book that tells a good story, but also shows us how the tales we learned when we were children shed light on our adult lives (Detroit Free Press). An award-winning professional storyteller, Joel ben Izzy had the unusual opportunity to relive those lessons when he lost his voice after undergoing surgery for thyroid cancer, and reconnected with his old teacher, Lenny. Through his meetings with Lenny, Joel rediscovers the wisdom of ancient tales and takes us on a journey into a world of beggars and kings, monks and tigers, lost horses and buried treasures—and in the end tells us the secret of happiness. “This is a beautiful book full of old tales—from China, India, Persia, Jerusalem—that help storyteller Joel ben Izzy through dark times of silence and back into light and sound once more. Wonderful!” —Grace Paley “Heartfelt . . . This brief book speaks to people in trouble. It provides edifying advice, intimately given, like the best-selling Tuesdays with Morrie.” —TheDallas Morning News “What a gift, what a blessing, funny, brilliant, wise.” —Anne Lamott