The Novel Writer s Blueprint

It's time to turn your literary dreams into reality. Buy this book, and start writing your novel today.

Author: Kevin T. Johns


ISBN: 0992004128


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Now YOU can craft a story like a best-selling author, even if you've never written a novel before In THE NOVEL WRITER'S BLUEPRINT, author Kevin T. Johns will teach you how to write your rst book using an easy-to-follow ve-step system that stimulates idea creation, simpli es work ow, and supercharges your writing. Step 1: Genre Selection - Learn to harness the power of genre Step 2: Story Structure - Select a story structure already proven to work with readers Step 3: Puzzle Work - Piece together your scenes into a helpful beat sheet Step 4: Preparatory Regimen - Sharpen your writing skills Step 5: Running the Marathon - Implement protocols to stay on track and beat the biggest challenges The Blueprint turns the vast project of writing a debut novel into an organized system that will propel you past the trepidation that holds back so many rst-time authors. It's time to turn your literary dreams into reality. Buy this book, and start writing your novel today.

Writing Romance

WRITING ROMANCE: a Romance Fiction Writers Blueprint is a complete romance fiction writing workshop.

Author: Tina Adams

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 1507731086


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Discover how to create romance fiction novels with compelling characters, page-turning plots, exotic settings and a touchingly satisfying "happily ever after" that will leave your readers enchanted and begging for more! WRITING ROMANCE: a Romance Fiction Writers Blueprint is a complete romance fiction writing workshop. From your first inspiration to how to find readers for your published romance novel, WRITING ROMANCE: a Romance Fiction Writers Blueprint quickly takes writers from aspiring to published. It leads you through many different aspects of writing a romance novel, including: - What a romance novel is - How to show, not tell, why your lovers love - How to create sexual tension - The difference between the romance and your story's plot - How to map out your stories, so you'll always know what comes next ...avoid writers block! - A simple technique for developing your initial idea into a complete novel concept - How to create highly individual people to live on your pages - A method for creating a world in which your reader feels she could step into and live your story herself - The one question you must answer to suspend your readers disbelief and keep her reading your story - The only BEST way to start your story - A sentence-by-sentence method for plotting your story - How to pinpoint the exact spot where the beginning of your story ends and the middle begins - The secret to creating a winning six-second sales pitch for your book... ... and more.

Revising the blueprint

Petry was characteristically equivocal about how her middle novel's engagement
with race. In a 1946 correspondence with Alain Locke, Petry states that she will
continue writing, "novels, of course. Not all of them will be about Negroes ...

Author: Alex Lubin

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 1617030023

Category: African American women in literature

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I like NanoWriMo – national novel-writing month – for just this reason: it gives you
a bar chart to show you how many words you write each day, and the bar chart
changes colour when you hit or surpass your daily target. I used it for some of the

Author: Lucy Maddox

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472137876

Category: Psychology

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'The best book I've read this year ... It's written in such a beautiful way' - Dr Suzi Gage, Book Shambles podcast This is an excellent book for anyone who wants to understand the psychology and the science behind what makes them them! - Professor Tanya Byron 'This book walks the line between being absolutely fascinating yet accessible. It made me look at how we are raising our kids, as well as my own upbringing, but did so in a totally judgement free way. Loved it' - Clemmie Telford From birth to adulthood, Blueprint tells you what you need to know about how you became who you are Have you ever wondered how your early life shaped you? From beginning to say simple words like 'mama' and learning how to walk around unaided, to the first day of school and forming new friendships, everyone has been a child. The roots of our adult selves go right back to our first experiences. How we think, act and interact is influenced by our early years, yet most people don't know the key findings from the juiciest child development studies that can give us insight into our adult selves. Weaving together cutting edge research, everyday experience and clinical examples, Dr Lucy Maddox explains how we develop from an unconscious bundle of cells floating about in the dark of the in uterine environment to to a fully grown complex adult, revealing fascinating insights about our personality, relationships and daily lives along the way.

Blueprint for Writing

A Workbook on Structure and Character Development for Screenplays and
Novels Rachel Friedman Ballon ... Instead of using acts the fiction writer can
divide his book into sections , especially if writing the epic novel that ' s so
popular today .

Author: Rachel Friedman Ballon


ISBN: PSU:000019423494

Category: Fiction

Page: 115

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Blueprints for Writing Building Essays

NOTE: Stating the thesis and blueprint in separate sentences sounds a bit
cumbersome. ... NONPARALLEL: The novel The Shack shocked many religious
people by portraying God the Father as an African American woman, by asserting
that ...

Author: Pam Mathis

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781285663364

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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BLUEPRINTS FOR WRITING: BUILDING ESSAYS demystifies the writing process by guiding you through each step of the essay plan, or blueprint. This text empowers you to write essays from the start, providing numerous practice exercises, activities, and prompts to help you along the way. BLUEPRINTS FOR WRITING focuses on the writing process in various modes of development, offering abundant student writing samples throughout, including more than thirty student essays. Part III includes four chapters on critical reading, providing close reading strategies and six professional readings, which are supplemented by more than twenty additional readings in an appendix. The text also includes comprehensive coverage of the most common grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and style issues that you will encounter. Coverage of incorporating research and practical writing are also included, complete with student samples that illustrate how writing is relevant to your academic, personal, and professional life. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel Revised and Expanded Edition

Part I, Planning: Beginning with a premise, this section provides a step-by-step
guide to the process of planning a mystery novel. As you complete each chapter,
you'll be instructed to go to the blueprint at the end of Part I. Completing the ...

Author: Hallie Ephron

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440347221

Category: Reference

Page: 298

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A Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award Finalist for Best Critical/Biographical Work Discover the secrets to crafting an unforgettable mystery! To piece together the puzzle of your mystery novel, you need patience, resilience, a solid understanding of the craft, and a clear blueprint for combining the plot, characters, setting, and more. And while patience and resilience must come from you, the essentials of craft and the plan to execute them are right at your fingertips with Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel. This completely revised and updated edition features solid strategies for drafting, revising, and selling an intriguing novel that grips your readers and refuses to let them go. New York Times best-selling author Hallie Ephron shows you how to: • Create a compelling sleuth and a worthy villain • Construct a plot rich in twists, red herrings, and misdirection • Bring the story to a satisfying conclusion • Sharpen characters and optimize pace during revision • Seek publication through both traditional and indie paths Filled with helpful worksheets and exercises for every step of the process, Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel Revised and Expanded reveals the keys to writing a memorable story that will have fans of mystery, suspense, and crime clamoring for more.

The 12 Key Pillars of Novel Construction

Be sure to get all of the books so you'll have your toolbox filled to the brim with the tools you need to write novels that readers will rave about

Author: C S Lakin

Publisher: Ubiquitous Press

ISBN: 0991389476


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The 12 Key Pillars of Novel Construction takes the mystery out of building a solid story and shows you how to go from idea to complete novel in practical, easy-to-understand steps. Build smart! Over and over, struggling writers make the same fatal mistakes in their manuscripts. Even writers who have studied all the best writing craft books and taken workshops and followed writers' blogs still don't get the structure. Truth is, a lot of writers believe they can write a novel without taking time to learn the nuts and bolts of novel construction. Just as with building a house, writers need to adeptly wield the proper tools and materials, and follow structurally sound rules if they hope to "build a novel." Build strong! Smart writers will take the time to learn how to structure strong pillars that will hold up their novels. This new comprehensive writing craft book clearly lays out just how to build each essential pillar so it can carry the weight of your story. Without such foundational support, collapse is inevitable. There are 12 key pillars of novel construction, and if any of these pillars is weak, made of faulty materials, it will compromise the integrity of your novel. Build a novel that will stand up to scrutiny and thrill readers! Inside, you'll learn: what the four primary support pillars are, and why and how you need to build those first, before tackling any other components in your novel. how to determine if an idea has the potential to become a riveting concept with a kicker, and how to transform that idea into a stunning concept. what high stakes is really all about and how to ensure your novel is exploding with them. the secret to creating a riveting protagonist, and the two goals he needs to be pursuing. what tension really is and how to ramp it up in your novel. the key to portraying evocative settings and how to come up with them. 7 important tips to creating believable dialog. what voice is, and how it differs from writing style. ways to brainstorm ideas for plot, themes, motifs, setting, and rich characters through asking a series of questions that will take you deep below the surface of your story. what the difference is between theme and motif, and why both are essential. Ideas and instructions on how to mind map your characters, plot, settings, themes-all the important elements of your story-and integrate them into your 12 pillars. In addition, you'll get 12 comprehensive "inspection checklists," each with 12 sets of deep, thought-provoking questions meant to ensure your pillars are truly strong enough to hold the weight of your story. You need to pass every inspection! Don't waste time trying to guess at novel structure. By using this concise, detailed blueprint, you can be sure you'll end up with a terrific novel-every time! The 12 Key Pillars of Novel Construction is part of The Writer's Toolbox Series of writing craft books for novelists. Be sure to get all of the books so you'll have your toolbox filled to the brim with the tools you need to write novels that readers will rave about!

Screenwriters on Screen Writing

Anyway, there are no mechanics to novel writing. The mechanics are called
prose, grammar, syntax, spelling—all things that haveno bearing on a screenplay
. A screenplay is not a finished product; a novel is. A screenplay is a blueprint for

Author: Joel Engel

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781401305574

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 320

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Before any lights, camera, or action, there's the script--arguably the most important single element in filmmaking, and Screenwriters on Screen-Writing introduces the men and women responsible for the screenplays that have produced some of the most successful and acclaimed films in Hollywood history. In each interview, not only do the writers explore the craft and technique of creating a filmic blueprint, but they recount the colorful tales of coming up in the ranks of the movie business and of bringing their stories to the screen, in a way that only natural-born storytellers such as themselves can. These and other screenwriters have garnered the attention of the movie-going population not only with their words, but with headlines announcing the sales of their scripts for hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars. Anyone interested in writing, making, or learning about movies will enjoy reading this fascinating behind-the-scenes compendium that brings together some of the most prominent and talented screenwriters in modern-day filmmaking. Screenwriters interviewed include: Bruce Joel Rubin (Ghost), Ernest Lehman (North by Northwest, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?), Amy Holden Jones (Indecent Proposal), Ted Tally (The Silence of the Lambs), Horton Foote (To Kill a Mockingbird, Tender Mercies), Andrew Bergman (The In-Laws), Caroline Thompson (Edward Scissorhands), Richard LaGravenese (The Fisher King), and Robert Towne (Chinatown, Shampoo).

The Marshall Plan Workbook

INTRODUCTION About This Book I ' n my book The Marshall Plan for Novel
Writing , I introduced a stepby - step novel - writing ... In this book you'll find the
Marshall Plan Blueprint , a revolutionary device engineered to guide you through
a ...

Author: Evan Marshall

Publisher: Writer's Digest Books

ISBN: 1582970599

Category: Reference

Page: 250

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The Marshall Plan Workbook, companion volume to the very successful Marshall Plan for Novel Writing, focuses on building a novel's plot, with more than 100 pages of fill-in sheets that become a veritable blueprint for each reader's novel. The Marshall Plan Workbook pushes deeper into the process of writing a novel scene by scene. Readers will learn to craft intriguing story goals and compelling conflicts all within a specific framework that enables them to produce any type of novel in a systematic yet creative way. They'll also learn the ins-and-outs of selling their work once it's finished. * Lively, interactive approach makes the book fun as well as educational * Easy-to-follow instruction takes the mystery--but not the creativity--out of writing a novel

Novel and Short Story Writer s Market 98

There's a novel, The Aerialist, in progress. And for Deigaard, also a sculptor,
there's clay to form and wood to carve. But being busy is just part of the problem. "
I have this general commercial bafflement," says the writer of The Blueprint, the ...

Author: Barbara Kuroff

Publisher: Writer's Digest Books

ISBN: 0898798183

Category: Authorship

Page: 682

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This authoritative guide features 2,200 book and magazine markets seeking every kind of fiction, including literary, mainstream, romance, mystery, religious, historical, westerns and more. Listings provide complete information on each publisher's specific requests, payment policies and submission guidelines--so you can target the best leads for your novel or short story. And, a comprehensive Category Index sorts listings by fiction type for quick referencing. Book jacket.

Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel

You'll learn to capitalize on your writing strengths and shore up your weaknesses. &break;&break;This comprehensive guide covers every aspect of mystery writing, including: &break;&break; planning, twisting the plot, and constructing a ...

Author: Hallie Ephron

Publisher: Writer's Digest Books

ISBN: 1582973768

Category: Reference

Page: 256

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Solve the MYSTERY of how to write and sell a KILLER story! &break;&break;With the help of interactive exercises, mystery author and crime fiction critic Hallie Ephron gives you the momentum you need to turn a kernel of an idea into an intriguing mystery novel. You'll learn to capitalize on your writing strengths and shore up your weaknesses. &break;&break;This comprehensive guide covers every aspect of mystery writing, including: &break;&break; planning, twisting the plot, and constructing a credible surprise ending&break; creating a compelling sleuth and a worthy villain&break; deceiving and revealing with red herrings and clues&break; writing investigation, spine-tingling suspense, and dramatic action&break; revising - from sharpening characters, to optimizing pace, to smithing words&break; engaging the reader &break;&break;By the time you finish reading part one of this book, you will have a blueprint for your entire story. Parts two and there take your blueprint from idea to well-polished novel. Part four is an insider's guide to getting it into an agent's or publisher's hands.

From First Draft To Finished Novel

A story blueprint serves much the same purpose . It's essentially a guideline the
writer uses to create and assemble a story . Many times , blueprints of certain
aspects of writing are referred to as sketches , such as character or plot sketches .

Author: Karen Wiesner

Publisher: Writer's Digest Books

ISBN: PSU:000067075232

Category: Reference

Page: 263

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Detailed examples from published novels, the principles of building a story, worksheets and checklists to assist with character development, and the proper steps for submitting a completed work are provided in this comprehensive guide for aspiring writers. Original.


Novel Writing« (1797): dark subterranean vaults, decaying abbeys, gloomy
forests, jagged mountains and wild scenery ... Though providingthe blueprint fora
new mode of writing, theframework that was established byThe Castle ofOtranto ...

Author: Fred Botting

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134621958

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 240

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This enduringly popular book has become a classic in the expanding and increasingly popular field of Gothic Studies. This long awaited new edition contains a new chapter on ‘Contemporary Gothic’, an expanded section on American Gothic and more discussion of the gothic in women’s film and writing throughout the book. It is also updated in relation to media and technology with further discussion of stage sensations and photography as well as engaging with all major texts and criticism since initial publication in 1995. With the added benefit of series features such as a glossary and annotated further reading section, this remains the ideal guide to the Gothic.

Richard Wright

The perspective, Wright defines in his seminal 1937 essay “Blueprint for Negro
Writing,” is “that part of a poem, novel, or play which a writer never puts directly
upon paper. It is that fixed point in intellectual space where a writer stands to view

Author: Toru Kiuchi

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476602448

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 456

View: 583


In this minutely detailed, comprehensive chronology, Toru Kiuchi and Yoshinobu Hakutani document the life in letters of the greatest African American writer of the twentieth century. The author of Black Boy and Native Son, among other works, Wright wrote unflinchingly about the black experience in the United States, where his books still influence discussions of race and social justice. Entries are documented by Wright's journals, articles, and other works published and unpublished, as well as his letters to and from friends, associates, writers and public figures. Part One covers Wright's life through the year 1946, the period in which he published his best-known work. Part Two covers the final fifteen years of his life in exile, a prolific period in which he wrote two novels, four works of nonfiction, and four thousand haiku. Each part begins with a historical and critical introduction.

The 30 Day Novel Romance Workbook

Combining three-act structure with a romance arc, character growth arcs for your couple, and elements of the Hero’s Journey, this story blueprint is extremely flexible.

Author: Lynn Johnston

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1539754812


Page: 318

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A NEW APPROACH TO WRITING A NOVEL IN 30 DAYS Write fast or write well? You don't have to choose when you've got a story blueprint that shows you how to write a romance novel with perfect structure in thirty steps. If you've ever tried to write a novel in a month, you know how much fun it can be when the words flow...and how hard it can be to ignore the fear that your story is no good. What if you didn't have to worry about plot structure? What if you could be free to just focus on your characters when you sit down to write each day? The Plot-As-You-Write story blueprint breaks your novel into thirty manageable sections and asks you a series of character-focused questions that generate a solid plot structure every time. Combining three-act structure with a romance arc, character growth arcs for your couple, and elements of the Hero's Journey, this story blueprint is extremely flexible and has been successfully tested by both plotters and pantsers. Make novel writing fun again-try the Plot-As-You-Write story blueprint and finish your next novel in 30 days!

Will Write for Shoes

Based on years of teaching about commercial women's fiction, this definitive guide provides invaluable tips and step-by-step methods for writing and selling a successful Chick Lit novel.

Author: Cathy Yardley

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9781466850200

Category: Reference

Page: 224

View: 763


* What is Chick Lit exactly? * How do I write a Chick Lit novel? * What are the steps I need to take to get published? Once dismissed as a fad by the popular press and literary community, the women's fiction genre called Chick Lit is now one of the hottest growing markets for new writers. In Will Write for Shoes, veteran Chick Lit and romance author Cathy Yardley addresses the common questions (and misconceptions) about the genre. Based on years of teaching about commercial women's fiction, this definitive guide provides invaluable tips and step-by-step methods for writing and selling a successful Chick Lit novel. Features include: * The history of Chick Lit * A blueprint for writing a Chick Lit novel * New trends in the genre * Tips and tools for breaking into the market * FAQs and miscellanea A directory of agents and publishers who acquire Chick Lit, sample submission materials, and online resources make this fun and comprehensive manual a must-have for all women who want to write a Chick Lit novel.

Writing Better Computer User Documentation

Commit yourself to adequate planning and the development of document
blueprints . ... When you , the writer , come on novel ideas or unforeseen
problems while writing from the library or individual document blueprint , don ' t
be afraid to ...

Author: R. John Brockmann

Publisher: Wiley-Interscience

ISBN: UOM:39015010635657

Category: Electronic data processing documentation

Page: 289

View: 819


Helping data processing professionals to write accurate, clear computer documentation, this book presents a systematic approach to writing manuals, online documents, system messages, menus and on- line tutorials. Covers the process of creating these materials from the inception of the documentation project to its revision after publication. Addresses the rapidly changing role of the documentation writer and the move toward manual-less software. Also provided are extensive reference sections at the end of each chapter.


To all the great writing teachers I've had, especially Carmen Delzell and Julie
Checkoway. To Robert Gover, who helped me start the novel, and to Mark
Spencer, who helped me finish it. To the House Blend Writers Group, for their
sharp eyes ...

Author: Rufus Juskus

Publisher: Publishamerica Incorporated

ISBN: 1588514358

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 897


Eddie Diamond's wife, Ruthie, died six months ago, and he's unable to see through the dark and gaping hole in his life. He grapples with memories of Ruthie, fighting despair and loneliness. With the help of Rosita, an unusual therapist, he breaks through, and is drawn to a new love, Donna. But his past continues to shadow him like an overcast sunrise. Only a drastic decision on his part, desperate and nearly fatal, makes it plain that life unfolds like some predestined plan, some foregone conclusion, some kind of cosmic blueprint.