Nottinghamshire Children Tell Tales

I am delighted and proud to present this, the eighth volume of Nottinghamshire Children Tell Tales.

Author: Julie Malone


ISBN: 1787192474

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I am delighted and proud to present this, the eighth volume of Nottinghamshire Children Tell Tales. The young people of Nottinghamshire have imagination in abundance and, in the years this competition has been in existence, the entries have been an assortment of happy, sad, magical, humorous, tragic or scary stories and poems, but above all they are imaginative and that is all we ask. So, just open the cover, put your feet up and enjoy this collection of the 2016 finalist's stories and poems. - Julie Malone, Founder and President, New Writers UK

Nottinghamshire Folk Tales

but you can call me Eddie, I wake in the morning to the factory bell, I spend all
day working in hell, What it's like I really cannot tell, But I'd rather be a beggar on
the ...

Author: Pete Castle

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 9780752478777

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Ranging from the silly to the gory and unsettling, Nottinghamshire Folk Tales features tales of love, murder, and all kinds of roguery. From historical to fabled, the book includes an array of heroes and villains – including the legendary Robin Hood – and lovers of the supernatural will find an abundance of fairies, ghosts and monsters. This book presents the history of the people of Nottinghamshire through the stories they have told and passed on, keeping alive the rich history of events, ideas and customs. Whether the stories are of national import or local folklore, Pete Castle has made them accessible and enjoyable.

Telling Tales

For men who told of a child ' s death , eleven were in their 40s , nine in their 5os ,
and five in their 6os . ... Thomas M . Blagg , ed . , Abstracts of the Inquisitiones
Post Mortem Relating to Nottinghamshire , III , 1321 - 1350 , Thoroton Society , no

Author: Joel T. Rosenthal

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 0271047933

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In Telling Tales, Joel Rosenthal takes us on a journey through some familiar sources from fourteenth- and fifteenth-century England to show how memories and recollections can be used to build a compelling portrait of daily life in the late Middle Ages. Rosenthal is a senior medievalist whose work over the years has spanned several related areas, including family history, women's history, the life cycle, and memory and testimony. In Telling Tales, he brings all of these interests to bear on three seemingly disparate bodies of sources: the letters of Margaret Paston, depositions from a dispute between the Scropes and Grosvenors over a contested coat of arms, and Proof of Age proceedings, whereby the legal majority of an heir was established. In Rosenthal's hands these familiar sources all speak to questions of testimony, memory, and narrative at a time when written records were just becoming widespread. In Margaret Paston, we see a woman who helped hold family and family business together as she mastered the arduous and complex task of letter writing. In the knights whose tales were elicited for the Scrope and Grosvenor case, we witness the bonding of men in arms in the Hundred Years War. From the Proofs of Age, we have brief tales that are rich in the give-and-take of daily life in the village - memories of baptisms, burials, a trip to market, a fall from a roof, or marriage to another juror's sister.

Faith in Children

We tell stories, we ask and answer questions, we assert our authority, we say
what's what and whose coat that is... and while the style of our ... My children
were born in Nottingham and had hard vowel sounds until we moved to

Author: Ronni Lamont

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In most churches, Christian education for children is run by enthusiastic volunteers from the worshipping community. But how much support and training do they receive? Do they get the opportunity to explore and apply principles of child development or current theories of faith development? And to what extent are they supported by their ministers and congregations with a clear focus on children's work? Including empirical research and drawing on the author's extensive experience of working with children, Faith in Children offers a window into the process going on inside our children and enables those who work with them to understand what makes a particular child 'tick'. With insights into a range of teaching methods, learning styles and the unique spirituality of children, this book suggests how adults can truly learn from children as they learn from us. There are tips for ministers and educators on how this precious teaching and nurturing resource can be sustained and used to work with children in a more effective manner. Through this increasing knowledge and understanding, adults can come closer to understanding children understanding God.

The Nottingham Library Bulletin

The Periodical Booklist and Magazine of the Nottingham Free Public Libraries
Nottingham Free Public Libraries .. Fairbairn , J. ... J. M. Mental development in
the child and in the race . 2nd ed . '03 . ... Sara C. How to tell stories to children . '
05 .

Author: Nottingham Free Public Libraries


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Uncivil War

These twin tales follow the raising of the King’s Standard at Nottingham Castle in 1642, through to 1646, when King Charles surrended to the Scottish army outside Newark.

Author: Noel Harrower

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781784620400

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These twin tales follow the raising of the King’s Standard at Nottingham Castle in 1642, through to 1646, when King Charles surrended to the Scottish army outside Newark. Set in Nottinghamshire, Uncivil War tells the story of five children caught in the conflict of the English Civil War. Tom, a stable boy; his sister Meg, a maidservant at Pierrepoint Hall; Nick, who never wanted to be a soldier; Jed, who did but later regrets it; and Alice, who is left to help run a refuge for victims. Seen through the eyes of innocent children, Uncivil War depicts the characters’ initial excitement at the thought of conflict but later hating the war and questioning the need for it at all. This book highlights the struggles children may face during wartime, as well as the lessons that still need to be learnt. While all the children are fictitious, the main adult characters are based on real people who lived in the county of Nottinghamshire at the time. This book gives a modern take to novels such as Marriott’sChildren of the New Forest.

Through the Eyes of a Child

Stories about Robin Hood were told orally for centuries and were mentioned in
manuscripts as early as 1360 . Legend suggests that he was born Robert
Fitzooth , Earl of Huntingdon , in Nottinghamshire , England , in 1160 . According
to the ...

Author: Donna E. Norton

Publisher: Columbus : Merrill Publishing Company

ISBN: 0675207258

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Household Tales with Other Traditional Remains

Collected in the Counties of York, Lincoln, Derby, and Nottingham Sidney Oldall
Addy ... but the king said she should marry the one who could tell him an endless
tale , and those lovers that could not tell an endless tale should be beheaded .

Author: Sidney Oldall Addy


ISBN: UOM:39015019786527

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The Spectator

66 The Churches in Nottinghamshire ; or , Provision for Public Wor- provement
apon modern society ; and its worst ... The “ children " should find these tales
entertaining , though Resurrection of Ashanti . ... and Castes . By the Rev. M. A.
Sherring , M.A. took to drill the Ashanti armies in European fashion . Mr. Boyle
tells ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105007428357



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A weekly review of politics, literature, theology, and art.

Literature and the Child

illustrated by Charles Keeping Pyle , Howard , Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
of Great Renown in Nottinghamshire ... Although tall tales gave early settlers
symbols of strength , they also served another need — offsetting the harsh
realities of an untamed ... Children love the exaggerated humor and lies that
mark the tall tales .

Author: Bernice E. Cullinan

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company

ISBN: UOM:39076002886153

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With a slender design and appealing art, Cullinan and Galda present a thought provoking discussion on how children can read to respond, read to learn, and read to enjoy. This text provides evaluation criteria for selecting superior children's books, rather than listing thousands of titles and synopses. Booklists direct readers to quality literature, and extended discussions of selected titles demonstrate the selection criteria. Multicultural literature is discussed throughout the text, with a separate chapter on more specific multicultural issues. Numerous teaching ideas, many of which are contributed by classroom teachers, provide practical applications. This is a book for teachers, stressing the use of good books in a literature based curriculum.


Author: Nottingham (England). Public Libraries


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One interesting experiment in Nottinghamshire is a Holiday Mobile Library
Service which enables children to borrow books during holidays when they ... A
trained Children ' s Librarian travels with the vehicle to tell stories to informal
groups .

Author: Norman Tomlinson


ISBN: UOM:39015030346038

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The Elementary English Review

10 Hero Tales in the Rural School CLARE M . YOUNG State Teachers College
Valley City , North Dakota W which hile chilohen psycheroes . ... It is with this
Introduce the children to Robin Hood great body of material , the source of by
locating on a map , Nottinghamshire ... Let the grades and at an age when
psychologically children tell in class the different stories children are interested in
heroes .



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Exploring Books with Children

257 I cannot tell how the truth may be ; I say the tale as ' twas said to me . ... Thus
Howard Pyle challenges the reader who opens the pages of The Merry
Adventures of Robin Hood of Great Renown in Nottinghamshire ( Scribner , 1946
) .

Author: Iris M. Tiedt


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Overzicht van de hedendaagse jeugdliteratuur, waarin genres, stromingen, afzonderlijke schrijvers en illustrators behandeld worden. Bevat veel aanwijzingen voor het gebruik van jeugdboeken in het basisonderwijs.

Tales of Shipwrecks and Adventures at Sea

You shire , and Nottinghamshire . About one hundred and twenty of may guess
my blood began to rise , and as for her , poor thing ! three children . ... were
married with families , and in all seventyshe stood speechless and trembling ; for
, in her innocence , she had never dreamt of this , nor , to tell the truth , had I
either . ship ...

Author: James Lindridge


ISBN: NYPL:33433006541423

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Another book about Kristy , consisting of a budget of stories told on a rainy day . A
few of them are , A ... Some merry adventures of Robin Hood , of great re- 398 P
nown in Nottinghamshire . Scribner . ... Children of the lighthouse . Houghton .



ISBN: UIUC:30112071859869

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Anthology of Children s Literature

( Children's Classics ) These legends have been popular since they first
appeared in 1832. ( Grades 7-9 ) ... Tall tales of Paul Bunyan , the legendary
lumberman , arranged so that they tell the story of his life . ... The Merry
Adventures of Robin Hood of Great Renown in Nottinghamshire ; as written and
illus . by Howard Pyle .



ISBN: UOM:39015024184791

Category: Children's literature

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An anthology of nursery rhymes, poetry, epics, mythology and folklore, fiction, and non-fiction for children. Appendices include notes on storytelling, the history of children's literature, illustrators of children's books, children's book awards, graded reading lists, and biographical sketches.

The Scott Foresman Anthology of Children s Literature

arr . Doubleday , 1971. Smoothly told , handsomely illustrated . ... An authoritative
and popular version , the best one to use for reading or telling . 10-14 MAC LEOD
... archaic language . 10-12 PYLE , HOWARD , The Merry Adventures of Robin
Hood of Great Renown in Nottinghamshire ... Retells for younger children the
dramatic , exciting , and often humorous tales of Norse mythology . 8-11

Author: Zena Sutherland

Publisher: Glenview, Ill : Scott, Foresman

ISBN: UOM:49015002496132

Category: Fiction

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An anthology of nursery rhymes, poetry, folk literature, fantasy, realistic fiction, historical fiction, biography, and nonfiction. Also includes a list of major books, a list of highlights in the history and development of children's literature, and essays for adults working with children.