Nottinghamshire Children Tell Tales

Many of these are then turned into scripts and the screenplays of television shows and films by other writers who have vision.

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When writers allow their imagination to run free, we can enjoy their written creations; novels, short stories or poems. Many of these are then turned into scripts and the screenplays of television shows and films by other writers who have vision. Without the imagination of writers who were encouraged as children, where would these wonderful examples of theatre and screen production come from? To ensure we have authors such as Roald Dahl, J K Rowling, Neil Gaiman and Jacqueline Wilson in the future, it is up to us to nurture hte imagination of our young people. - Julie Malone, Founder and President of New Writers UK

Telling Tales

For men who told of a child ' s death , eleven were in their 40s , nine in their 5os ,
and five in their 6os . ... Thomas M . Blagg , ed . , Abstracts of the Inquisitiones
Post Mortem Relating to Nottinghamshire , III , 1321 - 1350 , Thoroton Society , no

Author: Joel T. Rosenthal

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In Telling Tales, Joel Rosenthal takes us on a journey through some familiar sources from fourteenth- and fifteenth-century England to show how memories and recollections can be used to build a compelling portrait of daily life in the late Middle Ages. Rosenthal is a senior medievalist whose work over the years has spanned several related areas, including family history, women's history, the life cycle, and memory and testimony. In Telling Tales, he brings all of these interests to bear on three seemingly disparate bodies of sources: the letters of Margaret Paston, depositions from a dispute between the Scropes and Grosvenors over a contested coat of arms, and Proof of Age proceedings, whereby the legal majority of an heir was established. In Rosenthal's hands these familiar sources all speak to questions of testimony, memory, and narrative at a time when written records were just becoming widespread. In Margaret Paston, we see a woman who helped hold family and family business together as she mastered the arduous and complex task of letter writing. In the knights whose tales were elicited for the Scrope and Grosvenor case, we witness the bonding of men in arms in the Hundred Years War. From the Proofs of Age, we have brief tales that are rich in the give-and-take of daily life in the village - memories of baptisms, burials, a trip to market, a fall from a roof, or marriage to another juror's sister.

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood of Great Renown in Nottinghamshire

Beside this , they swore never to harm a child nor to wrong a woman , be she
maid , wife , or widow ; so that , after a while , when the ... and his merry men ,
and to tell many tales of him and of his doings in Sherwood Forest , for they felt
him to be one of them . selves . wre . ... burgher from good Nottingham Town ,
pacing along with serious · footsteps ; all these sights he saw , but adventure
found he none .



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Recounts the adventures of Robin Hood, who slew a deer on a wager, became an outlaw in Sherwood Forest, and collected around him a merry band, including Little John, Allan a Dale, Friar Tuck, and Will Stutely.

Nottinghamshire History directory and gazetteer of the county and of the town and county of the town of Nottingham To which is added the history and directory of the port of Gainsborough

Amongst the numerous instances of longevity which have occurred in
Nottingham, we may enumerate the following, viz., Henry Ward, ... to London,
where she had some children ; and if they gave her the least offence, she would
as readily trot back again to Nottingham. ... 43, quotes a monkish chronicle, which
, after telling the same tale about King Ebranc, states, that Lucius, son of Helena,
caused four ...

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The Nottingham Library Bulletin

SI Baldwin . Prof. J. M. Mental development in the child and in the race . 2nd ed . '
03 .......... ..... S2 Bradley . Milton , Elementary Colour . Introduction by Prof. H.
Lefavour . 3rd ed . '94 ...... ......... S3 Bryant . Sara C. How to tell stories to children .

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Lives of Nottinghamshire Worthies and of Celebrated and Remarkable Men of the Country

He tells us how he was borne reluctant to school , like most infants , and how the
mistress , whom he was disposed in his babyish fear to regard as ... And not only
did he try hard , as a child , to acquire knowledge , but he was equally ready to
impart what little he had to others . ... and he placed in her hands a tale of a Swiss
emigrant which he had composed , “ being ashamed to show it to his mother .

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Through the Eyes of a Child

Stories about Robin Hood were told orally for centuries and were mentioned in
manuscripts as early as 1360 . Legend suggests that he was born Robert
Fitzooth , Earl of Huntingdon , in Nottinghamshire , in 1160 . According to the
tales he ...

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Handboek over de (Engelstalige) jeugdliteratuur, bestemd voor onderwijsgevenden en bibliothecarissen, met theoretische informatie en veel praktische voorbeelden.

Household Tales with Other Traditional Remains

Collected in the Counties of York, Lincoln, Derby, and Nottingham Sidney Oldall
Addy ... but the king said she should marry the one who could tell him an endless
tale , and those lovers that could not tell an endless tale should be beheaded .

Author: Sidney Oldall Addy


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Robin Hood and Other Outlaw Tales

The phrase carries several meanings : “ tell tales , ” “ make merry , ” “ pass the
time , ” as well as “ keep company . " 2221 merry jeasts . ... The ballad The Friar in
the Well ( Child V , no . 276 ) tells part of the story but ... 522 ) remarks on the
precision of Munday's knowledge of Nottinghamshire's geography . 2310
Redford .

Author: Stephen Thomas Knight

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Although nearly everyone has heard the name of Robin Hood, few have actually read any medieval tales about the legendary outlaw. Stephen Knight and Thomas Ohlgren set out to correct this discrepancy in their comprehensive collection of all pre-seventeenth-century Robin Hood tales. The editors include such other "outlaw" figures as Hereward the Wake, Eustache the Monk, and Fouke le Fitz Waryn to further contextualize the tradition of English outlaw tales. In this text the figure of Robin Hood can be viewed in historical perspective, from the early accounts in the chronicles through the ballads, plays, and romances that grew around his fame and impressed him on our fictional and historical imaginations. This edition is particularly useful for classrooms, with its extensive introductions, notes, and glosses, enabling students of any level to approach the texts in their original Middle English.

Ghosts and Legends of Nottinghamshire

A modern myth or a cautionary tale ? Either way ... Late at night the couple often
heard the sound of a ghostly child singing in the entrance hall . Mrs Ilett
remembers , ' There were a lot of tales told locally about this cottage . It is over
three ...

Author: David Haslam

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Hauntings, gruesome legends and tales of the unexplained make up this collection of Nottinghamshire's legacy of the supernatural.


five survivors of the eight children that had been born to them . In 1836 ... tree The
blackbird ceased its tale to tell No more was heard the humming bee ; With hasty
step I took my way , To meet 75 NOTTINGHAM AND SOME OF ITS INDUSTRIES.

Author: Christopher Marsden

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Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire

They had four children : Thomas , the subject of this paper , William , who later
settled in Northamptonshire after serving ... s In his old age Thomas had a
reputation for telling tedious tales after dinner of the capture of Boulogne in 1544
and of ...

Author: Thoroton Society


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List of members in each volume.

Some Merry Adventures of Robin Hood of Great Renown in Nottinghamshire

Besides this, they swore never to harm a child nor to wrong a woman, be she
maid, wife, or widow ; so that, after a while, when ... they came to praise Robin
and his merry men, and to tell many tales of him and of his doings in Sherwood
Forest, ...

Author: Howard Pyle


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"It is no very easy matter for an author to condense his own work into so small a space as one-half or one-third of its original magnitude. ...I have considered it better to rearrange fragmentary portions of the original story into another form of narrative,... I have presented only the direct adventures of Robin Hood and of certain important members of his band. I have given a couple of chapters relating to their quarrel with the Sheriff of Nottingham; I have introduced Robin Hood to the Court at London and have brought King Richard of the Lion's Heart into the Forest of Sherwood." -- Preface.

Uncivil War

Twin tales from Nottinghamshire Noel Harrower. This book is dedicated to Roger
Grainger who first encouraged me to go on writing and telling tales, and to
Maureen Buxton, who is so very fond of English history tales, and also to the
countless thousands of child soldiers across the world and through all the ages.

Author: Noel Harrower

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

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These twin tales follow the raising of the King’s Standard at Nottingham Castle in 1642, through to 1646, when King Charles surrended to the Scottish army outside Newark. Set in Nottinghamshire, Uncivil War tells the story of five children caught in the conflict of the English Civil War. Tom, a stable boy; his sister Meg, a maidservant at Pierrepoint Hall; Nick, who never wanted to be a soldier; Jed, who did but later regrets it; and Alice, who is left to help run a refuge for victims. Seen through the eyes of innocent children, Uncivil War depicts the characters’ initial excitement at the thought of conflict but later hating the war and questioning the need for it at all. This book highlights the struggles children may face during wartime, as well as the lessons that still need to be learnt. While all the children are fictitious, the main adult characters are based on real people who lived in the county of Nottinghamshire at the time. This book gives a modern take to novels such as Marriott’sChildren of the New Forest.

Children s Catalog

Time to laugh radio by K. W. Watson p44-57 S C In Watson , K. W. Tales for
telling The skillful huntsman p77-84 ... in Nottinghamshire ( 5-7 ) 398.2 radio by
K. W. Watson The story of King Arthur and his knights In Watson , K. W. Tales for
telling ...

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The 1st ed. includes an index to v. 28-36 of St. Nicholas.

Graded and Annotated Catalogue of Books in the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

PROUDFOOT , Mrs A.H. Child's Christ - tales . ... ..j232 P97 Tales of the Christ
child , full of feeling and tenderness , with illustrations from the great artists . ... ..
jP996me “ The ancient ballads and stories that for centuries have given such
renown to Nottinghamshire and the merry men ... 2398 R15 Mme Ragozin tells
first the saga of Frithjof , adapted from the epic poem of Esaias Tegnér , the
national poet of ...

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Literature and the Child

illustrated by Charles Keeping Pyle , Howard , Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
of Great Renown in Nottinghamshire ... Although tall tales gave early settlers
symbols of strength , they also served another need — offsetting the harsh
realities of an untamed ... Children love the exaggerated humor and lies that
mark the tall tales .

Author: Bernice E. Cullinan

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With a slender design and appealing art, Cullinan and Galda present a thought provoking discussion on how children can read to respond, read to learn, and read to enjoy. This text provides evaluation criteria for selecting superior children's books, rather than listing thousands of titles and synopses. Booklists direct readers to quality literature, and extended discussions of selected titles demonstrate the selection criteria. Multicultural literature is discussed throughout the text, with a separate chapter on more specific multicultural issues. Numerous teaching ideas, many of which are contributed by classroom teachers, provide practical applications. This is a book for teachers, stressing the use of good books in a literature based curriculum.

Exploring Books with Children

257 I cannot tell how the truth may be ; I say the tale as ' twas said to me . ... Thus
Howard Pyle challenges the reader who opens the pages of The Merry
Adventures of Robin Hood of Great Renown in Nottinghamshire ( Scribner , 1946
) .

Author: Iris M. Tiedt


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Overzicht van de hedendaagse jeugdliteratuur, waarin genres, stromingen, afzonderlijke schrijvers en illustrators behandeld worden. Bevat veel aanwijzingen voor het gebruik van jeugdboeken in het basisonderwijs.