Women Writers and the Artifacts of Celebrity in the Long Nineteenth Century

During her life she published three books: Notable Women Authors of the Day (1893; revised 1906), Pen, Pencil, Baton, and Mask (1896), and From Deal to South Africa (1901). All three works reprint interviews and articles published ...

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In 1788, the Catalogue of Five Hundred Celebrated Authors of Great Britain, Now Living forecast a form of authorship that rested on biographical revelation and media saturation as well as literary achievement. This collection traces the unique experiences of women writers within a celebrity culture that was intimately connected to the expansion of print technology and of visual and material culture in the nineteenth century. The contributors examine a wide range of artifacts, including prefaces, portraits, frontispieces, birthday books, calendars and gossip columns, to consider the nature of women's celebrity and the forces that created it. How did authors like Jane Austen, the Countess of Blessington, Louisa May Alcott, Alice Meynell, and Marie Corelli negotiate the increasing demands for public revelation of the private self? How did gender shape the posthumous participation of women writers such as Jane Austen, Ellen Wood, Mary Elizabeth Braddon and Christina Rossetti in celebrity culture? These and other important questions related to the treatment of women in celebrity genres and media, and the strategies women writers used to control their public images, are taken up in this suggestive exploration of how nineteenth and early twentieth century women writers achieved popular, critical, and commercial success.

William Tinsley 1831 1902 Speculative Publisher

The famous old Hookhams's Library was later swallowed up by Mudie's, but was still in business up to 1871. 9. ... the writer was then evolving' (Ellis, George Meredith, p. ... Helen C. Black, Notable Women Authors of the Day, 1906, p.

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This title was first published in 2001. An account of the activities of 19th-century publisher William Tinsley, particularly in relation to his authors and his chosen way of making a living. In considering the library-publishing system that dominated all aspects of fiction in the latter part of the 19th century, when down-payments rather than loyalties were the rewards of novelists, it may be surprising to find how wide were the variations in prices that publishers paid for such work. Differences appeared when individual publishers developed soft spots for particular authors, and in consequence they sometimes made fools of themselves. William Tinsley certainly did so, on several occasions, but was blessed, at least in later life, with the grace of never seriously regretting any of his mistakes. Examples of the nature of this good-hearted man are found in these pages. This account relies to an extent on Tinsley's two volumes of memoirs.

Women Literature and Finance in Victorian Britain

She enjoyed a small revival of attention in 1890 with the interviews in the Pall Mall Gazette (Blathwayt 1890) and in Helen Black's Notable Women Authors of the Day (1906). In letters published by Ellis (1931), she remarked that the ...

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Women, Literature and Finance in Victorian Britain: Cultures of Investment defines the cultures that emerged in response to the democratization of the stock market in nineteenth-century Britain when investing provided access to financial independence for women. Victorian novels represent those economic networks in realistic detail and are preoccupied with the intertwined economic and affective lives of characters. Analyzing evidence about the lives of real investors together with fictional examples, including case studies of four authors who were also investors, Nancy Henry argues that investing was not just something women did in Victorian Britain; it was a distinctly modern way of thinking about independence, risk, global communities and the future in general.

The Cambridge Companion to Victorian Women s Writing

... a late Victorian journalist, recycled a series of interviews fromThe Lady's Pictorial(1880–1921) in a 1906 volume Notable Woman Authors of the Day, though typically she claimed she had “revised, enlarged and brought them up to date.

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Innovative and comprehensive coverage of women writers' careers and literary achievements spanning many literary genres during the Victorian period.

Gender Religion and Domesticity in the Novels of Rosa Nouchette Carey

From Notable Women Authors of the Day (1906), opposite p. 145 Frontispiece 1 Frontispiece to Carey's last novel, The Key of the Unknown (1909) 2 From Nellie's Memories (1922), opposite p. 188 3 Frontispiece to Merle's Crusade (date ...

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This title was first published in 2000. Rosa Nouchette Carey (1840-1909), the English author of forty-one ’domestic’ novels, was continuously in print from 1868 until at least 1924 and yet she is virtually unknown today. This first in-depth study of Carey’s work assesses both her immense popularity and her subsequent fall from favour. Organized thematically, it engages with the historical and cultural context of the novels as well as comparing them with the work of Carey’s contemporaries. Matters such as Carey’s creative response towards spinsterhood, her provision of vicarious male approval and her valorization of housework are perceived as functions of her writing that lie beyond formal literary criticism. This is not to deny the literary value of Carey’s work; rather it is to make intelligible its value to a large and enthusiastic readership despite an undoubted lack of appreciation on the part of reviewers.

Rediscovering Victorian Women Sensation Writers

Very few critical works study her life or her writing, but she is profiled in Helen C. Black's Notable Women Authors of the Day (London: Maclaren, 1906) 223–33. 4 Margaret Oliphant, “Novels,” Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine 102 (1867): ...

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Scholarly understanding of the Victorian literary field has changed dramatically in the past thirty years, due in large part to the extensive recovery of sensation fiction and a corresponding recognition of that genre’s importance in the literary debates, trends, and wider cultural practices of the period. Yet until very recently, work on sensationalism has focused on a narrow range of authors and works, with Wilkie Collins, Mary Elizabeth Braddon, and Ellen Wood retaining the preponderance of critical attention. This collection examines the fiction of ten women sensation writers who were immensely popular in the Victorian period but remain critically neglected today – writers such as Annie Edwardes, M.C. Houstoun, Annie French, Dora Russell and others. The Victorian sensation novel was categorically associated with women by Victorian reviewers and this collection extends our current understanding of this sub-genre by showing that female sensation writers were often sophisticated in their textual strategies, employing a range of metafictional techniques and narrative innovations. By moving beyond the novelists who have come to represent the genre, this book presents a fuller, more nuanced, understanding of the spectrum of writing that constructed the concept of ‘sensationalism’ for Victorian readers and critics. The book was originally published as a special issue of Women’s Writing.

The Irish New Woman

Bjørhovde, Gerd. Rebellious Structures. Oslo: Norwegian University Press, 1987. Black, Helen C. Notable Women Authors of the Day. London: Maclaren, 1906. Boehmer, Elleke. Colonial and Postcolonial Literature: Migrant Metaphors. 2nd ed.

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The Irish New Woman explores the textual and ideological connections between feminist, nationalist and anti-imperialist writing and political activism at the fin de siècle . This is the first study which foregrounds the Irish and New Woman contexts, effecting a paradigm shift in the critical reception of fin de siècle writers and their work.

Victorian Popular Fiction 1860 80

Some hack novelists with marketable value did fairly well out of the arrangement. Mrs J. H. Riddell, for example, was a drawing-card ... Helen Black, Notable Women Authors of the Day (London, 1906) p. 44. Mrs Oliphant, Autobiography and ...

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That Gentle Strength

46 / Helen Black , Notable Women Authors of the Day ( London , 1906 ) , 89 . See Nancy Cott's The Bonds of Womanhood ( New Haven : Yale Univ . Press , 1977 ) , 137 . 48 / Crowe , Spiritualism and the Age We Live In , 132 , 131 , 141.

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Early Christian women : sources and interpretation / Elizabeth A. Clark -- Women in early Byzantine hagiography : reversing the story / Susan Ashbrook Harvey -- Marital imagery in six late twelfth- and early thirteenth-century vitae of female saints / Diane L. Mockridge -- The place of women in the late medieval Italian church / Duane J. Osheim -- Misconduct in the medieval nunnery : fact, not fiction / Graciela S. Daichman -- Telling her sins : male confessors and female penitents in Catholic Reformation Italy / Rudolph M. Bell -- The battle of the sexes and the world upside down / Keith Moxey -- The religion of the femmelettes : ideals and experience among women in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century France / Thomas Head -- The nuns of Port-Royal : a study of female spirituality in seventeenth-century France / Alexander Sedgwick -- Calling and career : the revolution in the mind and heart of Abigail Adams / Rosemary Skinner Keller. - Religion in the lives of slaveholding women of the antebellum South / Elizabeth Fox-Genovese -- Between fiction and madness : the relationship of women to the supernatural in late Victorian Britain / Mary Walker -- A spirit of her own : nineteenth-century.

Victorian Ghosts in the Noontide

The Trial of Woman : Feminism and the Occult Sciences in Victorian Literature and Society . Washington Square : New York University ... Notable Women Authors of the Day . London : Maclaren , 1906 . Bloom , Harold , ed . The Brontës .

Author: Vanessa D. Dickerson

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An interesting rereading of familiar texts by Emily and Charlotte Bronte, Elizabeth Gaskell, and George Eliot recovering the historical and literary roots of the supernatural as it appears in each women's work. Dickerson (English, Rhodes College) makes interesting observations about women's changing roles in the 19th century when scientific advancements relegated women to the home as arbiters of the spiritual while men occupied themselves with "rational" invention. Through close readings, she demonstrates how the Brontes, Gaskell, and Eliot resisted this division and, simultaneously, created a spiritual genre of writing traditionally denigrated by critics. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR