Not Quite Fine

—WARREN KINGHORN, MD, ThD, Duke University Medical Center and Duke Divinity School “Not Quite Fine is timely and practical. It informs the reader with an engaging answer to the question, Where is it safe to suffer?

Author: Carlene Hill Byron

Publisher: MennoMedia, Inc.

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A practical guide for people who care There is no time in history and no place in the world where so many people have understood themselves to be suffering from mental health problems. There is also virtually no time and no place in the world where people who are suffering have been so readily ostracized. In Not Quite Fine, author Carlene Hill Byron tackles the mounting dilemmas that pastors and churches face around mental health. Medicines and therapies have their roles in supporting those who live with mental health problems or mental illness. But God’s own body as the church is intended to be our greatest support in this world. How can the church step up for such a time as this? How can the body of Christ become a healing community for its members in pain—a place where the weary find strength for the journey, a place where those who mourn are raised up as rebuilders of the cities left in ruins? ​ Drawing on her own history of mental health problems and her experience as a teacher and lay counselor, Byron offers words of hope for those who struggle as well as practical insights to equip congregations to better support those who are suffering in their midst.

The Complete Folktales of A N Afanas ev Volume III

“Good, but not entirely.” “But what do you mean?” “I was riding across the river and got the rye “That's bad, brother, bad.” “Well, not quite bad, brother.” “How's that?” “I raised some malt and brewed some beer.” “Fine, brother, fine.

Author: Jack V. Haney

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Up to now, there has been no complete English-language version of the Russian folktales of A. N. Afanas’ev. This translation is based on L. G. Barag and N. V. Novikov’s edition, widely regarded as the authoritative Russian-language edition. The present edition includes commentaries to each tale as well as its international classification number. This third volume contains 305 tales, those numbered 319–579, as well as forty-five additional tales from among those denied publication by the Russian censors. The folktales of A. N. Afanas’ev represent the largest single collection of folktales in any European language and perhaps in the world. Widely regarded as the Russian Grimm, Afanas’ev collected folktales from throughout the Russian Empire in what are now regarded as the three East Slavic languages, Belarusian, Russian, and Ukrainian. In his lifetime, Afanas’ev published more than 575 tales in his most popular and best-known work, Narodnye russkie skazki. In addition to this basic collection, he prepared a volume of Russian legends, many on religious themes; a collection of mildly obscene tales, Russkie zavetnye skazki; and voluminous writings on Slavic folklife and mythology. His works were subject to the strict censorship of ecclesiastical and state authorities that lasted until the demise of the Soviet Union in the 1990s. Overwhelmingly, his particular emendations were stylistic, while those of the censors mostly concerned content.

Not Quite Wonderland

I like the materials, of course, but the styles are also very nice to examine.” “Can we buy them back? ... “No.” “Well, then I suppose, if you just leave them here that'd be fine too. I can examine them just fine without keeping them.

Author: Jennifer Ridge


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Alice is bored with her daily life; she'd rather fantasize about magic and romance. Her best friend Clary is more concerned with school and homework. One night, Clary and Alice's brother disappear and they find themselves in Laurelin-a kingdom in another world. Their arrival coincides with the disappearance of the Princess. As Clary tries to adjust to her stay in the kingdom, she's recruited to investigate some strange accusations which might be connected to the Princess' disappearance. Princess Elina leads a charmed life. She's happy to leave the kingdom's care in the hands of her older sister, the White Queen, who is trying to clean up the mess their mother left behind. She isn't prepared for one of her guards to turn traitor. He kidnaps her and whisks her away to another world. When they become unintentionally stuck there, Elina has to figure out a way to get home. Thankfully, she finds Alice, who is willing and eager to help. Now if only Elina could understand her kidnapper's motives.

The Magazine of Botany Gardening British and Foreign

In March the hogsheads were examined ; if they were not quite fine , they were fiued down with common fish glue or isinglass , in the usual manner ; those which were fine of themselves were not fined down . All were bottled about the ...



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Inside from the Outside

It is the ensuing twilight that holds all the tenuous secrets, as Miles Berman knows well enough, that time between one state of being not quite existing anymore and the next state of being not quite existing yet. It's a fine line, ...

Author: Peter Baltensperger

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781475953039

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Dealing with the basic elements that make us human, the short stories contained in Inside from the Outside represent explorations of various aspects of human nature in all its complexity and variety. Author Peter Baltensperger has incorporated elements of experimental, surrealistic, and bizarre short fiction. The stories, classified as sudden fiction, are all less than a thousand words long and focus on the many archetypal characteristics which constitute the human psyche. In "From the Secrets of Tree," Sybil Strong attempts to discover the secrets of the forest during a horseback ride and swim in the river. Mitchell Collier, in "Amid the Variegated Currents," battles the river for answers as he calls attention to Sisyphus of the River. In "Across the Lake," Morgana Cronin uses a swim in a clear lake on a hot afternoon to solve life's puzzles. This collection exemplifies the never-ending search for meaning and the primordial quest for selfhood as the characters struggle to find themselves in a confusing world. Praise for Inside from the Outside "Because the dreamscape of Peter Baltensperger's prose is precisely where Jung meets Freud, the spare, direct, and deeply affective stories in this volume represent the specific way that the archetypal heritage can surface far more profoundly in the sensual persona than in the curious intellect or the emotive heart. These are stories about the human condition ... and about the commonality of the human experience shared by all. Like Conrad, Nabokov, and Appelfeld, Baltensperger writes in a learned language. But that only makes his writing the more remarkable: this is English-language short prose at its most arresting ...and at its most seductive." —Martin S. Cohen, essayist, novelist, commentator, and editor

The Lounger

( ' Our sex , ' said I , Colonel , is not perhaps improved in its public appearance ; but I think you will own the ... Why , no , Sir , not quite a fine woman ; not quite such a woman , as a man ( raising his chest as he pronounced the ...

Author: Alexander Chalmers


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The Freelands

naivete and narrowness, had really been rather fine. ... plucky in bearing their own ills; not greedy, and not wasteful. ... and taken that 'not quite nice' resolution to make ploughs and money, would never now be known.

Author: John Galsworthy

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PROLOGUE One early April afternoon, in a Worcestershire field, the only field in that immediate landscape which was not down in grass, a man moved slowly athwart the furrows, sowing—a big man of heavy build, swinging his hairy brown arm with the grace of strength. He wore no coat or hat; a waistcoat, open over a blue-checked cotton shirt, flapped against belted corduroys that were somewhat the color of his square, pale-brown face and dusty hair. His eyes were sad, with the swimming yet fixed stare of epileptics; his mouth heavy-lipped, so that, but for the yearning eyes, the face would have been almost brutal. He looked as if he suffered from silence. The elm-trees bordering the field, though only just in leaf, showed dark against a white sky. A light wind blew, carrying already a scent from the earth and growth pushing up, for the year was early. The green Malvern hills rose in the west; and not far away, shrouded by trees, a long country house of weathered brick faced to the south. Save for the man sowing, and some rooks crossing from elm to elm, no life was visible in all the green land. And it was quiet—with a strange, a brooding tranquillity. The fields and hills seemed to mock the scars of road and ditch and furrow scraped on them, to mock at barriers of hedge and wall—between the green land and white sky was a conspiracy to disregard those small activities. So lonely was it, so plunged in a ground-bass of silence; so much too big and permanent for any figure of man.

Annual Report

4th - June 5th - Fine and very windy . Quite a heavy shower one hour after the spraying ; foliage badly injured by the frost . 5th - June 17th- Fine . Foliage not very good ; very dry here . 6th - June 28rd - Rained in the morning ...

Author: Ontario. Dept. of Agriculture and Food


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