Mister Paradise

And Other One-Act Plays David Roessel, Tennessee Williams ... GIRL: Can't you be Anthony Paradise now? Again? MR. PARADISE: No. No, it's too late. I'm too old. Death is the only thing that can possibly save my reputation.

Author: David Roessel

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780141975092

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The greatest playwright of the American South, Tennessee Williams used his talent throughout his life to create brief plays exploring many of the themes that dominated his best-known works. Here, thirteen never-before-published one-act dramas reveal some of his most poignant and hilarious characters. From the indefatigable, witty and tough drag queens of And Tell Sad Stories of the Death of Queens to the disheartened poet Mister Paradise, and the extravagant mistress in The Pink Bedroom, these are tales of isolated figures struggling against a cruel world, who refuse to lose sight of their dreams.

The Best Plays from the Strawberry One Act Festival

MOSI: I mean any thug. ASURA: Do you hear that? Someone is walking on the cement. (All are sud— denly silent. A slight scraping sound is heard The world stops. No one moves.) The men are here. MOSI: Quiet. LULA: Maybe it's the U.N. ...

Author: Van Dirk Fisher

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COLD APRIL by John P. McEneny. Set in Rawanda in 1994, a thirteen-year old girl refuses to hand over her friends to the Hutu rebels. REUNION by Brian Podnos. A father and son must face their demons when the son is released from rehab. FIGHTING FIRES by Von H. Washington, Sr. On the eve of his 18th birthday, a young man kidnaps his absentee father and demands the attention he believes was owed him during his developmental years. JACK by Daren Taylor. Jack, a dark retelling of an old fairy tale. For every dream, there's a nightmare. What happens when a boy believes that he's seen God? MARKED by Cassandra Lewis, a dark comedy that explores the connection between love, insanity and social responsibility. ALWAYS ANASTASIA by Michele Leigh. A disillusioned cop on the verge of a nervous breakdown believes he is being tormented by a narcissistic psychopath. THIS QUIET HOUSE by Toby Levin. What happens when a stepmother's desire to have a son catches fire? WHAT CHEER, IOWA by Jeff Belanger. Tempers flare and sanity is on the line as five people struggle against the gargantuan pressure of waiting to find out if their cars passed their annual inspection.

Six One Act Plays

not, you daughter, (looks at daughter) April May, aroused a great hormonal surge in the boy who—then and there—was transformed—no longer a boy. ROBERTA SUE: I'm not quite sure, Doctor Angstrom, what you're getting at.

Author: Richard Harsham

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"Published here for the first time, Six One-Act Plays follows the 2008 collection of Richard Harsham's Twelve Plays in Search of Their Characters that comprised longer works for the stage. Influenced by the dramatic rigors of Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter--Harsham subscribes to the mea culpa Pinter offered at the time of his Nobel Prize acceptance speech: "I've often been asked how my plays come about. I cannot say. Nor can I ever sum up my plays, except to say: that this is what happened; that is what they said; that is what they did." These one-act plays explore the human condition in cosmopolitan settings, revealing characters who work without benefit of a metaphysical safety-net and who inflict their needy sensibilities upon one another in a fragmentary world of scarce consolations and furtive urges. The sustaining illusion of permanence is subverted by the cosmic reality: human existence, in the grand scheme, proves as fleeting as the crystalline snowflake that, after making its "mark" lodged on winter's window pane, melts away, furry-white sparkle gone into velvety-black void....Harsham catches the irony of the unsolvable human mystery--that, as individuals, we are our own "disappearing acts." Like snowflakes, no two ever alike, ever again.

Starting from Zero One Act Plays About Lesbians In Love

SARAH: (Responding to the CRITIC.) I think I should be happy in any town if I were living there with Kate Lancaster. I will not praise my friend as I can praise her, or say half the things I might say honestly.

Author: Carolyn Gage

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

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Collection of one-act plays and adaptations by Carolyn Gage, including: The Greatest Actress Who Ever Lived, Souvenirs from Eden,Planchette, Lace Curtain Irish,Little Sister,The Countess and the Lesbians,‘Til The Fat Lady Sings,Deep Haven, and Since I Died.

Icarus and Other One Act Plays

Chrissie No rich pickings in B13. Anyway, life was getting a bit hairy and Martina got wind of things not being quite right. Jenny She knew about the shoplifting and the drugs? Chrissie Both, I think. The inflatable swimming pool under ...

Author: Jan Watts

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This is a collection of one act plays from Jan Watts. About isolation, motherhood and the bizarre.

Five One Act Plays

BOY That less mild tempered individual I was referring to might just get the notion to call the little girl's bluff. GIRL I am not so LITTLE, and secondly I'm not bluffing. BOY Why don't you run along little girl.

Author: Fred J. Feldman

Publisher: Author House

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The Lower East Side of New York City, now famous for its gentrification, was once a very different place. It was, of course, very well-known for the role it played housing the immigrants from Eastern Europe. But as 1900 was turning into the twenty-first century, the Lower East Side was alive with singers, musicians, actors, writers, and directors. They would form companies and rent fifty-seat storefronts and put on their plays and musicals. It was in this time that the one-act plays in this book were created and performed. Also in this time, the now famous and much produced play Mishkin's Paradise was born.

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Aunt Connie not know the story of Editha's Burglar , so I was in the company . She was Mr. Jeffer- will tell them about it . It was a very short son's little sister , and we all called her Aunt play . It was only in one act .



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Dreamzzz Other One Act Plays for Schools Theatre

Kanika: Vaidehi: Vineet: Anand: Anuj: Apoorva: Aishwarya: Anuj: Vineet: Anand: Vineet: Anand: Vineet: Anand: Oh no that was not my dream look he is pulling her arm. My little girl has to tell a story in the birthday party tomorrow ...

Author: Shobha Chanana

Publisher: Partridge Publishing

ISBN: 9781482817690

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One-Act Plays for School and Theatre is dedicated to children of all ages. This fountainhead of its kind inspires a new way of seeing and saying. Its a journey for students to theater kingdom with themes that are topical the world over. A string of eight plays is categorized for each age group comprising of 811, 1214, and 1517 years. This helps the theater person to put in minimum efforts for selection and presentation of the play with the appropriate age group of children. Hence plays for the first group focus on their curiosity and imagination (i.e., thinking skills) and being able to communicate. The most sensitive age group, 1214, interacts with the world around. They are given enough space to create and construct the script and also to innovate on the stage. With their collaborative skills, they confidently initiate smooth changes without disturbing the theme. In the third group, the young adult Naturals to the core are allowed to own interactive ability. The young adult is ready to execute in an eloquent voice and commanding stage presence. They learn from each other while analyzing characters and story elements that focus on social causes, thereby creating and shaping relationships that are therapeutic.

Beckett on File

But the great recurring phrase from which the play takes its title is not 'Time' but 'That time', ... not finally to be separated; the far-off child no less - and no more — vivid than the man seeking the place where the the decrepit ...

Author: Virginia Cooke

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000378399

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This book, first published in 1985, assembles essential facts on Samuel Beckett and makes vital but elusive information available. It contains a comprehensive checklist of all the writer’s plays, with a detailed performance history, excerpted reviews, and most importantly, a selection of Beckett’s own comments on their work drawn from essays, interviews, letters and diaries. Other features include a chronology of life and work, a checklist of non-dramatic writings and an annotated bibliography.

Vanity Fair

Pre- much what the captain's wife thinks of sumably not , because later in the show , him , nor his daughter . ... When this particular act good voices in the musical comedy field , was given as a one - act play several but generally ...



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The Little Match Girl

NOTES ON THE PLAY “ The Little Match Girl ” is a dramatization of Hans Christian Andersen's famous fairy tale . It depicts a ragged , hungry little girl – Maggie who tries to sell matches on the icy streets of a cold city . No one will ...

Author: Hermann Ammann

Publisher: I. E. Clark Publications

ISBN: 0886801117


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New English One act Plays

... the name Smith mean to you? SHIRLEY: I'd rather not say, miss. ... SHIRLEYI When I was a little girl, I was told never to play with the boys in the next yard. They weren't our sort. ... BLAKEI Everywhere one turns, one meets them.

Author: Peter Pasch

Publisher: Ernst Klett Sprachen

ISBN: 3125782511


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Dramatic Bibliography

May be given by girls . Also found in the author's House of the heart and other plays for children ( 1909 Holt 226p $ 1.50 10 one - act plays ) Outside the gate . ( Mrs ) Ina ( Kitson ) Clark and ( Mrs ) Horace Porter .


Publisher: 清华大学出版社有限公司


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Charismatic Leadership in Singapore

One example of this is in Kuo's play, The Silly Little Girl and The Funny Old Tree. ... “unthreatening”: it is a girl (and not a boy); a little one (not an adult); and “silly” (as if all the rest were not enough to “disarm” her).

Author: Dayan Hava

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461414506

Category: Social Science

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This volume explores the nature of charisma as it accounts for the success of leaders. Charisma is deconstructed and illustrated through the "case studies" of three influential leaders in Singapore. Cultural issues are discussed and leadership qualities in general are explored.

One Act Play Magazine and Radio drama Review

We're all ready . MRS . WOODS Come right up . ( They climb the platform awkwardly careful of their starched dresses . ) FIRST GIRL We like the campaign song . SECOND GIRL Did Mr. Tippycanoe write it ? THIRD GIRL Course not , Silly .



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Help My Little Girl s Growing Up

... for a one - act play . A side pocket held her uneaten lunch . ( Because of a school - time orthodontist appointment earlier in the day , I knew she'd had a noontime make - up for an English test today . Had taking the test left no ...

Author: Annette Gail Smith

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 0736902791

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 175

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Join bestselling author Annette Smith and her daughter, Rachel, as they share personal anecdotes, counsel and biblical wisdom for moms and daughters at this turning point in their relationship. With grace, humor and practicality, Smith offers a helping hand to mothers of preteen and early-teenaged girls.

A Student Handbook to the Plays of Tennessee Williams

The language strongly suggests that Williams was thinking of Rose's madness when he wrote this piece: 'For nothing contains you now, / no, nothing contains you, / lost little girl, my sister, / not even those – little – blue veins ...

Author: Stephen Bottoms

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472532442

Category: Drama

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A Student Handbook to the Plays of Tennessee Williams provides the essential guide to Williams' most studied and revived dramas. Authored by a team of leading scholars, it offers students a clear analysis and detailed commentary on four of Williams' plays: The Glass Menagerie, A Streetcar Named Desire, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Sweet Bird of Youth. A consistent framework of analysis ensures that whether readers are wanting a summary of the play, a commentary on the themes or characters, or a discussion of the work in performance, they can readily find what they need to develop their understanding and aid their appreciation of Williams' artistry. A chronology of the writer's life and work helps to situate all his works in context and the introduction reinforces this by providing a clear overview of Williams' writing, its recurrent themes and concerns and how these are intertwined with his life and times. For each play the author provides a summary of the plot, followed by commentary on: * The context * Themes * Characters * Structure and language * The play in production (both on stage and screen adaptations) Questions for study, and notes on words and phrases in the text are also supplied to aid the reader. The wealth of authoritative and clear commentary on each play, together with further questions that encourage comparison across Williams' work and related plays by other leading writers, ensures that this is the clearest and fullest guide to Williams' greatest plays.

Where No Black Woman Has Gone Before

But the film models a feminist reclamation of mother and daughter by way of its confrontational female subject and a gaze ... is a loose adaptation of a literary work, in this case Lucy Alibar's one-act play Juicy and Delicious (2012).

Author: Diana Adesola Mafe

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9781477315255

Category: Performing Arts

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When Lieutenant Uhura took her place on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise on Star Trek, the actress Nichelle Nichols went where no African American woman had ever gone before. Yet several decades passed before many other black women began playing significant roles in speculative (i.e., science fiction, fantasy, and horror) film and television—a troubling omission, given that these genres offer significant opportunities for reinventing social constructs such as race, gender, and class. Challenging cinema’s history of stereotyping or erasing black women on-screen, Where No Black Woman Has Gone Before showcases twenty-first-century examples that portray them as central figures of action and agency. Writing for fans as well as scholars, Diana Adesola Mafe looks at representations of black womanhood and girlhood in American and British speculative film and television, including 28 Days Later, AVP: Alien vs. Predator, Children of Men, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Firefly, and Doctor Who: Series 3. Each of these has a subversive black female character in its main cast, and Mafe draws on critical race, postcolonial, and gender theories to explore each film and show, placing the black female characters at the center of the analysis and demonstrating their agency. The first full study of black female characters in speculative film and television, Where No Black Woman Has Gone Before shows why heroines such as Lex in AVP and Zoë in Firefly are inspiring a generation of fans, just as Uhura did.

Best Student One Acts

Winners of the 1998 Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival One-Act Play Competition Lauren Friesen ... FATHER ONE . Yes , this was our first . FATHER TWO . You got your family with you tonight ? FATHER ONE . No. Just us .

Author: Lauren Friesen

Publisher: Dramatic Publishing

ISBN: 0871299127

Category: Performing Arts

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