Man and Superman John Bull s Other Island and Major Barbara

Of course it's a common cotton one — silly little cotton one — not good enough for the dear eyes of Nora Cryna— * nora [spluttering into a hysterical laugh and clutching him convulsively with her fingers while she tries to stifle her ...

Author: George Bernard Shaw

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780192563972

Category: Drama

Page: 288

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Nobel Laureate George Bernard Shaw remains one of the world's most important and popular writers. His plays are regularly performed around the world, from the boards of Broadway and the West End to regional, community, and college stages. The three plays selected here are widely considered to be three of the most important in the canon of modern British theatre: Man and Superman: a four-act comedy for serious people, staged in part at Royal court in 1905, it is one of the early works of Modernism to take an ancient myth and restage it in contemporary mode (and its influence extends across world literature, palpable in writings from Mann to Joyce). Its story of how a sensitive woman compels a superman-figure to adjust to her needs and those of the real world provides an updated commentary on Nietzsche's still-fashionable notions of ubermensch; and its famous third act introduces a persistent Shavian theme, which goes back as far as earliest religious literature-that the truly damned are those who are happy in hell. John Bull's Other Island takes up that idea: to the visionary, hell may be the ultimate modern dream of efficiency and rational administration, as manifested in a colonial Ireland run by liberal exploiters. Commissioned by WB Yeats to mark the opening of Ireland's National Theatre, the Abbey, the play was promptly refused by its Directors (who disliked its mechanical mockeries of mechanism but may have missed its visionary qualities). It was performed to huge acclaim in London in November 1904 and it made Shaw famous, the supreme example of the Playwright as Thinker and, ever afterwards, one of the most valued commentators on Anglo-Irish relations. Major Barbara: a three-act drama which in classic Shavian style unmasks the motivation of puritan idealists and dedicated industrialists, this work (like the previous two) pits a strong woman against a sardonic, practical man. Having exposed the mendacity of apostles of efficiency, Shaw seems then to submit to their doctrine, arguing that a pure private charity towards the destitute is no adequate substitute. Like the previous two works, this is a problem play, in the course of which the audience sympathy is aroused and then repelled in all directions. The suggestion that it may be acceptable to take money from tainted sources, such as arms manufacturers, caused much debate in 1905—-and even more after the carnage wrought by mechanized guns in World War One.

100 Days

He sends his staff off to figure out what went wrong but Barbara intercepts them and convinces them to join her side.As President Norman Wright's presidency crumbles, Barbara convinces her husband to attend a play with her that is based on ...

Author: Hope W.


ISBN: 1976723477


Page: 94

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BARBARA WRIGHT, 58, is the loving wife to the newly elected PRESIDENT NORMAN WRIGHT,61, an arrogant man who ran for President of the United States for his own personal gain and ego. After winning the election, President Norman Wright shows his true colors by issues a series of laws and government mandates that strip power and property from all citizens except for himself and his wife, starting with a law requiring all men and children to receive the GR81N vaccine, a vaccine containing a brainwashing chip.After learning about the vaccine, Barbara Wright reaches out to women in a local community to rally behind her to stop Norman Wright. Women are the only ones who are not to receive the vaccine because President Norman Wright doesn't perceive them as having power to do anything successful for or in opposition of his regime. But President Norman Wright discovers that his wife is working against her from a secret service agent. Before he leaves to meet with PRESIDENT ALEKSANDR AKIM of Russia, he and his secret service agents lead Barbara down a secret hallway and into a cell equipped with a guard. Unknowingly, she follows them and is locked up until President Norman Wright returns.NORA, 43, is a married woman with two kids, CAMERON, 12, and EMILIE, 15, and husband, ROB, 45, who is among thirteen women in her community to get a letter from Barbara Wright to join forces. She rallies the other twelve women and established her home as a meeting place for their writing club. When none of the women of the Writers' Club receive any more correspondence from Barbara Wright, Nora takes matters into her own hands and organizes trainings to help prepare the women for battle.When her cell guard addresses her as 'First Lady Barbara', Barbara remembers that all white house staff are brainwashed to do everything that she and President Norman Wright tell them to do. She convinces her guard to take her to her room. In her room, she knocks him out and escapes with a van. She drives to Nora's place and picks up the other women.Barbara drops all the women except Nora at different mind-control factories. She takes Nora with her to the White House. Barbara gives all of the women directions and they shut off the mind-control boxes. In the White House, Barbara and Nora shut down all mind-control controller bases. After their mission is complete, Nora and Barbara round up all the women and drop them off at Nora's house. Barbara returns to the white house to wait for Norman.When President Norman Wright returns, he announces that the US will enter into a world war with Russia and North Korea as its main allies. In addition, all me, and children over the age of 10 are drafted for the war. Shortly after this announcement, Russia and North Korea break off to form their own power alliance, leaving the US to fight alone in a war it cannot win. After facing protests and an assassination attempt, President Norman Wright realizes that the vaccine is no longer working. He sends his staff off to figure out what went wrong but Barbara intercepts them and convinces them to join her side.As President Norman Wright's presidency crumbles, Barbara convinces her husband to attend a play with her that is based on the story of Lincoln's presidency to take his mind off his troubles. He agrees without knowing that his secret service agents, at the cue of the assassination scene, will stand up and pull the trigger on him.Please Note: Purchasing this script on Kindle does not give your the right to use the script for commercial gain/projects. Please contact me for commercial rights at [email protected]

The Forgotten Girls

Barbara cooed along to Janet and John and the Ladybird Book of Nursery Rhymes and Elaine did her best to 'rock her cradle ... The dog book went whoosh over her head, but Barbara did listen attentively to the parenting tips – until Nora ...

Author: Lizzie Page

Publisher: Bookouture

ISBN: 9781838881276

Category: Fiction

Page: 350

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It’s a photograph of two little girls, the camera catching the cold whiteness of their legs, the pretty lines of their dresses, the smooth surface of the lake. I know at once it’s my mother and Aunty Barbara, I’ve always known it somehow. But I also know that the camera doesn’t tell the whole story. It can’t. London, 1943. German bombs rain down on London, but Elaine Parker knows her job transcribing letters from far-away prisoners of war is more important than her own safety. But at home, Elaine’s life isn’t so simple – as the main breadwinner for her struggling family, she doesn’t have much time to consider her own future hopes and dreams. And then Elaine meets dark-haired and passionate Bobby – a wartime photographer on the dangerous front line – and her world shifts. Will Elaine be forced to choose between her family and her growing passion for Bobby? And how do you let yourself love someone with your whole heart when each moment could be their last? Present day. Even the kiss of warm sunshine and the musical call of birds at her family’s countryside villa can’t make Jen forget the heartbreak she’s left behind. That is, until she begins to investigate the origins of a tattered family photograph: two sweet little girls gazing out across a sparkling bay, their eyes clear and hopeful – looking for all the world as if England hadn’t just suffered the most terrible war imaginable. What is the story behind the picture, and could it finally be the key to mending the cracks in Jen’s own past? A heartbreaking World War Two novel – emotional and unforgettable. Perfect for fans of Orphan Train, Sold on a Monday and Before We Were Yours. What readers are saying about The Forgotten Girls… ‘Twists and turns that keep you turning the page… I must read one more chapter before I turn out the light for the night… fans who enjoyed The Nightingale or Sold on a Monday will love this book as much as me. Authentic, heart-tugging and soul-stirring. Be sure to have tissues nearby.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars ‘A heartbreaking tale of life in 1943 living through the war… One of the best historical fiction books I have read in a long while.’ Sean’s Book Reviews, 5 stars ‘It not only brought tears to my eyes when the connection between the two women was revealed, but it pulled on my heartstrings all the way through the book. A story of love and loss, family and friendships, this book will keep you gripped until the very last page. Would definitely recommend.’ Stardust Book Reviews ‘I came to really love the blossoming romance between Robert and Elaine… A beautiful novel, and one I highly recommend.’ Emily Claire Writes ‘A captivating story.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars ‘I absolutely loved The Forgotten Girls. It is a beautiful, compelling read… Lizzie Page writes like a dream… I will be recommending this book to everyone I know.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars ‘I really fell in love with this book… Beautifully done, the imagery is well written and I found myself picturing the scenes and living them out in my mind's eye. Well done!’ Goodreads reviewer ‘Oh, how I loved this book! I smiled, cried, my heart raced and I marvelled at the storytelling… Wonderful!’ Angela Petch, author of The Tuscan Girl, 5 stars ‘I just love the deft and thrilling blend of fact and fiction, and the way Lizzie Page brings characters from the past back to life. I am such a huge fan of her work.’ Bestselling author Jill Mansell

The Living Age

Nora Barrington . He was “ very nice , ” “ Has my lord plans ? For county hosshe was sure . How kind and careful he pitals and lunatic asylums . So he told was of Miss Barbara ! How frank and me ; and he wants my help .



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Littell s Living Age

“ Who are you alphabet of pain , fell into this horrible looking for , Nora ? ” Miss Barbara had pit in a moment , without warning , without already asked half - a - dozen times . It was escape . It confused all her faculties , so not ...

Author: Eliakim Littell


ISBN: IND:32000000694168



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Finishing Touches

'Barbara wants to get married out of Ranelagh church and not in Port Mahon. Did you ever hear the like? What are the neighbours and relations going to say!' Nora exclaimed in dismay one Saturday she phoned Cassie to pour out all her ...

Author: Patricia Scanlan

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781471141089

Category: Fiction

Page: 656

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Delivering stories that span generations, and offering warmth, wisdom and love on every page - if you treasured Maeve Binchy, read Patricia Scanlan. Three school friends, Cassie, Laura and Aileen, shared their secrets and dreams as young girls. Now they are together again, sharing their aspirations, as Cassie launches her interior design business, with a legacy that is to bring out the worst and the best in her family and friends. Finishing Touchesis an engrossing story of schoolmates and soulmates, of shared secrets and desires - and how one young woman dared to make her impossible dream come true.

The Husbands

Through the grapevine, Nora's heard that Barbara tracks the amount of time the female associates take off for their honeymoons. Nora took seven days, two of them falling over a weekend, and this apparently was on the very cusp of ...

Author: Chandler Baker

Publisher: Flatiron Books

ISBN: 9781250319524

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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A GOOD MORNING AMERICA BOOK CLUB PICK “Chandler Baker, queen of the feminist thriller, has delivered once again! The Husbands is a poignant exploration of what it would take for women to have it all." —Sally Hepworth, bestselling author of The Good Sister To what lengths will a woman go for a little more help from her husband? Nora Spangler is a successful attorney but when it comes to domestic life, she packs the lunches, schedules the doctor appointments, knows where the extra paper towel rolls are, and designs and orders the holiday cards. Her husband works hard, too... but why does it seem like she is always working so much harder? When the Spanglers go house hunting in Dynasty Ranch, an exclusive suburban neighborhood, Nora meets a group of high-powered women—a tech CEO, a neurosurgeon, an award-winning therapist, a bestselling author—with enviably supportive husbands. When she agrees to help with a resident’s wrongful death case, she is pulled into the lives of the women there. She finds the air is different in Dynasty Ranch. The women aren’t hanging on by a thread. But as the case unravels, Nora uncovers a plot that may explain the secret to having-it-all. One that’s worth killing for. Calling to mind a Stepford Wives gender-swap, New York Times bestselling author of Whisper Network Chandler Baker's The Husbands imagines a world where the burden of the “second shift” is equally shared—and what it may take to get there. “Utterly engrossing and thoroughly timely, The Husbands is both a gripping, well-crafted mystery and an insightful critique of motherhood and marriage in the modern age--working mothers everywhere will feel seen in the best possible way.” —Kimberly McCreight, New York Times bestselling author of A Good Marriage

Together Forever

We were still enjoying ourselves when the dance was over and I sure did not want to leave Nora. The Col. and I asked if there was some place we could go. Nora's friend Barbara knew of a place we could get drinks and dance to a Juke box, ...

Author: Charlie Mighton

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781466951174

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 110

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The United States was a great nation in the 1920s. We had finished winning the great war to end all wars in 1918. England and France wrote the surrender papers for Germany to sign. Sorry to say, but the restriction placed on Germany was more than any nation could live with. But Germany was under the thumb of England and France. I think this is what started World War II. I know it was. In 1929 the world went into the Depression years, lasting till World War II started in Europe. In 1939 war started again in Europe between France, England, and Germany when Germany invaded Poland. The United States, with its large manufacturing ability and can-do attitude, was able to come out of the Depression by supplying Europe with arms and other things. President Franklin D. Roosevelt started the WPA, PWA, the CCC, and other federal programs to kick-start the economy before the war in Europe. I grew up during the Depression years, having been born in 1924. We were poor like everyone else, but I did not realize we were poor because everyone else was in the same condition. One news reporter wrote a book and called us the greatest generation. History proved that as we grew, we became the most powerful nation in the world. Today as I write this, I can say we may not be the greatest. We could be if we open our eyes and change things back like they were before, a small group that thinks the government is the answer to all problems. Then too we must think we are responsible for ourselves. I hope the generation that follows my generation will wake up and do something about the sad shape we are in. This book tells a little about what I did as a member of the greatest generation and World War II. One of the greatest love stories was started and, like all good things, ended in disappointment due to nature.

How to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable

BARBARA : " Well , no , I didn't say that ! " NORA : “ I must have misunderstood you . ” ( LEVELING ) 99 BARBARA : “ Yeah . You did . " NORA : “ It's easy for misunderstandings to happen when people are busy and tired and wondering how ...

Author: Suzette Haden Elgin

Publisher: Jossey-Bass

ISBN: IND:30000128716739

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 190

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Getting your point across with the gentle art of verbal self-defense.

Vengeance Is Mine

asked Nora. Barbara sat up in bed, suddenly excited as she remembered the good news. “He sold six more paintings. He's on his way to fame at last . . . my own little Strutter!” Nora raised her eyebrows. Somehow she had never thought of ...

Author: Elizabeth Baroody

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781466929142

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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Nora Costain, a widow, half owner of a successful real estate company, is on vacation on a small island off the North Carolina coast, where she meets two elderly neighbors and finds a sawdust hill infested with rattlesnakes. She also finds that she likes to be around the captain of the mail boat that takes passengers to the different islands out in the bay. While she is away, her thirteen-year-old granddaughter, Holly, is caught and raped by two high school boys after a school dance. These two boys are from another nearby school. Holly refuses to allow her mother to go to the authorities about the rape, and two months later, she unexpectedly dies of an ectopic pregnancy. Nora is finally told of the rape and realizes that at this late date, nothing can be done to the unknown perpetrators. Nora comes across Holly's diary after the funeral and reads about the rape. Holly names the boys Guy and Bill, and from the details in the diary, Nora is able to identify them. She tries to blow them up in their car, but no one is injured. Guy and Bill find out who blew up their car and decide to kidnap Nora's grandson, Todd, to get even. The plan is thwarted by the school Todd attends, and Nora, afraid for Todd, decides to take him to the island to get him far away from the area. Guy and Bill learn of her plans, follow them to the island, and that night, attempt to dispose of them. As it happens, Nora and Todd were not in the cottage and ran to one of the neighbor's house. For protection, the neighbor lets his wild boar loose, and the next morning, one of the boys is found gored to death by the boar. Nora manages to contact the captain and notifies the authorities. Although a search is made, the other boy could not be found.

Blackwood s Magazine

She was standing in of the world , ” said Miss Barbara . suspense , saying to herself , with a “ I think I have divined ... as yet — and whether he would ers ! manoeuvring fathers are a great “ nice " when he talked , Nora deal worse .



ISBN: PSU:000066905929

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Blackwood s Edinburgh Magazine

We'll morning in old aunt Barbara's take a turn round the garden and garden ? " and she might replysee my flowers , and then we'll take “ How little we imagined then ! " you in and give you your luncheon . Thus Nora , with a shy delight ...



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Helen MacGregor

Nora's important news was , that Monday was Barbara's birth - day , and they would have a teaparty as they always had on their birth - days . 66 And doesn't it happen well ? ” said Nora ; “ Barbara's birth - day comes in August ...

Author: Mrs. C. Y. Barlow


ISBN: NYPL:33433066604426


Page: 328

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Global Nomads

Infact,several of my main informants (Nora, Rochelle, Barbara) were known as regulars in the alternative scenesof the island. Duringthe late 1980s Nora sold tofuin Las Dálias. Thus, whenever she greeted any of her many acquaintances, ...

Author: Anthony D'Andrea

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134110490

Category: Social Science

Page: 264

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Global Nomads provides a unique introduction to the globalization of countercultures, a topic largely unknown in and outside academia. Anthony D’Andrea examines the social life of mobile expatriates who live within a global circuit of countercultural practice in paradoxical paradises. Based on nomadic fieldwork across Spain and India, the study analyzes how and why these post-metropolitan subjects reject the homeland in order to shape an alternative lifestyle. They become artists, therapists, exotic traders and bohemian workers seeking to integrate labor, mobility and spirituality within a cosmopolitan culture of expressive individualism. These countercultural formations, however, unfold under neo-liberal regimes that appropriate utopian spaces, practices and imaginaries as commodities for tourism, entertainment and media consumption. In order to understand the paradoxical globalization of countercultures, Global Nomads develops a dialogue between global and critical studies by introducing the concept of 'neo-nomadism' which seeks to overcome some of the shortcomings in studies of globalization. This book is an essential aide for undergraduate, postgraduate and research students of Sociology, Anthropology of Globalization, Cultural Studies and Tourism Studies.

The Girl Scouts at Rocky Ledge Nora s Real Vacation

Being brave—as brave as all this—was really a new experience to Nora, but she had promised herself to “hold out”; and then Cousin ... Now she thought of Barbara, the tom-boy girl at school: she who could climb and romp, laugh and cry, ...

Author: Lilian Garis

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

ISBN: 9781465518460

Category: Vacations

Page: 210

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The Ladies Lindores

Nora did not say any more. She was not so warm a partisan as Miss Barbara's companion ought to have been. She drove along quietly, taking no further part in the talk, which the old lady maintained alone. “How can I go in to my peaceful ...

Author: Margaret Oliphant

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783732688388

Category: Fiction

Page: 188

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Reproduction of the original: The Ladies Lindores by Margaret Oliphant

Nora s love test

BARBARA'S HISTORY . BY AMELIA B. EDWARDS . “ It is not often that we light upon a novel of so much merit and interest as · Barbara's History . ' It is a work conspicuous for taste and literary culture .

Author: Mary Cecil Hay


ISBN: OXFORD:600021885



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Edge Based Clausal Syntax

Nora may have sold Barbara the pies and certainly sold her the cookies. b. *Nora may have sold the pies and certainly sold the cookies — the woman you saw with the protest sign. c. Nora may have talked to Barbara frequently about the ...

Author: Paul M. Postal

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262295055

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 488

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An argument that there are three kinds of English grammatical objects, each with different syntactic properties. In Edge-Based Clausal Syntax, Paul Postal rejects the notion that an English phrase of the form [V + DP] invariably involves a grammatical relation properly characterized as a direct object. He argues instead that at least three distinct relations occur in such a structure. The different syntactic properties of these three kinds of objects are shown by how they behave in passives, middles, -able forms, tough movement, wh-movement, Heavy NP Shift, Ride Node Raising, re-prefixation, and many other tests. This proposal renders Postal's position sharply different from that of Chomsky, who defined a direct object structurally as [NP, VP], and with the traditional linguistics text's definition of the direct object as the DP sister of V. According to Postal's framework, sentence structures are complex graph structures built on nodes (vertices) and edges (arcs). The node that heads a particular edge represents a constituent that bears the grammatical relation named by the edge label to its tail node. This approach allows two DPs that have very different grammatical properties to occupy what looks like identical structural positions. The contrasting behaviors of direct objects, which at first seem anomalous—even grammatically chaotic—emerge in Postal's account as nonanomalous, as symptoms of hitherto ungrasped structural regularity.

The Family Herald

You don't know the world as well as I do , Nora , ” said the artist , Barbara obeyed mechanically , and the preparations for Susan's skilful quickly ; " remain here while I go . It is for your sake . ” hands were soon completed ...



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The Protectors

Lu, Barbara, and Josie, the house crew, always helped Nora with breakfast, lunch, and supper. Family, yard crew, and house crew always sat together for meals. Tia and R'Lee kept the laundry done. Fortunately, they had three washers and ...

Author: Janette Owens & Linda J Owens

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781514403693

Category: Fiction

Page: 344

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Shortly after the Beginning the Creator made the protectors and sent them out on a journey to find a heathen that was pure of heart. They searched for centuries. Eventually, they found one and rushed back to the Creator, all excited! “We have found a pure of heart heathen!” The Creator was pleased. Given a task of protecting the heathen, the protectors defended them from earthly threats. In the process, time itself was skewed to protect one family’s progeny and ensure their descendants would be born. Eventually the protectors needed support from the very people they would defend. Twin sisters Avalene and Avalon, born in conflict, would set the stage for the beginning of jealousy and eventually rage. Literally transforming into a disembodied hate so intense, Avalene knew nothing of time or distance. Her fury drew in Legion and its followers to use her to their own evil ends. Unable to defeat the protectors the first time, Legion placed on the heathen’s family a scourge that would last four hundred years. Avalon inherited the protectors, so her descendants would bring about one small girl to break the curse and set her family free from the scourge. Soon the time would come when the protectors and Legion would clash in an epic battle of good and evil.