No Greater Love

No Greater Love depicts fully the centrality of family life in the military. Freddie attests to the proposition that “every soldier I have known will confirm that their family remains the most cherished element in their complicated life ...

Author: Freddie Valenzuela

Publisher: BookPros, LLC

ISBN: 9780979027581

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 133

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No Greater Love is essential reading for both American civilians and past, present, and future military personnel. Written by Major General Freddie Valenzuela, who has served all over the world and throughout several wars, this book offers eye-opening discussions of:* Challenges faced by Hispanic soldiers in the U.S. Army.* The life and burial of the very first casualty of the Iraq War.* The relatively unknown lives of the other twenty-one casualties that General Valenzuela buried.* Advice for current and future soldiers in moving up the ranks in their military careers.* Life in a military family, as revealed through firsthand accounts by the general's wife and children.* And many other topics affecting today's soldiers.

No Greater Love

The Story of Our Soldiers Francis Spellman. ---- * · NO GREATER LOVE • • • • • • •

Author: Francis Spellman


ISBN: UCAL:$B184245

Category: World War, 1939-1945

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No Greater Love

If you hold onto that sentence, temptations and difficulties will come, but nothing will break you. Remember, you have been created for great things. You must not be afraid to say “Yes” to Jesus, because there is no greater love than ...

Author: Mother Teresa

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 9781577312734

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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One of the world's most recognized and loved spiritual leaders, Mother Teresa has inspired millions with her extraordinary example of compassionate and selfless work for the poor, the ill, and the outcast. Considered by many to be a saint, she was a steadfast voice of love and faith, providing immeasurable kindness and guidance to the world's downtrodden. No Greater Love is the essential wisdom of Mother Teresa — the most accessible and inspirational collection of her teachings ever published. This definitive volume features Mother Teresa on love, prayer, giving, service, poverty, forgiveness, Jesus, and more. It ends with a biography and a revealing conversation with Mother Teresa about the specific challenges and joys present in her work with the poor and the dying. No Greater Love is a passionate testament to Mother Teresa's deep hope and abiding faith in God and the world. It will bring readers into the heart of this remarkable woman, showing Mother Teresa's revolutionary vision of Christianity in its graceful, poetic simplicity. Through her own words, No Greater Love celebrates the life and work of one of the great humanitarians of our time.

No Greater Love

Critics Love Danielle Steel's NO GREATER LOVE “CONVINCING . . . DEFT ... Danielle Steel brings to No Greater Love her best storyline yet!” —Daily News (NY) “Fans will enjoy every minute of No Greater Love!” —Boston Sunday Herald “A ...

Author: Danielle Steel

Publisher: Dell

ISBN: 9780307566706

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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It was the maiden voyage of the Titanic, the greatest ship ever built, and in one fatal, unforgettable night, the sea shattered the lives and future of an extraordinary family, the Winfields. Edwina Winfield, returning from her engagement trip to England with her fiance and her family, instantly loses her parents, the man she loved and her dreams. Without even time to mourn, she courageously defies convention to run her family's California newspaper and care for her five younger siblings. Unable to forget her fiance Charles, she is determined never to marry, to hkeep her family together, and to fight to survive as a woman alone. But Phillip, her beloved oldest brother, sets out for Harvard and tragically betrays her trust. Madcap brother George turns to the excitement of Hollywood during its magical days, not to the Winfield publishing empire. And lovely Alexis, who narrowly escaped death when the Titanic went down, grows into a troubled runaway whom even Edwina's love may not be able to save. The two youngest, Fannie and Teddy, remain with Edwina at home. Compelling and deeply moving, No Greater Love questions a woman's choices and the price she must pay for making them. And in an unforgettable climax, it offers an answer—as Edwina confronts the ghosts haunting her and take an extraordinary risk for her future and her heart.

No Greater Love

No greater love, he thought, reflecting again on Antonio's words at their mother's funeral. How often wefizil to recognize the love given to us in ordinary ways each day. How can [ ever repay my mother'sfizithfulness, hringing me into ...

Author: R. D. Lock

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781440140389

Category: Fiction

Page: 318

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Behind prison bars, Jose Martinez watches his fellow Republican comrades forced into a bullring and machine-gunned to death in the first days of the Spanish civil war. He wonders why his life was spared -- or are the victorious soldiers of the Nationalist Army preparing a fate even worse for him? Decades in the making, the political and religious clash between progressive and conservative Spaniards has turned deadly. Like all civil wars, this one tears apart Jose's family as well as the nation. Into the maelstrom comes sibling jealousy, disputes over beliefs, aggrieved betrayal, and simple lust -- all threatening the togetherness of a family. Added to this turmoil is the dying, innocent request of Jose's mother for him to make a spiritual pilgrimage for her to Santiago de Compostela -- but at what cost? While this story is a work of fiction, it reflects real events that happen to real people. The novel is intended for an American audience who share with the Spanish the memory of a civil war in their historical background. The cultural conflicts that gripped Spain three-quarters of a century ago find similar echoes in the present day political environment of the United States.

No Greater Love

Danielle Jay Anthony Tyler Quinn Bisutti Underwood NO GREATER LOVE first love . second chance . " " Inspiring and encouraging . " - Focus on the Family's Plugged in “ Powerful . " - American Family Association " Poignant and thought ...

Author: Russ Rice

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781418588724

Category: Religion

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Which road are you on for your marriage—yours or God’s? Inspired by the heartwarming movie No Greater Love, executive producer Russ Rice and co-writer and director Brad Silverman have created this 90-day devotional for couples to help husbands and wives dig deeper into the mystery of marriage, addressing what it means to truly love your spouse in the sacrificial and unconditional way God loves us. Each devotion invites couples to keep God at the center of their relationship, to improve their communication skills, and to strengthen their commitment to each other. Topics include commitment, trust, truth, forgiveness, reconciliation, and more. Each devotion offers a real-life snapshot from marriage, questions for discussion, and action points. A couple’s marriage will not be the same after these ninety days. Why? Because there is no greater love between two people than a love grounded in and empowered by God’s love. Foreward by Dennis Rainey. "This book is an action plan for having the kind of marriage that stands strong when the storms of life come. A marriage that provides your family with a stable, healthy home. And above all else, a marriage that honors and glorifies God." --Dennis Rainey, President, FamilyLife

No Greater Love

“In the pages of No Greater Love, as I ran, hid, fought, escaped virtually through apartheid-era South Africa, I caught a glimpse of God's heart. His hatred of injustice. His compassion for the oppressed and grieving.

Author: Kathi Macias

Publisher: New Hope Publishers

ISBN: 9781596697768

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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Forbidden romance, an unlikely martyr and an even more unlikely hero. Orphaned four years earlier when their parents, active in the African National Congress (ANC) movement against apartheid, were murdered—16-year-old Chioma and her 15-year-old brother Masozi now live and work on an Afrikaner family’s farm. When Chioma and Andrew, the farm owner’s son, find themselves attracted to one another, tragedy revisits their lives. Chioma escapes to join an ANC rebel band in her effort to survive and gain revenge for her family and culture. When cultures clash in life-or-death struggles, Chioma must choose between violence and revenge—or forgiveness and selfless love. Loosely based on historical events and set near Pretoria, South Africa, in the violent upheaval prior to ANC leader Nelson Mandela’s release from prison in 1990 and his ascendance to the presidency of South Africa, this story of forbidden romance produces an unlikely martyr who is replaced by one even more unlikely.

No Greater Love

we had already suffered a great deal of damage >ur relationship, and back in the seventies, few turces existed to help us restore our marriage, jr Jim's conversion, we became very active in rch. I taught Sunday school, sang in the choir ...

Author: Marcia J. Jones

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781615798667


Page: 110

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Are you the caregiver of someone who has Alzheimer's? Do you need to forgive someone? Are you going through a crisis situation or facing death? Have you experienced loss? If so, this book is for you! This is an honest and open story about the trials of being a caregiver. The author speaks about her own family dysfunction, abuse and how it affected her role as a caregiver with both her mother and her husband. She also relates the powerful spiritual awakening that occurred the night her husband died in her arms. This is a book about survival, comfort, and hope. The author answers the question "Is there life after death?" based on her beliefs as a Christian and the dynamic event that occurred the night her husband died. Her life was changed forever! "No Greater Love" tells life as it really is...real hurt, real pain, real love, real joy, real heartbreak, real peace...real life! You will be touched and challenged as you experience "No Greater Love." Hal F. Santos, Lead Pastor-Grace Church Marcia was a caregiver for 15 years. Both her mother and husband had Alzheimer's disease, and she relates how she dealt with Alzheimer's as a daughter and again as a wife. She shares the experiences of her journey. Marcia Jones graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. in Psychology. She also completed 24 hours of graduate work in Professional Counseling. As an adoption specialist for Division of Family Services in St. Charles, Missouri, she received the Governor's Award in 2001 for outstanding social work. Marcia is currently a volunteer for Hope Hospice in Fort Myers, Florida and a portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to Hope Hospice Honor Guard.

No Greater Love

plans a party for her–he can be a love also, men are considerate sometimes. Ha! So from church, I stop at the party, but the birthday girl isn't expected till eight p.m. and she is very surprised! I wish her happy birthday and tell her ...

Author: Ann McDeed

Publisher: a-argus books

ISBN: 9780984259656

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 276

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This is the story of my husband's slow decline into complete physical dependency and mental distress during the last two and a half years of his life.The times he remembers who I am, the times he even forgets who he is. The funny things he does or says, always the big tease; the times he is aware of his dementia and cries in torment of his helplessness.

No Greater Love

“No, I feel great. ... If she told the truth and said no, he would lecture her anyway so either way Maxine knew this was a lose/lose question from her standpoint. “Uh, no. I've been tolerating the ... Trust me, you won't 99 No Greater Love.

Author: Franella Adaeze Smith

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1468549685

Category: Fiction

Page: 496

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ANITA ARRINGTON has come a long way from her unhappy childhood in Charleston. A successful social worker and therapist, she has long since conquered the demons of her past, leaving behind the memories and hurts of being abandoned by her parents and the abuse of her grandmother. Her parents had chosen their addictions over their only child many years before and her grandmother? Well, all Anita could do was thank God that she had passed on. Now Anita is free to move on with her life and put all of that behind her. Her past can no longer hurt her. It is safe for her to return to her native South Carolina where her dear friends are. Or is it? Did she really deal with her past during her time up north or did she just run away from it? She will have to figure that out in order to improve her relationship with Thomas and Maxine. And that is what she wants more than anything now. If you dont make peace with your past, Maxine had told her not only will it keep you from enjoying the present, but can it rob you of the kind of future that you want, too! Can Anitas dream of a loving family finally be fulfilled with Thomas and Maxine, or will the ghosts of the past continue to keep her from possessing what her heart desires most? Can she have the peace and the happiness that she longs for or will her past once again threaten her future happiness? The choice was Anitas to make. She alone must to decide if she will let her past help her instead of hurt her if she could only figure out how.